Barnyard Fantasy Ch. 04

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Georgia was very spoiled. She hated when her father spent time with Willow. She knew he was hooked on her tight pussy.

She had decided to spend more time with her grandfather. Big Eddy was given his name from his size. Everything on the man was Big. His big mouth, his big feet, his big solid chest. He even had a very big cock. It was over ten inches.

Now Big Eddy was so large and no one was interested in trying out his dick anymore. His first wife died when his third son was born. He went on to have a daughter and a son with his second wife, but she had been killed in a car accident.

He’d had a few girlfriends but none of them could handle the sex. Atleast until his pretty little grandaughter had presented him with something so wonderful he couldn’t resist.

Georgia had walked into his study a few days after she’d turned eighteen, wearing her school uniform. She’d marched right up to his desk and asked if he was hungry. When he said he’d love something to eat, she’d hopped onto his desk and spread her legs wide.

He didn’t need any more prompting, he dove right in. Since he’d gotten older, he had become fond of pussy. He could go down on a girl for hours. Pleasuring her over and over.

At the time he had been dating a new girl, she was in her thirties. She hadn’t been satisfied with their sex because she was always afraid of his size. After Georgia gave herself to him, he had broken it off with bursa escort bayan that girl.

Her school uniform was one of his biggest turn ons. He’d bought hers when she’d graduated just so she would still have it to wear around the house for him.

He loved watching her tight little ass, barely covered with her plaid skirt.

His son little Eddy always had a fit when he found them together. He thought of Georgia as his and didn’t like to share her with anyone, ecspecially not his father. He was part of the reason Georgia’s pussy wasn’t as tight as it used to be.

When Georgia had stormed out of the boat house a few days before, she’d fumed for hours. When Willow had returned hours later she’d been walking funny and very happy. Her daddy was pretty good at sex, so she could understand that.

When he had Willow over for morning sex the next two days, she was pissed. Her grandfather would be home from the auction tonight and she was planning a big evening for them. She’d called him earlier and asked, “Papa, Are you going to be hungry tonight?”

His voice over the phone said it all, “Always am hungry for you Georgia.”

After dinner, she’d hurried to shower and shave. She prepared for her eventful night just like she used to for school. She dressed in her uniform, black Mary Jane’s and all. She did add a few extra touches though. Black fishnet stockings and a tiny black thong.

She used the nilüfer escort back stairs and got cozy in Big Eddy’s office. He liked her best spread out on his desk.

She heard the old truck stop by the barn and watched her grandfather walk to the house. His muscles were huge, he was almost sixty but he looked like he was in his forties.

When he made it upstairs, he stripped off his clothes. His body was strong and muscular, not covered with wrinkles like most men his age. He walked past her to shower, leaving the door open so she could watch.

When he came back in, she was leaning back with her legs spread. Her fingers roaming over her wet pussy. He couldn’t resist her. Taking his seat behind the desk, he lowered his face between her legs and began.

She loved her grandfather eating her pussy. He was much better than anyone else at it. The stubble on his face tickled her skin. Big Eddy pulled out a vibrator he used for penetrating while he ate a pussy. He liked his girls to be pleasured fully before they even tried to take in his length of cock.

Spinning the dial and making the vibrator shake, he pushed it into her opening. Fucking her with it, he nibble on her clit. She was swollen and about to burst already.

Her first orgasm was hard and satisfiying. Her entire body shook and her pussy dripped. Her aching body begged for more. He opened her shirt with one hand while he petted türbanlı escort her dripping cunt with the other. He cupped each breast in his hand, teasing her and pinching them.

Her nipples stood erect, begging for attention. He’d break on her pussy long enough to slip the vibrator out and over her swollen clit.

He stood in front of her, rubbing his dick in her face. She couldn’t fit his entire cock in her mouth, so she liked to lick it. She’d treat it like a lollipop and suck as much in then lick it. He loved her teasing him like this. He would moan and beg for her to do it, more and more. Until he was about to burst.

His wet cock, covered in a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva, was ready for more. She left the desk to kneel over the couch. She couldn’t take all of Big Eddy’s cock in her pussy either, so he’d take her doggystyle where he could get as far into her as possible.

She was draped over the arm when he entered her. He’d tug on her hair as he fucked her. Her ass wide and her legs around him. She was holding his monster dick inside her, enjoying every ounce of pleasure she got from it.

She flicked on the vibrator, reaching her hand below them to run it under his balls. He shuddered, about to cum. She slowly ran it the length of him, over where he entered her and on to her clit.

The vibrations of the vibrator and the feel of his cock filling her pussy caused them both to cum. As they came together, Georgia screamed out.

Before they could move and get cleaned up, her father opened the door to the office. Seeing his father fucking his daughter, he began to rant.

“You bastard, I warned you!” Then he turned and stormed away.

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