Ass Worship

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As popeye might have said, “I yam an ASS-MAN!” I’ve always loved titties, but they have to come in a close second to a woman’s ASSets! I dearly love a woman with a nice round butt. Whenever I see a bubble butt even my tongue gets hard, and I drool!

Let’s just suppose you’re a lady who is well-endowed in the derriere department. And let’s just suppose that we met, and after some “small-talk”, and a drink or two, we embrace in a tentative manner. Neither one of us quite sure of how to really begin, but both of us have that look in our eyes, that says, “I wish to hell we’d just shuck ‘n fuck.”

We hold on to each other,. then we both move still closer together, our arms tightening around the other. I cannot resist the urge to gradually lower one of my hands to the lower part of your back, then I inch it still further down to where your ass curves outward. I rub the area with a circular motion, with each circle going lower, and lower, and lower, and lower, ‘til I’m rubbing the cheeks of your ass with wide circles.

Honey, I thrill at the feel of your splendid rounded butt as I touch it through the material of your tight jeans, and the panties underneath. It’s electric. The circular motion slows and becomes more of an act of caressing and gently squeezing, as we stare into each others eyes. Then, our mouths clash, not at all tentatively, but hungrily, not playing games anymore. Two tongues thrash about, fighting… entangling, probing deeply into the others’ mouth.

After reaching between us to adjust my “soldier”, I grind my hips into yours, making you feel the hardness of my cock as it is standing straight up against my stomach, pressing into yours. Our motions become more like dry-fucking, as my hands are now squeezing both globes of your ass.

Our mouths part, and our breathing has become very rapid, and labored, as I reach down and yank your sweater out of your jeans, and pull upward. You raise your arms so that it is off and on the floor. Then your hands go immediately to my crotch to grasp and grope at my stiff canlı bahis organ. We frantically we tear at each others’ clothes, ‘til we are both in our underwear. Without waiting for me to do it, you reach behind and undo the catch of your bra, shrugging your shoulders, causing it to join the rest of our clothes… on the floor.

Instantly one of my hands grasps one of your breasts as my mouth dives to the other. Without any hesitation, I take your succulent tit between my lips and begin to suck, much like a baby, who’d been too long between feedings, would. My other hand is grabbing and squeezing first one ass cheek, then the other, and my mouth is alternating the sucking between one nipple and the other.

Still holding you, I move backwards and sit on the couch, making you stand in front of me with your beautiful dark nipples just a little above my eye level. My tongue begins to lick all around your nipples, then all around each breast, then back to concentrate on each individual erect nipple.

At last, I turn you around and lower my face to your panty-clad ass and I rub my mouth and cheeks over your entire bottom. Reaching into the waistband, I lower your panties. Slowly, slowly, slowly, over your impeccable mounds, with my tongue bathing every square inch of skin, as it comes into view. The tongue-bathing then concentrates in that crevice between your cheeks, as my hands pull the panties the rest of the way down. Up and down, up and down, up and down… her beautiful ass-crack… with each up and down movement taking my tongue just a little deeper. My hands spread your cheeks affording me more access to my goal…. your Starfish!!!

Upon the first touch of my tongue to your pucker your body trembles. My entire face is now buried between your cheeks as my tongue spends a good two minutes, just circling, and teasing your asshole. When it’s sufficiently moist I probe your sphincter, pushing, pushing, pushing, until the muscles relax just enough for my tongue to squeeze gently inside.

I push it in, then withdraw almost bahis siteleri all the way, then push it in a little farther, then withdraw, then push inward, withdraw, push, withdraw, push. Finally every bit of my tongue is inside you. As I kneed, and caress your cheeks my tongue’s inward, and outward, movement becomes faster, and faster, and faster.

One hand moves underneath to discover your sopping wet cunny. First one, then two fingers, dive into your garden. I can feel those fingers in your pussy with my tongue in your ass, through the thin tissues that separate your two orifices.

My face is buried in your ass as your love juices stream out of your overflowing cunt and between your legs, to where I’m very busily tongue-fucking the hell outta your ass. I withdraw my tongue and start lapping at your delicious liquids. I turn you around so that I can now bury my face in your heavenly palace…. while I moisten one of my fingers with your wetness. My hand moves underneath and quickly finds your asshole where it slides right in. I begin to vigorously finger-fuck your ass while tongue-fucking your scrumptious “Garden of Eden”.

It isn’t long until your entire body is shuddering with spasms and your legs are shaking so uncontrollably, that you start to slowly collapse to the floor. Without missing a lick (literally), with my free hand and arm, I help to lower you gently, to where you’re lying on your side. I continue to keep plunging my tongue into your cunt, while pounding my finger in and out of your hot, tight, ass. Faster and faster. Then my tongue withdraws a little, ‘til it finds your hard and throbbing clit. I rub my tongue back and forth against it, then circle it, then flick up and down on it, before gently nibbling it with my teeth. You cum again…. then again…. so much so… that I can’t keep up with licking and swallowing it all.

At last your spasms decrease in intensity and I rest my tongue and finger without removing either from their respective openings. When our breathing has slowed it’s pace somewhat I know bahis şirketleri that I cannot deny my begging cock, any longer, or I’m going to ejaculate all over the carpet.

Moving you around onto your stomach, I raise your hips, until you’re on your hands and knees, and I move behind you. My cock is so wet with pre-cum, that when I nudge it up against your rosebud, it has very little trouble parting your sphincter muscles, and I push it slowly inside. With about six strokes, it is finally all the way in, and my cum-filled balls are against your pussy.

I pause, momentarily, to savor the feel of my cock inside you and to let your muscles fully relax. Then I begin to piston my cock, back and forth, in your tight poop chute. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Faster and faster, and faster, and faster, as we both here the sound of my crotch and balls as they slam against you. My hands are gripping the magnificent globes of your ass cheeks.

As I continue pounding my pole deep inside you I raise, first one hand, then the other, and bring them down smartly on the firm mounds of your ass. WHACK, with the flat palm of my right hand! WHACK, with the left hand! Back and forth with the flat of my hands for about ten whacks. These were not meant to be painful whacks, as I’ve never been into neither giving nor receiving pain. They were merely meant to sound loud, with a slight sting.

I feel the tingling deep inside my body, telling me that the my time has arrived. I resume my grip on your cheeks and plunge in one last time! I feel the dam burst, and the torrent of cum surging through my cock and into you. SPURT after SPURT after SPURT after SPURT, of my scalding hot cum pours into your ass. I am totally frozen, with no thought of anything, except the joy of the moment. Another SPURT gushes out of my cock, as I lean forward over your body, so that I may kiss your neck and fondle your breasts. Yet another SPURT erupts from my cock as I feel the muscles in your ass, contracting and expanding around my love-stick.

We both fall forward onto the carpet, Struggling for breath, we both fall forward onto the carpet, and you say, “Ohhhh, Wally!!! Now that’s what I call, ANAL ATTENTION! And you can be sure that I’m gonna want it again and again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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