Arrestet in Georgia

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Arrestet in Georgia
Arrested in Georgia

Day three of the vacation was perfect driving weather. The
family had been making their way slowly southward from the
Canadian border and so far the trip had been perfect. Today’s
drive would take them almost to their goal in Florida. For
today, however, Katherine and her teenage daughter Kelly were
just enjoying the ride. This was very different from Katherine’s
normal pace of life. She was her late 30’s and a very busy
executive in the advertising business.
Katherine was a striking woman. She was often mistaken to
be in her mid-twenties and she liked to dress the part. Today
she was wearing a skirt and a loose cotton shirt that she had
unbuttoned completely and had tied in a knot below her breasts.
Her husband John loved her this way, she knew. The family was
usually very casual about a dress code and it wasn’t unusual for
any one of them to be wandering around the house naked. Still,
dressing this way was more provocative than usual but “What the
heck.”, she thought, “This is vacation!”
Kelly had just started her spring break from school. She
was a s*******n year old senior who would be in college next
year. Kelly was quickly maturing into a young woman and neither
of her parents had failed to notice. Her figure was a perfect
34-24-34 and her pert little “B” Cups were topped with thick
brown nipples. Kelly seemed to be in a constant state of arousal
and both her parents knew that she was no longer a virgin. Sex
discussed quite openly in the family. In fact, it was the topic
of today’s conversation in the car. “C’mom Mom”, said Kelly,
“What’s the kinkiest stuff that you and dad do?” Katherine was
surprised to feel herself blush at the question. “C’mom Mom.”,
taunted her daughter, “‘Fess up.”
“Oh God!”, said Katherine, “O.K. young lady, you asked for
it! Your father and I like mostly to play at bondage games.”
“OOOoooo”, said Kelly, sitting forward on her seat, “Really?”
“Yes, really.”, said Katherine, still embarrassed. “He ties me
up and teases me and sometimes he blindfolds me.”, she sighed, “I
guess I really like being submissive to your dad.” Kelly’s eyes
went wide as she listened to her mother’s confession. “Wow!”,
she breathed,
“What does he do to you when you’re tied up?” “Kelly!”,
exclaimed her mother. “Please, mom. I want to know.” “Alright
said Katherine, “He pinches my nips and he usually licks me while
I’m helpless. He likes touching my behind while I’m tied so I
can usually expect to be spanked just like you are when you’re
bad. And he often puts something into my bottom.” “MMMmmmmmm”,
murmured Kelly smiling. Katherine was now blushing furiously as
she told her daughter how being helpless really turned her on.
Finally Katherine decided to turn the tables.
“What about you Kelly?”, she asked, “What’s the kinkiest
thing you’ve ever done?” Now it was Kelly’s turn to blush as she
realized that she would have to tell. “Welllll”, she said, “Once
when I was at Bobby’s place and his parents weren’t there, we
started to fool around and we were just about to do it when
Bobby’s friend Frank came over. We pulled our clothes together
and Frank came in. God, I was sooooo hot! Anyway, Frank could
easily see that we had been fooling around. Bobby grinned at
Frank. “Hey Frank”, he said, “Do you want to see a little more
of Kelly?” Frank grinned back, “Sure.” Bobby reached over and
pulled me close to him. He turned me around so my back was to
him and then he pulled my hands up until they were behind my
head. I was really helpless. Frank was looking at my stretched
body and I felt vulnerable in front of him. Bobby must have made
some kind of sign to him because all of a sudden, Frank moved
forward and started unbuttoning my blouse. I started to struggle
but Bobby had me firmly secured. I wasn’t wearing a bra and my
breasts started to come into view. Frank was watching carefully
as my blouse slowly opened complete. My blouse was taken off and
they both got to feel my boobies. Frank pinched my nipples and I
was so hot I thought I was going to come right there! Anyway,
they made me go topless the whole night. It was pretty great and
later, when Bobby and I were alone, it was wild! He made me
strip and get into all kinds of erotic poses for him. He said
that next time he’s going to take pictures of me.
Katherine was feeling a little warm herself. Kelly’s story
had definitely turned her on. She could feel her own juices
flowing between her legs. All of a sudden there was a sound
behind the car. Katherine looked in the rear view mirror. There
was a police car there! The red and blue lights were happily
turning around and she knew that they were for her. Katherine
looked down at the speedometer and sure enough she was speeding!
“Shit”, she said. She had gotten so caught up in Kelly’s story
that she hadn’t noticed that she was now doing 70mph! Katherine
slowed down and drifted off to the side as the Georgia State
Trooper pulled in behind her. Katherine found herself a little
nervous as she waited for the police officer to walk up to the
car. Prepared as she was, the tone of the cop was unexpected as
she lowered her window.
“Get out of the car Ma’am”, said the burly cop. Katherine
shook her head in disbelief at the rude tone of the officer. She
opened the door and slowly got out. “License!” barked the cop.
Katherine slowly opened her wallet to hand over her license. The
police officer was leering at Katherine as he looked at Kelly in
the passenger seat. “So darlin'”, he drawled, “Y’all are going
to have to come down to the police station about your speeding
fine.” “Just a minute.”, said Katherine, “Don’t you just write
me a ticket and send me on my way?” “‘Fraid not Ma’am. New
rules canlı kaçak iddaa says you gotta come down to the station so the judge can
determine how much your fine should be.” “Well that’s just not
fair.”, said Katherine, starting to raise her voice. “You can
write me a fine if you like but I’m not going to take the rest of
my day to pay a silly speeding ticket!” Ma’am you can come
quietly or I’ll have to arrest you. Now get into the police
cruiser.” “I won’t do it I tell you.”, said Katherine.
The next thing she knew, Katherine was facing her car and
had been pushed over the trunk. “Hey!”, she shouted as the
officer slipped handcuffs onto her wrists. By now Kelly,
frightened for her mother had come out of the car. “What are you
doing?” she cried. “Now you just stay out of this Missy.”, said
the cop. “OK Ma’am, you’re under arrest. I’ll have to search
you now before you’re put into the police car. Just stand
still.” The cop’s rough hands slid up Katherine’s thighs despite
her protests and continued until her white cotton panties.
Katherine held her breath. The thick fingers slid into the
elastic of the panties and up along her wet slit. “Mmmmm”, said
the cop. Kelly was shocked. She couldn’t believe this was
happening. When the policeman’s hands slipped into the front of
her mother’s shirt to pinch her already hard nipples she leapt at
the cop, jumping on his back.
The tough Georgia cop was much stronger than either of the
woman and in another moment, Kelly found herself handcuffed just
like her mother. “Well, well” said the cop, “Time for your
search Missy.” his hands moved slowly up Kelly’s skirt and
slipped higher and higher. Kelly was mortified. She knew that
in a moment the hands would be high enough to discover that she
was wearing no panties at all. The strong hands of the policeman
spread Kelly’s thighs apart as he moved higher. As she expected,
his hands found her hot and wet pussy completely exposed. Kelly
gasped as his thick finger slid along her wet slit. The hands
left her thighs and a moment later she felt them move under her
T-Shirt to find her budding breasts. The nipples were hard and
despite herself Kelly moaned as he pinched them. “Ok you two
into the car now.” said the cop. Neither of the two women said
anything during the ten minute drive to the police station.
They were hustled into the building in short order and
brought to a bench outside an office. “Wait here” said the cop.
Another ten minutes passed by waiting. Their wrists were still
held by the handcuffs. An officer came up to them then and
brought them into an office. They were brought in front of the
desk of another officer. This one seemed to be in charge. He
looked up at Katherine first. “Well Ma’am, I don’t suppose you
realize just how much trouble you’re in here.” he said. “This
is outrageous!” started Katherine but she was quickly cut off.
“Just a minute!” said the cop, “I’ve got you down here for
reckless driving and resisting arrest and that alone could put
you in jail for 6 months so you just mind your manners.”
Katherine shut up as though a bucket of water had been thrown on
her. “Now then.”, said the cop, “You’ll be staying in our own
jail overnight and the judge will see you in the morning. But
you’d best mind your manners because I can tell you that the
officers her aren’t likely to take kindly to you putting up a
ruckus. They’ve been known to put a young lady over their knee
for being impolite so watch yourself. This officer here will
bring you to the detention cells.” Katherine was about to
protest again but one look from the policeman and she though the
better of it. The judge would let them go soon enough, she
The younger officer brought them out of the office and along
a corridor. In front of a locked door, he told Kelly to wait on
the bench. Katherine was brought into the room where there was a
table and a chair. “Take off all your clothes.”, said the young
cop. Katherine looked up wide-eyed. “Ma’am, you can do it
yourself, or I’ll call a couple of strong armed policemen to do
it for you.” Hesitantly Katherine reached up for the remaining
buttons on her shirt. Given the few clothes she was wearing, it
did not take long until she was naked. Her hands reflexively
covered her naked breasts and pussy. “Turn around and bend over
the table.” said the cop. Nervously, Katherine did as she was
asked. The table was cool against her breasts. “Spread your
legs Ma’am.” said the cop. Katherine spread her long tanned
thighs. She watched the policeman walk around her to a counter
running along the wall. Her eyes got wider as she watched him
put on a plastic glove and cover it with jelly. He disappeared
from view behind her. Two of his long thin fingers touched her
naked pussy and in one long slow motion, slid deep into her
pussy. She reached up on her toes as he pushed deep into her.
The fingers moved in and out slightly, further exciting the hot
young woman. After twisting in and out a few times, the fingers
slid out of her. Katherine thought the humiliating examination
was over but there was more to come. The slippery fingers now
touched her tinier more sensitive opening. “Oh no…”, murmured
Katherine as the same two fingers pushed into her hot anus. They
slid deeper and deeper putting Katherine back on her toes as they
twisted slowly. Katherine had never been able to resist being
touched in her ass. The sensation had always seemed a ‘naughty’
thing. The rectal exam was, if anything, longer and slower as
the fingers moved in and out of her tight opening. When they
were finally withdrawn, Katherine was left gasping for air with
her face beat-red. Knowing that her pussy juices were now
flowing freely from the stimulation had her even more
embarrassed. The cop gave her a short pinbahis cotton shift to put on
that was not unlike a hospital gown. Katherine was acutely aware
of her nakedness as she was led from a side door into a regular
jail cell.
The cop returned to the waiting Kelly who was still outside
the main door to the examining room. “Come in.” said the cop.
Nervously Kelly entered the room her mother had just vacated.
“Remove all your clothes.”, said the cop. This was too much.
With the exception of the one time with her boyfriend Bobby,
Kelly had never been seen naked by a man. Despite the cop’s
continuing request, Kelly would not remove her clothes. Without
further ado, the strong young officer grabbed Kelly’s wrists and
pulled her over his knee as he sat in the chair. “You’re going
to learn to obey young lady.” he said as he pulled her skirt
right to her waist. Kelly’s pantyless bottom was exposed to his
view. The spanking was hard and hot and Kelly felt her bottom
was on fire as he pulled her back onto her feet. Without further
prompting Kelly removed her skirt and T-Shirt and bent over the
table as directed. She blushed a deep red when instructed to
spread her legs but did as she was told. When the policeman put
on the plastic glove, Kelly shuddered but obediently remained in
her exposed position. The long fingers slid into her tight
teenage pussy sliding easily thanks to the juices of the already
horny young girl. The fingers started a slow in and out movement
and Kelly found herself rocking back and forth pressing harder
and harder onto the fingers. She was almost sorry when they were
pulled from her. The finger at the entrance to her bottom was
completely unexpected, however. Kelly gasped as the slippery
finger pressed against her puckered opening. “Oh!”, gasped Kelly
as the finger forced its way past her sphincter and into her hot
rectum. Kelly had never experienced anything like this before.
The feeling of the long finger working its way slowly into her,
opening her up and holding her open was incredible. Kelly
couldn’t catch her breath as she found herself pushing back on
the finger trying to pull more of it into her hot bottom. The
long leisurely rectal exam lasted a couple of minutes and left
Kelly panting and moaning by the time it was over.
Kelly was dressed in the same cotton gown as her mother and
brought to an adjoining cell. Her hands were handcuffed to the
head of the bed. Despite her desperate situation, Kelly’s hands
pulled against the cuffs as she tried to reach her soaking pussy.
The exam had left her hot and soaking wet and she was dying to
bring herself relief. The morning was not long in coming and
Kelly was nervous as she waited patiently for her court
appearance. She had been awakened several times by the guards
for ‘inspections’. Each time they came in, she was terrified
that she would be ****d, but each time they seemed interested
only in turning on her young body. She was stripped and held
helpless, while the men examined her naked body. Each time, she
was left hot, wet and very frustrated and each time, the
embarrassment of the examination seemed to turn her on more.
Now it was morning and she wondered what would happen next.
The door to the cell opened quite suddenly and as Kelly moved
into the corridor, she saw her mother, Katherine being brought
from her cell also clothed in only the thin cotton shift. Kelly
expected that they would be allowed to put on their own clothing
before going into the courtroom next door but they were not.
Acutely aware of her naked bottom showing in the open back of the
gown, Kelly and Katherine were pulled into the next room to meet
the judge. “Well, now.”, he said upon seeing them, “You two
ladies are in a fair amount of trouble. I’ve reviewed all the
evidence and I’m prepared to sentence you. Is there anything
you’d like to say on your own behalf before I do?” Katherine was
shocked. “But, don’t we even get a trial?”, she asked. “Oh, but
you did Missy.”, said the judge. “You were found guilty as can
be. OK then, as far as sentence goes, I can tell you that we
have a particular method of punishing young ladies. So, your
sentence is set at 1 year in jail or punishment at the bailiff’s
discretion.” Katherine was pale. “What does that mean your
honor?”, she asked. The judge smiled. “That means that you and
your pretty young daughter can spend a year in our fine jail or
you’ll be punished immediately as the sheriff sees fit. That’ll
probably mean that you won’t be sitting to well for a while. You
can have five minutes to make up your mind.”
Katherine and Kelly sat down in the little courtroom to
discus their fate. “Are you ok?”, asked Katherine. “Sure Mom.”
said her daughter. “What should we do?” “I don’t think we have
any choice to tell you the truth.”, said Katherine. “I think
we’re going to have to choose being spanked. I certainly don’t
plan for us to spend the next year here in jail!” “Ok.” said
Kelly nervously.
The two pretty women stood up and faced the judge. “We’ve
decided.” Katherine told him, “We’ll accept the sheriff’s
punishment.” The judge smiled again as the sheriff led the two
of them out of the courtroom and into a separate room. In the
center of the room was a vaulting horse just like you’d find in a
high school gymnasium. The two women were pulled to the center
of the room and their gowns were removed leaving them completely
naked. “You first.” said the sheriff pointing to Katherine. The
two deputies took the older woman and brought her to the end of
the vault. Her ankles were attached to the legs of the vault and
spread wide apart. Leather cuffs were attached to her wrists and
then pulled forward until she was stretched out along the leather
vault, her breasts pressed into the cool pinbahis güvenilir mi leather. Kelly watched,
fascinated from behind as all her mother’s charms were revealed.
She saw that, like her, her mother had been ‘attended to’ last
night. The slick sheen of lubricant was evident between her
shapely buttocks. The sheriff came forward and put an open jar
of vaseline on Katherine’s back. His long fingers dipped into
the jar and then moved down to Katherine’s tiny opening. As
first one, then two fingers penetrated her, Katherine was unable
to contain a moan as the fingers slid deep into her. Kelly
watched as despite herself, her mother began thrusting her hips
backward to get more of the fingers into her. Now the sheriff
removed his fingers and then Kelly watched him take out a small
object from his pocket. She didn’t recognize it at first. It
was made out of white plastic and was about 4 inches long. It
was thin at one end then flared out to about an inch or an inch
and a half wide in the middle then tapered in again to about a
half inch wide before joining a “T” shaped end piece. As the
sheriff placed the tapered end of the device to the puckered
entrance of her mother’s bottom, Kelly suddenly realized that
once this object was inserted into the rectum, it would be firmly
lodged there until the sheriff pulled it out.
Kelly had never had anything in her bottom before she was
examined there yesterday but the thought of this anal plug was
very distracting. Kelly caught herself clenching her buttocks as
she wondered what it would be like to have that inserted in her.
The plug had now been inserted into Katherine and Kelly heard her
moans of arousal as the sheriff toyed with it. Katherine was
beside herself. She could not remember ever being so turned on.
The plug in her ass was driving her crazy. Now she saw the
sheriff reach for a paddle. Katherine heard the whoosh of the
paddle as it swung down onto her bottom. The heat of the smack
took her breath away. The next followed immediately after. The
spanking was certainly not light but Katherine had frankly been
prepared for worse. The heat from the paddle was burning her
behind but was also travelling right through her body. In
particular, her pussy was getting hotter and hotter. Katherine
could feel her own juices trickling down her inner thighs. The
spanking stopped long enough for the sheriff to play with her
anal plug then started again.
When next he stopped, Katherine was breathing hard. Her
hips were squirming in constant motion from the sting of the
paddle and the constant stimulation of her anus. One of the
deputies knelt down behind her and Kelly watched as a small dildo
was slid into her mother’s soaking pussy. ‘Are they going to do
that to me?’, she wondered. Katherine was beside herself. The
sensation of finally having her pussy touched was incredible.
She was so close to coming that she knew it would be soon. The
paddling started again on her already hot and red bottom.
Katherine’s hips were in moving all over the leather vault as she
pulled at her bonds. All of a sudden both the plug in her bottom
and the plug in her pussy started to vibrate. With the paddle
still descending, and this new sensation in her most intimate
openings, it was too much. Katherine felt the orgasm starting
from deep in her belly. She pulled frantically at the leather
cuffs surrounding her wrists and ankles as she cried out. The
orgasm came in wave after wave coming again as she clenched her
anus down hard on the vibrating butt plug. Finally, it and her
‘punishment’ was over. Now it was Kelly’s turn.
Katherine was taken off of the vault and Kelly was led over.
Her young teenage body had never been so turned on. Seeing her
pretty mother punished and then brought to orgasm in the way that
she was had been an incredible experience. Now she was being
tied across the vault just as her mother had been. The leather
was warm where Katherine had lain across it moments earlier and
Kelly could feel her mother’s juices at the end of the vault.
Her legs were spread wide apart and fastened to the legs and then
her pert young breasts were pressed into the warm leather as her
wrists were attached far out in front of her. Kelly felt the jar
of vaseline as it was placed on the small of her back and as the
fingers sheriff’s fingers touched her tiny anal opening, she
tried in vain to clench her buttocks. First one then two fingers
pressed firmly into her bottom as she was lubricated in
preparation for the plug that would soon be placed there.
Katherine watched, her plug still inside her although not now
vibrating as her daughter was prepared for her punishment.
Katherine had never seen her daughter exposed like this before
and she could see her toes curl as the sheriff’s fingers slid in
and out of her tight bottom. Kelly’s pussy juices were plainly
evident and Katherine knew that Kelly would also be coming
shortly. The spanking proceeded just like it had for the older
woman and Katherine watched, fascinated, as the vibrating anal
plug was inserted then turned on. The paddle descended upon
Kelly’s naked buttckes turning them a bright pink. Kelly’s
breathing got louder and louder and Katherine shuddered with
excitement as Kelly pulled desperately at her bonds as she cried
out during her orgasm.
Exhausted, their bottoms sore, the two pretty women were
given back their clothes and driven out to their car, still
waiting by the side of the road. As the officer let them out of
the police cruiser he tipped his hat to the two women. “Y’all
enjoy the rest of your day.” he chuckled and then drove off. As
Katherine and Kelly got into their car, Katherine reached over
and hugged Kelly to her. “Well, I’ll say this.”, she said, “I’m
sure not going to be speeding in the near future.” Kelly laughed
and then gave her mother a strange look. “Oh, I don’t know.”, she
said, “My bottom’s sure sore. But I don’t think I’ve ever been
that turned on.” “Me neither.” Admitted Katherine as she
wondered if this was only the beginning.

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