Ana purchases anew car

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Ana purchases anew car
My sweet Ana asked me to buy a small car for her; because she was tired of going to her office by bus every day. She told me that way she could save some time and come back home earlier…
We tested a couple of nice models at the local dealership.
As Ana looked for more chances, I went to the men’s room. When I got back, my wife and the car salesman were obviously getting along very well.
Anita was laughing and talking with him, flirting and putting her hand on him. We finally purchased a new car for her…
A week later she confessed me that she had fucked the salesman.
The man had picked up her in his van when she got off from her office and had drove her to an empty parking lot close to that place.
The guy had parked the van in a remote corner, although the place was almost empty and he had closed all the inner curtains around. Then they just got naked and that bastard fucked my sexy wife for about one hour in broad daylight; later he drove Ana back to her building’s office, where my sweet wife climbed to her new nice car and she drove back home.
From now on, she said that she would not mind telling me about her sex escapades; kaçak bahis she even took a lot of joy in describing those cheating actions to me…
So she was very excited about her new “toy”.
Ana told me the salesman had a very nice package and his cock was so big that she had loved to suck it before they had sex, to get it lubed up with her saliva so it was easier to get it in her tight cunt.
After she had been fucking him for a few weeks, Ana told him about our open relationship and that I knew she was doing him…
During one of those encounters I begged Ana to let me listen…
So she rang me up on her cell after entering the back of the van and then she put the phone at one corner while they fucked.
It was very exciting and hot for me, sitting at my own desk in my office, to listen to all the stuff they were saying and hear my sensual wife’s moans and whimpering. The first time we did it, I actually came in my pants when I heard Ana was having a wild orgasm…
Another time, the guy picked up the phone and told me that my slut wife had the hottest cunt he had ever fucked and then I was so pride about Ana. I just thanked him and said I was glad tipobet to know he was enjoying her so bad. I told him to work her over real good; but then he laughed and said that Ana was who was working him over.

After two months in that relationship, I begged them to let me be inside the van while they fucked. I wanted and I needed to watch.
Ana had some doubts, because she said that probably the guy could be intimidated by my presence; but, to her surprise, the salesman accepted happily and said I could be there watching…
I drove my own car to the empty parking lot and I climbed the van.
Ana was already naked; just wearing a pair of sexy stilettos. She was rubbing her pussy lips and I could see they were already wet and glistening.
The salesman smiled and I thanked him for letting me be there.
My sensual wife was moaning with her long fingers buried deep inside of her wet cunt and she licked her red lips as she begged me to suck her good until she could came and lubricate her tight canal.
I crawled between Anita’s legs and soon my tongue was buried into her soft wet cunt. I licked her clit until she came in my mouth, moaning tipobet güvenilir mi and crying like a crazy bitch in heat.
She kissed me deeply as her orgasm subsided and told me now her cunt was ready for taking her lover’s hard cock…
Then I watched as this lucky bastard made my sensual wife get on all fours and he just pushed slowly his huge hardened dick deep inside Anita’s wet cunt.
He pumped my wife very hard and made her cum twice before he could come in her twat. I watched my sexy wife screaming hard, moaning, grunting and begging for more cock; as that man fucked her in such a wild manner.
She finally buried her face on the mattress down there at the back of the van and the salesman pushed hard and deep for a last time; as he also grunted and filled up my sweet wife’s cunt with his warm semen.
After that time, they went back just to let me hear their wild sexual encounters through a cell phone.
This guy and my sensual babe kept up these fuck meetings through the autumn; but then she got tired of him and decided she wanted to find someone new to fuck. I was not surprised at all that she had given this up. But it was fun for both of us while it lasted.
During the time they lasted together, his thick cock had stretched Ana’s cunt out; but she had never let him to use her asshole.
That was the only advantage for me; when my satisfied wife came home every evening…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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