An Anal Meeting

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I sat patiently, anxiously on the bed in the hotel room, awaiting his arrival. Thoughts of our last meeting and the gentle caress of his hands against my skin flooded my mind. Dressed in my favorite red corset, laced tightly up my back, and black panties, I fidgeted nervously with some of the frill of the corset. I had spent extra time ensuring my hair and makeup were perfect, wanting to be nothing short of a goddess for him. With a few deep breaths, I willed myself to relax, preparing to lose myself into the moment, into sex, into him.

Then I heard a gentle knock at the door. Immediately jumping to my feet, I strode to the door, each step seeming like one of a million. When I opened the door, he stood there, tall and ruggedly handsome, his eyes hiding under the brim of a baseball cap. Any tension left in my body dissipated as he shot a small, coy smile my way. Wrapping one arm around my waist, he pulled me to him, overtaking my mouth with his. I felt him run his other hand up my back, up my neck, resting on the back of my head, fingers intertwined in my hair. Gently pulling my hair down, he forced my face upward, letting him deepen the kiss. His tongue was gentle yet, but possessive in my mouth. I could feel his want, his desire, the lust the was nearly palpable between us. He broke away from my mouth, moving his mouth down my exposed neck. The sensation of his facial stubble against my neck was nearly electrifying. The gentle brushes against my neck sent shockwaves between my legs.

While continuing his gentle assault on my neck, he began pushing me backwards, walking us toward the bed. Once I felt the bed hit the back of my legs, I laid down, letting him bring his body over me, pinning me to the bed. His weight felt incredible against me, I longed for his control, for him to overpower me.

“I really like this,” he said in a raspy voice, running his hand down my side. “Maybe I’ll let you keep it on for a while, but I’m already thinking about how I want to rip it off.” I smiled, happy his reaction was exactly as I had hoped for. He let his hand wander down farther, resting at the apex of my tights. His mere touch sent shivers down my body. With a quick motion, he moved his hands into my panties, diving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a few fingers between my folds, revealing how wet and ready I was for him. I gasped, my body instantly responding to his touch. As he continued to run his fingers through my wetness, he used his other hand to pull my breasts up and out of my corset. I closed my eyes and let my let my head fall back, soaking in every sensation he was providing me. And as I felt his mouth close around my nipple, deep sucks pulling my nipple into his throat, I felt his fingers dive deep between my legs. With another gasp escaping my lips, my back arched up.

“Oh god, please, I want you,” I said, my voice barely audible. After another moment of ravaging my breast with his mouth, he moved his mouth against my ear. His breath heavy in my ear sent yet sensation crashing through my body.

“I want to taste you first,” he whispered. “Can I taste you?” I couldn’t manage to get any words out, just a frustrated groan. I needed to feel something, even if it wasn’t the exact thing I was longing for. He moved down to the edge of the bed ad began planting delicate kisses on my ankles, slowly moving up the interior of my leg. I was already soaked with desire for him, this felt like slow torture. His mouth stopped just above my knee and he began sucking on my thigh, gently biting my skin. The piercing feeling of his teeth against my inner thigh was intense, my breath grew short, my back arching slightly. Sitting up slightly, I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair, gently tugging his head upward. Taking the hint, he moved his face right in front of my opening. His heavy, warm breath against my sensitive skin was almost euphoric. As he wrapped his hands around my hips, forcing my legs farther apart, I felt the tip off his nose against me. And then his tongue. My body melted as he slowly licked upwards, somehow managing to hit every sensitive spot, sending my body soaring. I fisted my hands in the blanket at my sides, as low groans escaped my lips.

“Just like that. That feels so good.” I could feel his smile between my legs, he was pleased with the enjoyable torture he was providing me with. With his hands still tight on my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hips, he lifted my hips slightly, giving him a different, better angle to work me towards orgasm. A simple change in position and I found myself climbing quickly, nearing an intense orgasm that couldn’t come soon enough. Moving one of my hands back into his hair, I found myself grinding into his face, into his mouth.

“Oh baby, I’m so close. I’m going to cum. Keep going just like that.” But he didn’t keep going just like that, he pressed his tongue harder against me, moved from side to side even faster. And within a few seconds, I felt my core clenching, the waves of my own orgasm crashing through me. I pulled his head in closer, trying to ground myself with my hands wrapped around his head. It was an intense orgasm, wave after wave overtaking my body as my muscles tightened and released several times. My head was spinning, I had no sense of anything, merely lost in my own release.

After a moment of recovery, he moved back up my side, planting a kiss on my mouth, his mouth still wet with my own orgasm. He sat back for a moment, looking at my face, smiling to himself. I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my arms around him. As he laid close, I could feel his rock hard length against my leg, so I moved my hand down, gently stroking him through his pants. His body shivered slightly at my touch, but only briefly, and then he was pushing himself toward me, more than ready for his own release. As he laid back, I made quick work of removing his belt and pants, letting his erection spring free. While I wanted nothing more than him buried deep inside of me, I couldn’t help but also want to wrap my mouth around his cock, to taste him. I opened my mouth wide, letting him slide as far back into my mouth as I could, until I gagged slightly as he reached the back of my throat. Then very slowly, I pulled my mouth up, keeping my lips tightly wrapped around him. I felt his body shudder, evidence of the pleasure my mouth was providing. I continued my oral actions for a moment, increasing speed, until he reached down and pulled me off of him.

“Now,” he said, his voice deep, but his tone clipped. He kissed me brief, güvenilir bahis şirketleri but hard, full of immediate need. And then he flipped me over, letting me land on my hands and knees on the bed. Expecting him to quickly bury himself in me, I was surprised when I felt hand fingers against my ass. I jumped just slightly, in surprise.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

“Yes. Please, now. I can’t wait any longer.” I replied, again needing to feel something, and feel it right then. I felt him dip one, and then two fingers into my ass. He rolled them around, loosening me in preparation for his cock. I took a deep breath, trying to relax, knowing I would need to be relaxed. As soon as I felt his fingers exit me, his erection was right against my ass, forcefully pushing inward. I gasped, the stretching sensation intense.

“Oh fuck,” I exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. You are just so . . . so big,” I said. I heard him chuckle slightly. But within another second, he was pushing himself deeper into me, very slowly. And as I was certain he couldn’t go any farther, I heard him groan, knowing the feeling was intense for him too. He withdrew slowly and I suddenly felt empty, like I needed him to feel full again. He continued the in and out motion, very slowly to start, but working up speed as he went. His hands were tight on my hips again, as he controlled both his movements and mine. After reaching a steady pace, one I knew wouldn’t last long, he reached one hand around my body, dipping his fingers between my legs again. I let out a sudden, surprised gasp. With his fingers inside of me, and his motion into my ass, I felt so full. I quickly felt my body climbing again. And it only took a minute or two of the combined sensations before I was on the edge of another orgasm.

Leaning against my back, his mouth against my ear, he said, “Does that feel good baby? You like the way I feel in your ass?” I couldn’t find my voice to reply, I merely shook my head. I loved the way it felt, I couldn’t deny that. And then with a deep breath in, I found myself holding my breath as my body collapsed to the bed, sheer pleasure coursing through me, orgasm ravaging me. It felt like my whole body was convulsing, and as it did, I felt him withdraw from me, and the warmth of his cum spread over my ass. As he collapsed next to me, I could barely catch my breath. He laid next to me, put gently kisses up and down my arm, on my shoulder, against my face. We laid there for a while, trying to regain our ability to move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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