A Shy Kid Ch. 01

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A Shy Kid Ch. 01
I have always been a shy k**, I’ve never been involved in many social activities nor have I gotten involved in sports due to my lack of any athletic skills. I’m not a nerd but have spent most my time with my nose in a book. Have been tall for my age all my life and a bit awkward; I also have never had a girlfriend or even just a female acquaintance. I recently turned 18 and I’m now in my senior year in high school. My mom has recently been on my case about being more social and having a girlfriend, but my shyness has kept me from even talking to girls. There is this cute little gal in my English class that similes at me a lot and I would like to get to know her but I’m too shy to even talk to her. Not only is she cute with long blonde hair and great legs, but she also has a great set of tits, I heard talk that she wears a 34DD bra. For a small gal of only 5′ 2″, she really fills out a sweater; her name is Gloria. I have had dreams of us going on a date in which she exposes her tits and lets me fondle them. When I wake from these dreams, my cocks is rock hard; I then jack off and shoot a huge load of sperm into the air; it lands on my stomach and thighs. This is all a bit new for me because jacking off is something I have not done much of before now.

A few days ago I went swimming with a couple of buddies of mine and when we got in the shower, the guys said, “Shit Peter, I’ve never seen such a big dick before”. Hell, it wasn’t even hard and with me being so naïve, I was not sure what to think of their comments. I decided that I’d ask my mom, I have no one else to go to.

That evening after dinner, I asked my mom, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Peter, what is it?”

“Well, I don’t know how to phrase it, but it’s got to do with my privates.”

My mother looked at me for quite a few seconds before she said, “Ah, anything to do with having sex?”

“Well yea, I guess. It’s got to do with …” I paused a long time before I said, “Ahh, the size of my penis.”

My mother smiled saying, “Ummm, most guys’ think their penis is on the small size. Is that what your problem is?”


“Well then, what is it?”

“Ahhhh… today when the guys and I went swimming and afterward when we were changing clothes, they told me my penis was bigger than anyone they had ever seen before and I was not even hard. Why is it that I’m always the weird guy?”

My mother looked real surprised saying, “Honey, you are not weird! You have been big for your age but now you are just a tall k** that many guys I’m sure, would like to be just like you. And if the boys are right, having a big ah, ah … cock, that is a good thing.”

I had never heard my mom talk like this using the word cock. I then said, “Why is that mom?”

“Well honey, when it comes to sex, size does count. For men it’s the size of their cock and for women it’s their tits. I don’t mean that sex is not good unless you have a big cock or big tits, but they do help and can be a real asset.”

I immediately thought about Gloria in my English class with her 34DD’s. Then realized that my mom had some nice tits too, probable bigger than Gloria’s. While I was in deep thought staring at my mom’s tits, she said, “What specifically is your question concerning your cock?”

“Ah, ah I just hope I’m not too big.”

My mom had this funny look on her face as she said, “Well, it is pretty rare for a man to have too big of a cock but it does happen occasionally. If you would like, I can help you.”

“How will you do that mom?”

“Well …I think the best way is for you to show me your cock. I’ve seen quite a few dicks and should be a good judge of cock size.”

“Oh mom, that would be too embarrassing for me to do that.”

“Please don’t feel that way Peter. If you really want to know about the size of your dick, it is best for me to see it than to have your first girlfriend see it and run because she thought that it was too big, right?”

“Oh that would be terrible. I would be so embarrassed and humiliated if that were to happen.” I could see my mom begin to squirm in her chair and also see the corners of her mouth turn up such that she had a smirk on her face.

She said, “Well, maybe my suggestion would be the best way to relieve your mind.” She paused and then said, “Think about it and let me know later, OK?” I nodded and sank down in the overstuffed chair as I contemplated the possibility of exposing myself to my mom.

Shortly afterward I got interested in a TV show and the evening just seemed to slip away. As I sat there engrossed in the television, my mother got up and kissed me on the cheek saying she was going to get ready for bed. I said I would be heading that way soon. When I got to my room, I thought about my mother’s offer and decided that I should just do it and get it over with and off my mind, I knew I would probably have another restless night if I didn’t do it.

I got undressed except for my boxer shorts and headed for her room. When I got there, her door was partly open so I just stepped into her room. She was lying on top of her bed reading a book wearing a very short negligee, something I had never seen her in before. She had her legs crossed and I could see her entire thighs, she looked so sexy lying there. I guess I had never noticed before just how sexy my mother was.

She looked up and smiled at me as I approached her bed, she uncrossed her legs and I caught a quick glimpse of her panties, making my cock twitch a little. She sat up saying, “Hi sweetie. Have you thought more about my offer?”

“Yes mom, I have.” She leaned forward toward me revealing her deep cleavage that I had never really seriously noticed before. I could feel my cock begin to twitch even more as I looked down at the top of her tits that seemed to be bigger than ever. Her nipples were very prominent and protruded through her negligee; I have never seen her in a negligee before. I continued, “I think that although it is going to be very embarrassing for me, I need your opinion about the size of my ahhh, ahhh…. cock.”

“That’s it Peter, you can use that kind of language around me. Let’s be cool with one another and use the terms cock, tits and pussy, OK?”

I just nodded, she totally surprised me with saying I could use the terms of pussy and tits with her.

“Well hon, it should not be embarrassing for I am your mother and there is nothing about your body that you should be embarrassed about. I love you very much and want to help you whenever I can.”

“I know mother, but showing you my cock is off the wall. What would people say if they knew.”

“Well nobody is going to know. This is something just between you and me. All I’m going to do is look and tell you what I think about the size of your cock.” At that point we both looked at my now protruding dick. To my surprise, I had a raging hard on, my shorts looked as though I had a tent pole inside them. My mom’s eyes widened as she continued to stare at my crotch.

She then said, “Hon, without even seeing your naked dick, I can tell that you have a magnificent cock that you should be very proud of.” She then licked her lips as I reached down taking a hold of my cock. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. She continued, “Well baby, as long as you have gone this far, why not just pull your shorts down and let me get a gander at that wonderful thing you are holding on to.”

I was embarrassed but did as she said, I put my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts and tried to pull them down, but my cock was sticking out so far that I could not pull my shorts over it. I had to put my hand on my cock holding it down while I slid my shorts down with the other hand. Upon releasing my cock, it sprang up pointing directly at my mom. She smiled from ear to ear saying, “Oh my god, what a wonderful big cock you have baby! I had no idea that you would be so well hung, you take after your grandfather. The boys were right sweetie, you have one big dick; most guys would kill to have a cock that big. Have you ever measured it when it is hard like it is?”

“No, I haven’t. Did you say I take after my grandfather, you mean your father?”

“Yes dear, that is who I mean.”

“How do you know that grandfather had a big dick?”

“Oh it’s a long boring story that I will maybe tell you someday.” My mom continued to smile at me saying, “Uhhhh baby, your cock is just magnificent, uhhh and yes you are really hung!” She just starred at my dick while licking her lips for what seemed like an eternity and then said, “Do you mind if I touch your cock?”

I was having some strange feelings just standing there in front of my mother with my dick sticking out, and when she said she wanted to touch my dick, it jerked a couple more times. Suddenly, I realized that I did want her to touch my hard cock, so I just nodded as she slowly reached forward wrapping her hand around my dick, first just squeezing it and then began to slowly slide her hand up and down my cock, paying special attention to the head of my dick. Oh shit, what she was doing to me felt so good, I love how she was stroking my cock. She immediately slid closer to the edge of the bed making her negligee slide way up her thighs exposing her panties and with me standing up right next to her, I could also look right down her negligee seeing the tops of her big tits.

She continued to gently run her hand up and down the length of my shaft very slowly several times, never taking her eyes off my dick. I had the strongest urge to reach down and squeeze her tits but did not dare do it. As she continued to massage my cock she said, “Honey, holding your dick like this is so exciting for me. You just never mind about ever being an oddball, with a cock like this you will have women begging you to fuck them.”

I had never heard my mother use that word “fuck” before either and as soon as she said it, she looked up at me and upon seeing the surprised look on my face, said, “Yes baby, I said fuck. You are old enough to know that your mother is a woman and likes to be fucked like most women do. Many gals will not be able to accommodate such a large cock, but most will and once they see it and feel it, they will want to feel it up inside them. They will do anything for you, just to be able to feel this beautiful cock slide deep up inside their pussy. Your cock is just so beautiful, so magnificent, I love just seeing it and stroking it; I hope you are okay with me doing this?”

I just stood there looking down her cleavage enjoying the sight of her big tits which had become more exposed. With the sensations she was giving me as she slowly and gently stroked my hard cock, I was about ready to shoot my load. By now she had moved even closer to the edge of the bed causing her negligee to be totally pushed up revealing almost her entire bikini panties. I could see a dark spot right in the center of her crotch.

She looked up at me saying, “Do you jack off very often?”

“No, not too much. Maybe a couple times a week.”

“What do you think about when you jack off?”

“Mostly about a girl in my English class.”

“Who is that?”

“Her name is Gloria and I will tell you about her some other time.”

My mom accepted my answer and then said, “Lets measure you sweetie; I want to know just how big this beautiful cock of yours is!”

“Okay, if you want to.” She slid off the bed and went into the kitchen returning with a tape measure. I just remained standing next to her bed stroking my cock as I watched her leave the room, totally enjoying the sight of her nice legs and ass and when she returned, seeing her jiggling tits; her nipples were very prominent as they protruded out her negligee. My cock was as hard as I have ever felt it and when she returned and saw me stroking my dick, she said, “Oh my god sweetie, your cock looks even bigger. Would you mind if I stroked your dick a few more times again?” She did not wait for an answer, she just reached down and began to stroke my very hard cock, running her hand slowly up and down the full length of my hard shaft. “Ohhh what a wonderful big cock you have, it feels sooooo good in my hand, and I want to make sure your cock is at its maximum hardness.”

I was totally surprised at her words and action saying, “I didn’t think that what you are doing is something a girl, ur.. a woman would want to do.”

“Oh baby, you have so much to learn. I love doing this, I would love to jack you off. Doesn’t it feel good to have me stroke you like this?” I just nodded while looking down at her hand sliding back and forth along my dick.

“You have such a big beautiful big cock baby, it gives me such great pleasure to be jacking you off like this. I want to feel and watch you shoot your load of sperm. You will find lots of girls or women wanting to touch your dick like this and watch you ejaculate your sperm.”

She then sat back down on the edge of the bed and began to rapidly slide her hand up and down my cock uttering, “Oh baby, I love this. Uhhhh, what a wonderful surprise this is, would never have guessed that you would be so magnificently hung, you are even bigger than your dad.”

“Am I bigger that my grandfather?”

“Ahhh, not sure about that.” She had a funny look on her face as she said, “I think you are as hard as you can get. Now let me see how long you dick is.” She took the measuring tape and ran it along my dick. “Oh my god, your dick is 10 and ½ inches long.”

“Do you think I am too big?”

“Oh no baby, you definitely have a large dick all right and a few gals will not be able to accommodate such a big cock, but then again, many many women will and once they are aware of the size of your big beautiful cock, will most definitely want you to fuck them.”

My mom went back to stroking my cock while I enjoyed the sensations she was giving me and watching her tits jiggle as she was jacking me off. I knew if she continued stroking my dick, I would shower her with cum, so I said, “Mom, if you continue jacking me off this way, I will shoot my load all over you.”

“I know sweetie, and if you are okay with me doing this, I want you to shoot your load on me, I want to feel your cum being spewed all over my tits.” I was just mesmerized by what she had just said and what she did next. She momentarily let go of my dick, reached down with both hands and quickly pulled her negligee over her head, revealing to me for the first time, her big beautiful bare tits. They sagged a bit but looked great, her nipples were very erect, standing out like maybe a half inch, her tits and nipples looked delicious.

She looked up at me and said, “I hope you are alright with me taking off my top sweetie, but you have me so hot I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to. Plus I want to give you lots of stimulation so you will shoot a big load on my tits.” Without waiting for an answer, she again grabbed my cock, this time with both hands and began squeezing and stroking it in a very deliberate way. I could begin to feel my balls churning as I was getting very close to cumming and finally told her that any second I was going to erupt. She then let go of one hand from my cock, taking a hold of her right tit and lifting it up so that the head of my cock was against her nipple. The sight alone had me totally excited. Within a few seconds, I began to unload, spewing spurt after spurt of my cum all over her tit, she just kept stroking me and rubbing my cock all over her tit until the last drop of cum was milked from my cock. There were gobs and gobs of cum all over her tit with much of it running down her belly.

She said, “Oh my god baby, that looked and felt so good, you were loaded with cum and I loved it. I hope you don’t think too badly of me, but I needed that. I have been so horny lately, I really need to be fucked so badly, but this is okay for now.”

I was again so surprised to hear my mother talk that way, telling me she wanted to be fucked. As my cock began to soften, she let go of it and began to wipe my cum off her tits and belly with her fingers, licking them clean between wipes. I looked down to see that the dark spot in the crotch of her panties had become quite large, in fact the entire crotch of her panties were wet. She wiped her tits and belly clean of any traces of my cum and when I thought she was through, she reached down inside her panties right in front of me. She was obviously working a couple of fingers into her cunt and then pulled her hand out while holding her waistband with the other hand, I got a quick glimpse of her cunt. Her fingers were all shiny coated with her own cum. She held out her hand to me saying, “Want to taste me?”

I just froze, not knowing what to do or say. She paused a few seconds and then stuck her fingers in her mouth and said, “You lose.”

I watched as she licked her fingers clean and then again slid her hand down inside her panties, fingering herself once more while holding the waistband away from her body, giving me another quick view of her cunt, I could see what I thought was some pubic hair above her cunt lips. She was getting her fingers even deeper inside her pussy this time and when she removed her hand and offered her cum coated fingers to me a second time, I simply opened my mouth and sucked on her fingers. It was a nice taste, she left her fingers in my mouth for quite awhile as I sucked and licked them over and over. She then said, “I think we should call it an evening. I have answered your question concerning the size of your cock, right?”

I just nodded as I bent over to pull my shorts back up and then walked toward her bedroom door, I looked back briefly to see her standing with only her panties on, she looked so hot, her tits are magnificent. When I got to my room, I flopped down on my bed in somewhat of a daze. I had just experienced having my mom remove her top and expose her bare tits to me, then jack me off onto her tits, then watch her wipe her tits and belly clean of my cum followed by her licking her fingers clean and then watched her finger her own pussy and offer me a taste. As I laid there playing over in my mind what had just happened, my cock responded by becoming very erect again. I slide my shorts down and just laid there on my back stroking my hard cock as it pointed straight toward the ceiling. I don’t know just how long I was laying there when my mom stuck her head into my room.

It startled me but I did not move as she said, “Oh honey, have I disturbed you?” She had a very surprised look on her face seeing me lying on my back stroking my hard cock.

Not waiting for an answer she said, “I am very concerned that what I did earlier when you were in my room has upset you. Are you okay?”

“Yea mom, I just was thinking of how great it was to actually see and feel your tits. Your tits are wonderful, even better than I thought they might be. And having you jack me off on your tits and also letting me taste your cum really excites me. Just thinking about that has got me real hard again.”

“I can see that. I definitely see how hard you are. Like I said earlier, you have such a beautiful cock sweetie, it’s so difficult for me to just stand here and look at it, I want to touch it, lick it, suck it and even ah, ah whatever. I just can’t believe how well hung you are. It’s beautiful, just beautiful.”

“Did you come in here to jack me off again mom?”

“Is that what you want? I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

My mom then moved even closer to my bed and stood there staring down at me as I continued to stroke my erect cock, she seemed to be in a trance. She did not move for a few seconds then said, “No, I initially came in here just to talk to you, I felt unsure as to the effect I had on you when I jacked you off earlier and then let you taste my pussy juice. I don’t want to create any trauma in your life. I see now that it doesn’t appear as though you are distributed at all by my earlier actions. You haven’t stopped stroking that beautiful cock of yours all the time I have been here in your room.”
Hearing her say that did not deter me from continuing to stroke my cock right before my mother’s penetrating eyes, it seemed to be a natural thing to do and I felt comfortable doing it. I said, “No, I’m totally at ease with what you did. I really really liked how you bared your tits for me”.

She smiled and said, “I will do whatever you are comfortable with sweetie, I’ll jack you off again, give you a blowjob, let you fondle me all over if you wish, let you squeeze my tits, lick my tits, suck my tits, and even finger my pussy, eat my pussy or even ahhhh, maybe even fuck my pussy if you want to.” I didn’t speak or move because I couldn’t believe that she would actually let me do all those things to her that she was saying, especially letting me fuck her. I just continued stroking my cock while looking her straight in the eye.

She just remained standing next to my bed staring at my hard cock watching pre-cum begin to ooze out from the head of my dick. She then shifted her glance looking me in the eye and without saying another word; she reached down taking a hold of the hem of her negligee in both hands and slid it up over her head throwing it on the floor. There before me for a second time, was my mom totally naked except for her panties. Her tits are so big and beautiful, I could not take my eyes off them. As I starred at her tits, she shook her body making her tits sway side to side, my cock reacted by getting a little stiffer. canlı bahis While standing next to my bed wiggling her tits at me, she then surprisingly placed her thumbs into the waistband of her panties that still had a big wet spot in the crotch, pushing them down just enough to show me some pubic hair. She hesitated while staring at me as she nodded her head looking for approval for her to remove her panties. I was anxious and excited to be able to see her bare pussy and so nodded yes. She then pushed her panties down her legs until they also fell to the floor. I could not believe my eyes as my mom was standing very close to me and now being totally nude. Her big bare tits looked so beautiful and her cunt was at eye level and totally exposed. It was the first real cunt I have ever seen, I’d only seen others in magazines and on the internet. I turned my head toward her snatch noticing that she had a well trimmed patch of pubic hair just above her protruding pussy lips. I could also detect a pleasant smell that seemed to emanate from her pussy.

While looking me straight in the eye, she reached down between her legs and began to fondle her pussy, she actually slide one or two fingers inside her snatch as she said, “Are you surprised at what I’m doing? Does it excite you to see your mother’s pussy and watch me play with myself while you play with yourself?”

I just nodded while not taking my eyes off her cunt as I continued to slowly stroke my hard cock.

“Do you like seeing my pussy, your mom’s pussy? Does it look like pussy’s you seen in magazines or on the internet? Is it exciting to see me play with myself?” I just nodded yes.

“Would you like to touch my pussy?”

I responded, “Yes, oh yes I would very much like to touch your ahh, ahh pussy.”

“Would you like to feel the insides of my pussy, would you like to slide your finger way up inside me and feel my wet juicy cunt and feel how smooth and warm it feels? Can you smell my pussy?”

I was in a trance and just nodded yes as I watched her run her finger in and out of her cunt.

“Good! Now why don’t you just slide your finger way up inside me while I stroke your hard cock. Just slide your hand across my pussy a few times and then slip a couple fingers up inside me while I stroke that beautiful cock of yours again.” She immediately reached over taking my cock in one hand and with her other hand, grabbed my wrist moving my hand toward her crotch. I then reached down a little and began to use my fingers to massage her exposed pussy. She spread her legs a bit as I then ran the palm of my hand over her mound, oh it felt so good. I was thinking I must be dreaming, here my mother is standing next to my bed totally nude with me fondling her cunt while she strokes my erect cock. I then slid just the tip of my finger along her slit and watched her pussy lips separate letting my finger slide into her pussy, her cunt felt so warm and moist. She then took a hold of my wrist and shoved my hand against her cunt pushing my fingers deep inside her; she simultaneously moaned as my fingers penetrated her cunt.

She said, “Don’t be shy baby, I want you to know that I like having your finger me, I want you to play with my pussy, I want your fingers way up inside me, yes I want for you to push your fingers way up inside your mother’s wet pussy. Yea that’s it, push your fingers deep up inside my cunt baby. I want you to know what a pussy feels like, what a woman’s cunt feels like, how wet and warm they can be, and mine is really wet right now. You have me so turned on, I can hardly stand it. Yes baby, slide your fingers in and out of my cunt, stroke me baby, stroke your momma’s cunt!” My mind went numb as I was sliding my middle finger in and out of my mother’s wet cunt, it just seemed so natural and so easy, I loved how it felt; it was all warm and juicy feeling. In the meantime she was stroking my cock to the same rhythm I was stroking her cunt. I loved what we were doing to each other.

As we continued stroking and massaging each other, she glanced at me and then leaned forward placing her mouth over the head of my pre-cum oozing cock. Oh god it felt wonderful, her lips were so warm and wet. She first licked the head of my dick before she slid her mouth down over the head of my cock, repeating this process three or four times before she lifted her head back up. I continued to fondle her pussy and had my middle finger up into her cunt as far as it would go. She had grabbed my wrist again and was pushing my hand tight up against her cunt while also rocking her hips back and forth. She moaned a couple times when I would push my finger really deep into her cunt.

She just stared at me for awhile before she began to crawl up on my bed straddling my body saying, “I want to take care of you in a very special way baby, a way that helps both you and me.” She paused as she continued staring at me for what seemed like long time and then said, “Honey, I want for us to fuck! Yes baby, I want you to fuck me! I know that I am totally surprising you, but right now I need to be fucked and I want you to do it, to fuck me. I want you to fuck your mother. I want you to slide your cock into my cunt, yes into your mother’s cunt, I want you to feel the sensation that a man gets when they fuck a woman, I want you to know what it feels like to ejaculate inside a woman’s cunt, to shoot your sperm into my cunt.” At that point she had straddled my hips and had a hold of my cock as she positioned her pussy directly above my hard dick. She lowered her hips and then rubbed the head of my dick back and forth across her pussy lips saying, “I hope you are okay with this baby. I know what I’m about to do is not right, but I need to be fucked so bad baby, and when I saw your magnificent beautiful big cock again, I got so horny I can’t stand it, my pussy has gotten so wet that I can’t wait any longer to feel your beautiful cock totally stuffed into my cunt.” I laid there motionless in total disbelief as to what my mother was doing and saying. I just laid there watching my mother position herself so that her cunt would slide down my dick.

Once I felt the head of my cock enter her pussy, she slowly lowered herself down, down, down on my hard shaft while closing her eyes. When her decent stopped, we both looked down at her pussy to see that about two inches of my cock was still showing. She said, “I’ve got about 8 or so inches of you in me right now but I want all of your cock in me, every last fucking inch.” She began to wiggle her hips while putting all her weight on her crotch but was unable to get but another inch of my cock inside her cunt.

“Well honey, it has been so long since I have been fucked by such a big cock, my pussy needs some stretching to totally accommodate your big dick, but for now and with this being your first fuck, I’ll just basically jack you off with my pussy till you cum inside me. Yes, I want you to cum inside me; I want to feel your sperm being ejaculated deep inside me, inside your mother’s pussy. I’m not on the pill but will get a morning-after pill tomorrow”. She then proceeded to slide her cunt up and down my cock and within minutes we both were cumming. She moaned and groaned and then collapsed on top of me totally exhausted. She was the first to stir looking up at me saying, “Are you okay with this?”

“Yes mom, that was great.” With my cock still lodged in her pussy she wiggled her ass saying, “How does that feel?”

“Nice, real nice.”

“I am going to get my pussy in shape so that the next time we fuck, I can get all 10 and ½ inches of you inside me. You do want to fuck me again don’t you?”

“Oh god mom, I can’t wait to do this again.”

“Okay, I will get back on the pill so you can ejaculate inside me and we can always fuck bareback and won’t be worried about you getting me pregnant, or would you like a younger brother or sister?” I just shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say.

She continued, “Be patient with me and I will show you what it’s like to fuck a pussy that can accommodate your big cock.” She then slowly lifted her cunt off my cock, slid forward to kiss me and rolled off my bed. She stood there for a second just staring at me before she leaned over and placed her mouth over my semi-hard dick. She completely devoured my cock and when she raised her head, she kissed the head of my dick and then turned and walked back to her bedroom totally nude. I just stared at her bare ass and nice legs as she departed; I wanted to reach over and just grab her butt cheeks. I did notice a stream of cum running down her inner thigh as she departed and when she got to the door, she stopped and looked down at her legs. She must have felt the cum on her leg cause she reached down and scooped up the white goo and stuck it in her mouth saying, “Um, um good, so very good. Night baby!”

I was exhausted and fell asleep immediately waking up the next morning with dried cum all over my crotch. I showered and then went into the kitchen to see my mother all dressed for work, she had prepared my breakfast and was waiting for me. She said, “How are you this morning? Are you still okay with what happened last night and are you still willing to be my fuck buddy?”

It was still hard to get use to how my mom was talking. “Yes mom, I loved it and want to do it again. Can we fuck again when you get home tonight?”

She was looking at my crotch where my cock was standing at attention, she said, “Like I told you last night, I need to get my pussy and mind in shape, so it will be awhile before we fuck again.”

“I have to go work now, so come over here and give me a big kiss.” I walked toward her with my cock leading the way and when I got close to her, she reached down taking a hold of my cock squeezing it while pulling me closer. She released my dick and reached up to my shoulders pulling me into her while pushing her pelvis into mine making my cock poke her belly. She pulled my head down to kiss me with open mouth as she pushed her tits and cunt into me. It was a sloppy kiss with lots of tongue and when we parted she reached down taking my hands in hers saying, “I’m not ready to start fucking yet, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy fondling me. I like having my tits and pussy played with.” With that she raised my hands to her tits saying, “These are now your toys to play with whenever you want, I like to have them squeezed, licked and sucked along with having my pussy fondled, fingered and eaten.”

I stood there squeezing her tits through her blouse and bra, she just remained standing there looking up at me smiling. I then lowered one hand to the hem of her skirt and raised it up in order to reach her cunt. She did not flinch as I ran my hand across her panty covered snatch and then slid finger under her panties and pushed my index finger into her wet pussy.

“Yes baby, I like what you are doing, can you feel how wet I am?”

“Yes, I can and you are really wet mom. Are you going to work that way?”

“I’ll be late if I don’t hurry. Would you like to get a towel and wipe my pussy dry before I go?” I did not have to be asked twice, I ran and got a towel while my mom had lifted her skirt and lowered her panties dropping them to the floor. When I returned she was standing there holding her skirt up with legs slightly bowed revealing her bare cunt to me, a sight that totally excited me. I dropped to my knees and gentle began to wipe her cunt dry. She looked down at me saying, “I hope you enjoy playing with my pussy as much as I enjoy it. I love exposing myself to you and seeing the expression on your face.”

I just looked up at her with a shit eating grin on my face as she continued, “Would you like to lick and kiss my pussy, my cunt, my twat, my snatch, my ahhh fuck hole?”

I love hearing her talk like that and leaned forward placing my lips on her cunt lips gently kissing her snatch. She then placed a hand on the back of my head and simultaneously lightly pushed my face against her pussy while she humped my face a few times with her hips. I kissed her deeply on her cunt lips followed by actually sucking her cunt lips into my mouth and heard her say, “Use your tongue sweetie, use your tongue. Tongue fuck me baby, I want to feel your tongue inside me!” I obeyed and pushed my tongue between her cunt lips as she moaned while pushing my face even harder into her snatch. She said, “Oh god baby, I love it, ohhhhh and I love you. Oh I want to fuck you so bad right now, but I’ve got to go.”

She pushed me away from her crotch and lowered her skirt saying, “I’m going to get a fresh pair of panties and run to work. You can sniff my old ones until I get home and then I will let you sniff the real thing, I know my cunt will be wet when I get home. Have a good day sweetie. Love ya!” She dashed into her bedroom and out the door she went.

For the next few days my mom was so sweet to me, letting me passionately kiss her, fondle both her tits and pussy including kissing and sucking on her tits and pussy but always insisting that she was not ready to have me fuck her yet. She would come home and just about the first thing she would do was to sit on my lap and push her tits into my face. I would unbutton her blouse, release the clasp on her bra releasing her big tits and suck on her nipples. Then while sitting on my lap, she would spread her legs allowing me easy access to her crotch letting me finger fuck her pussy. She would many times actually take a hold of my wrist and push my hand hard against her cunt while she would basically hump my hand. It would not take long for her to reach a climax coating my fingers with her juices. She would take my hand and suck on my fingers and then lean back pulling her skirt way up with legs totally spread saying, “Eat me baby, taste your mother, lick my cunt, tongue fuck me, I want to cum so bad, I want to cum with your mouth on me, I want you to taste your mama’s juices.” I would maneuver around to get my face in her crotch and eat her pussy. Again, she would climax with me usually having my tongue deep in her slit, giving me a wonderful taste of her juices. Once she recovered, she would get down between my legs, fish my cock out of my pants and give me a blow job till I shot a load in her mouth. I always looked forward to her coming home with anticipation which meant I continuously had a hard on. She would then cook dinner and then we would each do our own thing afterwards.

One day she came home when I was lying down on the floor on my back watching television. She didn’t say a word as she walked toward me and stood right next to my head giving me a great view up her skirt. She smiled at me as she raised her skirt up to her waist revealing her bikini panties that had a big wet spot in the crotch. She immediately placed her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and removed them, letting them fall to the floor before she straddled my head. While holding her skirt up, she slowly squatted right above my face putting her cunt only inches above my nose. She just said, “Eat me baby, eat my cunt, I need to cum really bad.” I stuck out my tongue as she moved her wet pussy against my mouth, I began eating her, tasting her wonder juices. I had my face buried on her cunt for only a few minutes before she began to moan with the onset of her climax. She was really pushing her cunt tight against my face as wave after wave of the wonderful sensations flowed through her body. When she recovered, she got down on her hands and knees with her cunt still right above my face and began to fish my cock out of my pants. Once freed, she started to suck me off. I just laid there looking straight up at her wet cunt wanting to eat her some more. I could feel her tits rub against my legs occasionally and wanted to feel them in my hands, so I reached down and began to unbutton her blouse. She assisted me and within seconds we had both her blouse and bra off and I was able to fondle her big hanging tits, god they felt great. Her skirt kept getting in my way and so she helped me got it off too, so now she was totally naked above me while on her hands and knees. I raised my head so that I could eat her cunt some more, she just moaned and groaned as I sucked her cunt lips into my mouth and tongue fucker her again. She finally released my cock and rolled over on her side saying, “Baby, I want you to cum all over my face and tits. I want your delicious gooey cum all over me.” I scrambled up on to my knees and pointed my cock at her face as I jacked off. Within seconds I was spewing gobs of cum all over her face and a few shots on her tits. I stroked every last drop out of me, what a sight, seeing my mom lying there on the floor, first being totally nude is exciting enough, but them having her face and tits covered with my cum and her juices oozing out of her pussy.

I sat back and said, “Shit mom you are so sexy and hot looking, I want to fuck you right now!”

“I know baby, but even if I was ready for us to fuck, I’m totally exhausted right now.”

“Oh, but mom you are so hot, so slutty, so fuckable looking. I don’t want to forget how you look right now. It is an image I would love to jack off to.”

“Well, honey if you promise not to show anybody, why not get your phone and take some pictures of me, I would also like to see how I look.” I didn’t need to second invitation, dashed off to my room, grabbed my phone and returned to the living room. My mom was still lying there like I left her. I immediately took a number of shots of her face and tits covered in cum by standing directly over her. I took one of her whole body. She wanted to see so I handed her the phone while she remained lying on the floor. She studied them saying, “Wow, I do look like a sexy slut. Now promise that you will never show them to anyone, OK?”

“Yes mom, I promise.”

She then said, “Which shot do you like the best, the one you will mostly jack off to?”

I looked over the various shots I’d taken and showed her the ones with both her tits and face in it.”

She checked them out and smiled then said, “Yea they are hot but you didn’t take any photos showing my pussy.”

“Do you want me to take a picture of your cunt?”

“Well, it’s up to you baby. Do you want a picture of my cunt?”

“Of course, I would love to have a picture of your juicy cunt.”

“OK, why not get down on your knees between my legs and take a picture looking up my body. I will raise my head some and you will be able to see pussy, tits and face all in one shot.” I did as she suggested and was getting another hard on just looking my mother this way. She spread her legs giving me a great view of her cunt and with her head raised, I could see her com covered face and her tits.
After taking quite a few shots I stopped to admire the view of her I had, god she is so hot looking, my cock was rock hard. She looked directly into my eyes and with a big smile said, “OK, sweetie, take a couple more of me now.” She had lowered her hands down to her crotch and had placed both her index fingers in her pussy and had spread her pussy lips real wide, showing the insides of her cunt, you could definitely see how wet she was. I immediately began taking close up shots of her exposed cunt as she just laid there allowing me to photograph her entire nude body.

“OK, that’s enough. I’m hungry and must fix dinner. But don’t you dare jack off looking at those pictures, I want your juices later this evening.” Later that evening while we were in the living room, she gave me a fantastic blowjob. She had my cock in her mouth for what seemed like an hour, sucking it, licking it, rubbing all it over her face. She spent most of the time trying to get as much of my cock in her mouth as she could, deep throating me over and over again until I finally told her I was about to cum. She just said to let it happen as she swallowed every drop of cum I spewed in her mouth. She squeezed and fondled my balls as she sucked my cock telling me how much she loved sucking my cock and that I had the most wonderful cock and should be very proud of it. We both relaxed for awhile before I told my mom good night and headed to bed feeling totally spent.

As I was lying on my bed nearly asleep, my mom came in wearing a shortie nightgown to say good night. She bent over and kissed me, it was a juicy kiss with lots of tongue. I could not resist and reached inside her nightgown and fondled her hanging tits to her delight. She smiled at me saying, “You really like my tits, don’t you?”

“Yea mom, you have great tits and I love to fondle them.”

“I like that too. I love how you play with my tits and suck my nipples, it makes them so erect. Is what we are doing now making your cock hard again?” she asked as she reached down to my crotch feeling my dick. Sure enough it was hard as she fished it out of my shorts and began to stroke it. She then released my lips and said, “Would you mind if I sucked your cock again?”

I said, “No, not if I can eat your pussy!”

“Oh sweetie, that sounds great, let’s do it!” She stood up, removed her negligee and crawled up on my bed getting in the 69 position, then lowered her cunt down to my face while taking my cock into her mouth. We sucked and ate each other for about 10 minutes before we each had an intense climax. She flooded my mouth with her juicy cum which I thoroughly enjoyed while she swallowed another load of my cum. She quickly stood bahis siteleri up saying, thanks baby, I will sleep really well tonight. As she bent over to pick up her negligee, I reached over and grabbed her ass and slid my hand along her crotch, sticking a finger in her wet cunt. She remained bent over looking back at me saying, “You nasty boy, I love it. I love how you want to do nasty things to your mother. Yes baby, finger my pussy, put it in deep, oh yea, finger fuck me.” I did as she said and ran my finger in and out of her cunt while she remained bent over. She suddenly pulled my hand away saying enough and dashed off to her room. I watched her bare ass sway and her tits wiggle as she walked out of my room.

This was similar to most nights where she would come into my room to say good night either wearing a negligee or be totally nude. I would usually be sitting at my computer and she would come up to me and immediately push her tits into my face. I would pull down her neckline to get access to her bare tits in order to play with her erect nipples. She would moan and groan while reaching down to rub my hard cock. Then she would take my hand and lead me over to my bed, remove her negligee if she had one on, lay down spreading her legs and instruct me to remove my pants and to get into 69 position. She would take a hold of my cock with both hands and begin to kiss and suck on my cock while I buried my face in her pussy sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and tongue fucking her until we both climaxed.

Then one day she was late and immediately started dinner after a quick greeting in which I just got a quick feel of her tits. After dinner, I was sitting in the living room watching some TV when she walked in wearing only a negligee. She sat down on my lap and gave me a big kiss on the lips while she wiggled her ass making my dick get hard which she obviously wanted. I knew she could feel mu hard cock against her pussy and ass as we kissed. She suddenly pulled away while pulling down the neckline of her negligee revealing her nice big tits saying, “Would you like to kiss and suck your momma’s big juicy tits, baby?” I didn’t hesitate and began kissing, sucking and fondling her big tits; her nipples became very erect as they always do as I sucked and tongued them. She continued to wiggle her ass while on my lap enjoying the feeling of my hard cock against her cunt and ass. She then got up off my lap, faced me as she took her negligee completely off. She spread her legs slightly while reaching down to her pussy with both hands where she spread her pussy lips apart showing me the pink insides of her cunt. She smiled saying, “Would you like to kiss these lips again?”

I smiled and stuck my tongue out like I was licking something. She then stepped up on the couch with one foot on each side of me which put her cunt only inches from my face. She leaned into me as I stuck my tongue out again and began licking her cunt. She leaned in further until my face was buried in her pussy. She again instructed me to use my tongue which I did getting it well inserted between her cunt lips and was able to play with her clit. I also sucked her cunt lips into my mouth, they felt so good in my mouth and she tasted so good.

She then said, “I’m ready baby, I’m ready for you to stick that big beautiful cock of yours deep inside my cunt, deep into your mommy’s pussy, my twat, my fuck hole. I want you to fuck me silly. I want to feel you to pump my cunt full of your cum, your sperm, your baby making spunk. I want to feel your cock ejaculate inside me, I want all 10 and ½ inches of your cock inside my body, and I want you to fuck me all night long, as much as you want to, I’m your fuck toy for the night.” She pulled away stepping off the couch and began walking toward her bedroom. I followed her watching her great ass sway as we proceeded toward her room. Once inside, she lay on her bed spread eagle holding up her arms welcoming me saying, “Mount me, come here baby and get on top of me, get between my legs and slide that big cock of yours into my cunt, and just fuck me until your tank is empty.” I had removed my cloths and was supporting a huge hard on. As I got on top of her, she reached down guiding my cock into her waiting pussy. She said, “Be a little gentle at first, but once you are totally inside me, once you have all 10 and ½ inches of your beautiful big cock deep inside my hungry pussy, then I want you to fuck me hard and deep.”

Before I lowered myself into my mom’s cunt, I asked her what happened for her to let me fuck her. She said, “Check the top drawer in my night stand.” I leaned over and opened the drawer and found three dildos plus a small plug of some kind. I said, “I see, you used these to stretch your pussy.”

“Yes baby, get the big one.” I reached in getting the largest dildo, it must have been a foot long.

“Wow mom, can you get this in your pussy?”

She smiled saying, “Yes, I have been able to get most of it in me. I have spent every night inserting those dildos in my pussy in order to get my cunt use to having a huge cock in it. I would force this big one in me holding it as deep in me as I could take. I have gone to sleep every night with the medium size one in my pussy just to get my cunt use to being full. I have been able to get this big one, the 12 incher almost totally in me, so I felt that I was now ready to be fucked the way I really like it with your big beautiful cock. I can’t wait to see if I can get all of your cock inside me and have you fuck my brains out! Once you have fully penetrated my cunt, I want you to pound my pussy as hard and as fast as you can. I love being fucked sweaty hard. Why don’t you first use that big dildo on me and see how much of it you can get in my pussy! I’ll help you.”

My mom laid back and spread her legs while reaching down between her legs to pull her pussy lips wide as I began to insert the 12 inch dildo into her snatch. She looked at me as I began to insert the dido saying, “How does it feel to be inserting a plastic dick into my cunt?”

“Not sure, feels kind of odd for me to be kneeing next to you while you are naked and spreading your cunt lips apart in order for me to ahhh manually fuck you.”

“I know baby, it feels a little strange to me too, but I also have this strong desire to expose myself to you, for you to see me at my slutest, for you to be seeing and touching my most intimate parts and for me to feel you touching me, I love having your hands all over me, especially in my cunt and ass. I’m really excited right now that you are doing this to me, sliding my dildo into my cunt, helping me and watching me masturbate before you actually fuck me. I want you to know everything about my pussy, how it looks, feels and smells when we have sex.”

My dick was really getting hard as I was able to see the pink insides of her cunt and was actually able to see her clit as I began inserting the dildo into her cunt. She said, “First you need to put a little Vaseline on it, it needs to be lubricated. There is some in the drawer.” I found the Vaseline and applied a good quantity of it on the tip of the dildo.

My mom was now lying back with her legs spread really wide with her knees close to her chest giving me a great view and total access to her crotch, what a sight. “Okay baby, just slide that rubber dick in your mom’s pussy, but do it very slow.” I got between her spread legs and was in awe of seeing my mom so vulnerable, totally nude with legs spread wide showing me her pussy and all. I slowly began to insert the dildo between her pussy lips, it was amazing to see and watch the dildo slide into her cunt. The first 6 or so inches went in without any problem but at about 9 inches she said to stop and to hold it there. I did as she said and then she motioned to push the dildo in some more. I was able to penetrate her pussy another inch maybe before she stopped me.

She said, “Are you OK?”

“Yea, why do you ask?”

“You have a funny look on your face, I thought you may be having second thoughts.”

“Oh no, not all. It is just so strange to be here between your legs helping and watching you slide a rubber cock into your cunt and you willingly wanting me to be here. I love it but it is also so surreal.”

“I know baby, it is surreal to me too, but I know it will feel natural with time.”

She then said, “I’ll take it from here.” She replaced my hands and slowly wiggled her hips and moving the dildo back and forth was able to get at least another inch inside her. “There baby, that is how big you are, and I know that I can take all of you now.” She fucked herself a few times before she removed the dildo saying, “I’m ready, now get on top of me, slide that big cock of yours in my cunt and start fucking your mother like she wants to be fucked, you big mother fucker!”

I could hardly believe what she called me as I crawled on top of her and slowly lowered myself feeling the warmth of her cunt on my cock as I slowly penetrated her wet snatch. I worked my cock up and down feeling a little resistance as I neared full penetration. But with not much effort I was able to get my entire cock into my mother’s warm cunt and once I felt I was there, I started to pound her cunt as she instructed me to.

Without opening her eyes she said, “Oh sweetie, yes, yes, ahhhhhh yes I now have all of you inside me, I have all of my baby’s 10 and ½ inch cock inside my pussy. You now will know what it feels like to fuck a woman. You are so deep inside me, I don’t think I have ever felt a cock go so deep inside my cunt before. I can feel your cock in my womb, the womb from where you came. I love it, just love it and have needed to be fucked like this again for so long. I had no idea it would be my son’s cock that satisfied my wanton needs. Oh baby, this is so good for me. Please don’t think badly of your mom, please, please. I really needed to be fucked like this for such a long time and now that it is you that is fucking me, I will need it often.”

By this time I was getting so worked up I was just pounding my cock into her pussy like an a****l. I reached up with both hands placing them on her tits to support myself and I also wanted to feel her big tits in my hands while I fucked her. She moaned saying, “Yes baby, squeeze my tits, play with them, do whatever you want with them. Oh fuck me, yes fuck me over and over again, this is heaven.” I loved it too, her tits felt so good in my hands, her nipples were erect as I squeezed them with my thumb and finger while I simultaneously pounded her pussy.

“Oh baby, I love how you are fucking me. Your cock is so big, so wonderful, so exciting, I love how it feels sliding between my pussy lips and over my clit and then deep into my womb. Oh baby, this is wild and so crazy, I don’t want it to ever stop.” She continued moaning for quite some time as I fucked her hard and fondled her big wonderful tits.

“Oh fuck mom! This is so cool, I love having my cock buried in your cunt and to be fucking you like this. I didn’t know fucking would be so much fun.”

“Great, I love it too Peter and if you are okay with us fucking like this, I want you to fuck me often, I want you to sleep in my bed and fuck me at least once every night. You just don’t know how wonderful this is for me, to have a nice hard cock around all the time. Oh god baby, your cock is giving me some of the greatest sensations I’ve ever had in my cunt. I mean this is outrageous, absolutely outrageous! My pussy is on fire! I want you to cum inside me baby, way way deep up inside me, flood my cunt with your sperm. I want to feel your juicy cum being squirted into my womb. I never thought about us ever fucking until recently and it is beyond what I ever expected.”

“I glad I’m making you happy mom, it means a lot to me. I was wondering, did your pussy really get stretched using those dildos?”

She smiled at me and said, “No, not really baby. What I really needed was time to get my head around the fact that we would be fucking; to get it in my head that I would actually be fucking my son; having him sleep with me on a regular basis; and that I would be naked in front of my son and be giving you free access to my body, my tits, and my pussy. That I would be willingly opening my legs and letting my son get on top of me and slide his big cock into my pussy. And that I would be sucking my son’s big cock and letting you eat my pussy. I knew immediately after seeing your big dick, that I would not be able to resist fucking you and so I needed to get my bearings, to let it happen without feeling guilty. I am so glad you are okay with us fucking, I don’t know what I would do if you were not comfortable with us fucking. I have had big cocks in me many many times and know how wonderful it feels to be fucked with a big cock. So knowing that you had a big cock, I was doomed to wanting you in my bed between my legs pounding my pussy the way I like it. You just need to learn how to be gentle with that big boner of yours, you will make many women scream with pleasure and beg for more.”

My mom closed her eyes as I continued fucking her, she moaned and groaned for quite some time and then said, “You will never know just how happy you are making me. For right now, just continue fucking your mother knowing that I love it, slide that big beautiful cock of yours in and out of my pussy and give me the fuck of my life.” I did not hesitate as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of my mom’s pussy as she groaned and moaned with delight.

“Oh god baby, I think you are even deeper inside me than you were before! Oh for god sake, this is unbelievable, totally unbelievable. Oh stick it in me really deep and hold it there.” I did as she said while watching her face, she looked totally contented.

“This is the ultimate sex! Your cock is absolutely the best I have ever felt in my cunt. Better than your dad’s, better than a big k** I fucked in high school, better than any man I’ve fucked, and I’ve fucked a lot of men. Oh my god, I think I have died and gone to heaven. Okay, okay, now start fucking me again like an a****l and tell me when you think you are about to cum. I want to be totally aware of you cumming inside me. I want to be totally aware when you ejaculate inside my cunt, to feel my baby’s sperm being spewed inside my fuck tube; I want to be totally tuned in to the spewing of your baby making juice inside me.”

I continued to fuck my mom as she had her first of three orgasms, I pumped my cock into her cunt as hard as I could while I aggressively fondled her nice big juicy tits; oh how I love her big tits and nipples. She just continued to moan and groan as we fucked. Shortly after her second climax, I could feel the sensation of an approaching eruption and told my mom I was about to cum. She said, “Yes baby, cum in me, sperm my pussy with your hot young man juice, load me up, I want to feel your juicy cum inside me again, it has been so long and I am so glad that it’s your cum that I’m about to receive.” I just continued pumping my cock in her and them bam! I totally unloaded all the spunk I had inside her hot cunt. She had her third orgasm just as I was pumping in the last of my load inside her wet pussy.

“Oh baby! You just don’t realize how wonderful this is, I can’t even describe the feelings I’m having, and I want to repeat this over and over again. Oh fucking shit, this is utterly fantastic!”

“Oh mom, do you really mean it? You want us to fuck over and over again?”

“Oh god yes son, I want to have your cock buried inside my fucking cunt as much as is possible, I want to go to bed every night knowing that I will get fucked at least once before morning. I have needed this so bad for so long, I have never been so horny in my life, and I didn’t know I could get so horny. I want to feel, suck and fuck your cock day in and day out. I want you to know and to act upon this knowledge that my body is now your play toy; use me, fuck me, hump me, do whatever you want to me as long as you cum in me or on me, I love it and I love you. I want you to feel totally at ease and free to play with my body, to fondle me whenever you feel the urge, to squeeze my ass, to slip you hand inside my blouse and squeeze my tits, to kiss and suck my tits, stick your finger in my pussy or in my ass and I especially want you to feel free to fuck me as much as you want to. Yes I want you to fuck me whenever you feel like it, even if I’m busy doing something, I will stop whatever I’m doing and let you fuck me. My pussy is yours, do with it what you want anytime you want to!”

I just lay down on top of her letting my body totally relax with her words ringing in my ears while feeling her tits being pressed against my chest and with my cock still buried in her cunt. After a few minutes I started to get up, but my mom stopped me saying, “Oh honey, don’t get up just yet, I want to have your cock remain inside me all night if possible. Why don’t you just roll over on your back and let me keep your cock inside me for awhile longer.” I rolled over liked she asked while she got on top of me taking my semi-hard cock in her hand guiding it back into her wet and warm cunt. She proceeded to slowly slide her cunt up and down my cock over and over again, moaning the whole time. “Oh sweetie, I can’t get enough of having your cock inside me. I love how it feels to have the head of your dick slide across my clit and to feel your cock enter my womb. Are you okay with me doing this to your cock?”
“Sure mom, I like it too.” I laid there enjoying the sensations my mom was giving me and started to doze off. My mom then asked me to roll onto my side without having my cock slip out of her pussy and see if we can go to sleep this way.

I did as she said and immediately dozed off for awhile. I awoke feeling my cock to be rock hard again but it was no longer inside my mom’s warm cunt. I looked over at her in the dim light, she had rolled over and was on her back sound asleep. I pulled the sheets off and just admired my mom’s sexy body while I lay there stroking my hard cock a few times. I couldn’t resist the urges inside me and got on my hands and knees between her legs and slipped my hard cock back inside her wet cunt and began to fuck my mom again. After only a couple times of sliding my cock into her pussy, she opened her eyes, smiled and said, “Oh yes baby, and I like it that you are fucking me when you have the urge. You can wake me up any time you feel to urge to fuck me. I’m here to serve you, just fuck me baby, just fuck me; fuck your mom good and hard.” She began meeting my down thrusts with her rising hips driving my cock very deep inside her pussy. It wasn’t long before we each reached organism and immediately collapsed with me on top of her. We rolled on to our sides again trying to keep my cock inside her which we did. I remember waking a couple more times seeing her naked body which gave me another hard on and then I would fuck her again. Each time she would tell me how much she enjoyed having me fuck her.

The next thing I was aware of was an empty bed in the morning. I was alone in bed when I woke, no sign of my mom, only the remnants of the evening activities like a couple of big wet spots on the sheets where my cum and hers must have leaked out of my mom’s cunt. I got up went to the bathroom, freshened up and put on my shorts before going to the kitchen.

I found my mom in the kitchen humming to herself wearing a real short nightie. Not only does she have a nice set of boobs, but her legs are great too. I stood in the doorway looking at her for but a few seconds before she spotted me.

“Oh, Hi hun. Have you been awake long?”

“No, just did get up and stopped here just to admire you.”

“Oh sweetie, you say the nicest things. What is it that you admire?”

“For one, it’s your legs, they are very sexy. Two, your nice tits, they are so big and delicious looking and fun to play with. Three, I know you have a hot pussy under your negligee that I love to fuck, and fourth you have a great ass.”

“Is that anyway to speak to your mom; talking about her tits, pussy and ass? What would the neighbors think if they heard you saying all that?”

“Well I know that if they could see your tits, pussy and ass they would say the same thing. You’re hot mom!” I then walked up to my mom hoping that what she said last night about her body being my toy was true. I reached down to the hem of her negligee, lifted it up and slid my hand onto her bare ass cheeks, then around to the front of her belly and down between her bare thighs. She looked straight into my eyes and smiled as she slowly spread her legs allowing me to easily slip my hand between her legs. She then placed her hand on top of mine and pushed my fingers into her slit.

“So, you are okay with us being sexually involved and having me as your sex toy?” I just smiled as her as I pushed my middle finger deep into her cunt. “Ohhhhh and I love what you are doing to my pussy right now.”

“Yes, I’m okay with us fucking. And I love having you as my sex toy, knowing that I can play with you like this.”

“Well after last night, I know that you really like to fuck me; I have never been fucked so many times by one guy in one night, even when your father and I first met. My god son, you are phenomenal. I think you fucked me four times during the night. That means you pumped bahis şirketleri five loads of cum into my hot box over a six hour period. I just can’t believe it. I didn’t think a man could generate that much cum in such a short time, what a lucky lady I am. I’ve got a son with a beautiful big cock, learning to have great sexual techniques and phenomenal stemma and that he likes to fuck his more than willing mother. Fuck me, I must have died and I’m now in heaven. After we first fucked last night, I had visions that you would get up this morning regretting what we had done. You have such a wonderful cock and like I told you last night, I want to have it inside me as much as possible and last night you proved it. You had your cock inside me most the night. Last night was my best night ever, this is so exciting, to once again have a cock in the house that I can fuck regularly and frequently and can also have your hands and tongue on me and in me.”

“Would you like to fuck right now?”

“I thought you would never ask. Let’s get naked right here in the kitchen and fuck all morning.” She lifted her negligee over her head as I dropped my shorts sporting a nice hard on which she took a hold of and started to stroke me off. I messaged her tits while she jacked me. We kissed, it was a tongue in mouth kind of kiss, and it was hot.

She then pushed me over to a kitchen chair and had me sit down, she got down between my legs and started to suck me off. Oh christ that felt sooo good. She then said between sucks, “Do you like how I suck your cock?”

“Oh shit yes mom, I love how you suck my cock.”

Her mouth felt so warm and soft, I loved the sensation I was getting from feeling her tongue run around the head of my dick. She looked up at me and suddenly pushed her mouth totally down my shaft, I felt my dick go into her throat, and she gagged but continued pushing her face into my crotch until she had my entire cock in her mouth. She released my cock to get air and while gasping to catch her breath, she said, “Like that?”

“Shit mom that was fantastic.”

“That’s called deep throating. I didn’t think I could get your entire cock down my throat, but I did it. I loved it! It made my pussy tingle.”

“Good, lets made your pussy tingle some more.”

She looked back at my cock while she opened her mouth and again began sucking me off while I just sat back and enjoyed the fantastic blowjob. She would move her mouth up and down many times sucking on my hard shaft and then every once in awhile, plunge her mouth down taking in my entire cock. After about the fifth time, she was able to deep throat me without gagging and held my cock captive for like 5 or 10 seconds. It was awesome. She released my dick saying, “Do you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy?”

“I want to feel my cock deep inside your cunt again mom.”

“Oh good, I want that too but would take your cum anyway you want to give it to me.” She then stood up and straddled my lap as I sat on the chair. She reached between her legs guiding my cock into her cunt. Her tits were in my face so I opened my mouth to take in one of her nipples. I began sucking her tit while she rocked up and down on my hard shaft that was totally penetrating her wet cunt. She closed her eyes as she fucked me on the kitchen chair. It did not take me long to unload my cum deep inside her juicy cunt. She just moaned and groaned as she felt her pussy getting juiced up even more; her orgasm was mild but she said very satisfying.

When we both started to relax, she began to wiggle her ass back and forth saying, “You just don’t know how great your cock feels way up inside my pussy. Oh how I love it and love you. I could stay here on your lap like this all day long. Uhhhh, what a wonderful way to start a day. Oh honey, you can fuck me like this every morning.”

“I love it too mom and will fuck you anyway you want to be fucked. I love the feeling of having my cock buried in your hot cunt.” She then leaned down enough to kiss me, it was a very wet juicy kiss and as she kissed me, she raised her cunt up and down my now semi-hard cock.

What wonderful sensations she was giving me, I loved it. She then raised her cunt up enough to free it from my cock simultaneously releasing my mouth to say, “I want to clean you up sweetheart.” She then quickly got down on her knees in front of me taking my wet cum coated cock in her mouth. She began sucking and licking me clean, using her tongue to lick all over my shaft and also taking my balls into her mouth a couple times.

When my cock started to respond to her action from her mouth and tongue, she stood up looking down at me with a big smile on her face. My eyes traveled down her body, first admiring her big tits, I leaned forward giving each one a nice long lick, I then glanced at her pussy that was almost at eye level. I could see how wet it was and could see a bit of cum oozing out of her slit. As I was staring at her cunt, she slid both hands down to her thighs, then with her index fingers reached over and parted her pussy lips. More cum began to ooze out of her cunt and she said, “Like my cream pie? Would you like to return the favor?”

I looked up at her apparently with a puzzled look on my face. She said, “You know, clean me up! Lick my pussy, eat my cunt, suck on my cunt lips, tongue fuck me, lick my crack.” and as she said that, she twitched her hips back and forth a bit while holding her cunt lips open. I can’t believe how hot my mom is and how slutty she’s acting. I got the hint and pushed her back a ways then leaned my head forward. She pushed her cunt into my face forcing me to take her pussy lips into my mouth. She tasted so good, I had no idea that pussy eating would be something I’d enjoy and that cunt juice would taste this good, a bit pungent, but good. She placed her hand on the back of my head forcing my face a little deeper into her crotch as I tongued and sucked on her cunt. She moaned and groaned while I ate her snatch. This action was giving me another hard on while also getting her really turned on. She said, “Oh honey, I love this so much, you eat me so well, your mouth and tongue feels so good on my pussy. Yes, yes, use your tongue on my clit baby, ohhhh you are going to make me cum again. I want it so bad, yessss, oh yesssss, ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh. Honey I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I suddenly began to taste another flavor; it was mostly her cum rather than a mixture of hers and mine. I liked it even better and forced my tongue as deep as I could get it into her wet dripping cunt. Her legs were jerking back and forth as she climaxed again, god she tasted so good.

She suddenly said, “Honey, I got to sit down, my legs are like butter.” She immediately backed away sitting down on a chair across from me. She just flopped down looking totally exhausted, her legs were spread wide revealing her cum drenched pussy and thighs that were all shiny from me eating her. I love seeing her being this way, I love having a slutty mother.

She was smiling as she noticed my very large hard on saying, “Oh baby, we need to take care of your big boner, and I am exhausted but will let you fuck me again if you need to. Let’s go into the den so you can fuck me on the couch, just help me up, my legs are so weak.” I got up taking my mother’s hand while also fondling her bare ass as we walked into the den; she had a hold of my cock the whole time. She immediately laid down on the couch spreading her legs wide and holding up her arms inviting me to mount her again.

“Get on top of me baby and sink that beautiful wonderful cock deep into your mother’s hot cunt one more time, I want to be fucked by you again and again. I want to feel your cock sliding deep inside me again; I want to feel the head of your cock in my womb where you came from. I want to be fucked by you over and over again. I want you to know that my pussy is yours for the asking. Just tell me anytime that you want to fuck me and I’m yours.” I did not hesitate climbing on top of my mother shoving my cock directly into her waiting fuck hole especially having heard for the second time that her body was mine to do with as I pleased. I immediately started ramming my cock deep inside her like a wild a****l. She obviously liked it and began yelling, “Yes, oh yes, ram your cock in me, harder, deeper, give me every inch of your cock baby. Fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhh yes fuck me and fuck me some more, deeper and harder, I want your cum, I want every drop of your fuck juice in me baby, I want you baby.” I was like in a trance, ramming my cock into my mother as hard as I could, I didn’t stop until I felt my cock begin to soften after I shot another wad deep in my mother’s wanton cunt. I then collapsed on top of her as she pulled me tight against her tits.

She then said, “Oh baby, that was great. I love how you fuck me. You are fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Your father wasn’t as good as you are. I want you to fuck me like that whenever you want. You were so deep in me, god it was indescribable, and you make my body absolutely tingle all over. I love it and hope you do too.’

“Oh mom, I never knew sex could be so good. This is so wonderful, I love it.” She continued to hold me tight against her tits while my cock was still buried in her cunt. After a short time, we both recovered and headed for the shower. She invited me to shower with her; it was fantastic. I soaped up her body and washed every inch of her, especially her tits and between her legs. It was so exciting to have my mother so willing and actually inviting me to fondle her, to let me squeeze and fondle her tits and pinch her nipples and to let me slide my hand between her legs letting my slip a couple fingers inside her cunt. I soaped up her tits with a massive amount of soap, making them very slick and fun to play with. I squeezed them, fondled them, slapped them and bit them. After I had soaped up her tits for the second time, she had me bend way over and she rubbed one of her tits into my ass crack. I could not believe what she was doing to me. It felt like she was trying to get her nipple into my ass. I followed her actions by coating my now hard cock with soap and used it as a scrub brush to clean her crack.

She loved it and actually had me running my cock up and down her crack many times as she was bent over with her hands on each cheek spreading her buns giving me easy access to her crack. I pressed my cock along her crack causing my cock to slip into her pussy a couple times, delighting both of us. Then I stopped one time with the head of my dick right up against her anus, her sweet little tight asshole. She moaned really load saying, “Oh baby, I love that, I love feeling your cock against my asshole. Keep it there, don’t move.” I didn’t and as I continued pressing against her ass with it being all soaped up, the head of my cock gradually began to slip into her asshole. She let out a low guttural sound as she felt the head of my cock penetrate her butt. I just froze and did not move not knowing whether she really liked it or not.

“Oh baby, baby, I was so hoping that you would not shy away from penetrating my nasty back fuck hole. It’s my third hole that you can fuck me in anytime you want. I love being fucked in the ass, I love the feeling of having my asshole stretched like it is, you are so big and your cock is soooo tight in my ass; it feels like I have a log shoved up my butt. I love it! Will you please continue what you’ve started and slide the rest of your cock deep up inside your mother’s asshole and fuck my ass good?” I didn’t say anything and just continued ramming my cock into her asshole. “Oh thank you, thank you. Oh fuck this feels is so good! I love you, I love you!”

I hadn’t planned on fucking my mother’s asshole but as it turned out, I loved it too. Her ass was so tight, it was really giving me some great sensations and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Sure enough, within minutes I was spewing yet another load of cum inside my mother’s body, only this time I was shooting my load deep in her ass. She had another orgasm and was pushing her ass back against me, this really excited me.

I started to remove my cock from my mother’s ass when she said, “No baby don’t, please don’t. I want you to keep your cock in my ass a little longer, I love how it feels inside my ass.” I just stood there for a second or two before I reached around her and grabbed her big tits and squeezed them. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and just moaned as I continued to fondle her tits, pinching her nipples while I kept my cock in her ass. I then slid one hand down her belly until I reached her cunt and preceded to finger fuck her. She simultaneously started to rock her ass back and forth working my cock even deeper into her asshole.

“Oh baby I don’t want to quit fucking you. I love this feeling of having your cock shoved up my ass while you finger fuck my cunt and squeeze my tits. The fact that you are still hard makes me even hornier. Think you can work up another organism?”


After I stopped moving my cock in and out of her ass, she began to slide her ass back and forth on my hard shaft, getting it deeper and deeper inside her each time. I felt my cock getting harder and harder and finally that old familiar feeling in my balls started up. “Mom, its working, I can feel another load starting to build.”

“Oh great baby, I want another load of your sweet cum pumped up my ass, I love feeling you cum in me. I have been fucked literally thousands of times, but being fucked by you is just the greatest. OMG I can’t believe how great this feels. OH FUCK, YES FUCK ME IN THE ASS!” she screamed. I wasn’t long before I erupted again spewing more cum into her ass. Once I finished she reached around holding me tight against her, not wanting me to remove my cock from her ass right away.

When we finished our ass fucking session and showered, we dried off and went into her bedroom both still naked. I had her bend over facing away from me before she got up on the bed; I wanted to see what her asshole looked like after I had fucked it twice. No real difference, just some reddening around her nice little puckered asshole. While bent over, she looked back at me saying, “Like looking at your mother’s asshole and pussy like this?” I just smiled and nodded yes as she used both hands to massage her butt cheeks a few times and then spread her cheeks kind of wide making her asshole very prominent. She had a smirk on her face as she said, “Would you like to lick my ass? Want to kiss my ass? It’s nice and clean.”

I kind of froze, my mom was doing and saying things that were knocking my socks off. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but decided after hesitating awhile to give it a go. So I leaned down and first licked her ass, running my tongue along the length of her crack. I then pucker up and planted a big sloppy kiss right on her asshole and pushed my tongue against her butt hole. She said, “Oh yes baby, I love it. Yes, yes, kiss my ass, lick me, and make me tingle.”

I knew I wanted to get a picture of her bent over spreading her buns showing me her asshole and pussy, something I could look at while I masturbated when she wasn’t around. She started to let go of her butt cheeks but I said, “Stop, can I have a picture of you bent over like this with you spreading your buns like that?”

She paused before saying, “Okay, just hurry and get your phone.” I dashed into my room, grabbed my phone and was back in her room in a flash. By the time I turned on my phone and began to focus it on her butt, she had bent over again with both hands on her ass cheeks spreading her buns really wide. Right before my eyes was my mother’s exposed asshole and pussy. She said, “Take as many as you want sweetie, but you can’t show them to anybody.”

“I know mom, I won’t, I promise.” I took about a dozen shots of her ass and pussy, about half were real close ups showing great details of her cunt lips and puckered asshole. While I was taking pictures, she moved her hand down between her legs and first fingered her pussy and then stuck a finger in her own ass. I took more pictures and her playing with herself and when I was done, my cock was hard as a rock dangling between my legs.
My mom seeing my hard on said, “I can see that looking and taking pictures of your mother’s asshole really excites you.”

“Yea mom, you are hot, real hot especially when you finger yourself.”

“Uhhh I like hearing that. I’ll give you another chance if you want to lick and kiss me.” This time I did not hesitate, I set my phone down and got on my knees behind my mother and first licked her entire crack from her pussy to her asshole. I then buried my face in her butt and kissed her ass using my tongue to probe her asshole.

“Oh baby, I knew you would kiss me like that. You seemed to be so in tune with me, it is hard to believe that in such a short time we are having such great and kinky sex. Ohhh your tongue in my asshole feels so good. Oh yea, yea, stick it in me, stick your tongue in me really deep baby Ohhhhh, fuck that’s so good, yes, yes baby, oh you can kiss my ass anytime and often.”

My tongue was getting tired and so I sat up and released my hold on my mother’s butt. She stood up and pushed me back on the bed and gave me a real sloppy kiss getting her tongue deep in my mouth. When we finished kissing, she laid her head on my chest and rested.

I then remembered her toys in the night stand and so asked her if she would show me her toys again. She crawled over to the night stand and pulled out a number of items. I recognized the three dildos as she laid them out on her bed. The little plug like thing fascinated me and asked her what that was. She said, “Honey this is a butt plug. It is used to open up ones asshole so it is easier to be fucked in the ass. So when you know that you want my ass again, which I hope you do frequently, I will stick it in my asshole so that when you are ready to shove your cock in my butt, my asshole will already be dilated a bit and your cock will penetrate my ass quicker and it won’t hurt as much in the beginning. So if you have a hankering to fuck my ass again, give me a little warning and I’ll slip this plug in me so to be ready for you. Of course, you can come and get it and insert it my ass yourself. It goes in like this.” While on her hands and knees, she spun around and with one hand inserted the butt plug in her asshole. She got off the bed and stood up saying, “See you wouldn’t even know that I have a butt plug stuck in my ass. Do ya?”

“Shit mom, your right. How does it feel?”

“I love having it in my ass. I went to sleep some nights with a dildo in my pussy and this plug in my ass. It feels good and if you want, I’ll keep the plug in my asshole a lot of the time just in case you want to fuck my ass.

“Okay, why don’t you leave it in your ass for awhile, I would love to fuck your ass later again today.”

“Oh honey, that sounds wonderful. I know we are going to have wonderful sex life and you will come out of your shell. Once any girl or woman sees your cock, they will want you to fuck them; you may become the most popular boy in school.” The thought of that made me shiver, especially if I could get into Gloria’s pants and be able to fuck her and to feel her wonderful big tits.

I was about to get up when my mother asked me, “Sweetie, what do you find is the most exciting thing about having sex with me?”

I thought for a minute and said, “First of all, everything we have done has been exciting. But you know that the most exciting thing is when you undress right in front of me. For instance during those few days when you were pretending to get your pussy stretched to take my entire cock, that one day where I was waiting in your bedroom lying on your bed and you come in the room and started to undress. I got real excited watching you remove your clothes right before my eyes. When you reached up to unclasp your bra and pull your hands away deliberately exposing your fantastic tits to me, knowing that you wanted me to see your tits, it was just awesome. Your tits are so big and beautiful and to have you deliberately show them to me, I don’t know why, but that is so exciting to me. To see and know that you want me to see your tits is magical. And then when you continued to stand there right in front of me while looking me straight in the eye and slip your thumbs into the waist band of your panties and slid them over your hips exposing your pussy to me, oh my god I got extremely hard when your pussy came into view. Your body is so hot and I so love to look at it, and for you to openly expose yourself to me, wanting me to see your tits, pussy and ass, I just about shot my load right there and then a couple of times.”

“Oh Peter, I didn’t realize that just undressing in front of you was so exciting, I’ll have to do it more often. I really enjoyed undressing while you were watching me, the expression on your face was magical when I exposed my tits to you. And when I slid my panties down exposing my pussy to you, I got excited watching you.”

“Oh yea mom, I love it, I love to look at your naked body knowing that I get to touch and fondle it. Oh fuck mom, you are soooooo fucking hot!”

“Peter your mouth is getting as bad as mine.”

‘I know mom, I love hearing you talk dirty, telling me to fuck you, to eat your cunt, to stick my cock in your fuck hole, and to fuck your ass, stuff like that. I like talking that way too.” Mom just smiled as we hugged each other before we both jumped back in the shower to rinse off the sweat and to clean our privates again.

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