A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 18

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Literotica.com issued a challenge to its volunteer writer’s to create stories for as many categories as possible. The following chapter is part of a novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a number of people. For your entertainment, and mine, I’ll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories. I don’t believe anything like this has been tried here before.

New chapter(s) will be submitted almost daily. By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you’ll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

I can promise those readers who are familiar with my work that you’ll find a ton of very erotic reading that will appeal a wide variety of tastes, even though I intentionally attempted to have at least one turn on for anyone visiting Literotica. This saga features mostly caring, even romantic sex, but it’ll occasionally flirt mildly with a “fetish” so a given chapter will genuinely qualify for that category. Many of these chapters could go into many different categories.

For example, in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex because a number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d expect a totally hetero reader to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by 2 inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister’s. So, don’t judge my book by its multitude of covers. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is now instantly deleted without being read, so why waste your time and mine – life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

Chapter 18 – Sisters Orchestrate A Secret Fantasy

Beth and Lynn were lying down on Jim’s bed. Lynn pointed to me, then patted the bed beside her. Beth did the same with Jim. Lynn opened her arms. Happily I slid into them. We began necking lightly. It felt impossibly satisfying to be held by Lynn; half on top of her, me naked with Lynn fully clothed.

[God, I like this girl!] Yeah, me to brain.

I’d guess 15 minutes passed while we held each other, continuing our lazy necking session. Lynn gave me a special peck, ran her fingertips around my face a few times, then got off the bed. Beth was already standing. They motioned for us to remain on the bed.

After a short silence, the girls exchanged a glance. Beth asked neither of us in particular, “What did you see when you spied on a week ago?”

Dead silence.

After some prodding and guidance from Beth, Jim and I retold every detail of what we’d witnessed. Jim recounted Beth bending over. I contributed about watching her pee, admitted to being excited by hearing the tinkling sounds as she passed her water.

Between Jim and I contributing details, we retold seeing them wash, fondle each other’s breasts and, and…

We illegal bahis both felt tongue-tied, had trouble talking about seeing them engage in oral sex; but Beth persisted in having us retell every detail we’d observed.

Eventually we described watching their 69, and having orgasms on the rug, then finally Beth masturbating. The recollection effected both Jim and I, we were somewhat erect by the time we finished.

The girls appeared steely calm to me; I deflated as I noted the reflective expression on Lynn’s face.

There was at least a full minute of complete silence before Lynn finally spoke.

“It’s time for your final penance. In a moment we’ll leave you completely alone for 5 minutes to decide what you’re going to do. We won’t threaten you. You’re stronger than we are, we can’t physically force you to do anything.”

“The way we see it,” Lynn continued, “You watched us shower and soap each other up, so we watched you shower and wash each other up. You watched Beth masturbate and we watched you. You watched us feel each other up, we watched you jerk each other off. Did everything you saw us do excite you? Did we fulfill some of your fantasies?”

“A lot of mine.” blurted out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Jim gave me a lethal look!

In spite of not wanting to, Lynn and Beth began laughing. Lynn shot me a mock dirty look. “One party heard from. Jimmy?”

“Yeah, it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.” he begrudgingly admitted.

“OK. Sounds to me like you’ve both been completely honest with us. Thank you. Guys, you watched us… 69 for the first time, neither of us had ever eaten a girl’s pussy. You saw us come in each other’s mouth. It excited us, it excited you. But that was a really huge secret that you two should never have known. It’s something you could hold over us, or feel superior about.”

“We want to see two guys, you two, do a 69. We want you to come in each other’s mouth. That has been a huge naughty fantasy of ours, it would turn us on big time. If you do this last request, you’ll be completely square with us. We’ll all four have done the same things, and share the same secrets. We’ll all be able look back on this with nothing to hide. It should bring us together, not drive us apart. We’ll see you in five minutes.” The girls turned, then left, closing the door behind them.

When you’re not really gay, what do you say to the other naked guy sitting on a bed with you? Especially when it’s just been suggested you suck each other off in front of an audience? Stunned, I sat for a full minute digesting Lynn’s soliloquy. In fact, I ran through it my head a few times. Damn if she wasn’t right. You’re not going to get angry or hurt and call someone a muff-diver when you know they can call you a cocksucker.

Lynn was also absolutely dead on about our spying on them. If I’d never peeked, if I hadn’t seen them making love to each other, I’d have always treated them no differently then, now, or in the future. I HAD felt superior, yet Jimmy and I had experimented and done the same kind shit for the same kind of reasons when we were younger.

It was very weird envisioning what it would be like to have Jim shoot sperm into my mouth. I almost felt guilty that I knew it felt kind of pleasant to have his penis in my mouth.

[Yeah, but you DID love getting your cock sucked!] Shut up brain.

Even though sucking each other off might not be quite as traumatic an experience for us as the girls would’ve expected, it still wasn’t an easy thing to do on command. We hadn’t done anything but jack off together for some time now. Plus, we’d never dreamed of cumming in our buddy’s mouth.

I broke the silence. “Jim, it hot coals time. Just so you know, I think everything Lynn just said it on the money. It’s fair. I also suspect if we don’t, they’ll never say a word, but NEVER fool around with either illegal bahis siteleri of us again.”

“That’s pretty much how I see I’m afraid.” Jim agreed.

“You OK with this, really?” I asked.

“Yeah, what the hell. We sucked each other almost that far a couple times when we were terminally horny. So we go a little further, one last time.

“Yeah, a LAST time, forever, never again, kaput…”

Cutting me off, Jim said, “I got it. No argument here! Guess we learn a little something about what we’ll ask some girl to do for us down the road. Plus we’ll be giving my sisters their turn on. Man, I rather die than think I’d never get to see Beth’s or Lynn’s tits again sometime.”

So it came to pass, a couple minutes later, that two sisters walked into a room where two naked young men stood at attention. “Your slaves await your orders ladies.”

I never saw Beth; my eyes were riveted to Lynn’s face, which lit up, she flew the few steps between us into my, by then, open arms. I got as great a kiss as any man could ever hope to get. We squeezed the air out of each other. Just before she let go Lynn whispered for me alone. “You just made the best decision of your life, you little shit.” She playfully nipped my ear, then stepped away.

Beth had been hugging Jimmy; she let him go, moving to stand beside Lynn. We were ordered to the foot of the bed. The girls fluffed up the pillows, then positioned themselves into a half-sitting, half laying down position. Beth spoke; her voice was light and playful now. “OK guys, we want you to touch each other until you both have boners. We want boners!”

Tentatively to be sure, we reached for each other’s cock. It looked awkward I’m sure. Hell, it was awkward. Both our dongs were just dangling.

In a very sultry voice Lynn demurred “Beth, maybe those poor, limp penises need a little help.” She looked straight into Jim’s eyes, then mine. Rolling slightly towards Beth, Lynn slid her right hand onto Beth’s right breast. The girls were still dressed in their white blouses and denim skirts. Lynn began sensuously fondling Beth right through her blouse. Seconds later I saw Beth move her mouth to Lynn’s. Both mouths opened wide, their tongues could easily be seen cavorting with each other. Getting an erection was becoming much easier.

Beth dropped a hand onto Lynn’s breast. I studied the way they kneaded each other’s encased flesh. Soon fingers found and undid a couple buttons. I was treated to the sight of hands rummaging around inside each blouse. Each sister eventually pulled a cup below a breast until I could see a pink nipple moving inside a white cotton blouse as sister fondled sister.

Lynn pushed Beth onto her back. Her head lowered near the uncupped breast. There was a flash of bare breast as Lynn held the fabric back, then dropped her mouth, engulfing the long nipple. As she nursed on Beth, she released the flap, then slowly slid her hand downward across Beth’s belly and pubic mound, before veering off down her leg.

Lynn pulled the hem of Beth’s skirt back, revealing her tanned thighs and white panties. Her hand slid up Beth’s thigh until it was fully covering her pussy. Lynn began a deep massage of her sister’s covered pleasure center. The puffy lips within the panties spread out, moving under the fabric. Moisture became evident.

Soon Beth was moaning steadily. She pushed Lynn back onto her side. Beth removed her hand from inside Lynn’s blouse so she, in turn, could pull up Lynn’s dress. Within moments their hands were moving in sync over each other’s panty clad pussy.

At that point Jim and I were hard as steel in each other’s hands. We stared, dumbstruck, at the action between the four thighs. Bang-bang, hands slipped inside of panties. In unison, Jim and I groaned aloud.

They hadn’t intended to get so involved with each other. Realizing they might get us canlı bahis siteleri off too soon, Lynn struggled to say “Let’s see it NOW guys, it’s 69 time.” She gestured, indicting we should lie across the end of the bed.

The girls managed to sit up and retract their legs without letting go of each other’s furry prize. I kept my eyes on the hands working rhythmically inside those panties until the last moment, then I dropped my head down facing Jim’s pulsing penis.

Being so incredibly horny, so desperately eager to come, now I didn’t hesitant a moment longer. I grabbed his penis and pushed ahead until it reached the back of my throat. My hips took off, my head bobbed in sympathetic rhythm. Jim and I were flat out fucking each other’s face for relief. We’d just watched the best live sex show ever, we had to screw something or die. Any mouth I suspect feels good around your prick, the hard part is not having your mind gross you out about whose mouth it is. At that moment in time I’d been able to let go and not care.

I started off humping Jim’s face fairly fast; soon I was going faster still. The girls had jilled themselves pretty close to the edge before we began our show. Over the next minute, a lot of things happened. Some serially, some concurrently.

Jim and I were quickly approaching orgasm. We felt it building. Part of our brains were saying not to come in our partner’s mouth, trying to hold back the release. Yet the more we held back, the more intense the tingling momentum mounted. Our growing excitement inspired our hips to drive our penises faster, still harder into the engulfing hot, wet orifice that had accepted it.

What the sisters saw were two muscular males with a hard cock sliding in and out of each other’s mouth at an increasingly frantic pace. They saw two slippery, wet, shiny cocks on the verge of ejaculation. They saw tight young butts clenching and releasing. Their primal brains recognized what could be going on between their legs. Then they each felt another person’s middle finger penetrate far into their vagina, they felt the embedded penile substitute rapidly vibrate inside their bodies.

It was more stimulation than any of them could handle. All four bodies came within seconds of each other. Jim and I were suddenly feeling sperm pump into our bodies at the instant it was pumping sperm out. We were far too energized to notice taste. Warm, thick sex related fluids were flowing, we were merely sucking and humping as fast as we could. Relief and pleasure accompanied our release.

Beth and Lynn fell side by side. They were blindsided by orgasms of the highest intensity. They couldn’t kiss; lungs were demanding more air than they could obtain. They panted, mouths open, hugging each other, breasts mashing breasts. The finger each sister had in the other swirled as it pushed to its limit. Their hips drove into the invading digit, seeking an impossible depth of penetration. Vaginal muscles contracted as pleasure flooded their wondrous young bodies. Several times Beth moaned, “Good boys. Very good boys.”

Five minutes later the girls were still gently massaging each other, but well below their hypersensitive clits. Once they’d caught their breath, they’d begun tenderly kissing each other while they floated back to earth.

Jim and I had each taken a quickie shower and gargle to freshen up.

We sat on the bed silently watching the girls. They looked amazingly sexy, even fully dressed in rumpled clothes. Minutes passed. Beth stretched like a cat. She rolled off the bed, strolling the couple steps to where Jim sat. Pulling his legs apart she glanced at his resting penis, smiled, then moved in close to hug and kiss him. Beth smiled as she pulled away heading towards the door while saying. “I’ll be right back.”

I felt Lynn’s hand slip onto mine. As I looked her way, she pulled me down into her arms. I was treated to a series of soft kisses. Following a big squeeze, she excused herself a to freshen up but assured us they’d be right back.

* * * * *

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