383 woodland incest [h]

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383 woodland incest [h]
Part h woodland i****t
A week or two of intensive work for Walley as he settled in as head keeper, naturally his duties and responsibilities had increased, but so had his wage, sex though still in the minds of our couple, eased to the nightly ritual and the odd tryst of an evening, anal, a table ending, and for Alice , with his complete blessing, a few most enjoyable times with old Sam while her brother was out and about his duties!
Walley was sent off on an away course, to an estate near chesterfield, to see how to deal with roe-deer, a small herd of these timid but pretty creatures the earl had decided to allow the freedom of his parkland. Alice had a lonely few days, her first on her own since she had arrived here after the death of her parents. It took a little getting used to, Sam sleeping at her bedside and sometimes sharing the bed and body, helped a lot.
Wally however was accommodated grandly by the gamekeeper who was teaching him, and his wife, Julie a pretty woman who pleased the eye, but wasn’t his beloved Alice, and whose presence only made Walley more frustrated and homesick. The course over, and a friendship made, he set off homeward, till on a whim while passing through one of the larger towns on route, he stopped at a jewellers, where he selected a set of identical earrings, and matching nipple enhancers, real and expensive gold embellishments, with tiny love- birds on them, expensive maybe, but lovely and for the purpose he had in mind, essential. He bought some perfume too, in another of the shops and this on his return, late that evening, he presented Alice with, keeping the jewellery hidden away for another day.
Sex that night, as you would expect was loving and very intense, a welcome home that exceeded his wildest dreams, Sam back in his kennel displaced and disgruntled at Alice who he now regarded as ‘his bitch,’ ignoring him!
Life returned to its previous levels, the new herd arrive a week or so later and were soon a big hit with visitors to the mansion, now open to the public, grazing nearby as if they had been part of the scene forever!
One however gave cause for concern soon developing a pronounced limp, so with some help it was caught one evening and secured in a loose box, the vet appearing next day and doing whatever vets do to drain a big under foreleg abscess, he left behind on a window ledge, a full pack of needles, thick and long, in a sterile pack, absent mindedly, overlooked illegal bahis siteleri in his haste to get to his next income… whoops sorry, his next patient!
Walley collected these, saying nothing, and saving them for the next big event, next month was Alice`s birthday. The a****l was soon recovered and back with the herd, after the ministrations of the elderly vet, who didn’t seem to notice the loss of the needles at all.
Alice`s birthday was on a Saturday that year, luckily it was Walley`s weekend off, so it fitted in well. He bade her stay in bed and made breakfast for her as his treat. After the meal, shared side by side in their bed, he casually asked if she was serious about wearing a token of their “marriage,” she said “for him she would love to be his wife and wear a token if that was what he wished. He presented her with a small parcel, which she opened with eager fingers, it of course was the earrings.
Tears of joy fell, and kisses rained on him in abundance then she went all serious, and fitted the first pair in her pierced ears, sitting up and checking the effect in the dresser mirror, she then fingered the other half of the set and asked where she should wear them, his answer was that they were nipple pins, and that he intended to pierce her nipples for her and then they would be “wed” forever.
She kissed him then practical as always, asked “whatever would he do, as he loving suckling her and with the both her nipples pierced and with the petty love birds in place in it may be awkward…” it was an aspect he had not considered and he got out of bed and went to ponder the dilemma and make some tea. He returned grinning, “look,” he exclaimed, “I hadn`t thought this out practically, had I, But, I have come up with a compromise, you will wear just one and like exchanged rings in church I will wear the other, will that satisfy you?” her kisses said it all, then she asked which nipple he preferred her to wear his mark? …. Another dilemma. He lay in his place in bed, then tried to suckle on each breast in turn, deciding on the left, the nearest too him being the most practical to suck on and the right being the piercing candidate. They laughed then she said with some seriousness, “will you really let clumsy me, pierce you, you have never been good with pain?”
His answer was that she had born all the pain he had inflicted on her so bravely, that this once, he felt he owed her that much, but she may need perabet giriş to secure him as he had her, as he was determined, but apprehensive!
she said, “we must do it now then, now this morning and soon please …!”
They showered together and were soon in the kitchen naked and eager, but who was to go first, they flipped a coin, called and eager eyes scanned the spinning coin, Wally lost! Reluctantly and with a thumping heart he lay in what she regarded as her place on the quickly emptied table, passively awaiting the tying of his ankles and wrists.
Secured his eyes wide he told her of the needles, in his left pocket of the old coat behind the door. She fetched them and soon stood her right hand poised above him, the needle glinting in the sun light shafting through the kitchen window. He knew he needed to be brave, but his eyes were fixed on that needle and his heart was banging away like a steam pump.
With her left hand she reached out and fondled his tool, it was unexpected, but a distraction, she could do as she would, he was powerless to stop her bound as he was, suddenly he understood this need of his sister, his lover, his subject. This feeling of subjection, this massive adrenaline kick, this high, it was clear, as crystal, she was going to hurt him and…strangely… he wanted to be hurt, if she wanted to hurt him, so be it… he bit his lip, his tool stiff as a ramrod now, and she knew, she could see it in his eyes, feel it in his stiffness, sense it in his whole demeanour, they were one, a like mind.
She leant forward feeling for the perfect spot near his nipple, the tip of the needle pricking at the s dark skin around that flat little nub, her left hand now up and pinching the stiffening nib, pulling it from his chest like a tiny mountain of stretched skin.
His eyes fixed on that needle point and her hand, knowing it would be thrust through his tender skin without mercy, her eyes fixed as his on her target, when without more ado, the steel rod was projected into the skin with a single unrelenting thrust to appear through the skin on the far side, first as a ting lump and then that awful sharp point breaking through and glittering wickedly.
Adrenaline coursed through his body, and he grunted as the nipple was released and the hand returned to his now rampant tool. She squeezed him tightly and relentlessly, it was different now, not his sisters gentle ministrations, but his mistresses grip holding that perabet güvenilir mi erect and hot member, daring him to cum, and to force his seed up that restricted shaft …. It was awesome, seed spewed forth, spraying powerfully in a gout onto her wrist, and her forearm pump, pump, pump. As his efforts to achieve that ultimate high were rewarded with such an orgasm as he could ever remember.
The hand receded, he was aware of her smiling and licking his jizz from her hand and forearm, as he slumped back on the hard table-top, aware that a new chapter of his life was beginning, and that he loved every moment of it.
She threaded the shaft of his new jewellery into the pierced skin as she withdrew the needle, it felt strange but more uncomfortable than painful. She fumbled as she clipped the unfamiliar bird onto the protruding shaft and it was done, a small love-bird now lay either-side of his nipple, each with a beak pointing forward, neat and tidy, a symbol of his love, and their commitment.
She soon released him, he stood as she sprayed his chest with on antiseptic spray from the cupboard, no sense in risking infection.
It was her turn, she lay quickly on her back on the now warm table, and as he went to secure her she said, “no, this time and this time only I want to bear his pain unfettered, as a symbol of my love and my commitment to you my partner in life forever.
She lay back as he snapped a fresh needle from its packaging, her fingers gripping the table edge, as first he sprayed the nipple in question then he lifted the weight of the breast by pinching the nipple and then without hesitation thrust the pointed shaft into and through the soft nub at its base. She bore the pain and its messages to her brain with but a whimper, he dragged the needle from the nipple forcing the shaft of the jewellery into its place as he did so, clumsy fingers fitted the tiny bird, with a click of finality and the act was over, it just remained to kiss her and to consummate the marriage, there and then on the table-top, he mounting her without preamble or any other foreplay, and by mutual consent taking her brutally and passionately, in a way that said she was his and he hers, forever.
The climax was spectacular, massive and perfectly timed to coincide, they lay conjoined for a long, long time. neither wishing the moment to end.
Like all stories this then was the happy ending, together they lived in the cottage enjoying one another, sex playing a huge part of their lives, sharing life and its laughter and sorrows, it`s ups and it`s downs just as we all do.
Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed reading this love story and will spend a moment commenting on it and wishing them well in their old age.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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