You’re on Mrs.Claus’s Naughty List

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Summary: You are on Mrs.Claus’s naughty list and she is here to deliver your punishments. She also has a naughty proposition for you.


“Fuck,” Sarah sighed as the doorbell rang again.

She thought staying quiet would make whoever it was at the door leave but they were persistent.

She carefully placed the wine glass back on the night stand and got out of her cosy bed.

“It’s Christmas eve, Whoever it is, they better have a good reason,” Sarah mumbled as she opened the door.

A strikingly beautiful woman, dressed in a long red winter coat stood outside.

“Good evening my dear,” said the woman in red in a charming voice.

She must be in her forties Sarah thought to herself. Her silver hair was short and perfectly made despite the snow and wind outside.

“Is this 42, Clover’s Lane? I am here for Sarah, Sarah Collins.” she said in a polite tone.

“Yes, that’s me,” Sarah said curiously trying to remember the mature women in front of her.

“God, it’s freezing outside. Do you mind if we talk inside?” she asked.

Despite not knowing the woman, Sarah did not want to be rude. The mature woman did not seem like a threat, so Sarah opened the door and let her in.

“Thank you my dear, I know it’s Christmas eve and it’s late. You must be wondering who I am?” she said in a cheerful tone.

Sarah just looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I am Mrs.Claus and I am here for your punishment,” the older woman said casually.

“What?” Sarah laughed out wondering if she made a mistake letting this crazy person inside.

“I know what you are thinking dear. I am not a crazy person,” smiled Mrs.Claus as if reading her mind.

“Well, you see my husband Mr.Claus handles the nice list and I handle the naughty list. Lucky you, you’re on my list this year,” she said with a coy smile.

“Santa brings presents for grownups too?” Sarah asked and mentally scolded herself. Of all the things that were strange about this situation, this is the first question that popped into her head.

“Of course dear, but only if you’re a true believer.” Mrs.Claus said as she removed her leather gloves.

“And I get to punish the naughty ones,” Mrs.Claus said, holding the gloves as if ready to spank her. Sarah blushed at the thought.

“Why is that you get to deal with the naughty list?” Sarah asked.

“At the beginning we had a little poll and everyone agreed I should be the one handling the naughty list,” Mrs.Claus answered patiently.

Sarah did agree, it would be better getting punished by this mature sexy woman than an old fat bearded man.

“But I thought only the nice ones got presents?” Sarah asked, wondering about the weird punishment tradition.

“Yes dear, but we can’t just ignore the naughty ones, can we now?” Mrs.Claus replied.

“You don’t look like…” Sarah said and stopped wondering if she might offend Mrs.Claus.

“I don’t look like Mrs.Claus?” Mrs.Claus completed the sentence for her and laughed.

“Oh, I have seen all the hideous ways people have portrayed me. Despite my age, I like to workout, stay fit and enjoy dressing up,” she said.

“I really like your coat,” Sarah said, admiring the red leather coat. It must probably cost a fortune she thought to herself.

“Thank you dear,” Mrs.Claus said.

“What about the sleigh?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Well I wasn’t into the whole sleigh idea. It’s just too cold, bumpy and not to mention the view of the reindeer’s asses.”

“I prefer a more sophisticated ride, you see that red sports car outside, yeah that’s me.”

Sarah peeked out to see a shining sports car parked in her driveway.

“And a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm,”

“I am not lugging around a huge sack of presents, so I don’t need so much trunk space,” Mrs.Claus said.

When she noticed Sarah staring at her red suitcase curiously.

“Let’s just say everything I need fits right here in my suitcase.” She said with a naughty smile.

Sarah still wasn’t convinced of the whole Christmas punishment tradition. Does this mean Santa goes around knocking on doors as well, Sarah wondered.

“Yes dear, I prefer being straightforward. Just knocking on doors and using the front door to climbing up roofs and crawling down dirty chimneys.” She answered as if reading Sarah’s thoughts.

“Can you imagine, after all the hours I spend getting my nails done.”

That did make sense, agreed Sarah.

“Oh these men and their need to prove they are macho or whatever. Of course it was my husband’s london escorts idea. You know, All the riding, climbing and crawling.”

“If it was up to me I’d just courier all the presents and maybe even give you until New Year’s eve if you want to return or exchange them.” Mrs.Claus said with a smile.

“But I was a good girl this year?” Sarah said meekly although deep down she knew that was not true.

“Oh my sweet girl, everybody is in denial the first time,” Mrs.Claus said patiently.

Sarah did not respond wondering if Mrs.Claus really knew or was she just bluffing her.

“Oh well for starters, you seduced your neighbour, You know the new mother down the lane, whom you babysit for.” Mrs.Claus said with a knowing smile.

That got Sarah’s attention.

“How do you know that?” Sarah asked.

“and fucked your best friend’s mom.” said the older woman calmly with a knowing smile.

“She was going through a divorce and was lonely,” Sarah said defensively.

“And what about the six other times you visited her last month? I would say that definitely qualifies as naughty,” said Mrs.Claus.

“How?” Sarah asked her in a shocked tone.

“Of course I know my dear, I’m Mrs.Claus. You have quite a list this year,” Mrs.Claus said casually.

Mrs.Claus sighed and continued.

“Oh come on my dear, do you really want to stand here, talk about me, all the naughty things you did this year or move on to the fun stuff?” she asked.

What did she mean by fun stuff Sarah thought.

“Look if nothing else, I know you are probably just going to spend Christmas Eve with a glass of wine, a trashy novel and end up masturbating. Instead we could have some fun and you can take your punishments like the naughty girl you are.” she said in a sultry tone.

Sarah had to admit, the only thing exciting about her Christmas eve was when Mrs.Claus turned up. She was curious what her punishment was and the thought excited her.

“So what do I have to do?,” Sarah asked curiously.

“That’s the spirit my dear.” Mrs.Claus said excitedly as finally things were moving along.

“May I?” she said pointing to the wine bottle on the table.

Sarah just nodded.

Mrs.Claus poured herself a glass, leaned on the kitchen counter and eyed Sarah up and down.

“I love your Christmas themed pyjamas. I bet they would look even better on the floor.”

“Why don’t you start by stripping slowly,” Mrs.Claus said in a stern but sultry tone.

Sarah was excited and wet. Mrs.Claus or whoever this woman was, she was exactly her type. Older and mature woman who knew what she wanted. Although Sarah loved to seduce the submissive women, it excited her even more when they took control.

Even though she knew her Christmas pyjamas were not the sexiest clothing, She enjoyed putting on a show and slowly stripped her top.

“Oh, I love unwrapping my presents.” Mrs.Claus said, taking another sip of her wine.

Sarah lowered her pants.

“Christmas lingerie, Somebody’s done their Christmas shopping right,” said Mrs.Claus, as she blatantly ogled Sarah’s body.

Sarah was glad she was wearing her new lingerie. Even though she knew she would be alone, she wanted to feel good and sexy.

“Why don’t you turn around for me my dear?” Mrs.Claus said.

There was barely any cloth covering her from behind. Mrs.Claus let out a satisfied hum.

“God, look at that thin red fabric disappearing in between your ass cheeks and you wondered why you were on the naughty list?”

Suddenly Sarah was very aware of how naked she was compared to Mrs.Claus who was fully dressed.

“Let me just get out of this coat,” Mrs.Claus said.

She was wearing a red corset, white stockings and knee length boots. She looked stunning like a dominatrix.

“You like what you see my dear. Well, I’m here to punish, I do need to dress the part, don’t I?” Mrs.Claus asked Sarah.

Sarah just nodded, staring at the gorgeous woman in front of her.

“How about we start with a little spanking while I refresh your memory. Bend over your couch,” she said, landing a firm swat on Sarah’s ass cheeks.

Sarah jumped from the sudden sting of pain that washed through her body.

“Did you really seduce that new mother? Fuck, it’s been so long since i had some milky tits. It’s like as soon as they give birth, women just grow a conscience. They want to be the perfect mothers and don’t want to be naughty,” Mrs.Claus said as she spanked Sarah’s ass harder this time.

“Yes,” Sarah said, in a breathy tone.

“You london escort had her milk and her cookie. Oh, you lucky slut.”


“And fucking the doctor in her office,”


Sarah groaned in equal parts pain and pleasure.


“Helping the good doctor relieve some stress, were we?”


“Fuck, I love how red you ass is.”


Sarah was so turned on and dripping wet. She arched her back, presently herself to Mrs.Claus for her spanking.

“Fuck you really are a naughty slut. Aren’t you?”

Smack! She felt another stinging spank on her ass. Mrs.Claus slowly ran her fingers in between Sarah’s ass cheeks feeling the drenched panties.

“Your pussy’s dripping wet. You really are enjoying this, you dirty slut.”


“Panties off, now,” Mrs.Claus said in a stern voice.

Sarah did not need to be told twice. She quickly peeled them off and couldn’t believe how wet they were.

“Good girl” Mrs.Claus said with a gentle spank, pleased with how willingly Sarah was complying.

“I’m going to give you a little incentive… a little extra…” Mrs Claus said as she went to her suitcase.

Sarah groaned, missing Mrs.Claus’s touch.

Mrs.Claus opened her suitcase, which had an assortment of christmas themed sex toys. Sarah just stared at each one of the toys wondering which one she was getting.

“You like my toys. Do you like my candy cane strap on? Oh I do have more, handcuffs, whips, floggers but you need to earn them,” Mrs.Claus said stepping into the harness.

“I have a little proposition for you,” she said, lubing her strap on.

Sarah stared at the red and white strapon, it was bigger than her dildo but she was not going to complain.

“You like my strap on against your pussy, just teasing your wet slit. How about now, when I rub it up and down your clit?”

Sarah moaned out in pleasure. Despite her ass burning with all the spanking, her pussy was on fire. It was like her body had a mind of its own, her hips slowly grinding back.

“Fuck, look at you just humping back against my cock. You really are a needy slut,” Mrs.Claus said with a sharp spank and pushing the head of the cock into Sarah’s wet pussy.

“Ride my cock slowly,” instructed Mrs.Claus.

Sarah was so turned on and wanted more but knew Mrs.Claus had other plans.

“What’s the proposition?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I want you to be my cupcake… an agent… a little helper of sorts,” Mrs.Claus said.

Sarah was confused, So Mrs.Claus was recruiting her for a job? And why cupcake?

“Cupcakes because you’re sinfully delicious and people can’t resist you. They want to indulge, cheat and be a little naughty, I know it’s a little lame” Mrs.Claus said, rolling her eyes.

“What do cupcakes have to do?” asked Sarah distractedly as Mrs.Claus slowly increased the pace.

“They get people from the nice list onto the naughty list,” Mrs.Claus said.

Sarah looked over her shoulder with a confused look.

“You see, every year at the North Pole, we have a little competition, Santa and me.”

“Who gets the bigger list? You know, are there more people on the nice list or the naughty list… that sort of thing,” Mrs.Claus explained.

“What’s the prize?” Sarah moaned out as Mrs.Claus found her spot.

“Oh just who gets to use the elves for the rest of the year, for their filthy fantasies… that sort of thing.”

“Trust me, You don’t want to know all the nasty filth that goes on in the North pole.”

“Fuck” Sarah moaned as Mrs.Claus reached around and tugged on her nipples.

“You see, Santa always has so many people helping him with good deeds and the spirit of Christmas etc…”

“But for little old me, I need naughty girls like you. I need you to help people realise their naughty side.” Mrs.Claus said slowly down.

Sarah knew Mrs.Claus was distracting her by keeping her on the edge.

“Why me?” Sarah moaned.

“Well, Let’s just say our interests are aligned. You have a thing for mature women with big juicy tits and round bubble butts. They are my favourite kind too,” Mrs.Claus said with a smile.

Wow, Mrs.Claus was into milf booty, Sarah smiled.

“What do I get out of this?” Sarah asked.

Mrs.Claus laughed out in surprise. Despite keeping her on the verge of an orgasm, this naughty slut was negotiating. She liked that.

“Well, Besides a visit from me? I could take you along to punish some of the naughty ones,” Mrs.Claus teased as she pulled on Sarah’s nipples harder.

“Fuck london escort agency yes, I’m in,” Sarah agreed to Mrs.Claus’s proposition.

Mrs.Claus rewarded her by increasing the pace.

“That’s a good slut, Keep riding baby. That’s it.”

“This is what keeps me warm.”

“Every time you do something naughty, I want you to think about me. Somewhere in the Northpole, in my cosy cabin, by the warm fireplace, me, Mrs.Claus reading all the dirty details and fingering my wet cunt.”

“Just constantly wet and horny… and for one night in the year, I get to take it all out.” Mrs.Claus said with a groan. The strap on dildo nudging against her own clit was pushing towards an orgasm. But she did not want to cum before Sarah.

Desperate times called for desperate measure she thought as she slowly inserted a finger into Sarah’s ass.

“Fuck,” Sarah groaned in pleasure as she felt Mrs.Claus slowly fuck her ass with a finger.

“You like that my dear. You like my finger up your ass?” Mrs.Claus teased.

Sarah moaned out in agreement.

“Wait till I fuck it with my candy cane vibrator, it will blow your mind.”

“Please can I have another finger?” Sarah begged not caring how needy she sounded.

“You want me to add another one?” Mrs.Claus said and gave Sarah’s ass a hard spank.

“Oh, let’s not get too greedy shall we? You need to earn it,” Mrs.Claus sternly said with another harsh spank.

Sarah tried to increase the pace by humping back on Mrs.Claus’s cock.

“You want me to go a little faster.? Oh I just didn’t want you to be too distracted,”

Sarah knew it was pointless, Mrs.Claus was going to make her wait.

“Who do you have in mind?” Sarah groaned in a frustrated tone.

“I love that about you my dear. Just straight to the point.” Mrs.Claus laughed.

“How about that English professor of yours?”

Sarah let out a moan.

“Yeah you like that. I know you have been fantasising about her for a while.

A little tip, she has a thing for blondes like you. Yeah, you could flirt a little or maybe forget your panties to class.” Mrs.Claus suggested.

The thought of flashing her Mrs.Kelly, her English professor really turned her on. All these years, Sarah hesisted to cross that student-professor line but with Mrs.Claus’s encouragement she wanted to give it a try.

“And that librarian at your college, Fuck she is sexy. Her weakness is dirty panties,” Mrs.Claus told Sarah.

That was a surprise for Sarah. She knew Ms.Kimberly was an attractive woman, but she dressed so conservatively. The image of Ms.Kimberly sniffing her panties with her skirt bunched around her waist and fingering her pussy made Sarah moan out loud.

“And the young pastor’s wife. Oh She’s pregnant, she just doesn’t know it yet. You could offer to be her babysitter,” Mrs.Claus said casually.

Fuck that would be so wrong, Sarah thought to herself.

“God I can’t wait to feel her milky jugs wrapped around my strap-on next year,” Mrs.Claus moaned.

Mrs.Claus’s filthy thoughts were making Sarah’s pussy ache in need and her clit throbbed.

“I can’t wait to punish those naughty milfs next year.”

“I want you to be really naughty.”

“You want me to use those cuffs on you, don’t you?”

“You want me to flog you ass.”

“Well then, I need you to be extra naughty for me.”

“Will you do that for me, my dear?” Mrs.Claus said fucking Sarah faster.

“Yes, yes, yes” moaned Sarah.

“Only the really dirty and filthy ones get the full treatment. You want that, Don’t you my dear?”

“Maybe next year you will even take my fist in your pussy.”

“Would you like that sweetie? Mrs.Claus’s fist in your greedy cunt,” Mrs.Claus teased.

Sarah had always fantasised about it but was waiting for the right person to come along. She knew Mrs.Claus was the one.

“Yes Mistress C,” Sarah cried out involuntarily.

“Mistress C? Oh,I like the sound of that,” Mrs.Claus smiled.

“Ride me faster baby, You’re close aren’t you?”

Sarah just moaned in reply.

“Come for me baby? Come for Mommy Claus,” Mrs.Claus said as she resumed spanking Sarah’s ass and pulled on a fist full of Sarah’s hair. She was riding Sarah hard.

Sarah was getting closer and tugged on her own nipples.

“That’s it baby. Be a good girl. Come for Mistress C,” Mrs.Claus encouraged.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… Ffffuuuucccckkkk…” Sarah screamed.

Watching Sarah’s body tremble in pleasure pushed Mrs.Claus over the edge. Both women were a quivering mess and held on to each other as they came together.

“Fuck, I love leaving you naughty ones, panting and wanting more”

“Well, you have quite a busy year ahead,”

“Merry Fucking Christmas and a Naughty New Year” Mrs.Claus smiled.


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