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Big Tits


Untamed Summer
~ Lust in Times of Lockdown ~

    There was a young lad from Bombay,
Who wasn”t quite sure if he was gay,
Lost, confused and sad,        
He thought he”d go mad,        
But thanks to Nifty, he”s found his way! ©

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The Rich and Famous Rush to Resorts and Farmhouses to Escape Covid-19 Surge
Staff Correspondent, Apr 16, 2021, 13:47 IST

The rapid surge in Covid-19 seem to have triggered alarm amongst the urban citizenry with the well-heeled leaving their city homes for safer destinations, leading to a virtual exodus of the rich and famous. Those owning properties or farmhouses in remote, rural areas, or in and near the buffer zones of forests and wildlife parks have already left, while others have booked themselves, and their families, into properties and resorts in these forest areas to escape the relentless second wave… … …


“No… No…” the man grunted shaking his head as he grabbed the boy”s shoulders in an effort to stop him.

“Why not?” asked the boy, shifting his body higher, firming up his grip.

“Please… uh,” the man pleaded — eyes glazed, pupils dilated — struggling under the boy… but it was a feeble, half-hearted endeavour, and he knew he couldn”t resist for much longer.

He was a large built man, in perfect physical shape, and yet, he felt helpless… trapped under the lithe and supple, athletic and powerful form of the youth… his left leg thrown over the boy”s right shoulder, his right thigh splayed wide, held firmly at the knee… the teen”s naked bulk covering his, flushed against him, pressing him down on the bed…

“You”re desperate for it,” the boy whispered, the voice seductively sultry, “you”ve always wanted it, we both know that, so why the sudden reluctance, huh?”

“Nnngh…” the man gasped — or was it a plea of surrender ? — his grip on the boy”s shoulders now tighter, the fingers digging in instead of pushing him away.

“C”mon, you know you want it,” the boy grinned down at the him, the tone cocky, licking the man”s lips before biting down on the lower lip, “I know you want it… and I can give it to you!”

“Uh…” the man grunted, his heart thumping wildly, his pulse racing… of course he knew that the boy was right, but still…

He was acutely aware that what he”d started (or, rather, had allowed the boy thus far) would ultimately lead them to where they were right now… was about to happen, and yet…

He was a respectable, happily married man, with two grownup sons to boot (well, almost grownup: Aayush, his first born, now twenty, in college, and Anuj, his second son, all of sixteen, in highschool !)…

So, how could he?!

Besides, the boy… he was a kid!

Obviously younger than Aayush… OH GOD, probably as young as Anuj!

“Relax…” the boy cooed, lowering his mouth once more, licking the man”s parted lips, “just let go and let me in… trust me, you”ll love it!”

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

With the second wave spreading across the country like wildfire, Vivek decided it was time to move out of the city once more…

His company (a highly reputed wealth management firm offering specialised solutions and services to the UHNW – Ultra-High-Net-Worth – families) was still mostly in WFH mode, with only about 30 percent of his staff attending office on a rotational basis, so it wouldn”t be too much of a problem switching back to 100% WFH. And as for his younger son”s school, well, with everything moving back online, and exams on hold, it didn”t matter where he was, and they could simply move to their holiday home near the forest, far away from the city and the crowds. Only, Aayush, their older son, couldn”t join them this time — with 53 students and 12 faculty members testing positive, the campus was under total lockdown and he couldn”t get out… come home and join them.

So, while most of their friends headed for their farmhouse, Vivek packed their clothes (and the “essentials ” of modern life) and set out for their jungle home – Living Wild – a pleasant four hours drive away!

Ensconced along the southern slope of the Satpura, abutting the buffer zone of a wildlife hatay escort reserve — (a rocky, boulder strewn, mixed deciduous forest of mostly teak, tendu, mahua and bamboo, the lush green speckled with the starkly stunning pale-barked Kulu, or “Ghost” tree ) — Living Wild, spread over a hundred acres of untamed jungle land, was a resort, and a private conservation initiative, offering responsible tourism.

The resort proper — set in the centre of almost 35 acres of undulating, landscaped woodland, with gravel pathways, manicured lawns and well-laid gardens — offered fifteen luxurious two and three bedroom cottages with every imaginable modern amenities… along with a children”s play area, a large swimming pool, fully equiped gym, speciality spa, a multi-cuisine restaurant, an open air barbeque with bonfire pit… a gallery and library… and even a convenience and grocery store!

It also boasted of a 65 acres private forestland with well marked tracks, nature trails and night-camping… and a natural lake with a quaint little dock, and paddleboats!

The resort also included twelve super deluxe, multi-layered, insulated and airconditioned safari tents with en-suite bathrooms — slighty apart from the main area, but within a quick walk of the pool and barbeque!

And away from it all, along the eastern periphery, were ten large, lavishly elegant forest bungalows — each set in its own expansive garden, with wooden deck and jacuzzi in the backyard, surrounded by tall trees and screened in by high hedges — ten privately owned vacation properties for a very select few.

Vivek owned one such bungalow – a four bedroomed dream home in the lap of nature – which he”d acquired after selling his farmouse since the farm required too much of involvement, and demanded too much time, which he simply couldn”t spare. While his holiday home required no such involvement — it was for him to use as and when he pleased, without the headache of employees, upkeep and maintenance… all taken care of by the resort staff, and he could simply move in whenever he wanted.

He could also, if he so desired, let it out during the peak tourist season!


They set out on Monday, the 12th of April at 6.30 in the morning, and it was exactly 10.15 when Vivek pulled into the driveway of their bungalow — they had made good time!

“And here we are…” Vivek smiled, cutting the engine.

“Huh!” Anuj, his teenage son, let out a grunt.

“Don”t sulk…” Juhi, his mother smiled at him, “we”ll have fun, just like last time…”

“Whatever!” Anuj responded, slumped in the back seat.

Well, in a crisis older folks worry about both the now, and the morrow, but the young only fret about the immediate… and being packed off to some remote area, (for God knows how long), wasn”t something Anuj was looking forward to. But then again, staying on in the city didn”t make much sense either… school was back online, and with the rumours of another total shutdown doing the rounds, there wouldn”t be much of meeting up and hanging out!

“Welcome home, sir…” smiled the young lady in greeting coming forward as Vivek and Juhi got out, “madam… and hello, Anuj!” she added looking at Anuj, still slumped in the back seat.

“Hello, Alka!” Vivek smiled back.

Alka was their “personal” Hostess — housekeeping executive attached to each family home — essentially, a glorified maid, to take care of, maintain and keep the property shipshape… and whenever the owner was visiting, to help out, run errands, and generally make their stay pleasant.

“Madam,” Alka smiled at Juhi, “everything is taken care of, and the kitchen fully stocked the way you like it… of course if there”s anything else you need, I”m always here.”

“Thank you, Alka,” smiled Juhi in reply, “I”m sure you took care of everything. Anyway, I don”t plan on cooking today, the kitchen can wait for now!”

“Anuj, be with your mother,” Vivek said, “while I go over and complete the formalities.”

“It”s okay, sir,” Alka smile some more, “you can do it when you go over for lunch…”

“No…” Vivek cut in, “I”ve been driving for four hours and need to stretch my legs, the walk will do me good!”

“Of course…” the young lady smiled again before turning around and signalling the two young men standing near the steps of the veranda.

And as the men carried their luggage inside, Alka, Juhi and Anuj following, hurma escort Vivek set out — down the gravel path under the tall teak and mahua…

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

The man let out another grunt, his fingers digging in as he felt the swollen head of the boy”s rigid cock nudge at his tightly clenched orifice, more forceful this time.

“I”ve… I”ve never… uh…” he started to say, but the boy covered his mouth, slipping in his tongue, shutting him up.

“I know…” the boy whispered pulling back, giving him a crooked grin, “and I promise you I”ll be gentle, it won”t hurt… and no one will ever find out!”

The man was almost panting now, in the mindless grip of maddening lust… swept high and tossed about on the crests of senseless arousal… the last shreds of reluctance seeping out as he felt his anus twitch and pout – God, yes, he wanted it… had wanted it for a very, very long time now, and simply couldn”t resist much longer…

“I”m going to slowly, real gently open you up… and enter you,” the boy whispered into the man”s ear, “give you what you”ve always wanted… ”

The man was powerless under the boy, practically driven out of his mind… and inspite of all his frantic pleas, his body was begging for it – his ass repeatedly swaying up… the tiny little hole pushing out each time he felt the boy”s cock nudged at it…

“I”m going to fill you… and pleasure you till you”re screaming for more, begging me to do it harder, faster…” the boy continued between bites and nibbles, “make you shoot your load, drain your balls empty as I fill you with my cum!”

The youth shifted his pelvis as he gently nibbled the tumid lips… moving the man”s right leg higher, spreading the thighs further apart… the man”s ass now off the bed, the butt cheeks fully parted… the orifice completely exposed… the boy”s cock head poised right at the fluttering entrance… the hips determined, the pressure relentless!

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

Vivek had spotted the boy almost as soon as he walked up the steps of the Reception Lobby — an over-sized, hand-hewn timber and glass panelled gazebo set in the lawn in front of the crescent shaped administrative block — decumbent on a lounge chair under the shaded wrap-around porch… sprawled out and unmoving… clad in form-fitting beige knee-length shorts and a sheer black singlet, over-sized dark shades covering half his face: A Stunning Visual!

Riveted by the sight, Vivek faltered as he stole sly glances… unable to make out if the boy was sleeping, or awake… before getting hold of himself and hurrying on in… yet unable to keep his eyes away as he snuck quick, furtive glimpses… each time the guy behind the desk drawing his attention back to the papers (all perfectly filled out and complete ) that he just needed to sign.

He had never felt this way… EVER! He was in love with Juhi, damn it! had always been… and his eyes had never wandered — men, women, boys, girls — NEVER! And yet, this youth… this stranger… something in him, had triggered a weird craving deep within… had awakened a long slumbering hunger that he had consigned to the furthest depth of his consciousness!

But he was too ensorcelled to worry or wonder… or, even realise it as he sneaked another peek at the slumberous form beyond the glass wall as the man behind the desk smiled, “That”s all, sir. Enjoy your stay!”

Quickly getting up, Vivek almost rushed out, eager to get away… away from that boy… get back to his wife and son…

And as he stepped out, his eyes, of their own volition, were drawn back to the boy once more… eyeing him as he stumbled forward, his heart suddenly slamming for no apparent reason… and as he reached the steps, those pouty lips seemed to curl, ever so slightly, in a smile aimed towards him… or, at least, so he fancied…

Shaking his head, Vivek forced himself to look away… trotting down the steps in a stupor as he hurried to join his loving family back at the bungalow.

He ran, sure… but he simply couldn”t get the image of that youth out of his head — that slender form: subtly toned and divinely perfect… those, almost pale, totally smooth long limbs: languorous on the lounge… that artfully crafted quiff… those pursed velvety lips: blood red and luscious, full and pouty… and yes, that clearly visible, distinctly pronounced bulge between the spread thighs ığdır escort under the form-fitting cotton…

And then, he saw the boy once more – at lunch.


After lunch, Vivek once more spotted him in the evening, at the barbeque — being summer it was too hot for a bonfire, but the vacationers had gathered for the amazing kababs and tikkas that the chef invariably whipped up — accompanied by the same three older ladies, and a fourth woman, as during lunch… and yup, just like earlier, clad in bare essentials!

Tall, long limbed, gracefully slender, yet beautifully toned, the kid was gorgeous, stunningly handsome (now that he finally had his oversized dark shades off) — glowing in the sombre light of the actinic dusk! — the freshly developed teen muscles rippling under the smooth, unblemished skin… the dark, underarm growth lush, the silky strands glistening in the diffused lambency against the pale skin as it peeked out… and that distinct bulge between his thighs — spine-tinglingly obvious, shamelessly pronounced!

Vivek tried hard, very hard… but could barely keep his eyes from wandering back, watching the boy surreptitiously… Juhi repeatedly drawing his attention back to their discussion…

He saw him again, at dinner… still in his form fitting shorts and singlet, surrounded by the same ladies… once more stealing sly glances whenever he could… totally enamoured!

After dinner Vivek excused himself, going to the washroom and had almost finished, when the door opened and the kid stepped in… heading straight to the urinal right next to Vivek… giving him a slight smile as he unzipped…

In the relatively small, silent men”s room, the grating sound of the metal zipper being lowered was loud… resonating like a drawn-out thunderclap in Vivek”s ears, sending a shudder down his spine.

The very thought of the boy reaching in and pulling out his dick to pee ignited a tingling flame in Vivek”s loins, and he could sense himself beginning to harden… quickly stuffing himself in and hastily pulling up his zip… gasping with horror as he felt the sharp tug, almost snagging his pubic hair in his tearing hurry… letting out a soft sigh of relief as he finally managed to zip up without disaster, thankful he hadn”t actually gotten his pubes caught in the zipper… turning around and stumbling over to the washbasin in his rush to get away from the boy, and the men”s room… save himself further embarrassment, and humiliation.

But alas, his attempt at a quick exit got botched by the faucet as he frantically waved his hand before the tap, but to no avail… the water refusing to flow!

“Here…” he heard the sultry voice and looking up into the mirror found the kid by his side, looking at him… the dark, long-lashed eyes twinkling, the awesomely full, cherry-red lips, curled in a crooked smile… feeling his hand brush briefly against his own… and almost insantly the water began to flow!

Both their eyes still locked, Vivek quickly washed his hand and rushed out of the washroom not bothering to dry his hands… hearing a short, sharp mirthful laugh as the door swung shut behind him.

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

Still holding the base of his thick cock, the boy applied renewed pressure… biting down hard on the man”s lips.

“Aaaah!” the man groaned, his own cock twitching and flexing like crazy as it squirted a continuous stream of precum, his ass swaying.

But the boy wasn”t cooing anymore, wasn”t whispering encouragements or engaging in banter… his teeth savage instead as he repeatedly took small bites, chewing the already puffed lips raw… his hips resolute as he rocked his pelvis…

They had been at it for over an hour now and the boy was in no mood to just stop, play nice and pull back simply because the man had changed his mind, suddenly reluctant!

He shifted his pelvis once more, his penis poised, and ready… and as the man”s tight opening fluttered wide and pouted out, he thrust his hips forward, forcefully…

With a jarring protest the tight, virgin ring of muscle parted, stretching wide… and the bloated head of the teen”s cock popped in, tearing into the man”s seething rectum… both letting out groans as the sphincter snapped right back…

The boy was in. The man was taken!

to be continued…       

Copyright © Author, 2021

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