The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 12

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The last glorious summer.

I came around slowly, sleep not wanting to give up its hold over my body, to the sound of slow deep breathing. The bits of my body that didn’t still hurt ached with the night’s excesses. I looked over at the two beautiful forms I had spent the night with Faye had her thumb in her mouth her lips pull into a cute little smile of contentment, Lucy had her arms wrapped around Faye as the big spoon in a far deeper sleep. I couldn’t blame her, it had been a fun night and she had been the centre of it, I had lost count of the number of times we had forced her exhausted body back to another climax.

I managed to move my arm from under their heads with waking them, it was dead and I grunted in pain as I moved. I went to the bathroom and would have gone straight back to bed but the smell of cooking food dragged me to the kitchen.

“Alreet da” I said as my legs gave out and I half feel into a chair “what time did you get back?”

“Alreet Rave, about 7 last night but I don’t think you heard me over the screaming. Liam paid up then?” he asked.

“Aye, was the any doubt, if you didn’t hear I kicked his arse last week” and I was still hurting from it “where we really so loud?”

“Unless he was more than a mile away I think it is safe to say that Liam knows you slept with his sister, the lungs on that girl” he placed a mug of tea on the table in front of me. The mug of tea is the best thing we ever came up with, it has powers far beyond anything in the world, it is on the mug of tea that the British Empire was built “I say this horde of natives have just cut off my leg” “here have a nice mug of tea” “Now that did the trick, let’s go shoot them and nick their country”.

The hot liquid did more than the trick, bringing me back from the edge of sleep to a nice place just this side of tired.

“You should see the other things on her da, I am going to have to see if I can get Liam to gamble more often” I said with a lopsided grin. I gave them a good half hour before I took them a cup of tea and woke them up. Lucy wore a robe that belonged to Faye, it really was very small on her, and it left little to the imagination. We sat and ate breakfast in a comfortable silences, it didn’t matter that we where different gangs, it didn’t matter that me and her brother where going to go at each other over this, right now we where friends and it was nice.

We had to get going soon so I hurried them to the shower. On seeing Lucy with her hair wet I thought about having sex with her again but the really wasn’t time, and I wasn’t all that sure I could get it up. We walked her back to the squat to meat Liam, we got there just before midday and the loan was up, from the look of it he had been waiting for some time. I kissed Lucy gently on the lips.

“You still look great” I said to her “take care of this one Liam or we will have words” threatening him about his own sister was low but he was going to come after me anyway and I wanted him to have a good reason to fight me that his lad would have to except, without telling them he was screwing his sister.

There were 5 weeks left of that summer and they where probably the happiest weeks I spent on the estate. Liam did come after me, leading three rides on Lacy’s corner within the next two weeks, but I liked the violence, it was part of who I was. It ended with him taking a kicking but I kept it within reason and he wasn’t badly hurt.

Cain took me under his wing that summer he was the gang’s fixers, its leg breaker and its killer. He got all the dirty jobs and for some reason he never told me he decided to pass his skill set onto me. He had started before I knew he had, it was him that had got me put on Lacy’s corner so I could cover for him just to see how I would respond and he liked how I had handled it. The training started with basic skills like how to pick a good lock, how to hot wire a car, how to pick pockets. I could do most of the stuff already but he showed me how to do it well.

Next came weapons, while using weapons was looked down on as weak it didn’t mean that they weren’t useful. He gave me three and showed me how to use them. The first was a knife, the is a big difference between knife fighting and any other kind of violence, it takes about two pounds per square inch of pressure to break human skin and you will be surprise how soft that is when slashing with a knife. Where to aim to wound and how much force takes a lot of work, where to aim to kill and how much force is far easier and defences with blades is a much more fluid process. The Knife he gave me was legal, 6 inch blade long with a folding blade but it was still a nasty thing, but I was to only carry it if it was going to be used.

The second weapon was the baseball bat, well it wasn’t a baseball bat they are too long and thin for proper use as a weapon, it was really a junior softball bat, 26 inches long, 2 inches wide at the top, of aluminium, enough weight to do damage, light enough to still spin and move with ease. I liked to bat, I was good with it, once you work out that the whole bat is a weapon not just the swing it become a very effective tool, the jab, the hook, using the handle and the end became a whole new animal. How to use a bat is more an art than izmit escort a skill, anyone can swing it but few can really fight with one.

The last was the easiest to use and the most expensive to get, brass knuckles, the trick with then is knowing when to have them on and when to have them off. If you are hitting some you want them on, if the is any changes you will be grappling you want them off, learning how to read this and how to switch quickly is hard and learning that your fist is now harder than bone takes a bit. Knuckles are expensive because you have to get measured up and get them custom made, most of the want-a-be gangsters you see with them now have got cheap tin pot metal ones made in China and even the ones that lay down cash to get real brass buy off the rack. Badly fitting knuckles are as likely to break your hand as to hurt the person you are hitting, you want them to work you have to buy custom.

He also showed me that everything was a weapon if you just learned how to use it, I got good at improvising. The only thing he told me not to use was glass bottles, most people think they are good weapons but it takes a real skill to knock off the end. Hit it to soft it bounced off and doesn’t break, hit it too hard it smashes and you get a fist full of glass, if you are unlucky you lose the use of your hand. It can be done but doing it quickly in a fight you have to be lucky. Weapon training often contained practical sessions that left me battered and blood but it was worth it.

In the 5 weeks over the summer he made me very good at this new style of violence. In that time we got four jobs from above, three where just friendly reminds to people who had gotten behind on their payments, one of which he let me break the limb. The last was some worn out junky, in a mangy squat, who had somehow manage to piss of someone big enough to get killed. I didn’t ask why but it was killing me not to. We got a picture and a name and a envelop full of cash. I got to watch Cain’s ritual again, I memorised ever moment for when it would be my turn, begin to hope for and fear the time it would be my turn.

Most people could not understand the world I lived in, a world where this was ok. But Cain use explain it by saying that Viking used to go on their first raids at 13, rape, pillage and murder where part of adolescents to them and Spartan where taught to kill from age 8 and to steal to survive. He believe that the where warriors in the world and it was just that The Law tried to force them into the soft world they had built. Where ever the rule of law had broken down your would find warriors and where ever you found warriors you found children trying to become them, that is what the estate made.

He also had an obsession with gangster films, he believed that that was how most people saw violence, how they saw intimidation and by emulating them was how to scare people. It seemed mad but it worked, not with people from the estate, they knew real violence, but with real people picking up little mannerisms for films worked. To this day if I want to worry someone I slip back into those stupid little ticks I learned from Cain. I became a different person over those 5 weeks, a person of Cain’s making the person the gang would need me to be, I went from the thug to a warrior.

I worked the corner same as ever, Lacy came by less and less, and I fought whenever the gang called. But all work and no play makes Rave a dull boy.

That summer Amy found a new tool in her fight to teach me to read, she found smut of course we didn’t own a computer, there were six in the whole school that could go on the internet, and I doubted sites like this where up anyway so it had to be books. You know the book, cheep paperback with white covers and a picture of a woman in a corset and thigh highs with a riding crop, you only really see them now on the top shelves of motorway service stations. The writing tends to be bad but I can’t really complain about that now can I?

They were well above my level but the motivated me to keep trying, not that you get anything out of smut when you have to sound out each word but when I finish a page Amy would read one. There are few things sexier than listening to a girl reading porn out loud when she is getting off on it and is embarrassed by that. When she got really excited she would forget to make me take my turn the tiny, little moans she would make between words a dead giveaway that she was too far gone to be stopped.

If you could get Amy turned on enough she could reach climax without any real physical stimulation, you had to get her to let go of her embarrassment first, but it could be done. Faye used to love sitting behind Amy as she read, getting deeper and deeper into the sex, slowly stroking her hair and kissing her neck until Amy let go. To this end whenever Amy brought the books around to the flat Faye insisted that we get naked first to avoid “messes” which of course made the lessons far more fun for me. It even got me to practice by myself because I needed to improve to keep the story moving on to keep Amy warmed up.

It was on one of these times that summer that I worked out that I loved Amy. I stumbled though my page, just trying to sound out the words, my eyes kept being drawn up yahya kaptan escort to Amy. Her breathing was heavy, her nipples rock hard making her small breasts stand out from her chest. Faye knelt behind her slowly nibbling her neck, holding her hair out of the way.

Puberty was kind to both girls, Faye was developing into a nice little hourglass, still a little bottom heavy but I liked that, her freckles had thinned but they still held sway over her face and upper chest but I liked that too. Amy was always going to be painfully thin, she eat whatever she wanted but stayed that way, but now she had real hips and the awkwardness that she had was fading into a fluid grace of movement, her long limbs flowing at least when she was alone with us, put her in public and she got clumsy again, still that was part of her charm. I know girls now who would kill to look like her but she never got that and if she saw any lad other than me look at her in lust she still had the nasty habit of going bright red.

The two girls touching each other was something the most teenage boys would pay all they own to see and I got to watch of free and all it cost me was trying to read. I got to the end of my page just as the stable boy (or some such character) was about to take the young, innocent Lady in hand. It always got to me that in these the Lady always started innocent but was still good at sex, they never have to be told what to do or how to make it good, and another thing why if they are innocent do they own a set of thigh high boots and go around without pants on and how do they always end up alone with a stable boy. Sorry got a bit off topic there.

I passed the book towards Amy, her hand trembled ever so slightly as she picked it up. She read slowly, focusing on each word, her checks flushed red, her body hot. As the sex started to heat up on the page she began to moan after some dirty word, she didn’t stop at the end of the page. Her hips where rocking slightly of their own accord by now as she began to speed up her reading. Her head moved to the side giving Faye better access to her neck. Faye responded by leaning forward and taking Amy’s earlobe between her lips and sucking. An involuntary shiver ran though Amy body cutting of her words with a full moan.

She was now biting her lip at the end of each sentence in the cutest way as her body got more and more worked up. She had stopped reading aloud now, her lips still move silently but there didn’t seem to be any air left to make sound. My eye devoured hungrily every movement of her body, every termer and twitch as she entered to final stages of arousal.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” she said over again as her she reached her ecstasy, this was normally at the same time as the Lady in the book reached hers. Her beautiful little backside lifted of the bed as she leaned back into Faye as her body tensed. The world held completely still for the space of a handful of heart beats, the only sound the heavy breathing from everyone in the room. Amy came down with a long low sigh of pleasure.

She looked around the room with half closed eyes, as if only just now seeing it. You could see the moister on the inside of her tight and you could smell her musk when you closed your eyes. I lay back and she crawled over to lay next to me, resting her head on my chest. Within a minute her breathing became slow against my skin as she drifted off to sleep. Faye came over running her hands threw Amy’s hair and down her back gently “I so wish I could do that” she whisper snuggling down next to us. It was in that happy place that I worked out I love Amy.

It wasn’t the same as how I loved Faye, with Faye it was all emotion and passion, if we were together the was almost a need to touch each other, not always sexual but just to be close to each other, it was all feel with Faye. With Amy it was comfortable, we could be sat on the other side of the room not talking and still feel close, we didn’t need to be together but it was nice when we were, with Amy it was all intellectual if you get that.

The other big event of the summer was that I went on holiday for the first time. It wasn’t what you would call a real holiday, now I would even think of it as one but back then it was a big thing. I paid some of the money I had taken over the year and got us three nights in a cheap Bed and Breakfast in Blackpool. The sad thing was it wasn’t just my first holiday, it was Faye’s and my dad’s, he had just turned 30 and he had never been on a real holiday. It was also the first time Faye and I had ever spent a night out of the estate.

It was wonderful to see Faye so excited, so happy for the weeks running up to it, she must have packed 5 days beforehand but it was a good thing because she had to unpack and repack 4 times before she was ready to go. The morning we were going to leave if you made eye contact her face lit up with a massive smile from ear to ear, I am sure I was the same but what I remember is the simple joy of seeing someone you love happy.

The trip was almost as fun as being there, it was only half an hour drive but we had never been to the countryside before. It was strange to be able to look to the horizon without seeing a building, I had never experienced gebze escort this feeling of openness I got on the motorway, my world was grey concrete but this world was green for miles and miles. And when we stopped the where sheep, seeing a sheep up close for the first time when the largest animal you had seen at this point was an overwhelming thing. Finding out just how small my world was, how just a few miles made it all new, was the best feeling I had ever had, it made getting out possible somehow.

Blackpool reminded me of home, not the front, not the bit you go to visit but the back streets where just as poor as home, just as hopeless, it was just covered with a shiny coat of paint to hide it from the tourists. The first night there I found a drugs corner, it took me all of half an hour, and watch how they worked for a few minutes just to feel like home. The B and B only had four bedrooms and we took two of them, Faye and I had to pretend to be brother and sister so the owner would let us share a room, it wasn’t a hard push I really did look to be 16 now just over six foot with heavy muscles and a messed up nose and Faye still looked like a 13 year old girl.

We had two single beds but she slept with me, we shared a wall with the owner so she would let me get up to anything the first night, we even slept in clothes, which was the first time I have ever slept in clothes with her. Dad got a room upstairs the other rooms had a young couple, who didn’t worry about making noise and a middle age woman how only left her room to eat breakfast each day. I made a point of bringing up the couple nocturnal activities the next morning, loud enough for them to overhear, the woman turned bright red and the man look like he was going to make something of it until he took in my size.

The day in Blackpool was one of the few chances I had to be a child, Faye and I ran around like headless chickens dragging dad behind us. We hit the pleasure beach going on as may rides as we could, Faye didn’t have the height to go on some of the big rides, but we hit most of them with her screaming and pushing up next to me. We got soaked on the log flume and I got to watch Faye in a wet T-shirt the rest of the afternoon. We head to the pier after eating chips out of a paper cone of lunch. I didn’t like the sea, it was too big, too far to think about but Faye loved it. The beach wasn’t all that clean but we went paddling anyway just to please her.

As we walked down the beach there was a donkey being ridden by kids, Faye was amazed by it. We had to wait for her to get a ride, she laughed harder after that then I have ever seen her. She was look younger by the minute, she looked like a normal teenager not a kid from the estate, from a broken home, who had seen too much for her years. I loved this girl almost as much as the other. We headed to the tower as the afternoon moved on.

If we have been there a few more days the runner in me would have insisted that I climbed it from the outside. The was quite a view from up there, I still didn’t like the sea but the was a boat coming passed that I must have spent the best part of an hour watching it pass as I held Faye’s hand. We ate in a small Italian just off the front and headed to the B and B when it got dark. The owner looked at me with open mistrust when I walk in holding Faye’s hands.

We went to bed early, I was just about to drift off to sleep when Faye began moving next to me. At first it was just a slight movement of her arm, I wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t been pressed up tight next to me. I tried to look down without moving, her hand was press hard between her legs, rubbing franticly through the thin material of her bottoms. I watch her do this for close to 5 minutes, my cock slowly getting harder and harder. She gave out a small moan before clamping her hand over her mouth to keep herself quite. She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling.

“All ready now” she whispered breathlessly. She moved up and kissed me, our tongues meeting franticly. She flipped on top of me, I could feel her rock hard nipples pressed into my chest through both of our clothes. Her legs spread as she straggled me, she slid my pants down just far enough to let my cock spring free. She ran her finger over it making me shudder, she put her finger on my lips when I started to whimper. She pulled down her own pants exposing herself and slip me into her. She was hot and wet and all worked up. It was slow and passionate we had to keep our lips pressed together to keep us from moaning.

Breathing in and out each other breath as we made love, trying so hard to keep the noise down, like real teenagers, like real people for the ever. It was intents, our bodies moving in harmony, her hands held tightly in mine. I love her smile, I loved her body, I love her smell, I loved her, so much. She had warmed herself up pretty good and was near climax soon. As her pleasure peak her body tensed and she almost screamed into my mouth. The feel of her contracting around my cock pushed me over the edge and I came into her. She lay on top of me as our breathing became normal and my cock slipped out of her. She just pulled her pants back up leaving a sticky mess against her pussy.

We went home via Formby, where they have red squirrels and sand dunes to throw myself down. We sat in the back together as we headed home, Faye curled up into me. Life was good, I was happy, it really couldn’t last.

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