The Fall of a Depraved Mother Pt. 02

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There I was sitting with my legs spread apart as my son’s best friend still had his fingers inside my twitching pussy. In my mind, I know it was wrong and that I was a horrible mother but my body urged for more. I just looked him in the eye and didn’t know what to say. Mike spoke the first words, pulling out his fingers apologizing and saying he went too far and his face was full of regret. He hid his face as I tried to comfort him letting him know that I enjoyed every moment of it.

At that moment that horny little young stud disappeared and as wrong, as it might be, I wanted him back. This wasn’t the time for ‘Modest Nicole’ it was time for a woman to have her needs met. “You weren’t acting like a pussy when you were grinding that monster cock on my body,” I snicker at him as I popped out my tits he craved for a few minutes ago. His jaw dropped clearly hungry for my body but instead of ravishing me he got up and walked away to the kitchen and sat down at the table saying, “Please Nicole I can’t resist myself with your hot milf body I might do something we’ll regret!”

“It’s too late for regrets Mike, especially after you fingered my pussy and reminded me what its like to feel alive,” I say as I crawl towards him seductively on my knees “Let me taste you, don’t you want to sincan escort know what a milf’s mouth feel like around your cock?”

He finally gave in and whipped out his hard youthful cock and it slapped me in my face as it fell. I never thought something like that could turn me crazy but it did. I started sucking him off right there at the kitchen table, stroking his meat stick and moaning without restraint. The moment I saw his head rock back I know I had him right where I wanted him. I buried his long cock between my tits and squeezed them as tight as I could as I tit fucked him. He slapped me saying, “Yeah bitch I know you weren’t as innocent as you were acting, look at how much hotter you are once you let your nympho side out!” I was shocked by his sudden outburst but I was too into the moment to stop. His personality and tone slightly changed and I should’ve picked up on it but I was weak, I was horny, I was a bad mother. I let it go on and kept stroking and sucking off his dick when instead I should’ve stopped to find out what that was about.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more out of hand because of my foolish lack of control. We heard the doorknob turning as my son was coming inside. It was way too early he wasn’t supposed to be home for another hour. Before I could make another thought Mike grabbed the back of my head and rammed my throat down on his cock sincan escort bayan as he pulled me under the table behind the table cloth. My son came inside and I was forced to listen to the conversation between the two of them as Mike was balls deep in my throat, I could barely get air in, let alone control my gag reflex.

“What are you doing home so early?” Mike said annoyed.

“My tutor had to cancel class but he dropped me home, what are you doing in my house? And where’s my mom?” My son replied clearly sounding scared and I wondered why.

My motherly instincts start slipping again and I didn’t even realize I was masturbating while listening to this conversation. It was downright shameful but my fingers couldn’t stop.

“Your mom and I were having a little chat no big deal pussy. Dude for such a little bitch you have a banging mom. If mine had a body like that she wouldn’t be able to step foot outside the house without being fucked first” Mike replied to my son while passing his fingers through my hair guiding my mouth up and down his slick cock. I wasn’t even resisting even after hearing him call my son a pussy.

“Dude, that’s still my mom,” my son hesitated.

“And? You should be fucking that bitch like you own her. Could you imagine a milf like that slobbering over and sucking your cock?” He said teasing my son while gripping my skull even harder, escort sincan he was close to cumming I could feel it. “The feel of your mother’s tongue on my hard dick and getting to shoot a good thick load into her throat.”

I felt his cock starting to throb and twitch like crazy, I had him where I wanted him and I gripped down on his thighs as I deepthroated his rod one last time. Just when things were going amazing and I was losing my mind giving into my desires I heard the worst possible thing at that moment from my son. That’s when I knew I really fucked up.

“Shut up! What do you think my mom is like one of those sluts you fuck like a piece of meat and then throw away at school? She’ll never put your gross cock in her mouth. Especially not for the dirtbag bully who beats me up every day. You aren’t even my friend you shouldn’t be in here!” he screamed as he stormed off.

I was fucking furious, I wanted to beat the shit out of this punk and Just as I was about to get off of him. Mike held onto the back of my neck and absolutely rammed his dick down my throat so hard I thought I might pass out and I felt the thickest load of cum ever shooting down my throat. I felt 3 powerful streams of cum pour down my throat before I managed to pull off of his still cumming cock splashing even more cum on my face and exposed tits.

He stood up with a hearty groan saying, “Guess the secret is out now slut.”

I was fucking speechless. I just stayed there under the table on my knees with my stomach full of cum, the taste of his sticky precum and semen in my mouth, semen all over my tits and even more dripping from my face and lips. Just simply cum covered by who I now know as. My son’s bully.

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