The Eros Project Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“You are full of shit,” Mark said.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not,” Luke said with a shrug. “I guess we’ll find out over the next day or two.”

Mark frowned at his cousin, looking from him to the papers spread out on the table in front of them, and back to him.

Luke smiled. “You’re starting to believe me, aren’t you?” he said.

“You’re saying our moms are part of an experiment started in the 70’s, and which has continued to this day, to produce almost constantly horny, super-fucking-hot MILFs who are attracted to their sons once the sons turn 18?” Mark said.

“Crazy, right?” Luke said. “But it’s all there, all the research, all the notes I’ve found on the web and shit,” he added, pointing to the papers. “Some guy called Professor Nicholson started up this secret Eros Project in the 70’s, supposedly to give women better figures. Years later, those women were either widowed or divorced and ended up banging their grown-up sons. And every one of those women were slim and stacked like you wouldn’t believe.”

“You’re right, I don’t,” Mark said. He flicked through the papers on the dining room table, admiring the photos of the women his cousin said were part of some weird project. He had to admit, they were all gorgeous and all had really big tits.

Just like his own mom. Just like Luke’s mom. Just like most every mother of his friends on the football team.

His mom, Angela, was drop dead gorgeous, that was no lie. He had never admitted to anyone, even Luke, how many times he’d fantasised about her. His mom was blonde, slim, with huge, soccer ball sized tits that somehow managed not to sag, and a round ass that he’d stared at so many times. His dad had died ten years before in a car accident and since then, it had just been him and his mom.

Her sister, Victoria, Luke’s mom, was almost her twin despite being a year younger than her. A little shorter, she was just as blonde, and just as stacked as Angela. She had divorced Luke’s dad years before and had raised the computer nerd on her own. Another secret Mark had kept from his cousin was how often his Aunt Vicky featured in his fantasies.

The two boys had grown up together almost as brothers, having been born only days apart. Mark, the athletic jock had turned 18 just two weeks ago, while Luke, who had grown up to be the brains of the pair, had celebrated his own eighteenth a week later.

Now, sat in Luke’s dining room, Mark looked again at the research his cousin had presented him with. The Eros Project was, Luke had claimed, the reason why their moms — and most every mom of their friends — looked like they’d walked out of a porno.

Luke stood and looked out of the window.

“Tell me, Mark,” he said, beckoning his cousin over. “You really think I’m making this shit up when both our moms look like that?”

Luke’s mom was mowing the back lawn, pushing the electric mower over the grass, under the hot afternoon sun. She wore a pair of sneakers, some denim cut offs that barely covered the pert cheeks of her ass, and a black bikini top that did nothing to restrain the movement of her huge tits as they jiggled as she mowed, sweat running down over the firm mounds. She looked up to see them watching and waved at them, her big jugs moving back and fore.

Luke waved back while Mark quickly returned to the table.

“She’s been wearing outfits like that for the last week or so,” Luke said with a smile. “And man, has she been flirting with me!”

“You’re imagining it, man,” Mark said, thinking of his own mom. Had her T-shirts become tighter over the last couple of weeks? Her skirts shorter? Had she been a lot more attentive to him? “I should get going.”

“Sure, no worries,” Luke said. He gathered together his papers and put them in the manila folder marked Eros. “Don’t fight it, man,” he said. “Whatever happens, happens.”

Mark shook his head. “You are so full of shit,” he said with a smile. “See you tomorrow, maybe.”

After Mark had left, Luke stood in the dining room, flicking through the files he’d pulled off the internet, smiling at the photos of the big-titted moms who’d unknowingly been part of Professor Allison’s crazy experiment. According to the Professor’s own research, they’d all ended up fucking their sons and, when they had them, their daughters, too. And, Luke noted with a big grin, when the mothers had sisters of their own, they’d been more than happy to fuck them, too.

“What’s got you so happy?” Vicky sincan escort asked as she walked into the room, smiling at her son.

“Oh, just hoping some research of mine is going to pay off, soon,” Luke said, looking his mom up and down. Her ankles and lower legs were covered with grass cuttings and sweat ran down her neck and over her huge, bikini-clad tits. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and lay flat against her back.

“Well I’m going to grab a shower,” Vicky said, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. She stared at him for a moment, their faces close, noses almost touching, both of them smiling.

“Want me to scrub your back?” he asked suddenly, surprising himself and his mom.

“I don’t know,” Vicky asked with a smile. “I’ve worked up quite a sweat. I’d need a really big loofah. Do you have a big loofah for Mommy?”

Luke gulped, his bravado suddenly disappearing.

“That’s okay,” his mom said, stepping back. “I can probably manage. See you in a little while.” She headed out of the room, her ass wiggling in her skin-tight denim shorts, Luke watching all the while.

“Shit,” he whispered when she’d gone. “Is this happening?”

Ten minutes later, he sat in his bedroom, his Eros Project folder beside him, listening to the shower running down the hall. Should he have walked in? Did his mother want him to do that? Was all his research about the Eros Project really coming to fruition? Despite his assurances to Mark, he found himself in doubt.

“Luke, honey?” his mother’s voice called from the bathroom. The shower had stopped.

“Yes, Mom?” he called back.

“I’ve forgotten to bring a towel in with me. Could you bring me one?”

Luke gulped again. “Holy shit,” he said. “It is happening.”

Eagerly he ran to the laundry cupboard and grabbed a towel, stopping outside the bathroom door.

“Should I — should I throw it in — or –?” he called.

“Bring it in, honey. I don’t want to get water all over the floor.” As he opened the door, his mom laughed. “And no peeking at your old mom!”

“You ain’t old, Mom,” he said as he walked in. The room was steamed up and the glass walls of the shower cubicle were covered in steam and water, making them opaque. Vicky stood in the shower, her back to him, looking at him over her shoulder. Her arms were at her sides and he could make out the swell of her tits even from this angle.

As he came closer, she slowly put one arm across her massive jugs while opening the cubicle door with the other. Luke’s eyes went wide as he saw her pert ass naked in front of him.

“Eyes up here, honey,” his mom said laughing.

“Sorry, Mom,” Luke said, quickly looking up at her.

“I suppose I should expect you to sneak a peek every now and then,” Vicky said. “After all, you’re a grown man, now, and I guess you’re at the age when even an old woman like your mom is worth looking at.”

“Mom, you’re not old,” Luke said again, holding the towel up for her. “But yeah, you can’t blame me for looking at a babe like you.”

“You think I’m a babe?” Vicky asked, carefully stepping out of the cubicle backwards, letting him drape the bath towel over her shoulders. “Well for that, I guess you can dry my back if you like.”

Luke wasted no time. He bunched the towel in his hands and started gently rubbing the soft, thick cotton over his mother’s shoulders and back. He stepped closer to her and, being a few inches taller, sneaked a look down her front at her big tits, still squashed by her arm, the deep cleavage dark and inviting.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Vicky said. She reached out and closed the cubicle door. “Keep drying me, honey,” she said. She leaned forward, raising both arms and laying them against the cool glass door, the movement arching her back, pushing her ass out towards him. As Luke moved the towel up and down her back, he couldn’t help but bump into her butt — and she couldn’t help but feel the huge hard-on he had nudging against her.

“Is that — is that okay, Mom?” Luke asked, stroking her back with the towel, feeling her starting to grind her ass cheeks against his throbbing cock.

“That feels great, honey,” Vicky said, her firm butt cheeks gently swaying against his obvious stiffy. “Why don’t you reach round — and dry my front?” she asked, smiling at him over her shoulder. “You know — if you don’t mind.”

As they looked at each other, Luke moved the towel and slid it around and under her arms, stroking her rib cage briefly before moving his hands up — and filling them with her massive tits.

“Mmmm, that’s it, honey,” Vicky said, her eyes half closed as she looked at him. “Dry Mommy — dry Mommy’s big titties.”

Luke moved the towel over the two firm, heavy globes that he’d lusted after in secret for so long. Each one was too big for the hand that cupped it, full, round and perfect. He rubbed them gently with the towel, leaning forward to grab as much of them as he could, his huge hard-on pressing sincan escort bayan into his mom’s ass as she pushed back against it.

“Aahhhhh yessss — that feels good, honey,” Vicky sighed. She smiled at him, loving the wide-eyed look of wonder on his face. “Do you like holding Mommy’s titties?”

Luke nodded, not sure he was able to speak.

Vicky giggled. “Mmm, I bet you do. They’re so big, they really take a long time to dry. Are you happy to dry them for as long as I need?”

Again, Luke nodded.

“Thank you, honey,” Vicky sighed as Luke ran the towel over her huge globes. “You know, lots of men would like to be — mmmmmm — doing what you’re doing now,” she said. “That’s it, be a bit firmer,” she added as Luke grabbed at her big jugs. “But if you want, I’ll let you be the only one — ahhhhh — who gets his hands on Mommy’s big titties. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, mom,” Luke whispered.

“You don’t think it’s wrong?” Vicky asked, pushing her butt back against his hard-on. “Drying your Mommy’s tits like this?”

“No way, mom,” Luke said, massaging her huge mounds. “I’ll dry them anyway you want.”

“Mmmmm, good — why don’t you try it without the towel?” She took hold of the edge of the towel and pulled at it, Luke letting go and allowing her throw it to one side.

Vicky leaned against the cubicle, naked in front of her son, her pert, round ass pushing back against the massive bulge in his shorts, her long, wet ponytail hanging over one shoulder and down in front of her, her enormous tits now freely exposed.

Luke leaned forward again, gently clutching his mom’s beautiful orbs, feeling the small, hard nipples pressing against his palms. He groaned as his fingers clenched a little, feeling the supple flesh balloon out around them, loving the weight of them.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, Luke,” Vicky sighed, licking her lips. “Bet you’ve wanted — mmmm — to get your hands on these for — aahhhh — some time, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, Mom,” Luke whispered.

“Hmm, I can tell,” she said, pushing her ass against his stiff cock. “Let’s give you a good look at them, shall we?”

She stood up, Luke reluctantly letting go of her tits, and turned around, standing naked in front of her son, cupping her own huge melons. Luke filled his hands with them again as he kissed his mother like no son should, their tongues swirling around each other. He dipped down, sucking first one nipple then the other, moving his hands over the rest of her body, grabbing handfuls of her firm ass cheeks as he sucked on her tits.

“Aahhh yeahhhh — you like Mommy’s tits, don’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” Luke said, his mouth full of one of them.

“Wanna get your cock between them?”

Luke looked up at her, a huge smile on his face. “Oh God, yes!” he gasped.

Vicky slowly knelt down in front of him, running her hands over his taut belly that was revealed when he tore off his T-shirt. She unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down along with his underwear, and gasped as his prick lurched up in front of her face.

“Oh my God, Luke,” Vicky said, looking up at her son’s monstrous cock. “That’s fucking huge!”

Luke looked down past the throbbing length of his prick at his mother’s wide eyes, worried that his freakishly large cock had ruined everything.

“I’m — I’m sorry, Mom,” he said, moving his hands to cover himself.

Vicky was quicker, and batted his hands away, grabbing his shaft with both her hands, the fingers struggling to meet around his girth. She ran her hands up and down his length a couple of times, using the pre-cum that flowed from his big knob to lubricate her movements, jerking him slowly as she stared in amazement. Her ex-husband had been big, but her son had him beat by several inches.

“Don’t apologise, honey,” Vicky said. “Mommy loves your big — fucking — cock.”

Holding it tightly by the base, Vicky leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, lapping at the head of his prick, slurping up his almost constant stream of pre-cum. Hearing Luke groan in pleasure, she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the bulbous head, taking the first few inches into her mouth.

“Ohhh ffuuuuuckkk!” Luke gasped, watching his mom blow him.

Vicky bobbed her head a few times, taking him a little deeper each time, before pulling back and spitting on his shaft, coating it in spit. She repeated the move again and again, sucking on his knob for a moment or two before spitting on his prick, covering it in saliva.

“There,” she said, looking at it proudly. “Now you can fuck Mommy’s tits.”

Vicky let go of Luke’s cock and grabbed her own jugs, pulling them apart, allowing her son to push his thick, slippery length between them. She wrapped them around his shaft, the head poking up and out of her cleavage, bumping into her chin. Grinning like he didn’t believe this was happening, Luke started thrusting his hips, sliding his big dick between his mom’s huge mounds.

“Fuck that feels so good,” escort sincan he gasped, watching his cock slip in and out of his mom’s cleavage.

“Hold them, honey — hold Mommy’s tits while you fuck them!” Vicky said, moving her hands so that Luke could take hold and push them together, sandwiching his big prick. Just about every guy she’d been with had loved getting their dicks between her tits and she was pleased to see her son was no exception.

“Fuck — wanted to do this — mmmm — for so fucking long,” Luke gasped.

“Yeah? You like it? Like titfucking Mommy’s big titties?” Vicky asked him, watching his cock head appear and disappear between her boobs. “Yeah, that’s it — fuck Mommy’s tits, honey — mmmmmllllpppsppp!” Her words descended into noises as she bent her head and sucked on his fat knob as it poked out from between her massive mounds.

“Jesus, Mom!” Luke gasped. “You’re the fucking best!”

“Mmmm, thank you, honey,” Vicky said, letting his cock go. “But if you like this, maybe you should try fucking Mommy’s pussy. Would you like that?”

“Oh my God yes!” Luke babbled, eyes wide.

They quickly disentangled themselves, Luke stroking his hard cock as he watched his slim and stacked mother turn around and drop her head and shoulders down to the floor. Her ass pointed up at him, her huge tits squashed against the floor as she smiled up over her shoulder at him.

“Come on, honey,” she said, wiggling her ass from side to side. “Mommy’s pussy’s really horny — Mommy really needs that big fucking cock of yours.”

Luke knelt behind her and held his cock in one hand, his mom’s ass in the other, and aimed his knob at the swollen lips of her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward, easing inch after inch of his mammoth shaft into the hot, slippery cunt of his mother.

“Ahhh yesss — deeper, honey,” Vicky sighed. “Fuck Mommy deeper!”

With the first few inches of his cock in her pussy, Luke held her ass cheeks in both hands, moving his hips, stuffing his prick into her.

“Oooohhhh fuuuuuckkkkk! Fuck Mommy’s pussy! Fuck Mommy!” Vicky moaned as Luke started to thrust with longer, deeper strokes, giving her what she wanted. His cock spread her pussy lips wide as the meaty shaft went deep into her cunt over and over again.

Vicky mewled, her eyes rolling up in her head, her son’s huge cock giving her more pleasure than any other lover ever had, including his father.

“Ahhh — ahh — oh fuck — uuuhhhnn — I’m cumming, Luke — fuuuuuuckkkk — Mommy’s cumming!” she cried, her body shaking as her orgasm rippled through her stacked body. Her pussy clenched on Luke’s prick as he continued fucking her through her cum, pounding in and out of her twat, his fingers clutching at her ass cheeks.

“That’s it, Mom,” Luke groaned. “Cum for me!”

Vicky gasped and moaned as her son’s huge prick slid in and out of her tight cunt, prolonging her orgasm. She smiled as she felt him pull his fuck meat almost all the way out before driving it back in once more, fucking her hard and deep just as she liked it.

“Fuck Mommy — uuhhhnnn — fuck Mommy,” she muttered, looking up at him over her shoulder. He was watching his prick sliding in and out of her pussy, sweat dripping from his forehead, his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

Vicky knew this was wrong — she’d known it ever since she’d decided to seduce him, but she didn’t care. And now, having tasted his cock, having had it stuffed up her pussy, she knew there was no way she was giving it up. And judging by the expression on her son’s face, and the enthusiastic pounding he was giving her little kitty, he wasn’t going to give it up either.

“Oh God — love you, Mom!” he gasped, shoving his hard-on deep into her twat over and over. He was panting hard and as she felt his prick swell even more, Vicky knew he was going to cum soon.

“Are you close, honey?” she asked him. He simply nodded and grunted, still fucking her. “Cum for me, Luke — uuhhhnn — cum in me — cum on me — aahhhhh — anywhere you like!”

“Anywhere, Mom?” Luke gasped.

“Anywhere, honey!” Vicky sighed.

She was a little disappointed to feel him pull his prick from her twat but grinned as he quickly knelt beside her and gently rolled her on to her back. She folded her arms under her tits, gathering them together for him, the huge mounds presented as targets.

Luke jerked his cock a couple of times before it lurched in his hand and spat out a thick, wide line of jism that landed across her massive jugs. Another and another shot out the bulbous head of his prick, coating her in pearly cum. More and more of the viscous fluid decorated her orbs and she began to wonder if he would ever stop. She’d had plenty of men cum on her tits in the past, but never so much from one man.

“Oh my God! So much fucking cum!” Vicky moaned in delight. Even while he was still cumming, she pushed one of her tits up to her mouth, slid out her tongue and lapped as much of the hot, creamy sauce up as she could. “Mmmm, tastes so good,” she sighed, sucking up more.

Luke moved his cock and, as the last few spurts poured from his dick, offered it to her to suck. Vicky swallowed the last of his jizz straight from his cock before scooping up his cum from her tits and licking her fingers clean.

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