Sophia’s Anal Adventure Ch. 01

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Sophia was 20, and in college. She had hazel auburn hair and fantastically bouncy round melon tits. Her lips were full and pouty, and gave her the most adorable fuck me face. She was a little larger, and it gave her a perfect full figure. Her little shaved pussy was always wet and aching for more.

But she loved more than anything, the feeling of something, anything, filling up her ass. Anal was her game, and she was an all star pro.

Sophia just arrived home from her day at school. Her panties were soaked as she had thought about all the men in her class lining up to empty their loads up her ass one after another until it gushed out. She opened the door. Put down her books. Locked the door, and pulled her pants down. She scanned the room quickly looking for the first object that would satisfy her lust. She sat down on the couch and found just the thing. The old tv remote control.

“Perfect, I haven’t tried that yet. ” Sophia thought to herself. She peeled her panties down her legs as her own sticky wet cum clung to her pussy. She was soaked. The little black remote grazed up and down her glistening labia to pick up a fresh coat of lube before she lifted her leg and pressed it against the sphincter of her ass. Sophia imagined it was instead the hard black cock of another student. That tall fellow in the front row, he always took a look at her cleavage when they passed by each other. She noticed even though she was staring right back at the bulge between his legs. No, the professor. He had been married for 20 or more years, but was boring as hell, he must have some serious skills to have 6 children with one woman. And he always looked at the all the girls in class, all but staring at the busty ones. She pretended just then it was his hard cock pushing up her ass as she popped erotik film izle the remote in. Finally she felt the stretch of something penetrating her behind. Her little round asshole comfortably stretched to take in the square top of the remote, and with her other hand she started twisting her big pale nipple under her shirt. Then she pushed a little more in. Sophia smiled ear to ear as she started to pull it out just a little then shove it in even deeper. The device worked itself down into her butt until it reached the first row of convex bumpy buttons.

“Ah. ” She exclaimed, moving her hand down to her open waiting and dripping clit. The remote sank past the first set of button, then she pulled it back out. This wasn’t her first time, she was just warming up, she pushed the whole remote all the way in. Just enough was left out for two fingers to pull the black box back out, before she plunged in back inside.

“Mmmmmmmf. ” Every bump felt amazing on her insides. She pulled the remote in and out over and over. Her clit throbbed as she rubbed it furiously in time with her savage anal pulsations,and she felt herself edging closer to a volcanic climax. She rubbed and rubbed while working her asshole with the remote, but had the feeling that it simply wasn’t enough. Again she scanned the room with her lust filled eyes for something that could give her a good anal stretch. The fridge, she thought,always something good in there. She got up, leaving the remote in place and waddled over to the kitchen, her butt wiggling and shaking as if she had a little tail. She opened the refrigerator and found just the perfect item in the vegetable cooler. A delicious squash that was golden yellow, nice and firm, and bulged out on one end to be absolutely massive. She was not at all sure if film izle the whole vegetable would fit inside her, but she knew she simply must find out. This time she grabbed a bit of slick lube from beside the bed as she lay down and properly coated everything. She pushed out the remote and then started with the narrow end of her new veggie friend. Sophia pushed hard to get the squash past the puckered hole, but then relaxed as she felt the real stretch begin. It was already bigger around than most men and she was just getting started. Greedily s

Sophia pushed the plant in deeper, her legs thrashed in the air as she felt herself opening wider and wider. As the squash came close to the halfway mark she moved her hand from her clit down to the vegetable to force it deeper with two hands. And it slid in another inch. She writhed in her bed, sweet divine ecstasy coursed through her body and she felt split into two. She wondered as she worked the squash down to the end if it was now as thick as two or three regular cocks filling up her ass. She dreamed of their cum lubing up her crack for the next stallion to take her on. She was nearly there, her breasts bounced and shook as her legs bucked, and she kept moving her fingers back to her needy clit. The big end, that would do it, she felt the power of a colossal orgasm coming on.

She pushed the squash deeper, panting hard and sweating all over, she moaned and fought to take the huge object ever deeper. Almost there she thought, almost to the maximum stretch. Just before she had the squash into its widest point she took her hand away, made a tight fist and slipped the whole thing inside her pussy.

“Ahhh GOD THAT’S GOOD. FUCK! ” Sophia shouted. Her body spasming as she passed over into thrashing climax. Her hand kept pressing down seks filmi izle on her vegetable and she squeezed her pussy lightly around her fist. She shook like that, cumming over and over in waves of pleasure. She locked up her jaw, her arms and her legs, her neck twisted around, her toes curled up. She couldn’t breath and she kept her eyes closed.

“Fuck.” She cried again, shaking on. She tried to pull her hand out but it was firmly locked in place by her iron trap pussy clamped tight around her own arm. She felt wet suddenly and realized she was squirting profusely. She rocked back and forth and finally, gradually she came down from her ograsm. She drew in a deep breath and panted for a while.

That was when she realized, the squash was missing. It had completely disappeared up her tush. She suddenly felt proud and slightly worried as to how she would get it out, but also amazed that she had finally taken something so large into her rectum. She hadn’t been stretched out like that since those foreign exchange students had had her ass as a pincushion orgy.

Those were flexible lads.

Sophia was still glowing from her orgasm when she started to play with her ass a little. She had removed her pussy fist and was circling her gaping anus with her wet pussy juice fingers. Just inside she could feel the vegetable, only and inch it seemed. But her butthole was closing and it seemed like the squash was getting further away. She plunged her hand in after it trying to grab onto the stem of the veggie to pull it back out.

‘This is arousing’ She thought to herself. There she was, wrist deep in her own ass, with a vegetable just out of her reach inside of her, and her own sweet cum all over her legs and bedsheets.

When suddenly, she heard something she did not expect. The someone at the door, from where she lay on her bed she had a clear view of, and could be seen spread eagle and anal fisting, the front door. And she watched the lock turn, and the door swing open.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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