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so it came to the time to pick claire up from the airport and i was sooo looking forward to it (not!!!) so i got to the airport and parked up and walked into the airport and waited at claires gate when she arrived i reluctantly said “hello claire” she said “hello good fellow” so we walked to my car and both got in just before i got in i send harvey a message saying this sucks baby BIG time so i got into my car and light up a cig claire said to me “will you put that out!” i looked at her and said “no i will not this is my car your sitting in” claire shot me a dirty look i turn my exnition on and said to claire “belt on please” “no i will be fine without it” “no i insist you put your belt on” so claire did and i drove her to harveys moms house

when we got there i walked over to bella and said “that sucked big time” bella gave me a smile and said “thanks sweetie” i smiled back and said “your welcome” claire was getting her stuff out the car and shouted “will you kindly give me a fucking hand” bella said “why are you talking your bags out the car your stopping at harvey and leons” i looked at bella with both shock and anger and said “what!!!” i light up a cig in anger and got my cell out my pocket and rang harvey my call reached his voicemail so i left a message saying “boy you best izmit escort bayan call me back becuase i am exstremely fucking pissed off with you!!!!”

so i drove claire to my apartment after saying goodbye to bella when we got there harvey called me on my cell and i answered it saying “is there anything you wish to tell me any little gems or secrets plans i should know” “baby where are you now” “dont you baby me i just about to go into are apartment” “well im inside so i will talk to you in a minute” so we walked thought the door and claire said “what is this it” i turned to face her and said “well one makes do with the finaries that one has” so we walked into the kitchen (me and harvey) as claire walked around the apartment

when we walked into the kitchen i said to harvey “no way i mean it no way i want her out i mean it harvey i mean it” “baby its only for a week please” “a week!! really? one whole week” “yes baby a week” “harvey this sucks big time!!” “i know it does baby” “no she can go to a hotel i dont care how much it cost and the way im feeling you can go with her” so i walked away from harvey and walked upto claire and said “your not staying here i will find you a hotel”

so i called all the hotels i could find on my ipad and i finally found one when i was talking izmit eve gelen escort to the lady i said “do you have any rooms avalible?” “yes sir we have the pent house avalible” “no i would like a standard room please” “im sorry sir i only have the pent house avalible” “okay how much?” “$1100 a night sir” “1100 bucks no way im not paying that for this bitch” after i said that i put my cell down and screamed at the top of my voice “grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!” so i packed a week worth of clothes and said to harvey “baby im staying at my moms for a week are you coming with me?” harvey walked upto me and said “i cant can i? are you upset with me baby?” i gave harvey a hug and said “no baby im not honestly but i really dont want to send a week with her here” i gave harvey a kiss and said “bye baby i will see you tomorow i promise”

so i drove over to my moms house and asked my mom and dad could i stay for a week and they said it was fine and asked if harvey is coming to join me “no i think harvey is going to spend some quailty time with claire” so i walked upto my old room and laid on my bed my mom knocked on my door and said “can i come in” i shouted “yeah sure” so my mom walked in and sat on my bed and said “so why are you here if harvey is at your apartment?” “well izmit otele gelen escort i did ask harvey if he was coming with me but i understand claire is his family and unfortunitly mine too” “is she coming between you to again becuase if she is i will give her a slap” i was really shocked that my mom has just said that and i said “mom!! you cant say that” “well i just have darling” so me and my mom laughed and she left my room i rang harvey on his cell and said “hey baby how is it going” “its a nightmare she wants to sleep in are bed” “well tell her thats to bad infact give her your cell i will tell her my self” “baby calm down she isnt sleeping in are bed i promise” “good because if she does i will burn it hopefully with her on it!!!!” “baby….” “okay im sorry that was a little harsh” “so i have a great idea how about you take me to dinner and i spend the night at your moms with you” “sure baby im on my way i will be about an hour and half ive got a few things to do and its just enought time for you to put the dog out”

so when i got to my apartment after doing the things i had to do i messaged harvey saying im out side and he came down stars unfortunity claire was with him in a beautiful channel dress i got out my car and i said to claire “where did you get that dress” she smiled at me and said “harvey brought me it about 20 minutes ago” i gave one of my pissed off smiles and said “did he now” looking at harvey when i said it so we both got into are car and i meet harvey and claire at the restraunt

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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