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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER TEN: � Dinner and a Show By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@)

� BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first story on Nifty, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

Another thing that makes me cry is the thought that Nifty might go away if we don”t support it. Think of the hours of fun you”ve had on this site. Isn”t it worth the price of a movie ticket every month or even every quarter to keep it going? Donate here.


My son Channing and I were on our way to our new home in Columbia, South Carolina. I had decided that I needed a break, so we decided to spend the night at Primrose Farm Bed your sounds and motions; the feel of your penises inside our mouths and asses, and all over our bodies; the feel of your mouths and asses around our penises; the feelings of dominance or submission we experience with each of you; and, the looks of tender affection we will exchange as we become friends.

“All of our experiences with you will bring us closer together. Cody can never fully understand how I feel when he makes love to me, but we will both understand what it feels like when the two of you fuck us. That will be a precious shared memory for us.”

Chan and I looked at each other. I had never thought of it in quite those terms, but that was similar to what we had just experienced too. Our adventures at the tailor shop and in our bed with Mike and Dave brought us closer together.

My son had cleared half his plate. He stood up to reveal his fully engorged penis with it”s moist, glistening head. He is incredibly beautiful when presenting his erection for others to admire. He does it without a trace of boastfulness or narcissism.

Chan asked, thinking he was a smartass, “So, you”re saying my penis can be a force for unity and peace? This dick right here could win the Nobel Peace Prize or something?”

Cody came around and knelt on one side of my son, and Victor slipped off his chair. The husbands kissed Chan”s glans, and their tongues mingled as they tasted him. They did not linger. They stood and loosely embraced him, and each kissed a cheek. Both their penises were lengthening: Cody”s was approaching seven inches, while Victor”s was more than eight inches, and remained about six in girth.

“Your entire body is a force for good in this world, my friend,” Cody said while stroking my son”s chest. “Would the two of you like to become friends with us?”

I smiled at the trio as they kissed again, seemingly unaware of the three cocks sliding against each other. “I am willing, sweet baby. What about you?”

Chan smiled and nodded. “Yes. But, can I finish my dinner before we become friends?”

Cody sat down in Chan”s chair. “We can do both, my new friend. Sit on my lap facing me. I will feed you and watch how you enjoy what I made for you.”

Cody sat with his seven-inch penis standing tall and proud. Chan sat facing him with his own six (and a little more) inch penis flat against his abs. He sat close, so their phalluses were rubbing.

“Would you like a little something for your belly, my friend,” Cody asked while stroking Chan”s smooth, hairless belly in a circular pattern. He had to brush my son”s penis to rub below his navel.

“Yes, please. Thank you, Cody,” Chan whispered.

Cody picked up a few leaves of the mixed greens and presented them to Chan, letting his fingers follow the greens into Chan”s mouth. Chan maneuvered the greens in his mouth and then licked Cody”s fingers. Cody traced his fingers over Chan”s lips as the teen chewed his food.

When Chan swallowed, Cody traced down Chan”s Adam”s apple to his stomach. Chan izmit escort bayan gently thrust his penis along the larger one belonging to his friend. Their eyes locked on each other, transmitting their delight at this new way to take in sustenance.

Cody repeated the feeding routine two more times, allowing his left hand to wander all around Chan”s tantalizing skin. Each time my beautiful son thanked him sincerely.

Cody picked up a piece of trout and placed it on his well-developed right pectoral.

“Would you like to feed off my body, sweet boy? Or would you rather I put it in your mouth for you?”

Chan answered by leaning down, thanking Cody, and taking the fish off Cody”s chest with his lips. In the process, he leaned against Cody”s penis with even more pressure. As Chan chewed his latest morsel, he allowed his lips to sample Cody”s nipple.

Cody reciprocated by reaching around and brushing Chan”s anus with a finger, then bringing it back to my son”s mouth for him to taste. Chan hummed as he licked the finger.

Cody placed a small mound of salad on his left pec and Chan ate that in a similar manner. Cody again swiped his finger over Chan”s anus, eliciting a pleasurable moan.

“Chan, my friend, I think my husband would love to taste your beautiful ass. Would you like his mouth down there,” Cody asked invitingly.

“Yes, please. Thank you, Victor,” Chan spoke in a huskier whisper.

Victor slipped out of his chair. I noticed his cock was close to nine inches now and liberally lubricating itself. He knelt down under the table and caressed Chan”s ass before moving his mouth into the beautiful valley of delights.

Channing breathed into Cody”s chest, passively accepting the ministrations of these two men. Chan turned his head and laid it on Cody”s shoulder and sighed. He sat for a couple minutes, allowing Victor”s tongue to relax him. Chan sighed again and whispered, “More, please. Thank you, Cody.”

“Of course, my sweet,” was Cody”s reply

Chan was fed several more bites of salad and fish as he pressed cocks with one husband while having his ass laved by the other. I was sure this was the best meal of his life.

Cody picked up the water glass and offered it to Chan. I watched Chan swallow twice, then kiss Cody for a minute or so.

A small moan came from under the table as Channing moaned out thanks to Victor. Victor was enjoying this as much as Chan. All too soo Chan joined the clean plate club. Cody asked my son what else he might like.

“Thank you, Cody, for making love to me with your food,” my son answered.

Cody rubbed Chan”s back and asked him what he meant.

“When you serve people your wonderful food, you feel that you are making love to them, don”t you? I can feel how much you cook with your heart. You try to nourish our hearts too, not just our belly”s. I can feel it. You give your entire self to others through your food.

“You often get an erection when you think about the pleasure your food will give people, don”t you? Did you have an erection when you made dinner for my daddy and me?”

I saw a look of shock on Cody”s face quickly merge with a tinge of embarrassment and both fade into resignation as he acknowledged the truth in what Chan just said.

“Yes, my sweet, I had an erection when I thought about you and your handsome father eating what I created. I wanted very much to bring you pleasure and sustenance.”

“Thank you, Cody, for getting an erection when you thought of cooking for us,” Chan said as he rubbed his penis along Cody”s, revealing more of Cody”s glans. Chan held Cody”s gaze as he moved his hands over the young man”s muscled chest. “You have such a generous heart,” Channing continued. “Thank you for sharing your body with me too, Cody. I enjoyed eating off your body. And I like the feeling of our penises touching too. Your foreskin is luxurious.”

“Victor?” Chan called.

Victor izmit eve gelen escort made the difficult decision to stop rimming Chan to join the conversation. He stood, showing his thick nine-inch penis touching his stomach above his navel. His enormous penis was drenched in precum, as were his substantial balls. The precum also covered his inner thighs and dotted the dark, trimmed hair of his torso.

Victor stood on the other side of Cody and Chan. He bent down to kiss his husband first, sharing the flavor of Chan”s anus with his husband. Then he kissed my son and lovingly stroked his face.

“Yes, my sweet?” Victor said to Chan.

Chan turned to look at him. “I think it”s sexy how you like watching your husband cook. You like it almost as much as watching him make love to another man. You can”t believe your good fortune to have found such a kind and generous man. Your favorite sight is to watch your husband get an erection as he prepares to serve his creations to a guest. You”ve ejaculated, haven”t you, watching him offer everything he is and does for other people.”

Victor looked at me with wide eyes and then turned back to Chan. “How can you possibly know all that, my sweet? I fall in love with my husband every time I see his foreskin retract at the thought of giving himself to others, whether he offers his body or his food. I love him so much.”

Cody looked up at Victor. “Have you actually ejaculated watching me cook?”

“Many times, my love. Just seeing the pleasure you derive from giving other people pleasure makes it feel like you”re making love to me too.”

Victor said, “I make love to you with every breath.”

As the men kissed tenderly, Chan turned his attention to me.

“Daddy, may I please have your penis?”

I stood revealing my penis also coated in precum and pointing north. I stood next to Channing as he sat astride Cody. Channing kissed my moistened cock and asked Cody and Victor, “Don”t you think my daddy has a pretty penis?”

Cody also kissed the head of my cock and inhaled deeply. “Your daddy has a beautiful cock, my sweet. Beautiful. “

I thought to myself: Flattery will get you everywhere, my new friend.

Chan asked, “Daddy, would you please make love to me with your beautiful penis?”

I stood frozen. I have never had anal intercourse with my son. I was hoping we would do it soon, perhaps our first night in our new house. I wasn”t expecting it to be today. I stroked his blond curls. “Are you certain of this, Bunny? You know I have never penetrated you before.”

Channing kissed my penis again. “Yes, daddy. I want us to show Cody and Victor how much we love each other. I want our new friends to share our love.”

I received another tender kiss on my frenulum.

Chan explained, “After we make love, I want Cody and Victor to make love to me too. I want them both to feel your love inside me. They will join our love with their own. I want our love to nourish theirs the way Cody”s love nourished us just now.”

Chan looked at Cody. “Is that what you meant when you said that sharing our bodies is good for your marriage?”

Cody ran his hands all over Chan”s taught body and kissed him passionately. When Cody broke the kiss, I saw tears running down his cheeks.

“Yes. That is it exactly. You are a miracle, my sweet.”

Victor said, while continuing to caress Chan, “My sweet, I want to be sure you make this choice freely. The last thing I want is that you feel pressured to do something before you”re ready. Cody and I are perfectly happy with what we have already done. We feel lucky just to have met you both, don”t we, my love?”

Cody and Victor kissed before Cody continued, “That”s the way I feel too. Chan, perhaps you and your father would rather be alone for your first time together. That is such a special time for you both. I don”t want to intrude on your special izmit otele gelen escort love.”

Chan was persistent. “How can you intrude on love? Love only exists when it is shared. Dad and I have a powerful love.When my daddy makes love to me, we are going to wrap you up in it because we both feel a special connection you already, right, daddy?”

I demonstrated my agreement by kissing both Cody and Victor.

Chan continued, “After that, you two will make love to me and become physically part of our connection. Please allow us to give you this gift. It will be unlike anything you”ve ever experienced.”

Victor bent down to kiss my son again, then stood up. “You are a marvel, young man. But you can see that my penis is above average in size. The last thing I want is to hurt you. Can you take me inside you without pain?”

Chan rubbed his face in an unhurried fashion against Victor”s cock that was liberally flowing with precum. The fluid covered his face and clung to his curls. Chan gently traced his lips from the tip down to Victor”s balls where his tongue came out to taste here and there. When he finished exploring, he looked up to Victor, whose precum lit Chan”s entire face with a special glow.

Chan assured him, “If you love me, I will be fine. I promise you that.”

Chan nuzzled against Victor again, sighing with his eyes closed. His tongue flicked against Victor”s penis to lap up the never-ending stream of precum.

“I do love you, my sweet friend,” Victor told my son as he pressed his substantial penis into Chan”s face for their mutual pleasure. From the expressions on both their faces, it worked.

“I don”t know how I could fall in love with you so quickly,” Victor continued, “But I certainly have. I love you, Channing.”

Chan was quiet for a moment, obviously basking in his new-found love. He eventually took his face away from its nesting place and gave Victor”s penis one last long lick. “I love you, Victor. I can”t wait for us to share our pleasure.”

Then he turned and leaned into me. My son looked even more stunning than usual. I felt my penis throbbing against his face.

Chan gazed up at me, and I smiled with all the love in my heart. “Daddy, are you willing to make love to me and share it with Cody and Victor? I love them both very much. I want them to be part of our love, daddy.”

I looked down at my love. A rivulet of my precum landed on his nose and ran across his cheek as he smiled wanly at me. There was no question that I would do whatever he wanted.

“Yes, my sweet baby,” I said to him as I pressed his face into me. “Our love is too strong to keep to ourselves. Let”s share it with our friends.”

Victor smiled broadly. “Shall we go up to our room? It will be a much better setting for a beautiful night of lovemaking.”

Channing sat up, and Cody stood up while holding him. Chan wrapped his arms and legs around the young man, and rested his head on Cody”s shoulder, purring at the pleasure the movement gave him as Cody”s cock continued to press against his own.

“Thank you, Cody. I love you. Thank you for loving me and making me feel so good.”

Cody squeezed my son tightly, and they both groaned. I ran my hand down Chan”s back and then moved my hand over to Victor”s dripping wet penis. I stopped briefly for him to nod approval of my touch. I ran my middle finger around Victor”s flaring glans, retrieving as much lubricant as I could.

Then I touched my finger to Channing”s anus, which kept winking open and closed. As soon as I made contact, I felt a spark, and we both moaned in pleasure and love.

Chan opened to me, and I inserted the entire length of my finger into his eager hole. Actually, it felt as if Channing pulled the entire length of my finger into his eager hole.

I spent a minute or two massaging my son”s rectum as he massaged my finger. We both panted and eventually declared our love simultaneously.

“Thank you, daddy. I love you to Neptune and back.”

I removed my finger from Chan”s hole and mourned my beleaguered fate to be separated from him for even one second of the day.

I kissed Cody. He turned with Chan, and they lead the way upstairs.

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