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by JohnFoxe




La Mirada Academia,
San Marcos, Costa Rica


So… what is this?

What are we looking at?

We”re in a dim, almost-dark room.

We”re looking down at a person who is holding a small screen, a phone or a hand-held game… or something.

It”s too dark to see who the person is.
He, or she, is just a silhouette.
But we can see the screen just fine.
It looks too large to be a phone, though.

Around us, we see familiar shapes … objects, stacked on shelves.

Ah, a guitar.
Our eyes are adjusting.
A snare drum…
two, three,
make that four snare drums.

Other shapes,
an open black case with a disassembled horn of some kind. Too dark to tell exactly.

So, it appears we are in a small storage room. Maybe connected to the Music Room.

The person sitting in the dark, looking at a large phone screen, is possibly… a student?
That would make sense.

Is this student hiding? Skipping study-period, maybe?

Okay, lets look closer at the phone screen. Zoom all the way down.

Further down.

Yes, now the phone screen is all we can see.
Great resolution too!

Okay, so, it appears we”re looking at a video.

Ahh, so it”s not a phone…
we see fingertips for a moment, holding it by the edges.

It”s a tablet.
This person, probably a student, is sitting in a dark music room storage closet (is the door locked?) holding a tablet, and we are looking down at the tablet screen.

Will our eyes eventually adjust enough to see this person clearly?
All we saw were fingers, just for a split second.
Kid? Teen? Adult?
Just a dark shape from our angle. Can”t tell.

For now, we only see the tablet screen.

A YouTube video?
Or maybe it”s a movie.

Well, no,

it looks more like a live video.
It”s a live stream of some kind.
The person with the tablet is watching it,
and we”re watching it too.

A conference call, like for school or work?

So, no, it doesn”t seem to be.
It looks like the regular variety, like when you call your mom.

Okay, now we see the little “PRIVATE” indicator-light.
It”s flashing in the bottom corner of the screen every so often,
We”ve seen that one before… the one that lets us know we are making a private one-to-one video call.
Next to the “E” in “PRIVATE” is the “encrypted” symbol.
Ah, very hush-hush. Got it.

Whoever is on the other end of this video call, has their phone aimed at the floor, mostly.

Well, it might not be a phone. It could be another tablet.

Okay, never mind, it”s just a phone on the other end, judging by the dimensions of the video image.

Oh, come on! Just angle the phone to landscape,
or flip it around to portrait
…make up your mind!

Whoever it is on the other end is standing on a big circular rug. Surrounding it is a hardwood floor.

Ah, just like the momentary fingertips on our end,
we see similar fingertips on the phone end.

We hear voices in the background.

Is that a woman”s voice,
or a kid”s voice?

What”s that dragging noise?

Oh, something is changing on-screen.
The phone is aimed straight down now.

We see toes.
Kid”s toes.
The person holding the phone is now standing up onto a chair.
He… or she… wants to be tall, apparently.

Okay, it”s not a chair, exactly.
It”s like a padded stool.
An ottoman maybe,
but a little taller than an ottoman.

There”s a wooden pillar nearby, a building support pole, within arm”s reach,
close enough to hold onto and steady themselves, if need be.

Oh wait… there are at least two voices.
And yes, it is kids” voices we hear.
Two kids.
Whispering, rather.

Now, a finger.

it”s not a finger.

…we”re focusing…

a penis!

An erect one! A boner, as we used to say,
moving in from the edge of the frame, a close-up.
At least one of the kids is a boy, obviously.

So, we are watching an aroused, naked boy on the other end,
standing on a stool, displaying his erection into his phone.

He”s showing us his dick.
Or rather, he”s showing off to the person holding the tablet.

Okay, the boy has no pubic hair.
So, yeah,
he”s a young kid, for sure.
Hard to guess his age, though… just from his penis.
He could be anywhere from eight all the way to twelve-years-old
…judging by his smooth little boner.

Is he circumcised?
He doesn”t have the pointy little sausage tip,
but he”s extremely erect, so we still can”t be sure.

Maybe he”ll eventually say something and we”ll hear a language,
or at least an accent.

All we hear is more whispers.

But wait… here”s another one. Another person.

We see someone”s head. Blond hair. Looks like another boy.

His head is moving into the frame.
He”s the other kid we heard whispering, no doubt.

We see the top of his head and his profile from above… his nose, his lips.
He is facing the camera kid”s little erection.


A blow job?
Is that what we”re about to see?
Is that why the naked camera-boy is standing on a chair, or whatever?
Perfect height for the other kid to suck on his wiener.

So. let”s get this straight…
this boy, with the help of his little blond friend, is making a video call…
to stream video of the two boys,
doing some naughty, x-rated stuff together,
in real time,
for the amusement of the person holding the tablet.
Is that the gist of it? Are we in the ballpark?

Risky, for sure. Good thing it”s a private call, just between two parties,
not streamed to an internet audience or to one of those teen video-chat sites. Kids have been known to get naughty on those too.

Is the person holding the tablet a kid also? One of their little friends?
We don”t know.

So, two little boys are exploring sex together,
but streaming it to a friend, on cam…

Should we describe this as “obscene?”
Well, technically.

Can we say it”s “naughty as fuck?”
Yeah, it”s pretty naughty, for sure.

But would this little sexual-adventure fall into the “depraved” column?

Naa. Not really… not unless there”s an adult directing giresun escort all of this, behind the scenes.

And thankfully, this whole thing doesn”t have the look of one of those illicit little sex businesses we hear about on the news,
kids in third-world countries performing sexual feats on cam, for adults, in exchange for a few digital bucks,
or however those kids get paid.

Besides, those kind of setups probably require more than just a phone.

Wait… listen…

One of them is whispering something… the blond boy who is up close and personal with his friend”s wiener.

Can”t make out what he”s saying.

And hey… what”s the deal with his ears?

His ears look odd from this angle.

He”s looking up at the camera now.
We see his face, full-on,
and his ears…

they are pointed!

The blond kid has pointy ears.
Too cute!

It”s a disguise. Probably so he wont be identified so easy.

Wait, it”s a private call, so…
maybe he”s just goofing around,
pretending to be a Vulcan. Or a Hobbit.
Something like that. Right?
Playing “Naked Hobbit.”

Or maybe it”s just a phone app.
Come to think of it, that sounds more likely.
Those apps can replace your nose with a dog snout, or enlarge your eyes, or overlay some funny ears.
If that”s the case, this must be a high-quality app!
Doesn”t look cartoonish at all. It”s very convincing.

He”s looking straight at us…
or rather, he”s showing his face to the person on our end… the tablet person.

And hey, is this kid handsome, or what?

Yeah, that”s one good-looking boy!
Sweet expression.
We see his whole body in the frame now, the phone is looking down at him from above.
He”s naked too.
And like his friend, his little bone is sticking straight out.

Is he eight?
Videos can be deceiving when you can”t see how tall a person is.
Regardless, he sure is a cutie-pie!
And his pointy-ears make him look even more adorable.

Now, the boy standing on the stool is reaching down,
petting the blond boy”s face, affectionately.
Ah, so sweet.
This can melt your heart.

We don”t really know if these two are friends, brothers, or cousins.

Oh, but look at that…
his hand just caressed the blond boy”s face,
and slid over his ear a little bit too
…but nothing happened.
It bent like a regular ear, like flesh and blood.
Doesn”t seem like an app.
Maybe the ears are glued on.

Now the camera-boy is crouching down and sweetly kissing the blond boy on the lips, still aiming the phone.
We can”t see the camera-boy”s face very well yet, but it”s a lovely image, regardless… these two kissing.

If we were strictly hetero, we might feel put-off by now… with all of this.
Fortunately, we are not,
strictly hetero,
nor put-off.

Do little boys actually kiss when they are this young …the little queer ones?
It doesn”t really fit with the “exploring” or “playing doctor” thing.
Or is this just for the camera?

Oh hey! …the boy holding the phone has the same ears!
just like the other one.
Still can”t see his face all the way, but he has brown wavy hair.

Brothers wouldn”t kiss like that, not even for the camera.
Would they?

More likely, they are friends,
or boyfriends.
Yeah, little boyfriends.
That”s sweet.
Yep, that can get ya, right in the feels!

Okay, we see he is standing up straight now.

The blond boy”s face is an inch from camera-boy”s little boner.
Well, it”s really not that little,
but compared to an adult”s dick, yeah, it”s kid-sized.

And …yup! He”s kissing the tip.
Now the sides,
and all over.
He”s doing it so sweetly too, like he”s kissing his third-grade girlfriend on the cheek.

OH! …spoke too soon. It just got real.

He”s sliding his whole tongue, slowly underneath the erection,
slowly licking from bottom to tip, and back down again.
He probably wouldn”t be doing that to a little girlfriend”s cheek.

This is getting uncomfortable to watch.

Now he”s holding camera-boy”s boner up against his belly.
He”s sliding his tongue under his balls.

He”s licking them more excitedly now.
like a tasty candy that he wants to eat.
Licking and lapping.
We see him suck one of the balls into his mouth.
Now both… slurping on them.

this live stream…
this very unusual sight we are watching…
this very illegal sight we are watching,

…it kinda surprises the senses. Doesn”t it?
Something we don”t expect to see.
Maybe we are a little put-off, after all.
We should probably look away. It”s gotten pretty over-the-top.

it”s like a car crash… difficult to look away.

He”s letting go.

Good… it”s getting warm in here.

Except… it”s not over. We see the erection disappear into blond boy”s mouth.
He”s just sucking on it.

But now he”s moving in and out,

in and out,
in and out.
Sucking him off, as they say.

Wait… what”s this now?

We see a blurry shape move in from the side.

The lens is starting to refocus.
Is that another dick? A big knob?
It”s moving farther into the frame.
Yes. It”s another dick.
But this is a big dick. A full-sized erect cock.
This might be an older teen, but more likely… it”s an adult.

So… an adult is involved after all.
Figures! We should have been more skeptical.
Well, it wasn”t exactly “innocent” before, but it”s certainly not innocent now.

We see the big purple knob slide in close,
it playfully pokes against the blond boy”s busy lips.

The blond boy lets loose the little boner from his mouth.
He”s looking up at the adult with the big dick. It”s right next to his face. We see the kid smile and chuckle, his eyes wide.
He takes the big cock into his hand, feels it, his fingers don”t even reach all the way around the huge pole.

He slowly pumps it a couple times, then slides it against the sides of his face, caressing it,
his eyes are dreamy, like, he”s really into it. Maybe he”s in love with the owner of the big dick.

We don”t know the circumstances, so we can only guess.

He gently kisses the side of the big pole, then the tip, like he did with camera-boy.
A strand of clear liquid drools out and connects to the boy”s lip.
But we see him turn his head back to his original task. He sucks his friend”s boner back into his mouth.

Not only is the camera-boy being sucked-on by the blond boy, but there”s an adult”s fat knob sliding and rubbing all around his groin,
even though his little boner is… occupied, at the moment.

The purple knob is slippy-sliding against his belly, then down around his balls, then sliding over the blond boy”s busy lips.
We see that the cock is leaving a wet slick wherever it slides. It”s leaking out the tip.

Regardless, the blond boy isn”t paying attention. He still sucks on the little boner, looking more enthused than ever.

The big knob is leaking even more profusely now.
We see the liquid hang from the tip for a moment before it runs and pools onto the blond boy”s lips.

gölbaşı escort

We hear loud breathing.
More like panting.
It doesn”t sound like a kid breathing.
It”s lower, heftier.

Okay, now the breathing is even louder and faster. Sounds almost like grunting.

We see the fat purple knob quiver and shiver,

and with another grunt-noise…

we see gluts of thick white cream spurt out of the big knob.

It covers the camera-boy”s groin,
and it coats the blond boy”s busy, sucking lips in translucent, milky cream.

The blond finally releases the boner from his now-dripping mouth
…just as another thick spurt completely covers the little erection he was just now sucking on.

It runs and oozes down to the camera-boy”s balls.

The blond is now giggling.
We can”t tell if he thinks the sight is funny, or if he”s just happy about the whole thing.

Now he”s turning his head to the side, towards the adult”s big dick.
It”s still pulsing and bobbing and oozing white cream.
We see the the blond boy suddenly pull the bulbous, spurting knob into his mouth.

It looks too big for him. But he works it in.
We see the adult”s fat pole literally swell and throb like an old garden hose.
We see the boy”s throat bob up and down,
He appears to be swallowing the thick cream.

Finally, he”s letting go, wiping his arm across his mouth, and smiling up at the owner of the big dick.

And now… daam!… as if this wasn”t smutty enough… we see him turn back to his little friend and take another long lick up the underside of the camera-boy”s dripping boner, slurping on the thick cream.

So… is this the most obscene video call …ever?
Yeah, it must be,

Wait-wait-wait… a kid this young is really into slurping up some guy”s hot load? Sorry, but that”s hard to believe. Either this is faked, somehow, or that kid is an exceptional actor. He can”t actually be enjoying this.
Right? …am I right?

But he”s licking his lips.



What did he mean by that?

He”s smiling up at the camera… all around his mouth and chin is glistening wet.

We still hear labored breathing, someone catching their breath.

“I love peppermint.”

He said it again. Peppermint.

“The only one…”

Wait! …it seems this new voice belongs to the kid holding the phone-camera.

“The only one in the whole world with peppermint flavored cream.”


Well, at least now we know they speak English, even though there”s an unusual accent.

What”s the boy talking about, though?
…the only one in the whole world with…

“That”s right.”

An adult voice now! …deep, husky. He”s agreeing with the boy.

He said, That”s right.

What”s right? Peppermint-flavored cream?

And yeah, he called it “cream”, like we did.
…the “cream-your-pants” kind of cream.
We hear the deep voice chuckle a little.
It”s an odd sort of chuckle.

We still don”t see the adult”s face, but we see the camera scan around the room, off to the side, towards the window.
It”s dusk. Winter. Can”t see much.

Shadows, colorful sunset.
An aurora? …kinda looks like it.
We see dark shapes against the white snowy landscape,
silhouettes of animals,
behind a wooden fence.
They”re in a pen.
Not farm animals.
They look like… deer.
Not big elks, but small deer.
We see the shapes of their antlers.

Reindeer? Oh please! …we can see where this clever little episode is going.
But hey, this guy and the two boys went to a lot of trouble for their sleazy little production. Gotta hand it to “em!

Scan over to the other side of the room, clothes are hung over the back of a stuffed chair.
Red-burgundy-colored cloth.

Red pants, thick red jacket.
The collar is white fleece.
On the floor is a pair of large black boots.

Again, it”s obvious what this is supposed to look like.

But it isn”t

…what it looks like.

Is it?

Too funny! …of course not!

We”re not friken five!

And I suppose these boys are streaming video “Live! from the Arctic!”

Sorry. Not buying it.

Almost had us, though!
This is just an act… just decoration.
An elaborate holiday theme party, over the phone,
a “PartyStream.”
a “ThemeCall.”
(Is that a “thing”?)
All for the benefit of the person watching the tablet.

Okay, now we see the camera center on the big knob again.

More of this? …okay, here we go.

The big knob is done spurting the cream, apparently.
Just a few remaining drips and drools.

“Hah! Hermie, your belly button…” the blond boy laughs.


The camera boy”s belly button is still filled with white cream, defying gravity.

The blond boy giggles again, leans forward, on his tip-toes, and slurps the belly button clean.

Okay, that was just cringy to watch, right?

Now down to the dripping balls. He is licking those too.
He”s really making an effort to be as x-rated as possible, this handsome blond boy…
the slurping and the “mm-mm” noise he makes as he sucks on camera boy”s wet balls,
he seems really into it.

We hear another sound.

The camera spins around and another boy bustles in from another room.

“Wait for me!”

Oh! Another one!
Same ears too.

A door is open now, behind this new boy. Through this open door, we see two more boys, a workshop, tools, toys.

Oh, of course!
It wouldn”t be complete without the friken workshop.

Oh, the door closed again, behind him.
Anyway, that makes six now… five boys (with elfin ears) and one adult (with a red suit, and reindeer parked outside)

This new one looks a little taller than the other two.

He kicks off his curly-toed shoes in two seconds flat.
His voice still sounds like a kid, but it”s slightly lower than the other two boys,
and there was a little squeak when he said “…me!”
Yeah, he”s older.
Puberty is just around the corner.

We hear the deep adult voice nearby respond “aww, sorry, Elwin”


Again… this whole thing is quite the production!
Am I right?
Isn”t it?
…a production?

maybe this taller boy is not about to enter puberty.
Maybe if we looked in on these boys five years from now, they”d look exactly the same as they do now,
or ten years,

Oh please! …more friken silliness.

“Too late,” we hear one of the smaller boys say, in a consoling voice.”

“Sorry Elwin, one minute sooner…”

The taller boy stops, his pants down around his ankles, still wearing a knitted purple winter sweater.

“Oh.” he answers… his lower lip is slightly pouting. His extremely erect adolescent-sized dick is pointing up from under his sweater. It looks as hard as a taunt spring.

“It”s göztepe escort for Marlon, in Costa Rica.” The deep voice is saying. “He is still watching… right Hermie?”

We see the camera image shake up and down. Yes.

So, the boy holding the camera is Hermie. That”s kind of cute.

Oh! What”s this, now?
Who is giggling?
Is it the taller boy, the one who just came in… Elwin?

…or is it the person holding the tablet… the one on our end?

Little buddy Marlon, in Costa Rica?

So, that”s the person holding the tablet…


Marlon, or whoever, is giggling… and has a similar squeak in his voice, similar to Elwin”s.
They must be close in age. That”s just a guess.
Puberty strikes again!

“How old is he?” Elwin is asking the big guy.

“Marlon is thirteen, going on fourteen.” the adult voice answers.

Elwin is shaking his head, as if to say “Thirteen! ahh, the peppermint-blow-job-request makes sense now!”
He kicks his pants aside and joins the others.

We see the jerking phone-camera move again.
Hermie, the boy holding the phone, has apparently hopped off the stool.
He is now eye-level with the blond boy, the one who sucked on his wiener.

Now that the taller boy, Elwin, is standing nearby, we see how small the first two are, by comparison.

Elwin sits down on the stool, chin in hands.

We have yet to see the adult”s face (we”ve only seen a few flashes of his legs, and his big dick and balls, of course). He is still standing tall, planted directly in front of the stool where Elwin is now sitting.

“Jack drank all the peppermint cream,” the big man whines playfully. He seems to be teasing Elwin.

We hear the small blond boy laugh.

Ah, so the handsome blond is Jack.

The adult”s voice is huge and so very deep, but it also sounds friendly and warm.

The big man continues, “but we”ll have more cream later. I promise.”

“Marlon and Danilo, my little Filipino buddy… are the only boys this year who requested our little performance. They didn”t ask for bikes, or skateboards, or video games. They asked for… this.”

The deep voice continued. “Well, Danilo did request something slightly different… but either way, we”ll need more peppermint cream for Danilo”s present. So, we”ll do that next.”

“Marlon and Danilo? …just them? …only two in the whole world?” Elwin is asking, wide eyed.

“That”s right, Elwin…” the adult”s voice pauses a moment, then continues,”…well, actually, there were our usual two-dozen or so requests for Dasher, Dancer, Blitzen, and a couple of the others, but, as you well know, we can”t perform those requests anymore… nope, not since that fiasco a while back.”

We hear a sigh.

“Yeah, that was bad,” Hermie is replying in a hushed voice.

“Performance” he called it. So, we were right about that, at least!

And again, we wonder… are we “put-off” by this little performance? …as per our earlier description?

Well, it doesn”t involve the reindeer, so…

The big man”s voice again… “Marlon is still here, right now, listening… isn”t that right Hermie?

We see Hermie”s face suddenly appear onscreen.
Apparently he has flipped the phone to check the streaming controls.

We hear another giggle from Marlon, the tablet boy on our end.

Hermie is saying, “Yes, he”s still here.”

So, there”s Hermie! Finally we see his face, full on.
Aww, little Hermie is cute too. Not quite handsome as Jack, but yes, Hermie is definitely cute as a button.
And Elwin is no slouch either, come to think of it. He”s quite handsome. Maybe these boys are child actors or models… sent over from Central Casting,

…and not friken elves, already!

The deep, pleasant voice continues. “You”ve been such a good boy this year, Marlon. And your grades are improved a lot! It was our pleasure to give you what you asked for.”

It”s so nice, that soft, deep voice… so warm, so grandfatherly. Comforting.
He sounds so sincere, makes you feel like a child again.
You just want to sit in his lap and have a friendly talk.”

We can still hear Marlon breathing.

Now we see Elwin, looking up at the big man.
The adult-sized dick is still in the frame. It”s limp now, though.

Elwin giggles, reaches up and gives it a little tug. A drop of cream appears and slowly drips down, hanging on a wet thread. “I can help,” Elwin is saying to the big man. “I can help you make some more cream, real fast… for Danilo, I mean.”

Elwin cranes his face up, licks the tip, and smacks his lips.

(So, are we now waiting for Elwin to exclaim, “Yummy! Peppermint!”?)

Elwin is licking his lips. “I never get tired of peppermint!” he finally exclaims.

(See? Was I right?)

The big man chuckles, “I know you can, Elwin. Thank you. That would be very helpful.”

The big man reaches out and plants his palm against the wooden support pillar behind the stool,
then leans himself forward a little, tilting his body,
just enough until he is now towering directly above the seated Elwin,
and the limp piece of meat is dangling above Elwin”s upturned face.

Elwin giggles, cranes his head up more, and slurps the bologna-sized limp cock into his mouth,
sucking and bobbing and slurping. He looks like a lamb sucking on its mommy.

Apparently, Danilo, in the Philippines, is next in line to watch a special performance… as soon as more peppermint cream is available.

“Elwin, be careful,” we hear Hermie the camera-boy say. “Don”t do that too long… you might accidentally swallow all the cream and spoil Danilo”s present.”

“Yes,” the big man responds, chuckling. “Besides, Danilo asked for something a little different than Marlon asked for.”

The deep voice continues, “This time, the cream goes in the other end!”

…any volunteers?”

Elwin is raising his hand enthusiastically as he continues to suck on the dangling dick.

The camera scans to the side and we see Jack has also raised his hand.

We can”t see Hermie at the moment. Is his hand raised also?
And how would that performance work?
Would it resemble a line dance?
A choo-choo train?

Geez, Danilo must be quite the randy boy, to ask for such a present!

Marlon is still watching the tablet,
as we are.
So, he”s currently being treated to a bonus performance,
as we are,

well, at least until it”s Danilo”s turn to watch. Then, we have to assume the show will be over… on our end, anyway.

And speaking of our little buddy Marlon, our tablet boy… his breathing is definitely louder now, watching Elwin fluff-up the big guy.
The image is getting kind of jerky,
the tablet screen we”ve been watching this whole time is no longer smooth, still and steady.

We hear a moan
…a grunt.


we see thin pearly-white cream squirt onto the tablet screen.

Presumably, it”s not peppermint flavored… but just plain, good-ol” everyday boy cream.




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