Oral Fixation Pt. 01

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Retired Military Man with an Oral Fixation Part 1

I retired from the Air Force last year after 25 years of faithful service. During that time, I was afforded the opportunity to travel around the world, eat some great food, sample some amazing brews and wines, and meet some fantastic people. I chose to retire in Tampa, Florida because it held a special place in my heart from the very first time I had ever visited some years ago. I found a nice little two bedroom, two and a half bath, 1300 square foot home with swimming pool, one car garage, and offered a lot of privacy from prying neighbors for a very reasonable price. I moved in two months after retiring and decided to take a year to do nothing but relax before I charted my next course in life. At 43 years old, I was in great shape at six feet two inches tall, 200 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, mustache with goatee, and still had a lot of muscular definition courtesy of my commitment to staying in shape and eating right.

My first priority after moving into my home was to get rid of my farmers tan and the Florida sun in the summer time was just the way to do it. After swimming and tanning every day for almost a month, I had a nice full body tan, courtesy of ditching my swimsuit after day one, and loved the way I looked. One of the benefits of living in the new digs was being able to choose if I wanted to wear clothes or not so I decided to adopt the nudist lifestyle while within the confines of my home and pool. The only time clothes ever touched my body was when I needed to get gas, shop for groceries, go to restaurants to eat occasionally, or to get things elvankent escort for the house, yard, or pool.

After a couple of months, I was feeling like I needed some serious sexual relief. I had read and heard about FantasyLand there in Tampa and decided to pay a visit one Friday evening after I ate dinner. My cock was feeling very sensitive and tingly so I was hoping to give it the orgasm I felt it deserved. I am about average at seven and a half inches but my cock is also thick. I love the way it looks when it’s hard and watching it spurt cum when I masturbate is a sight that I can never get enough of.

I walked in and paid to visit the Arcade video booths and theater to see what sort of sexual pleasure I could get into. I could hear the distinct sound of sex from each booth with all the different videos playing. I made my way into one of the booths, closed and locked the door behind me, and browsed through the channels until I found a nice lesbian movie where the actresses were locked in a passionate 69. This sight stirred up that old familiar feeling of needing to cum so I unbuttoned my shorts, removed my underwear, set both on the bench, and sat down on the other bench and proceeded to slowly and deliberately massage my cock.

On the left hand side of the room, I noticed a hole so I decided to peek in to see if anyone was in there. I saw a guy sitting on the bench in that booth and noticed he was nude and stroking a really nice looking erection. I left him to his own ministrations and leaned back to take care of my own orgasm I desperately wanted. As I stroked emek escort myself, I saw a hand with fingers motioning for me to come closer so I did. He told me he would love to suck me off and I told him I would love that a lot. So, I stood up and put my erect cock through the hole and felt his mouth on me.

All I can say is this – I have some blowjobs in my lifetime but THIS….THIS was EPIC! He did things with his mouth that I had never felt before. I could feel his tongue, his jaw muscles, and his throat massage and manipulate my cock into heaven. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. After a few more minutes, I told him I was going to cum and he increased the intensity of his sucking until I erupted into his throat. I could hear him moaning and he swallowed it all. After several spurts, he lovingly kissed and gently sucked my cock until it went back to its previously flaccid state. I pulled away and bent down and told him what he did for me was incredible and that I would love to return the favor.

He gladly obliged and slid his cock through the open hole and I was mesmerized. His cock was about the same size as mine but thinner. However, I knew I wanted to give him the same pleasure he gave me. His cock was so smooth and I saw no pubic hair. I wrapped my lips around the head and began sucking him and taking him as deeply as I could into my mouth and throat. I knew to use lots of saliva because I knew that would only enhance his pleasure. I sped up. I slowed down. I sucked hard. I sucked softly. I used my tongue all over the shaft and balls and I paid special attention to the eryaman escort head of his cock because I knew that is where all of the lovely nerve endings were located.

I could hear him moaning and he kept telling me how wonderful he was feeling. He showed his appreciation by giving me a couple of spurts of precum. It tasted so so so good. I knew I wanted his ejaculate in my mouth. After several more minutes of me working his cock over with my tongue and mouth, he announced he was cumming. I felt his delicious cream blast into my mouth and coat the walls of my mouth and throat and I worked hard to not let a single drop hit the floor. I sucked and sucked and stroked and stroked until I emptied his cock of the delicious treat he was kind enough to give me.

After he pulled away, he leaned toward the hole so we could see each other’s faces. We thanked each other for the amazing experience, exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet again sometime. We said goodnight and he left, stating he had to get home to his family. I, on the other hand, decided to strip off the rest of my clothes and stay a while longer. For the next five hours, I sucked a lot of cocks (I lost count after 15) and swallowed a lot of delicious cum. I sucked some white ones, some black ones (they were especially delicious), and I also think I may have sucked off a transgender lady because I could smell perfume on her skin.

When I got home, I stripped off all my clothes and I went to sit out by the pool, slowly masturbating my cock and thinking about the night’s events until I came in my hand and slurped the cum into my mouth and swallowed. It was at this point I realized I loved the taste of cum as much I loved eating pussy and ass and was going to enjoy this newly found fetish.

In Part 2, I will tell you about a woman I met who had a fantasy of watching her husband getting sucked off and I was only too happy to oblige.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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