New Beginning/New School

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My name is Nick, I have recently started my life over again. I couldn’t live in a place after what happen to me there. I am 18-year-old who stand 6’5” tall and I weigh 185lbs. I used to have a pretty good life until my life got turn upside down over a weekend. I was forced to quit baseball, a sport I loved. I dropped out of school, and broke up with my girlfriend. I had to leave the town that I was born and raised. I only had 3 months until graduation so I moved to a quiet town in Pennsylvania with my grandparents. They live in a rural area, in a big house. I like the house, especially since I have my own private area, and my grandparents don’t bother me or my space.
Monday, I got up early to go the school to see what I had to do, to register. As I got to the high school, I was directed to the office by some security guy. As I entered the office, I was told to have a seat. There were a couple of kids next to me for being in a fight on the bus. As I was called back, I sat down with a counselor to discuss my classes. He handed me a schedule which had first period as science, a subject I hated. As I looked further down, I noticed last period I had a worst hated subject which was gym. He took me to my third period class, which was English. As we entered the room, he went up to the teacher, and talked to her. As he started to speak to the class, he introduced me as a new transfer student. I made it thru the first few weeks at the new school, with no trouble. But that didn’t last too long.
As I was walking to my last class of the day, some black teen pushed me into the wall then laughed at me. I entered the gym, I was tackled by another student, and he started laughing as I fell to the floor. As I entered the locker room, it was completely quiet. I dropped my pants to change into my gym shorts, and I changed my shoes. We went outside to play baseball. As I was pitching, I noticed the coach was staring at me. As we were getting to the end of the game, a kid named John came up to me, and he was the captain of the baseball team. He asked, “If I was interested in playing for the school?” I told him, I would play if they wanted me to and I wasn’t taking a spot from someone else already on the team. He assured me I wasn’t. He told me he would come find me tomorrow. As we entered the locker room, I went to find my locker which was on the back wall of the locker. I noticed the kid next to me was the black kid that pushed me earlier. I dropped my gym shorts, and I had my pants laying over the bench. As I turned, I felt my boxers being pulled down, my 9.5-inch dick and balls were on display. He started laughing. I pulled them up, and I grabbed him by his throat. I pushed him against the locker, and I started to punch him in the face. John started to pull me off him. As he finally got us apart, he fell to the floor, saying it was just a joke dude. His face was totally bloody. The coach came in, he seen the kid with the bloody face. He told someone to call for the nurse. He told me to get dressed and go to the office.
As I left school, that day I knew I totally screwed up with hitting that student. I got suspended one day for the assault, but they took my driving privileges away for the rest of the school year, which meant my grandfather had to take me to school every day.
Wednesday Morning, I woke up as my alarm was ringing. I got out of my bed and went escort kocaeli into the bathroom. As I started the shower, I dropped my boxers and stepped in the shower. I was lathering up my body with soap. I was rubbing my dick, as I got hard. I started to stroke my cock, I had one hand on my cock and the other one on my balls. As my balls, tighten I felt some pressure shoot up the tip of cock as my cum began to splatter over the shower door. I finished my shower, and got out dried myself off. I got dressed. I was at the dining room, eating breakfast. My grandfather came downstairs and we left to dropped me off at school.
As I arrived at school, John was waiting for me. He told me that kid deserved to get the shit beat out of him. He always fucking with people, and when people would confront him. He would say it just a joke. He informed me that baseball practice would be today after school. As I got to my last period of the day, I went to get dressed for it. I went to the same locker, and that kid was standing at his locker with a black eye and fat lip. I looked over at him, I told him I was sorry. He reached his hand out and took it and shook his hand. He said since we got off on the wrong foot, my name is Rob. I told him my name. I got dressed and walked out with him to the gym. We couldn’t go outside since it was raining. John and I went into the weight training room with Rob to some training. As we were lifting, John told me that Rob was the co-captain of the baseball team. He would oversee introducing me to the team later, since John won’t be there. Rob told me to meet him at the team locker room, which was outside the main gym.
After school, I went to the team locker room I entered the team locker room, there was a circle of lockers around the room. In between the two sets of lockers, was a shower room which had a sauna attached to it. As Rob entered the room, carrying a couple of bags. He placed the bags down, and told me that the team would be here soon. We were talking about baseball at my old school, and I told him my record. He said that was better than the rest of the players. The team started to enter, I notice this one kid he looked familiar, it was Kevin. My grandfather friend’s son. I figured he was out of school since he was older than me. He told me he played outfield. Rob made us sit down while he was going over stuff for the game tomorrow. Since it stopped raining, he told us to put on our full uniform on. Kevin showed me to my locker, which had my uniform already in it. As I pulled off my shirt and shorts, to put on my uniform. I didn’t bring my cup, so hopefully nothing happens. He made us go outside and do a scrimmage game. We got covered in mud since the field was all muddy. When we entered the locker room, we had to remove our cleats so we didn’t tracked mud. I began to pull off my shirt, I unbuckled my pants, and pulled them off. I was standing in my boxers, when Rob grabbed me from behind. Rob was 5’5” tall, he weighed about 190lbs. He was built. I tried to break free kicking my feet, when Kevin grabbed my feet and walked me into the shower room.
As I continued to fight him and Kevin off me, Kevin reached for the shower knob. The water started to spray all over us. As I was dropped to the floor, I noticed Rob was completely naked. Rob had 8 inch cock with a small bush of pubes. I started to get up when I was kicked in the nuts by Kevin. kocaeli anal yapan escort He told me that for staring at his girlfriend the other day. I was laying there holding my nuts, almost in tears from the pain. Rob got down on his knees and grabbed me by my hair, he looked at me and punched me in the face.
As I was laying there, I was attempting to get up with I got kicked in my nuts again. I fell to the floor, I started to crawl away when Kevin grabbed my boxers. I attempted to crawl away again, but I got another kick, as I fell to the floor. Kevin pulled on my boxers, until they started to rip off my body. Rob kicked me in my ribs, telling me to roll over. I rolled over, just as Rob grabbed my nuts. I started to squirm until Kevin put his foot on my throat. Then he kicked me in the face with his other foot. My face was all bloody, as Rob went to the other room to get his bags. He started to open his bags. He took out a pair of handcuffs, he grabbed me by the hair again. He dragged me to the center of the room, where there was a group of shower heads. He pulled my hands around the center pipe and hand cuffed them. He told Kevin to grab the ropes out of his bag. Kevin started to tie my legs up as Rob put his foot on my throat until I was gasping for breath. Rob lifted his foot up off my throat as Kevin was done with the ropes.
Rob sat down by my ankles, as he bent over to take my cock into his mouth. He was rubbing my balls, as he was sucking my dick. I see Kevin out of the corner of my eye removing his pants and boxers. Kevin was about the same size as Rob, he just had a smaller dick. His dick was 5 inches, and he was completely hard. As my 11.5 inch cock, was rock hard. Rob got up and walked over to his bag. He pulled a bottle out of the side pocket. He squirted some liquid into his hand, and he put some in his anal region. He came up and straddle me while he was still standing. He aligned his asshole with my cock. I felt my cock on his asshole. As he wiggled around, I looked down to see my cock enter him. My head just got inside of him, when he lifted off, and repositioned. He aligned up again, and he started to ride my cock. Kevin came over, and he kicked me in the face again, and told me that I would be sucking his dick, and I better do a good job. As he got down to put his cock in my mouth, I wouldn’t open. Then He punched me hard in my jaw, and I open my mouth long enough to spit out the blood, and to allow him to slip his cock in. He was fucking my mouth, as Kevin was riding my cock. Rob was jerking off his cock as he was riding, then he started to spray cum all over my chest. I felt Kevin’s balls slapping against my chin, then I fell something hit me in the back of my throat. Rob was still riding my cock, when I felt some tingling in my balls. I pushed Kevin’s cock out of my mouth with my tongue. I started to moan, as my cock was squirting cum into Rob’s asshole. Rob stood up and cum was leaking out of his ass. He came over to me and put his ass in my face. He made me lick up the mess I made in his ass. He reached around and grabbed some of his cum off my chest, fed it to me. He asked if I liked the taste, I told him, to go fuck himself.
He got up and went to get his towel. I looked over at Kevin, with tears in my eyes and blood and cum all over my face. Rob came back, and he grabbed the ropes tied to my feet and pulled izmit yabancı escort my feet above my head. He told Kevin to get me nice and wet. Kevin got down in his knees, and ate my ass. Then he started to insert fingers into my ass. He had two fingers deep in my ass, when I heard the door slam shut. In the doorway, stood a man I have never seen. This guy stood 6’4” tall and he weighed about 200lbs easy. He came over, and asked Kevin, if this is his friend he was telling him about? Kevin said, “Yes, it was.” He told Rob to put my legs down so he can see my cock, as he dropped my legs, he seen my 9.5-inch flaccid cock. He told Rob to raise my legs again. He told Kevin to grab one leg. The unknown person removed his shirt, He was completely built. Then he opens his pants, to show off his manly bush. He reached into his pants to pull out a flaccid dick that was at least 11-inch-long, and it still had girth like a coke can. He started to stroke it, and when it was completely hard, it was bigger than my cock. He told Kevin and Rob to loosen the ropes on my legs, as they loosen them, I began to kick, then I got swift kick to my nuts.
As the unknown person, got down on his knees he aligned his cock up with my asshole. He gently pushed on my asshole, it felt like my inside were coming out the further he pushed in. He continued to fuck me. He finally withdrew his cock, I thought he was done. He aligned his cock back with my hole as he pushed it in deeper with each stroke. He grabbed my cock and balls, and stroked them as he was fucking me, almost immediately my balls tighten and I began to shoot my load off. He scooped up some of my cum off my chest, and fed it to me with his big fingers. He continues to fuck me, he watched my cock grow again, he started to jerk it. My cock was so raw, as my balls tighten again, as I release another load, as he was still fucking me. Then he started to pick up his rhyme, and then he started moaning and screaming as I felt his cock release his cum. It felt like my ass get hit with a fire hose. He pulled out his cock, I felt an emptiness in my ass. He got up smacked me across the face with his cock. He told me never to look at his son’s girlfriend again. He stood up and got dressed, as I lay there in pain.
Kevin and Rob both stood over my face, and jerk their cock until there were about to cum. Rob was the first to pull my head in his direction, and shoot his cum in my mouth, just as he finished my head was turned in the other direction to take Kevin’s load. Rob and Kevin went to get dressed. When they returned, they were both in their street clothes with boots on. Kevin came over and kicked me in the nuts. Then Rob came over and kicked me in the face, as I was knocked out.
As I came to, I noticed I was free. As I began to crawl to the side of the room, I used the sink to pull myself up. As I looked in the mirror, I had a busted-up lip, one black eye and I was covered in dried blood and cum. I walked out to my locker, I just wanted to go home. Then the locker room door open, and in walked the janitor with a mop bucket. He screamed when he saw me. He didn’t realize someone was still here. He asked, “if I was ok?” I said, “yeah, I just went too hard during practice.” I turn around to get dress. He said, “You have some blood on your legs.” I said, “I would just take a shower when I got home.” I don’t think he moved the whole time, I got dressed. As I left the locker room, I noticed it was raining. I checked my phone it was 7:00pm, I couldn’t bother my grandfather so I just started to walk home in the rain. It was less than a mile home. As I walked I started crying thinking about how crazy my life has come.

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