Natalie and Me Ch. 02 – Toilet Use

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[This story of how I proceeded in a short-term program to improve my toilet habits and behavior contains frank discussion of bodily functions. If you find this offensive, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Although I am mostly dominant, I do have a submissive part of me that occasionally craves to be taken in hand by a young, severe, attractive female domme. I first met Natalie online and after she began dominating me long distance, she suggested that in view of the spread between our ages—she being 25 and I am 43—that I submit to a toilet improvement program. This would be a short-term exercise during which I would keep track in writing of my use of the toilet and then report on this to her.

My submitting to her in this way, of course, would be both embarrassing and humiliating, as I would be reporting on my most personal bodily functions. It also would subject me to being graded by her on these intimate matters. This aspect of the program held great attraction for me because I have long found myself recalling my school days, when I encountered several young, strict female teachers.

My memories focused on my last year of high school, when as seniors who were already 18, we were full of ourselves, thinking we had all the answers and had little respect for these young teachers who were only a few years older than we were. We already thought we were a special breed because school regs required that only 18-year-olds could be seniors, owing to the interscholastic athletic rules that made attaining that age a requirement to participate in state sports competitions.

Most of us had become 18 by the time we started senior year anyway, because the system had a policy of holding back pupils all the way back when they started school until they had reached an age that would ensure that they were 18 by their last year of high school.

The young, strict female teachers—often still in their early or mid-20’s—did not hesitate to award failing grades in Conduct for often minor misbehavior. I realize now that this was their way, too, of getting back at us for the mild disdain in which we held them by taking us down a peg. After all, we were high school seniors, now having come of age at 18, which was the legal drinking age then. We would go to good colleges, have great careers, and never have to put up with being underpaid high school teachers.

Teachers were not permitted by then to impose any physical punishment such as spanking or caning. Instead, however, they did grade us in Conduct each marking period and the grade was entered on our report cards. Any bad grade in Conduct, and especially a failing grade, would likely result in physical discipline when our parents learned of the grade in their review of our report cards.

In some ways, this was the worst part of a young female teacher exercising her control by awarding a failing grade in Conduct to a senior pupil. Not only did parents not rush to school to complain about grades the way helicopter parents do today, but our parents automatically concluded that the teachers were doing what was needed to keep us under some kind of control. It was especially embarrassing to come home with a report card featuring a failing grade in Conduct because I could explain a bad grade in English or math by pointing to an unusually hard test. That failure in Conduct, however, made me feel like a naughty child and was shameful, not a show of righteous rebellion.

Some of these teachers would take off points for separate infractions such as talking to a friend during class or not paying attention. Any major offense, such as rudeness to a teacher or physical contact with a student or teacher, might result in immediate notation in the teacher’s grade book.

Part of the fear that this caused us was not knowing until we received our report cards whether the teacher had failed us in Conduct. So, it was especially ill-advised to misbehave during the day when teachers had given us a writing or other assignment while they marked our report cards. This also might include the offense of talking during study hall.

One young, very strict female teacher made an indelible impression on me when she was presiding over study hall. During each class that day, the teachers would take most of the class to mark our report cards. Talking was forbidden in study hall, and Miss Heath did not tolerate any violation of this rule.

She wore conservative dark suits and crisp white blouses that almost diminished her very attractive auburn hair and figure by making her seem older than her 24 years. She rarely smiled, however, except that when she caught a student misbehaving, one might discern a look of disgust combined with one that seemed pleased to have had a chance to mark down another pupil.

A girl in our class, Valerie, with whom I was not at all close—we hardly knew one another—made the mistake of dropping her writing pad and then when she reached down into the aisle to retrieve it, made some quiet remark to her friend at the adjacent chair-desk. Miss Heath saw her speak and instantly called her up to the teacher’s desk. I could see her pursed lips beşevler escort as she awaited the arrival of the unfortunate Valerie.

“You know the rule against talking in study hall,” Miss Heath intoned with gravity. Valerie seemed so frightened that she could only barely respond that she had dropped her writing pad and was just picking it up.

“But you decided to speak to Katie,” Miss Heath rejoined, sealing the case.

“I’m so sorry, Miss,” Valerie said in a totally frightened tone, for she knew what was likely to follow. “I guess I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry, please don’t fail me.”

Miss Heath took a moment to imply that she was considering the abject appeal, but it was clear Valerie would not be let off.

“You know the rule,” Miss Heath repeated, “so I’m going to take out your report card and give you the mark you deserve. Next time you will not be so quick to disobey our rules.”

With that, she sent Valerie back to her seat, totally distraught, crushed, and almost in tears. She had already assumed that Miss Heath was going to fail her; now she would be hung up until she received her report card at the end of the week. She would constantly be wondering whether the teacher would award a 60, which was a standard failing grade—you needed 65 to pass. But teachers like Miss Heath had been known to give 50 or even less, and on one occasion when a pupil had been blatantly disobedient and threatened her, Miss Heath gave her a zero.

Valerie assumed that she would be failed with a 60, which was awful, but which would not totally wreck her grade average. Once Valerie had returned to her seat, Miss Heath found Valerie’s report card and in the place for her Conduct grade that marking period, she entered in her tight, tiny handwriting the grade of 63 in blue-black ink with her fountain pen. This was only two points below the passing grade but still counted as a failure. Then, as was the practice to increase the impact of the failing grade, she took out her red pen and circled the grade on the report card in red ink.

No one’s parents could possibly not notice this failing grade. If they didn’t, Miss Heath wrote a comment to explain the grade: “Valerie has had her grade reduced because of her violation of the rule against conversing with other pupils during class.” I already imagined, as I’m certain Valerie was as well, Valerie’s mother lowering Valerie’s panties when her mother saw the report card and taking Valerie over her lap for a solid spanking on her bare bottom.

My young domme, who wanted to be called Miss Natalie, reminded me of Miss Heath. Since I also have always been focused on my use of the toilet, her deciding that I needed a toilet monitoring and improvement program immediately excited me. I knew when I saw her suggest it in writing that I had already gotten my panties wet, and not with pee.

So what follows is the log I kept of my toilet use for several days when I was following the program and reporting to Miss Natalie. I have omitted the many entries for my use of the toilet to pee, because these were mostly repetitive, although some reference is made to them in my report extensions and Miss Natalie’s comments.

I quickly found Miss Natalie’s comments exciting. She was very strict in her grading and it wasn’t long until I received a failing grade. She wanted to arrange for an older woman to whom I occasionally reported for disciplining to impose punishment to be determined by Miss Natalie. This did not pan out, because my woman friend who disciplined me did not take well to accepting orders from a young domme with whom all contact was online.

Those of you who do not take the time to wipe yourself properly after you pee or shit, and especially if you permit your panties or undershorts to be stained in any way, may either be pleased that they are not subjected to this regimen or, alternatively, might desire to place themselves under Miss Natalie’s supervision of their most private functions.

I did congratulate myself that this toilet log was not being maintained when I had my period. I do think that the vaginal discharge I reported one day may have been caused by ovulation, but fortunately, I had no occasion to worry about leaky tampons or, worse yet, to be ordered by Miss Natalie to use bulky pads that I had managed to avoid for many years.


Tues., Apr. 28—Thurs., Apr. 30, extended through May 5, 2020

Pupil: Susan

Instructor: Natalie Rouget

Purpose: Analysis and Discipline; Recommendation for Improvement Plan

Pupil Age: 43

Hair: Flaming Red (head and pubes)

File: Toilet Discipline-Susan

[Note—Urination Report has been deleted]

4/28/20, 8:05 AM

1 long thickish piece-8″; Medium-dark brown; Held together; not hard; Clean, no stain; put liner in panties (see Ext. 2 below)

4/28/20, 11;30 AM

White discharge; trace of brown on paper wipe; About 7 one-inch pieces; Dark brown Round bullets; medium consistency; Clean, but put liner in (see Ext. 3)

4/30/20, 1:15 PM

Clean, no stains, tp test clean; Long-about 12 in.; Brown, some büyükesat escort darker spots; Mostly thick, medium consistency; Clean, no stains

5/2/20, 9:00 AM

Clean-no stains; tp test-very small brown spot from pushing paper deep in anus

(see Ext.)

5/5/20, 11:00 AM

Clean, no stains; had felt wet at times but no stains in panties

Extension of Report

4/29/20 8:00 AM

I check panties and liner each morning. Also press toilet paper into anal opening to check for fecal residue.

4/29/20 11:30 AM

I wiped before excreting my movement and the toilet paper was quite soiled so there was poo around my anal opening and when I pushed the paper into my bottom-hole: I wiped twice and paper was dirty. Please recognize that I wiped before I excreted. I do this because I’ve found that after I thoroughly wipe myself clean after I do

, the paper does come out clean. But it seems that especially after I’ve slept, it may be that there is a combination of perspiration in my anus and possibly leaking, and when I wipe as I did the next day, the paper comes out soiled. My panties were not soiled. I’m not sure there’s any more I can do about this except to wear a liner. I put liner in, so will see if I wiped well after I had my movement.


I did fail to respond regarding sex and masturbation. I guess I didn’t think of them with regard to toilet activities and reporting. I’ve not been masturbating during these past two days, possibly because I had very enjoyable sex with my husband, two nights in a row. We engage in plenty of foreplay and then intercourse with each of us alternating positions: missionary and cowgirl, to name two. We both love oral, but we don’t do anal. And then we do shower or bathe in the tub together, and can be quite naughty in terms of peeing on each other, etc.


I am reporting the spot on the toilet paper when I pressed it deeply into my anus. When I had last defecated, I had wiped until the paper was clean, including a deep press inside, so I assume some residue had moved down inside my anus and rectum. I will use the potty when I need to make a doody which has not yet happened today. If and when I do defecate, I will supplement this report. I did not have sex last night or since my last report.

I used the potty for my 5/1 6:00 AM wee. I needed to sit on the seat so when I began to wee, the stream was strong enough, so it splashed back on my vulva and anus. I then tried to lift myself up into a squat and this made it work better without wetting me.

At the 5/1 9:30 AM peeing report, I followed the instructions as to holding it in until I am desperate and then walking to the potty and waiting to release. I did hold it in for quite a long time, although I did have my usual multiple cups of coffee which made the urgency greater. I slowly walked to the toilet and as I was pulling my panties down, I did let out a little wee and it did wet my panties. I felt very ashamed by this as well as the tiny brown spot on the toilet paper this morning when I checked but am reporting them to be totally compliant with the rules you have set. I still have not masturbated but I do feel the need and have so far resisted it.


Large, firm movement in pieces after not going previous day. Became more comfortable using potty but need to squat or hover over it rather than sit so that I don’t splash on my quim and anus. Used potty twice yesterday to pee and felt both embarrassed but excited. No discernible stains in panties although did feel wet when excited. Would like to be able to masturbate if I have earned that privilege.


Have been frustrated by my apparent constipation and going so long without a bowel movement. Have not taken a laxative because I don’t want to upset my system. I’ve inserted a finger with Vaseline to find out if I’m impacted but I don’t feel anything in there.

Comments by Instructor


In her first report, Susan is a little light on detail. For example, has she leaked urine at all? Are there any signs of sexual discharges? Even negative reports must be made. Her urination seems satisfactory, but it is disappointing that on her first report she has to report a brown streak on her panties. This seems to indicate either poor bowel control or poor wiping and cleanliness. She will be marked down for this and she must make an improvement. She is on warning for more serious punishment if this recurs. And she may require to be wiped by her instructor or a minder. I also require a daily report on masturbation and on the condition of her vagina at the time of writing.


In general, this is a much-improved report, although it still contains no discussion at all of any sexual activity, and no mention of masturbation or other wetness of the vagina. She was instructed to do this, and I am disappointed that she has chosen to defy her instructor. Even negative reports (e.g., I have not masturbated in this period or I saw a picture of a beautiful women and I became wet in my quim) are required).

Urination seems satisfactory and since çankaya escort there are no reports of yellow spots or stains, I am assuming that there has been no leakage or accidental weeing, I understand that you are on medication which requires you to urinate more frequently but at least once tomorrow you are to ignore the need to go and sit and hold your wee in until it is very uncomfortable and feels very urgent indeed. You are then to walk to the toilet not run and control it until you are sitting on the toilet when you may release it. You will inspect your panties immediately afterwards. You are also to use the potty at least once for weeing and report that you have done so.

I am concerned about the very different nature and consistency of Susan’s doodoo today. I hope it is not a sign that she is at all unwell.

But in general, a better performance. I hope to see Susan keep up this improvement.

Grade Register for Day and Comment


66 – needs improvement if an extension to the reporting period is not to be awarded


77 – this is much improved but there are still some shortcomings which I require Susan to attend to. I am being cautious with her grading to try and avoid dropping her grade significantly which would of course lead to more serious punishment than simply a reduced performance because it would indicate a lack of perseverance and commitment. Please keep up the good work. No punishment awarded on this occasion, but I would like Susan to reflect on the one or two shortcomings which have been recorded and improve her obedience.


This is a difficult evaluation to make. The Pupil’s general reporting has considerable improved and she appears to be trying to be as obedient as possible. This is important because I regard obedience as the most important feature. However there have been several poor mistakes in the last 24 hours. Firstly, the Pupil mislaid my evaluation of yesterday which would normally be a spanking offence. She claims that she has had computer problems and I am inclined to believe her; despite some disappointing and childish failings she has always appeared to be very honest and I am therefore imposing a relatively minor reduction in her assessment for this. I also accept her explanation for the presence of a brown spot on her tp test, but this excuse will not be accepted again.

Much more disappointingly, she demonstrated poor urinary control and appears to have wet her panties. This of course is juvenile behaviour and unacceptable in a woman of her age. This will obviously lower her grading though it is to her credit that she has used the potty as instructed. She has still to report on today’s defecation and I shall defer a final assessment and punishment for today’s failures until then. She has also requested permission to masturbate. I shall review this too until after her defecation report.

Her request will only be granted if she explains who she wishes to masturbate over. In the meantime, although there is a case for a 50, which would be a Severe Fail, I have decided to be more generous than she deserves. Her provisional mark is 60 which is still a Failure and will be reviewed after her defecation report. She will continue to use a potty until the end of the punishment, which is extended for one further day, so that two days now remain. It will not be further extended.

Future misbehaviour will be punished severely at the time. However she will be able in that time to recover her position and obtain a reasonable end of term grade. There will however be corner time to serve today and the Pupil is to work out the practicalities of doing this before her defecation report, after which this evaluation will be updated and signed.


Grade 81. This is a much-improved report and an improved performance. Susan has taken note of her earlier failures and misbehaviour and has worked hard to improve. She has shown greater obedience and greater care in her excretions and appears to have mastered the use of the potty, which she must continue until the end of her course. In view if this, I will not award corner time, or any additional punishment.

She is, however, in her next (and last) reports to report not only on her toilet use but also on the masturbation session she has requested. This should describe her method of masturbation and the sexual fantasies which accompanied her masturbation together with a description of the number and intensity of orgasms induced.

I am pleased with this girl’s progress and happy that she has recognised her shortcomings after initially being a rather wayward child and behaving in a juvenile way. Well done, Susan and keep it up!


In her last report there are no errors although I am concerned that Susan is so constipated. This is not natural, and she should seek medication urgently if things do not free up. That said, and acknowledging that the report appears accurate and complete, it is extremely disappointing that is so late. There may be excuses although I have not seen adequate ones, but it is normal to seek permission for late submission before the due submission date and in most cases of which I am aware at college, late submissions are not marked at all. I this case I have decided that this pupil shall receive a failing grade of 60. This makes her overall course mark 67 but I wish to comment on her performance below.

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