My sexy Older cousin Carolyn part 2 ( later that day)

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…………………………………………………………..Part 2 later that day…………………………………………………………………..

She looked at me and asked ” so where did you shoot your load at?” i was suprised ” Mom! Thats gross im not telling you” she looked at carolyn, carolyn smiles an tells her “first my mouth then on my stomach” 

mom looked at me smiled ” oh he cummed twice , well good for you sweetie hope it felt good” i look at carolyn smile really big “it felt really good, now can we stop talking about this?”my mom says ” okay baby im done” 
I go to the kitchen then come back in living room a few minutes later i walk over and kiss carolyn then i sit next to her and pull her down on my chest to cuddle. 
I expected for her to resist but she didnt she just layed her head on my chest i kissed her forehead my mom still sitting next to us looks at us and says ” you too are really cute together” 
i look down at carolyn and she has a smile on her face. ” i no its because she is so beautiful” carolyn looks at me gives me a fast kiss and says” baby if your mom wasnt here i would make you so happy right now” i smile ” oh yeah?” 
i look at my mom she smile and says   ” honey if yous wanna do something kocaeli escort bayan just do it if you want” i smile then carolyn says ” i have always wanted to do it in front of someone” 
my mom smiles and looks at carolyn. Carolyn says”you want to watch?” i look at her and say “what!” carolyn smiles “come on shes only going to watch its not like shes joining in and its not like she hasnt seen you naked before” my mom looks at me smiles she says ” how about it sweetie ?” i look at her and back at carolyn

“okay if i get to have sex with her again i really dont care who watches” carolyn smiles “thanks babe” she kisses me hard on sticking her tongue in my mouth. 
I rub my hands on her breasts then she gets up and takes off her shirt and pants i take my shirt and shorts off i look at my mom” can you look away for a second” 
she smiles “okay” she turns around . I pull my boxers off and take carolyns panties off them i grab her and tell her to get on my dick. She sits ontop of it i tell my mom ” okay you can turn around again” carolyn smiles an takes her bra of i immediatlly suck on her beautiful nipples as she starts to bounce up and down. 
We start breathing hard and moaning then carolyn looks at me kisses and tries to get up off my dick i grab her and pull kocaeli sınırsız escort her back down “no stay” she smiles” what you dont want to get a different position?” 
I look at her ” no , this is good” she bounces on it some more then she says ” why are you trying to hide ur dick from you mom you have nothing to be emberessed of” 
I look in her eyes then at my mom looking very interested and say “okay” she gets up then gets down on her knees. I look at my mom staring at my cock smiling she says ” wow baby you have a big dick” i look at her an smile then
I grab carolyns head and push it down she goes up and down on it as my mom gets up and walks over to us she looks at me and says ” you mind if i sit here” i look at her ” no you can do what ever u want” i see her smile

 then i look down at carolyn and grab her head then i lay her on the couch i grab both her legs and spread the open as i flicker my tongue in and out her sweet pussy she keeps moaning loud i get up for a second to see my mom with her hand down the front of her pants i smile cause i know she likes it then i kiss carolyns pussy one more time then kiss up her body from her stomach to her boobs up to her mouth i kissed her for a couple seconds 
i grabbed izmit anal yapan escort carolyn stood her up put her up against the wall and jammed my cock inside her tight pussyshe mianed ” mmm baby” then i started to fuck her hard and fast ramming her on the wall she wrapped her legs around me and moaned louder “mmm yeah fuck me hard ” is what she yelled 

we did that for about 20 seconds then i laid her down she got on her knees then sucked my cock i looked at my mom she smiled and said ” baby cum on her face for mommy” i smile 

carolyn pulled out and made kissy lips under my dick while she jerked it fast untill i cam i shot a lot string after string after string of hot cum all over her lips face hair and some landed on the floor.
she then sucked my cock clean when all of a sudden i heard my mom moaning and squirting in her jeans carolyn licked all the cum off her hands and face then kissed me and got her clothes back on. 
My mom went upstairs to change. Carolyn got dressed and said she has to go hase work in the morning we kissed one more time then she left. 
My mom came back down ” damn honey you looked like a porn star the way you were fucking her” i smiled ” thanks , im going to bed ill see you in the morning” she winked at me as i walked up the steps ” ok my handsome stud sweet dreams ” i smile “goodnight mom love you”
I lay down in my bed think about how great the day was and fall asleep….

……………………..The End…..…………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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