My First Time with Alexa

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To start off, this is not something that happened recently. To be honest it was around 5 years ago, so the details of two different encounters might be mixed up a bit.

Her name was Alexa, her long slender body rounded off with perfect light brown skin and dark brown eyes that will get you from 0-100 in milliseconds. We had met through a mutual friend at work and if you were to ask anyone they’d never say the two of us would ever be more than giggling friends. Alexa had legs that made everyone look twice, an ass that could draw the attention of someone in a life-threatening situation and the kind of voice that could give you a boner just by thinking about it. Her breasts, not huge but just enough to make you dream about what’s happening under the stretched white top that she would wear on a Monday.

I’m the spitting image of a good boy, I look the part, act the part and very often play the part. I’m about 1.72m tall and have an athletic build. At the time of this story, I was about 21 and Alexa just a bit older.

We were sitting in the kitchen at the office one day and our conversation drifted from random everyday conversation to an unsuspected naughty place.

“I really like it when a guy knows how important foreplay is.” She said staring at me with eyes that gave away her realization that she had said it out loud. I looked at her and smiled, politely following the conversation that was obviously just an escaped train of thought.

“I suppose without it there is no point to anything else right? I mean can you even really have…” I shot a look around the room to make sure no one was listening. “… can you really have sex without it?” My inexperience question slipped out before I could assess the impact that it would have, and Alexa’s eyes examined me.

“What do you mean, can you have sex without foreplay?” Alexa asked with a look of confusion. “It’s not like an exam with instructions.” She looked me dead in the eye and spoke again “I mean it’s important but I suppose not a requirement.”

“No, I’m convinced that sex without foreplay is not worth it, I mean I haven’t tried it…” the words came out of my mouth, hoping that I didn’t give away that my lack of experience “… sex without foreplay I mean.” She gave me a surprised but dangerous smile and said: “Dude, you have no idea.”

A week went by and nothing was said about the matter again, Alexa and I still kept to our routine of chatting over lunch every day without a word of naughty when one day while working late she came and sat next to me at my desk.

“So I thought about what you said…” she spoke softly as I was typing the last bit of an email before I looked to see what she was talking about. “You know, the foreplay thing.” I was shocked and couldn’t find more words in my, almost suddenly hormone filled brain than “Okay.”

Her voice changed to a playful tone when she made eye contact with me “I’d like to know what you meant.” Her eyes searched my face for a reaction.

“I mean, I just meant that without foreplay, there is no point to sex… how would you even get warmed up without… warming up…?”

She laughed out loud and didn’t give an answer. Next thing she did was ask me a question that I wasn’t prepared for.

“Are you still house sitting for your uncle?” I knew something was up immediately, but in my confused and overworked mind, I didn’t quite get it.

“Yeah I’ll be watching his place for the next two weeks, he is still out of the country with his new girlfriend. Why?” The question felt like it was almost immediately answered by intuition.

“I’d like to test your theory.” She spoke and grasped her mouth, I could see that she couldn’t believe she’d said those words. My mind blew up and I immediately had to move my chair deeper in under the desk to hide my obviously building erection. “Oh… wow… really?” I could barely get the words out.

She looked at me with eyes that were hypnotizing. “Yes. Tell me when and where and I’ll see what you mean.”

The rest of the week flew by in a blur, I couldn’t believe what had happened. I had never seen Alexa in this light before, but suddenly I noticed her body, her every move. Her eyes that kept peering into my soul and her lips that she would bite ever so gently when we spoke about the coming weekend. I wanted to plan it perfectly, but her idea was different, “Let’s just take it as it comes. There are 3 things to know – It’ll be Saturday, you’ll have condoms and I’ll be at my best behavior.” She looked at me with eyes that made my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t argue with her because suddenly the only thing I wanted to do was to please her with my every move.

Saturday: I met Alexa at a mall close to show her the way to my uncle’s house. She followed patiently and parked in the driveway. As she got out of the car in her tight jeans I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect ass. The way her legs moved inside of the stretching material made me lose myself for a couple of seconds. “You look all bright eyed and bushy kolej escort tailed this morning don’t you?” She beamed at me with her radiant smile. For a moment I only stared like an idiot, unable to get any words out of my mouth.

“Maybe just bright-eyed then. Let’s get something to drink.” She said while motioning for me to come in for a hello hug. I smiled, giggled nervously and greeted as we walked up the stairs.

As we walked into the house I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect ass, and in doing so I slipped on one of the stairs. I almost fell flat on my ass. She laughed and gave me her hand – “You should be careful, we don’t want anyone to get hurt today, also falling before a single drink isn’t good form.”

I could feel every fiber of my body responding to something in the air. I got up and grabbed her by the waist. I pulled her close and kissed her with every drop of passion that I could find in my body. I put my right hand behind her head and my left hand firmly on her hip, slowly moving it to cup her perfect but.

I pushed Alexa against the wall and moved my hand to her cheek, stroking it softly until I got to the tip of her chin. I pulled away quickly and walked to the kitchen without giving her a chance to say a word.

By the time I got to the kitchen, she had caught up to me without saying a word. She grabbed me from behind, folding her arms around my chest. I turned around and almost instantly my tongue was in her mouth. We kissed for what felt like half an hour, just moving our hands from head to ass, running our fingers over each other’s backs.

I took her hand and pulled her to my room, giving her a soft playful push onto the bed I climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck. I moved slowly and carefully to her jaw and up to her lips, working my way back down to her collarbone and then up to her forehead. All the while not touching her. I bit her ear softly and whispered “Not too fast…” She looked at me and grabbed the back of my head “Not…” her tongue dancing into my mouth “…too…” her body moving closer to mine “…fast…”

At this point, I lost myself in the adrenaline. I lifted her top over her head, dropping it on the floor next to the bed, exposing her purple bra and soft light brown skin. I started kissing her again, after biting her ear softly, moving down her neck to her collarbone again, this time moving farther down to her perky breasts and spending some time kissing my way slowly down to her bellybutton. It was gorgeous, her flat stomach and the little half hidden bellybutton, the way they came together. I kissed her and moved my tongue over the sensitive piece of flesh, moving my hands up from her knees to her inner thighs at the same time. Not going too close to her pussy yet, but making sure she knew that I was on my way there.

Alexa grabbed my shirt and ripped it over my head, her eyes now hungry and her hands moving quickly. She grabbed for my belt and gave the instruction “I can’t be half naked alone.” I got up off the bed and dropped my pants, she was looking at me like I’ve never seen anyone look at me before. I got back on the bed and loosened her bra, I pulled it off as slowly as I could. Slowly exposing the amazing breasts that have been a mystery to me for so long. Inch by inch exposing her body I could see her nipples were hard. I wasted no time and started kissing from her bellybutton up to her right boob, slowly working to the edge of her nipple. As I touched the edge of her nipple I snapped into the other direction moving to her left nipple. When I touched the edge of her left nipple with my tongue she gave a slight squeak. I liked that reaction, actually I loved it. I moved back to her middle again, kissing and tasting every inch on my way down. I moved past Alexa’s bellybutton this time and kissed her right up to the rim of her panty’s line. I looked at her face, her eyes closed and mouth half open, and spoke for what felt like the first time. “Don’t you think this would work a bit better if we took these off?” I softly pulled on her pants and made a point of pulling on her panties also.

“Oh god yes…” She half whispered. I pulled her pants down, leaving her panties behind, kissing the trail that her pants left all the way down to her knees. I slowly kissed my way back up to the purple panties that matched her bra and again stopped right where her panty started in her thigh, taking care not to make contact with her pussy yet. I pulled it down, kissing the trail again and slowly dropped it on the floor. Then for the first time, I looked up to see her shaven pussy in front of me. It wasn’t dripping, but she was definitely wet from the excitement.

I moved up to her breasts, licking each one playfully as I made my way up to her mouth. We kissed passionately again and I started moving my hand up and down her thighs, slowly and softly grazing her skin and making a U-turn just before I got to the sweet spot. She grabbed my face and almost begged “Please, you’ve teased me into a maltepe escort mess here, touch me now!”

I moved my hand up her thigh, spreading my fingers open wide to get full contact on her skin. Slowly I moved my hand up and just slightly slid over her clit – she shuddered. I moved my hand back to her thigh, purposefully and dragged it back up again. This time spreading her pussy lips with my fingers and feeling her wetness. She almost screamed. Alexa’s body was the right level of sensitivity, I decided and so I slowly started massaging her clit while my tongue was bouncing between her nipples. I rubbed her a little bit until I could feel her breathing become shallow and I could feel her heart racing. I stopped for a second and started kissing her neck, moving down to her bellybutton. This time I moved past it quickly and made my way down to her clit, licking it softly when her hand forced my face into her pussy. She was done with the teasing and wanted me to eat her out. I flicked my tongue over her clit, playing with the outer lips of her pussy. I licked her up and down soaking up every bit of her taste that I could get. She tasted amazing. I started drawing out the letters of the alphabet on her clit and lips, making her shake with every second letter. She clasped her legs around my ears and started moaning crazily. I knew it was go-time. I started licking her with more force, moving my tongue up and down, in and out while grabbing her ass and pulling her beautiful pussy into my face. I did a slight shake of my head to make the movement against her clit more intense, she moaned so loud this time that I thought the neighbors were going to hear.

She started riding against my face, pulling me closer. I maneuvered my right hand up to her breast and softly started pinching her nipple, this was the thing that pushed her over the edge. I could feel her whole body starting to convulse, she shook visibly and pinched my head between her legs. I decided that I’d die before I stop. I moved my tongue in rapid movements, pulling and pushing it in every direction I could come up with. “Oh my god, Kevin! Don’t stop! Yes yes please!” I could feel her breathing against my arm and I used the motivation to start licking her pussy more forcefully and with quicker but longer strokes.

Alexa shuddered one more time, squeezing my ears so hard with her legs that I wanted to scream, I held on for dear life and wrapped my tongue around her clit, softly biting it. I brought my hand around and gently added one of my fingers to the mix, slowly sliding it into her pussy as I licked it. This was the final touch, Alexa started shaking and grabbed my head with her hands, she came so hard that I could feel her pussy grab my tongue. “Stop! Oh my god, stop… I’m going to die…” She was shaking long after I stopped touching her body. I fell down next to her slowly tracing a line from her knee to her right nipple, causing her body to shudder with every inch I crossed.

I continued to watch as her body vibrated with the ecstasy from my exploration of her body. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, looking at her lips, following every breath as she drew it in and then carefully breathed it out. She opened her eyes and smiled. She took a deep breath and sighed with a sexy sound of relief. Almost instantly her hands started moving over my body. Within a fraction of a second, she gripped my underwear and pulled it towards my feet. My erection, almost painfully hard at this point, gave more resistance than anticipated. As the band went over the tip of my dick, the erection came back and hit against my stomach with a sort of flap sound. The tip of my uncircumcised dick was practically dripping with pre-cum and it was more than ready for action. She looked at me and with a tease, in her voice, the words came out “What’s that…?” as she touched the wetness on my dick.

“That is pure excitement,” I said, barely able to get the sentence out. Her hand hovered over me for a second as I started sneaking my hand back to her sensitive body.

“No.” She said blankly as she took my hand. “It’s your turn now.”

With what seemed like a single motion she dropped my hand next to my body and took a firm grip of my balls, squeezing them just slightly but drawing a reaction of note out of me.

“Oh wow, that’s definitely an evil smile.” The words came out at a much higher pitch than I planned. Her face glowed, as she made a soft growling sound. I wasn’t sure if it was from the orgasms or because of the excitement of having me at her will or rather literally by the balls. She kissed my neck and giggled when my dick made a twitch from the excitement. Alexa’s hand moved from my balls slowly up the shaft, all the way to the head with her fingertips. She gave me a sharp pinch on the tip of my dick, keeping her eyes on my face, monitoring every reaction. I only smiled and moved in for another kiss, trying to hide the pain I just felt. When our tongues met again her slender hand wrapped, with an almost magical touch, mamak escort around my dick. My heart and my mouth both stopped working for a second. I froze and savored the moment. I could feel every inch of Alexa’s hand around me, softly squeezing my hungry cock and slowly starting to move up and down.

I gave a sigh and she took it as a sign of enjoyment. Her hand started moving rhythmically as her tongue searched for mine. She pushed her naked body against mine, her nipples softly poking at my chest as I could feel her wrapping her legs around my leg. Silently and slowly she was stroking away while her body moved closer and closer until I could feel her wet pussy against my leg. She started moving her hips with the rhythm of her hand. I could feel the skin on my dick moving up and down bending to her every will. Alexa’s moves became more definitive with every passing stroke. Pulling down on my dick with more force and lifting my foreskin up more playfully. Her hands to this day remind me of the look I saw in her eyes right then. The feeling of her soft fingers wrapped around me ready to make me cum at any second. I moved my hand back to her pussy, finding her sweet opening and softly playing with it while she rubbed my cock.

Up and down, more force with every stroke. She could feel my excitement building and my orgasm approaching. She picked up the pace and carefully read my body. I felt my balls tighten up, so did she. She rubbed her pussy against my leg with more force, getting herself closer to cumming again too. Then just as I was sure I couldn’t take any more Alexa leaned down and breathed into my ear “not too fast”. I almost instantly exploded, I came so hard I could feel it in my spine, the sensation running up and down my neck. She moved her hand slower and with more meaning as she milked every drop of cum out of me. Her hips still moving rhythmically, she squeezed my balls gently and pushed the cum to the tip of my cock. She looked me in the eye as my mouth dropped open, my body twitched and my toes curled with pleasure.

Alexa lifted her self off the bed to grab the hand towel that was on the nightstand next to the bed. She wiped my juices off of our bodies and slowly licked her lips seductively. I grabbed her hips and flung her down on her back again, playfully dropping her on the pillows and moving in between her legs with my hips. I took another second to peek at her body before moving in for a kiss.

Our tongues danced for a second as I put my dick on her smooth pussy. I kind of just laid my dick down on her and without entering her I started sliding against her, up and down just spreading her juices over her soft lips. She gasped for air and grabbed my ass, pushing me tightly against her. In an instant, it looked like she remembered something and before I could ask she flipped me on my back. She pinned me down with force and that turned me on so much that I almost came again. Without saying a word she stretched over me and grabbed the condom laying on the nightstand. After a second of struggling she ripped it open and took it out.

I took the moment to admire her body again, my dick twitching in anticipation. I stared intently at her boobs savoring the freedom of blankly staring at her erect nipples, the perfect picture that I wish I had a camera for. My eyes wondered to her soft and smooth pussy hovering inches above my dick, wishing that I could touch her with one of the twitches it made. I lay there soaking it all in when she started putting the condom on the tip of my dick.

She giggled as she pulled it down over my still fully erect member and with a hint of self-admiration she asked: “Not even a minute to recover?” She flicked my dick to check, but it was still hard as a math final.

Alexa started lowering herself down while holding my dick in position. She was just about to take me in when I pushed her off and put her on her back again. The quick power struggle made her crazy and even more hungry. In an instant she grabbed my dick with her hand and hooked my body with her legs, she pulled me tight against her. I gave a moment’s resistance until she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

My brain seized up as I felt her warm pussy start to wrap around the tip of my dick. Her juices making it easy for me to slide in without any effort. The heat of her pussy enveloped my dick as she pulled me closer with her legs. “Oh my… damn.” her voice echoed in the room as I filled her up. I pulled away and entered her again, this time going deeper into her soft sweet pussy. I felt the inside of her pussy grip my dick as her excitement grew. She pulled me in so tight for a moment that I couldn’t move. I took a deep breath and kissed her while moving my hand to her ass, using the other to stay balanced. I gripped her with meaning and pulled myself out of her, teasing her with the tip of my dick for just a moment before slowly slipping it back into her dripping wet opening. I went back and forth, pulling out completely and slowly entering her again for a couple of stokes before I could feel her nails digging into my back. I kissed her slowly and moved my mouth to her neck, softly I started to bite her neck right below her ear. I moved closer to her ear while keeping the rhythm with my hips steady. I got to her ear and whispered: “Not too fast.”

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