My First Experience At Foreplay

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I had often heard from friends narrating their first experience of sex on their first night and that always kept me wondering about it. I often spoke to myself, filled with fantasies, always feeling embarrassed with them. The tales narrated by them eventually increased the urge in me to experience the touch of a man. I would sometimes laugh at myself at my silly prodigy. Yes, it was the way, I was keeping on with my life.

I was grown up and my parents were worried about me . 25yrs old in Indian society is quite late for marriage. I often mused….

“One day even I would get a prince, like Cinderella.”

The time was not distant. Ultimately, I really conferred someone special in life. Certainly, he was different not like others. I was impressed by his manly body at the first sight and all my fantasies seemed to come true to life.

Our meeting was an arranged sort of thing, but I could read the inner recess of his mind. I liked the way he smiled and the look in his eyes transported me another world.

“Can I take her out?”

He asked my superstitious mother but beyond my expectations she agreed and I was glad and thanked God for it.

We spend a lot of time strolling in parks and then suddenly he caught my hand. The very touch of his hands sent a thrill all over my body. I liked it. He tried to look into my eyes but it was hard for me to lift my head, I felt really shy. It became difficult for me to look into his eyes. Until one day he asked me suddenly…

“Are you afraid of me Menka.”

I buried my hands deep into my pockets, my teeth bit onto my lips and I was spellbound, unable to reply. I couldn’t say no but just nodded my head.

He left my hand and that gave haymana escort me courage to look into his face.

“Will you come along with me to my house Menka?”

I was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to say I just muttered…..

“Ask Mamma”

“That’s my problem dear”.

How could one become dear in the first meeting, then too, I liked it not being able to conceal my emotions.

The day had come, he arrived at my place in the evening and we reached his placed in an hour. There was no one at his place. He locked the door and offered me some soft drinks. He showed me the whole house.

“Menka you’ll be the queen of this palace”

How soothing were his words. He took me to his room which was to become mine. He made me sit on the bed and switched on the song “Mysterious girl”. He called me for a dance and I obeyed like an obedient child in front of his teacher it was difficult to resist any of his demands.

The music stopped suddenly and I woke up from a dreamy land trying to gain my senses back and found myself too close to him .His arms had enclosed me and I was feeling the warmth of his body. My heart was beating fast I was blushing. And suddenly I realized

“My boobs are so small. He won’t like them.”

I said to myself, but before he could explore the labyrinths of my mind I tried to ease myself I started taking to him asking about his family abnormally. And then he suddenly placed his lips on mine and held my face in his hands.

“No more speaking Menka.”

‘A terrible thing was happening to me, I stopped. I could feel my lips slipping into his as he sucked along…

“Give me your tongue Menka”

Before I keçiören escort could say anything , his lips had taken possession of mine and both our lips were entertaining and enjoying the saliva dripping back and forth trying to gratify one another by this sensuous act.

“Is this love.”

I asked myself .Anyway I liked the exchange of the sweet succulence inflowing from his lips.

And then his hands crawled down on my neck and he kissed under my ear. I was hypnotized and didn’t understand what was happening but whatever it was, it was astounding. I was afraid that he wouldn’t like them, I was sure but, something unexpected happened.

“What are u doing….? Please don’t ……..”

“Menka I want to see every part of you”


He started stripping of my clothes one by one and at last I was standing before him in my undergarments the only defense to protect my bare body. I buried my face in his chest, least he should see my boobs. There was no defense. His hands which now encircled me, opened the hooks of my bra and one of his hands cupped up one of my boobs. The very touch of his, made them swell and I felt something hard. He started fondling them


“I love them Menka, they are lovely.”

He made me lie down on bed and came over my naked body and slipped one of my nipples in his mouth. A thrilling current spread all over my body I was helpless there was no escape and the reality was one that I myself didn’t want to realize. I noticed his manly body, his broad back like the ripples of the ocean. He was caressing, sucking and fondling them and I was enjoying this heavenly bliss at every act of his.

“Menka, you kızılay escort look wonderful this way lie down still”

He demanded and he showered me with thousands of kisses all over. His body was moving back and forth over me I could feel the warmth of his breath. I could smell his body that manly smell. He was caressing and fondling my naked body with only a mere panty to protect my virginity. After kissing and sucking my lips his hands started rolling all over they were moving on my legs and as they crossed over my pubic region each time I cried

“Don’t do it…there ….no it’s not right.”

He was irresistible.

His lips ran down and came over my navel digging into its depth..

“What will be his next step? ” , I thought before I could judge his hands started removing my panties

” No ….no…..Please”

“Menka, I want to see your pussy”.

I was wet all over.

” Pussy? Is this what they call it?”

Still engrossed in my thoughts I realized his lips touched the lips of my wet pussy I was dripping he started sucking and tried to slip one of his fingers.

” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Its hurting me”

“Ok fine I won’t put it inside.”

He removed his fingers which, of course, I didn’t like and I placed my hands on his head and thrust it again on my pussy.

“Do it again…please do it…”. He was surprised

“Did you like this Menka?”

“Yes … Dear, I like it”

He started kissing and sucking wildly with his fingers thrusting back and forth in my wet pussy .

“Faster… more inside…yeah…faster..”

With every yell his hands moved faster and faster with his tongue licking all over until it brought out a flow of water all over.

“Stop it ..”

“I love you Menka. I have not spoiled you. You are still a virgin.”

Today, I am a married woman and could never forget my first foreplay with my dear and loving hubby and always remember my experience of the first time I had orgasm. It was fantastic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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