My family_(4)

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My brother quinton is very kind guy i ever met.we both sleep in same bed until quinton reach the age of mum decide that we should sleep in different bed.tallk about quinton he was the handsome guy,hairless body,about 5’9 and dark brown eyes.we both are swimmers so our body body are the similar.when i reach the age 16 my brother start to showing some porn webs.he also start to touch my private places.this happen when i was 18 and my brother was 20.
My cousin leon broke quinton’s bed so my dad ask him to share bed with me until he bought new bed for brother always sleeps in his boxers so he always lock the room door so my would know about was midnight and it was cold.quinton hug me tightly so we would be warm.after a moment his dick poke my ass,i turn around and kiss him.he did not care and came near to my hear and ask what is the length of my cock.i say dont know and he on the light and measure my was 7 and half.he say his cock almost 9 inch.he ask me again that can he suck my cock and i nodded.he took outt my pj and play my cock with his mouth.i quickly cum on his mouth and his face.quinton drank the cum which was on his mouth and told me to lick my own cum on his face.its was tasty and i had drank my cum before.we did this all the time and quinton also escort bayan always sleeps with me even our dad bougth for him a new bed.when quinton was giving me a blowjob he ask me to try suck his cock.i nodded and gave him a blowjob.he moanned and moanned loudy and shot his cum on my mouth.he ask me to not finish the cum and give him was the 1st time i gave a blowjob and drank other peopl cum its was tasty then mine.we both kissed and sleep naked like we used to.
Quinton became very closed to me and told about him more.he say that he was gay and his half of his friends are gay.he told me a thing that i did not belive.he say that he had sex with our dad.our dad was 45 years old,he was hot and muscular body.he was not so hairy but a gut that a girl wants to have in their beds.quinton said that they both have sex when my mum and i went to mall.i say to him stop dreaming.he say to me that i did not belive tommorow come sleep in dad’s bed because mum is going to india.i made a deal and told to my dad that i want sleep with him.he say ok and told to me that quinton also sleeping with us.after we sent mum to the airport and came home.we were dad told he wants take a bath.we nodded and went to bed.he did not close the door even he knows that we both were watching him.his cock would be kocaeli escort bayan almost 11 was damn hard and tasty if had in my mouth.affer he came out i went wash my face and felt to sleep.when i was asleep,i heard my dad moanned so loudly,i turn back and saw quintom was giving dad a blowjob.after my dad saw me i was awake he quickly cover himself with the blanket.quinton told to dad not to be schared and told him about what we will do every night.he took out my pants and suck my dad was hard again and told me that he wana fuck me hard.i nodded but quinton say to my dad to fuck him first then i would know what to dad did not waste time and take the lube which was under the pillow.he put on his cock anf fuck quinton hard.quinton was shouting,after a moment dad took the lube and pour on my ass.he took his cock and fuck me hard.1st it hurt then when i get used to that is was nice.he shot the load in my asshole.quinton lick the load which were coming from dad jerk me hard and me cum on his mouth.then he jerk quinton and ask him to shot his load in his mouth.he mix our cum and kiss us.we were doing this until mum came back from india.
After a month mum divorce dad because she found a hungky guy.we did not care and we bth decide to stay kocaeli escort with dad and make love with him every always leave us at mum house whenever he goes to work.mum’s new husband was walways at home.his name is eric.he works at day he ask to help him to carry the boxes was on his hall.he say that he would hepl us after he took a bath after he took a bath he was soaky wet and hot.he was only wearing his towel.when he carry the the box his towel felt down and he did not care.he continue carrying the box.quinton was hard and he say to me that he want the dick in is mouth.i agree with him.after work he ask to sleep in his bed like he always ask to do but it was different today because he slept with us.he hold our both cock and jerk us.i bend down and suck his was bid like my dad.he ask quinton to fuck him.quinton fck him and shot load at his mouth so did i.then he shot his sperm at our mouth and we both equaly drank it.we told this to our dad hi say that he wants to do with him.when dad send us to mum house,mum was not there and we decide to have sex with eric.eric was happy with idea and we had sex with him until evening is was nice and eric bed was full of sperm.he lick all the sperm from the bed and share it with us.
The next day mum and eric move to austraila so that was the last time we had sex with him but it did not stop us to have sex everyday.quinton always brings his friend with their large cock and sweet ass.this is the best family i ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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