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Copyright 2019 by tcs1963

All Rights Reserved

Edited by my friend, takemedown…


My Point of View

by tcs1963

I open our bedroom door, looking inside, I see you’re still sleeping. Since the beginning, I have always loved to watch you sleep. So vulnerable, yet strong and beautiful.

You’re laying there prone on your tummy. Our blanket tangled around those beautiful legs. The wrapping barely covers your nakedness. The glow of my handprint still glows vivid pink on your cheeks.

You are wearing my old and faded April Wine concert t-shirt as your nightgown, as usual. It is pushed up over your waist, exposing the silky skin of your backside and the small of your back.

Because of my admiration of your awesome body, you never wear panties anymore. You love tempting me with those gorgeous globes. The crease in the middle beckons me to kiss your cheeks.

When you agreed to be my property, mind, body, and soul, you entrusted me to use you in any way I see fit. The beautiful gift of trust, you have given me is made to be cherished.

I smile to myself as I move closer to our bed and sit, with my back against the footboard. Then reaching forward, my hand touching the silky skin of your thigh. Slowly and deliberately working my way up to your bare ass.

I love to massage your luscious asscheeks after a firm spanking, as the lotion london escort glows against your warm pink skin. Feeling your muscles tighten at first, for fear I’ve come back to punish you again. Then you slowly relax against my soft manipulations.

Your moans arouse me as I slide my fingers into your crack. I tease your back entrance and listen to the sweet noises you make. My finger gently massages the lotion around the rim of your sphincter.

Gently touching the outer ring, your cooing begins. Pulling my hand back, I pour lotion on my hands and rub them together to make it warm. I further moisten my finger by sliding it into my mouth.

Making sure it’s nice and wet from my saliva and the lotion, I move my hand back to continue my incessant teasing. I can see you have lifted your hips off of the mattress, as an inadvertent invite to me.

Between your ample ass cheeks, my index finger goes right to work. When I find your cute little sphincter, my finger touches just at the center. I add more pressure; the tip of my finger opens you somewhat. You turn towards me, your mouth opens in a silent scream, but instead, you take a deep breath.

The pressure I use isn’t overly aggressive, but it is very persistent. I hear your breathing become labored as I slide in a little deeper and you open yourself to me.

You awaken just as my finger reaches into you to the second knuckle. Turning london escort agency around, you look at me surprised but still smiling. My surprise intrusions have always had this effect on you.

I softly move my finger in and out of your puckering asshole as you bare down with your abdomen. You squeeze my finger with the muscles in your sphincter.

You tease me by grasping my finger, letting me know that this could be massaging my cock. You start to giggle at our games, and I laugh with you, sweet little girl.

I take out my index finger and squeeze my middle finger together with it, preparing to open you further. I lubricate my two thick fingers and slide them more forcibly back into your asshole.

Your moans become louder as you struggle to accommodate the size of my fingers. I pat your asscheek, with my other hand and tell you to relax for me. That’s when you realize I mean business.

You wiggle your sexy little ass and resign yourself that I’m going to have my way. I can feel you pushing up toward my fingers, trying to will your backdoor open for me.

Your ass is slowly opening nicely for me now, almost greeting my fingers with each thrust.

“Very good babygirl, you’re opening up nicely for your Daddy,” I say to you. “You need to relax.”

You nod your head “Yes” at me and give yourself over to the sensations. As my fingers assault your anus, escort london you feel me reach under you and at first gently massage your clitoris.

You tense up when I first make contact with your clit. I feel as though your ass is going to crush my fingers. Then I grab your tiny appendage between my fingers and pinch, causing you to squeal and then go limp.

Your body is at my mercy; my oily digits tantalize your intimate areas. The pleasure and pain in your lower extremities are making you buck against my incessant toying.

I feel you getting wetter.  Your body trembles, signaling that your orgasm is imminent. As I quicken my pace, your breathing gets raspier, and I can hear your struggles as you try not to cum.

Turning your face towards me, I hear you speak in your squeaky voice, “Please, Daddy, may I cum for you.”  Your tone weak, but insistent.

After a few more seconds of fingering your sensitive lady parts, I whisper, “Yes, kitten. Cum for your Daddy.”

In just seconds, I feel a gush of fluids as they pour out of your sweet pussy, causing you to shake as if you’re having a seizure. Our bed is now wet.

Watching you intently, all I can do is smile. Pulling my hands away and letting you relax for a few minutes, I lift my hand and strike you across your well-used asscheeks.

Leaning in and kissing you deeply as you lie there in your orgasm afterglow, I whisper, “Time for a warm shower, little girl. Will you join me?”

You smile and rise from our bed. Both of us head to the bathroom to wash ourselves to get ready for the day.

The End…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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