Moms night out Part 2

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Then next day mom was in the Bath and called me to me to come wash her back, so I went in and sat down next to her on the toilet like I had done for years now I grabbed the sponge thing and began scrubbing moms back she had been in the bath along time and the bubbles were mostly gone I could see almost all of her body perfect even in the water her pussy hair stood out. I was very excited seeing her pussy and that made me blush; it also gave me a little thrill in my stomach. My mom seemed to notice my uneasiness and asked if I was ok

,I said well mom last night well, it kind of scared me, she giggled and said honey it’s ok I’ll show you what you will want and need to know about sex, and she laid back in the tub and since there were no more bubbles she was exposed and she unplugs the drain and now is sitting with no water and says ok see my hair here and points at her bush, and says feel it but carefully, man I was shaking in excitement sitting a foot away from moms pussy and she wants me to feel it, oh gawd, so I reached in and softly felt her wet but soft pussy hair, she says now I am going to show you where the woman’s clitoris is, she sticks her fingers on the slit of her pussy opening up the lips a little and exposes her pink opening and says feel here honey and guides my finger onto the bump that is the button of a woman’s joy, I remember so vividly when Mom pressed my finger onto it and how she quivered just slightly and made a hint of a sexy sound her grip tightening on my fingers, I was staring into her pussy with my finger not really in her as she said rub very slow in circles at first like this and presses my fingers harder against her I could feel it slip around as My fingers circled it. I was so into this for unknown seconds, she startled me when she said, then you do it harder as the woman likes it more, like a dumb kid I asked? how will I know Mom, she giggled and said you will know honey trust me, I can’t show that to you yet, it would be kind of bad she said, But we will see how it goes,? I was sure that meant I may get to do more playing with pussy even tho it is my Mothers, wow I was freaking out this was so wrong yet so right and I thought how cool is my mom now, teaching me how to finger a woman ,I wished there was more, but mom was done for this night teaching me about sex, she says I’ll show you more later ok son, and jumps up out of the bath and heads in her room,

I just couldn’t get up yet as my dick was so hard I didn’t want my mom to see how turned on I was from her. All night I was thinking about pussy and how it felt touching it, and how mom was so pretty and had big boobs that night my dick hurt so bad, well of course I couldn’t wait till mom came home from work that next day, all day I was thinking of how I could get mom to let me do more stuff to her, finally she gets home and plops down on the couch and as she did almost every time kicks her shoes off and lays back smoking her Pipe ,Yes she smokes weed as long as I could remember mom smoked pot, well today This was seemed like the longest time I think I ever waited for anything, as she would always head for the bath after this relaxing time, she finally heads for her bathroom, Oh yeah I was Giddy now and waited on my bed for Moms exciting words ! honey come wash my back, I jumped up so fast I could have hit the ceiling,
I almost ran into the bathroom but slowed down entering I was pretty happy and I think Mom could see it on my face as soon as I sat down, she said you seem Happy today, I just smiled and said no just glad your home and glad to be rubbing your back, last night was so much fun and I liked it a lot I said helplessly, as I realized what I just said, fear set in, Mom eased me by her giggle and said I’m glad you enjoyed it son, maybe I’ll teach you some more after I wash my hair, that was all I wanted and my head started spinning, as Mom rinsed her hair she unplugged the drain and finished rinsing off with the shower head that is like a hose hanging down its kind of cool for washing anything, well Mom was talking about stuff she did at work while the water was draining I remember her saying some lady at work was a Lesbian and how weird everyone was acting about it, and the boss is a jerk and stuff like that which kind of put me into a normal thinking mode instead of sex driven craziness, Then Mom sits up grabs a towel and stands up to my shock, as I thought oh no, No fun with mom tonight but she said follow me let’s get comfortable, and she goes in and lays on her bed patting next to her saying come here honey I’ll show you some more things you may need to know, and I was in heaven now Mom was so going to be naughty and I didn’t even know it at that time, I just thought it was normal since we were always so close, so I jumped in next to her and laid down she starts talking about how rubbing a woman’s Nipples and clitoris would make her want to have sex,?

Sex I thought, it was sex rubbing her wasn’t it? , Mom says no sex is when a Man puts his Penis into a woman then its sex, kocaeli escort ohhh um ok I wasn’t really comprehending the real act of sex from that as I was locked into finger the pussy mode and wanted to do some serious rubbing and was hoping to hear Mom moan, that noise she made last time was driving me crazy, it was all I could think of and I wanted More of That, but Mom was in control of everything ,she said I should practice rubbing the clitoris, and had I remembered how to do it, I just started fingering her clit no hesitation just got on it, I guess I was so excited I was moving too fast and too rough as Mom grabbed my hand and said easy honey we have all night, whoa I thought I wasn’t hurting her but just going to fast somehow, so I really went slow rolling around squeezing on her hardening clit, I think I was doing it right as Mom was jerking a little as I pinched her clitoris between my fingers and pulled on it, I laid down over her leg so I could see better and she pushed me off and pulled up her legs ,saying its better and easier this way and exposed her pussy opening, I was so excited now I could see her pussy lips so pink and glistening in the bright light, I was not paying any attention to Moms Face but I think she would have been smiling thinking how much I was enjoying her at that moment, I know I had a smile as wide as it could be It was Bliss.

So now Moms legs spread out and raised up exposed clitoris and open lips I started rubbing on her pussy lips and sliding my finger across her wet hole back to her clit thinking she didn’t say do this, but she never said stop either, and as I experimented with her wet pussy I found she liked it and was responding , first I noticed her breathing got heavy and fast then her legs started quivering slightly and her hips were just sliding a little back and forth as I pressed into her clit and my knuckles were going into her opening just enough where I wanted to shove my fingers in her, But I was scared that she didn’t want me to do that, as I looked up at her to judge how she looked I stuck my finger into her and as I did she raised her head back with a gasp and seemed to like it so I kept slowly shoving my finger in her and it was so warm and wet and slippery inside would she stop me?, so far she just moaned out and moved her hips a little, now she seemed to Like this a lot and I slid back out some and slid back in some then as I slid it further into her about 3 knuckles in, she really heaved her hips forwards onto my finger as if to put more of my finger into her then she groaned out real sexy and laid back more relaxed and didn’t say a word just smiling and wiggling into the bed with her ass, her legs spread so wide open, I was stunned that she didn’t stop me from doing this and I couldn’t help it, I wanted to do it,

So into her pussy my fingers go, first the index finger sliding all the way in as far as It could go, she just ground a little into my finger and said go ahead honey that feel s very nice and you are learning to be a good man, I just went at her pussy with a frenzy hearing that. I was using 2 fingers in her when she started making the first real sexy moans, these would be the sounds that would drive me to pleasure my own Mother to Orgasm for years and I didn’t even know how much she loved what I was doing for her, this night wasn’t the first time Mom had orgasm with me fingering her, but had she known I did it while she was so drunk.?
I had three fingers Ramming into her and was rubbing her clitoris with my other fingers as she was heaving forwards and pressing into my thrusts and she was really making a lot of sexual sounds it was the most excited I ever was with any woman in my life, probably because it was the first woman I ever heard Moan in pleasure. I would make Mom jerk and grind with every thrust into her hot swollen pussy I must have done good as I watched her face she had hers eyes closed tight and her face was all distorted and scary and she looked to be in pain not pleasure, she was quivering and breathing really hard and I was so enthralled in her, we were like a perfect timed machined my thrusts into and out of her, and her driving her hips into me and jerking back was so amazing when she came to Orgasm and screamed out and collapsed in a heap with my fingers still in her, I could feel her pussy squeeze my fingers really hard and it was kind of vibrating, her pussy was soaking my fingers in hot cum, to me it was just the greatest thing I ever felt before, for my Mom it must have been very unusual to have her 12 year old son finger her to orgasm, but she never said anything except thank you honey that was great and you’re going to be a good Lover when you grow up.

She sprawled out and said cuddle me to sleep honey, well since my dick was hard as hell I just laid with my upper body against moms side and she moaned out good night honey as she fell off to sleep, I crept off the bed and as I looked at her while she was sleeping and her look was so peaceful it made me feel very special to see mom darıca escort like that because of something I did, and I couldn’t wait to do it again and wow was it unbelievable, I couldn’t even imagine telling anyone about this and never did, till now. well for the next few nights Mom didn’t really want me to, as I put it Learn anything about women, so things went back to somewhat normal, till mom said my little sister is coming home this weekend and I would have to stay with the babysitter and help watch her while Mom was at work, oh crap there goes moms educating me about sex, now there’s no way mom will do it now.

I didn’t want to show I was bummed about the no sex thing cause mom may think I don’t want to see my little sister, so I acted happy about the whole thing, well Saturday comes and we go pick up my sister she’s 8 years old and very energetic ,she was pretty happy to see us and seemed ok for a little kid since it had been several months since seeing her she had grow a lot, I remember I hated changing her nasty diapers, even though I did enjoy seeing her little pussy and I even wiped it more than normal just to feel it , well we had a hour drive home and mom wanted to stop for dinner so the ride home was long and I was pretty tired when we got home, but it was Saturday night and Mom was wanting me to spend time with her and my sis so any plans of hanging out with friends was out, so I called my friend Joe and said I am stuck at home with family crap so see ya tomorrow maybe, sure said Joe and back to family crap I went, mom wanted to spend time drawing with crayons and so we all just stayed at the kitchen table eating ice cream and coloring till about 11 then mom said she was tired and I admit I was too, so we all went off to bed .while I was in my closet getting boxers to wear I could hear mom putting sis to bed thru the wall. It was kind of cute moms so sweet when she puts us to bed. She always spends several minutes cuddling us, I was so tired I just fell out, and in the Morning mom knocked on my door and said get up time for breakfast, we had fried eggs and sausage with toast my favorite, then mom said she was going to work and would have Cindy babysit us, well Cindy was our next door neighbor and was 16 and I never really talked to her or anything close, she was too old for me, she would say I don’t talk to kids, it did hurt my feelings a little then but she was a bitch anyways .

Well Mom left and Cindy shows up and as usual says I have to play outside she didn’t want to have to clean house. She was to make a great wife huh. Well her and sis hung out all day in the house doing whatever females do, and I was out riding bikes with my friend Joe till dinner time at 6, so of course we had pizza delivered and of course Cindy had to have pepperoni which I hate and Pepsi instead of coke, egad I hated her, she was ok looking but not very good tits and had an average looking face, so I never really thought about sex around her I guess because before Mom was teaching me I didn’t really know about it. Well finally mom comes home around 7:30pm and Cindy leaves well mom can’t smoke so her regular routine is off for now, so she heads into her bathroom while I am watching TV with sis mom is smoking pot relaxing in the bath and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to go in there and finger fuck my mom, geez I thought looking at my little sister I am a pervert thinking like that but I must admit anytime I hear the word bath or see a bath my Pleasuring Mom the first time is all I can think of, it always sends warm waves down my body.

About 45 minutes later mom comes in dressed kind of nice and asked me if I don’t mind watching sis tonight she was going out with her friend Monica for a few hours, now since Monica was kind of a slut but nice and my mom really liked her, they would go out a lot of times and Mom would be dragging Monica into the spare roomy lil sisters room now plastered drunk, mom was no drinker but enjoyed dancing and very rarely ever had men at our house at least not when I was there, well Mom says make sure sis is in bed by 10 pm and me I can stay up in case mom needs my help with Monica, so off they go about 9 pm and I am sitting there Saturday night alone at home with my 8 year old sister, there wasn’t anything on TV and boredom was setting in so I played some dolls and we had Tea parties ate Ice cream for the sake of fun I had to do it, if my friends seen me playing like that I would be called gay, But she enjoyed me doing it and she was a lot of fun I have to admit,

10 pm came and I told her it was bed time and I would tuck her in and read her a story and she had to brush her teeth and go potty, she was excited to be read to so it was easy and the night went pretty nice after all and Mom came home at about 1 am without Monica and mom was kind of drunk, My Mom!, I had to help her get her shoes off and helped her into bed after she got undressed, I stared in awe at her huge tits. Mom wobbled while she removed each piece of clothing and gölcük escort smiled happily at me, saying to me I am a little tipsy but its ok honey Mommies not that drunk, And she falls onto her bed I pushed her into her bed more covere her up and give her a kiss on the cheek saying good night Mom, I went to bed that night feeling like the Man of the House for sure. well the next morning we had breakfast and Mom said she was going to stop in at work to drop off some stuff and she was going shopping for food for us and did we want any special deserts ,well of course we both wanted ice cream and chocolate toppings and cans of whipping cream we loved it back then, so Mom takes off reminding me to stay in the yard or house today with sis, well she was watching cartoons laying on the couch and giggling, I sat in the recliner and watched with her, well after awhile I happened to look over at her and to my disbelief she had her hand in her shorts and seemed to be playing with herself, I could see her hand moving around in her shorts she was staring into the TV and then she pulled her hand out and put her finger to her mouth licking it off ,Ohhh fuck I can’t believe what I just saw, she put her hand right back into her shorts and a couple seconds later she was licking her finger again.

she did this many times as she stared into the TV with a blank stare, I was just in shock and was freaking out dam this was my little sister and it was making me so fucking crazy Horney I wanted to watch her all day, she was really into her fingering herself her face was turning red as she wriggled her hand in her shorts, I wish she was naked doing this, and I thought I wonder if she does this all the time hoping I can watch again. Since her room and my room were separated by a wall and we had a closet that was together I wondered If there was any peeping holes or if I could make one so I could see her closer and maybe see her playing with her tiny pussy, wow what was I doing I thought I’m perverted, trying to watch my sister finger her pussy, then as I stared at her fingering herself and licking it I started getting a boner it was crazy watching my 8 year old sister play with her pussy , I was getting off on her. I was scared she would turn to get up and see me watching her, It wasn’t too long and she was getting up, I just sat frozen as she asked what’s for dinner, since we were the only ones eating and we had frozen dinners that’s what I suggested, oh yeah she said can I pick the one I want she said, ok get me a Mexican dinner, so after eating it was only about 5 pm, mom wouldn’t get home for 2 hours so we had a lot of free time to kill .

So I called my friend Joe to see If he could hang out with me for a while and he said sorry cant tonight, well sis I ended up In her room playing dolls and house, when suggested we play doctor and patient, she said I’ll be the patient and you got to be the doctor, I have done this before with my big sister and her friend allot they were the doctors and I was the guinea pig toy as I put it, so I told her to lay down on her back and I would check her vitals so first I listened to her heart and made her cough and even acted like I was looking in her ears, she just loved all this and I was having fun too, as I was checking her for any and every ailment known to man, she decided she would get undressed so I can check everything as she would say, wow she was small compared to mom she had no tits and no hair on her pussy, well I started felling and pushing on her belly and she said check my pee pee and giggles, well I said to her I’m not sure just how to check out a pee pee so all I could think of was to open it up and feel it like I did Moms, it was a lot like moms pussy except it was really tight and small. and the clitoris was tiny but I could see it, well I was liking this having my finger on her tiny pussy I guess she was liking it too as she reach between her legs and opened her pussy wide open and said look in here, I was stunned, did she just want me to Look in her ?, I was really getting excited now as she seemed to know what she was doing and liked it, so I slid my finger into her very tight pussy hole and started fingering her, she was not like mom inside she wasn’t nearly as wet or loose she had a very soft feel inside too, well I could shove my whole finger all the way in and she was starting to fuck my finger as I sped up and I was really was getting Horney, my little sister was 8 years old and yet could feel her pussy pleasured holy Crap.

I would never had guessed she could or would have an orgasm either but she did, and how big a man this has made me feel like, fingering my Mothers then my sisters pussy, and what was to happen next, what if mom found out I just finger Fucked my sister I had to tell her to keep it secret, so while we were laying there I told her she can’t tell anyone not even mom that we did this, and she promised she would never tell, but she said You have to be my boyfriend when were alone ,’? Holy crap I thought, but agreed since I did enjoy fingering her into orgasm with my finger.

Since it was getting late I told sis she should get to sleep, she agreed and I kissed her good night.
To Be Continued

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