Melissa , Euan Ch. 01

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Melissa was bored of being single. More than that, she was bored of having to please herself. Her last boyfriend was a lovely guy, but he’d been hopeless in bed. What she needed was a man who knew what he was doing. It didn’t need to be anything long-term, or serious, just sensual, consensual pleasure.

It was Friday, and a couple of her girlfriends were going into town. They asked her if she wanted to come along, and having no better offers, Melissa accepted.

She wasn’t optimistic her luck would change, but when she got into the shower, Melissa decided to shave her legs anyway, just in case. When she dressed, she decided to put on matching bra and panties for the same reason, and a tight, short-sleeved, turquoise top. Whilst not wanting to suggest she was trying too hard, Melissa didn’t think it could hurt to show off her curves. Finally, she buttoned herself into her favourite, figure-hugging jeans. She liked the feeling of the denim clinging to her bum, and as they had no back pockets, she knew she’d at least attract some attention.

On a warm June evening, the first night of the weekend, town was awash with students celebrating the end of exams, getting ready to leave for the summer, or in some cases forever. The bar was busy, but they were served fairly quickly and found seats next to a low table.

They’d only been there a few minutes when Melissa saw Euan walk in. She didn’t know him very well – he was a friend of a friend, really – but he was good company, and seemed like an interesting guy. Sadly, Melissa knew he was spoken for, although she also knew his girlfriend lived in another town. Furthermore, on the most recent occasions times they’d met, there had been an undercurrent, something unspoken, and Melissa felt as if Euan had been watching her for clues. She had an inkling he was interested.

As Euan headed for the bar, Melissa cast her eye over him, almost unconsciously. He was tall, fairly slim, with blond hair, and in a black t-shirt, thin, beige trousers, and retro trainers, he looked casually attractive. He glanced across, caught Melissa’s eye, and smiled. Her curiosity was piqued, and she smiled back.

Having bought their drinks, Euan and his two friends headed towards the table where the girls were sitting. There was no space to begin with, so the three guys loitered nearby, chatting amongst themselves. Melissa tried not to give off any signs she was interested in him, but Euan was in her eyeline, and every so often their eyes met. The first couple of times she looked away instinctively, but the third time she didn’t flinch, and neither did Euan.

Melissa returned to her conversation, and when she next looked up, Euan had gone. She scanned the room, slightly puzzled, and then heard a voice behind her.

“Lost something?” Euan asked.

Melissa looked up. “No, I was just, erm, casing the joint,” she smiled. “Admiring the scenery.”

“Anything in particular caught your eye?”

“Oh, one or two things,” she replied, as he sat down on the sofa opposite her. Then she switched her attention back to her friends.

“Same again, ladies?” she said, picking up her glass and standing up.

When she came back from the bar, someone had vacated a space on the sofa next to Euan, and Melissa saw a chance to test the water. He turned to her as she moved in beside him, but said nothing. However, there was something in the way Euan looked at her that made Melissa’s pulse quicken.

For a few minutes they each kept their cebeci escort attention on their friends, and Melissa wondered if Euan was genuinely interested. Then she shifted backwards slightly in the chair and found herself pressing against something.

Instinctively Melissa jumped forward a little, surprised. Then she realised what it was. She slid back again, deliberately slowly, waiting to feel if Euan’s hand was still there. It was.

As her ass encountered his fingers, Melissa made no pretence to move away again. She knew what she was starting, that it was no accident his hand was behind her behind, and it thrilled her. Just feeling him touching her sent shivers through Melissa’s body. Euan twisted his wrist, and Melissa lifted herself off the sofa just enough for him to force his palm beneath her. Wearing pocketless jeans seemed like a carefully planned bit of foreplay.

They stayed that way for a while, Melissa shifting slightly every few seconds and each time feeling a surge run through her. It was primal, uncontrollable, and she was pleasantly disturbed by how much it excited her.

She tried to continue holding a normal conversation with her oblivious friends, but it was getting difficult to concentrate. Her heart-rate had gone crazy.

Euan seemed to be faring better, chatting to his mates across the table, but he was making the moves, whilst Melissa was on tenterhooks, waiting to see what he’d do next.

Euan freed his hand and began stroking her back. Melissa felt him lift the edge of her top and skim the bare skin beneath. Now she wanted him to move down, to feel his fingers against the small of her back, to feel them slip beneath the waist of her jeans, to edge up against the elastic of her panties.

She leant forward slightly, and Euan seemed to understand immediately. Melissa tried to disguise her shudder as his fingertips explored the newly revealed territory of her underwear, and the beginning of her ass.

By now, Melissa’s contributions to her friends’ conversation were limited. She was struggling, fearing that, if she tried to speak, she’d be able to do nothing but squeak. Pretending to be interested in what her friend was saying was tricky when she was caring only how soon she and Euan would be able to stop the subterfuge.

In an instant, as he pushed his fingers under the hem of her knickers, and down onto her bare bum, it became too much. Melissa stood up as gracefully as she could and walked towards the bar, moving round the corner to be out of sight of the table.

Within moments she felt Euan behind her, his hands on her waist immediately, then, almost as quickly, moving down across the contours of her buttocks. Melissa just stayed as she was, not even turning round to look at him. She simply pushed her ass against his palms as they wandered with impunity.

Eventually she looked at him.

‘What would you like?’ she asked, hoping another drink might disguise her eagerness to leave.

‘I thought that was obvious,’ Euan replied, and he snaked his fingers below the top of her jeans, seeking out the start of Melissa’s panties once more.

‘And to drink?’ she smiled.

‘Something quick.’

Softly, briefly, their lips made contact for the first time, then Melissa turned and ordered two vodkas.

Taking the drinks, Euan led Melissa over to a quiet corner of the bar, away from their friends. He stood with his back against the wall, placing his drink on an adjacent cebeci escort bayan ledge. Melissa put her drink down next to his, and moved to stand in front of him. As soon as she did, Euan’s hands reached round her waist, grabbed her bum and pulled her against him. His eagerness to grope her thrilled Melissa. She’d almost forgotten what it was like to be lusted after.

Then she felt their bodies meet, and the initial thrill was superceded by a surge through the pit of her stomach as she felt the hard bulge of Euan’s erection pressing into her. He leant forward to kiss her, slowly at first, but soon it was frantic, passionate, their tongues plunging deeply into each other’s mouths.

Melissa forced her hands up under Euan’s t-shirt, running up his bare back as he continued grabbing her ass, pulling her even harder against him, thrusting his groin into hers.

They paused momentarily, just as Melissa saw the others getting up to leave.

“We’re heading across the road,” said one of the guys. “See you there?”

“Yeah, see you shortly,” replied Melissa, but she knew she was lying. She had no intention of staying out any longer than she had to.

Euan seemed to read her mind. Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear.

“D’you want to go?”

Melissa paused, stepped slightly away from him. Her right hand slid back round his waist, moved down over his hip, and began tracing the outline of his rock-hard cock. Looking Euan in the eye, she smiled at him.

“I want to come.”


As if pre-arranged, a taxi was waiting outside as Melissa and Euan exited the bar. They tumbled into the car, and Euan told the driver which street he lived on.

The short ride back to his flat was wordless, urgent, mouths locked together, hands roaming freely, new flesh sought after manically. Under normal circumstances, Melissa hated the idea of making out in the back of a cab, but desire overwhelmed her. She didn’t care who could see them, only how soon Euan would be inside her.

Entering the building, they half-wrestled, half-ricocheted to Euan’s apartment. Up a flight of stairs, halfway down a corridor, and they were there. Euan pushed Melissa against the door, unbuckling her jeans with one hand and jabbing the key to the door with the other and kissing her all at the same time. Abandoning the lock, he forced open the popper’s of Melissa’s jeans instead, grabbing the fabric and wrenching her trousers to the ground.

Melissa lifted each foot in turn as Euan knelt down to remove her shoes, then pulled away her crumpled jeans. She leaned back into the door as he moved back up her legs, feeling his hands sliding over her smooth, firm skin.

“Lucky I shaved today,” she grinned.

“When you say shaved,” responded Euan, looking up at her from knee-level, “Do you mean shaved?”

Melissa laughed. “No, I don’t,” she said, pretending to be stern. “Is that a problem?”

“Not normally,” he smiled.

As Euan kissed her thighs, his face moving ever closer to her pussy, Melissa expected him to divert his attentions immediately to her knickers, white and lacy and flimsy and so easy to remove, but instead he moved straight on upwards, taking hold of her top. Baring her stomach, he slid his tongue across her belly button, kissed his way to her ribcage. Melissa raised her arms as Euan lifted her top over her head and cast it aside with her jeans.

She kept her arms raised as he dipped his face escort cebeci to her chest. Kissing her cleavage he arced his hands round to her back and his fingers found the clasp of her bra. Without skipping a beat, Euan unfastened it, slipped the straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

If there was a moment of doubt beforehand, there was none now. Melissa knew she’d chosen the right man to end her unwanted abstinence. Euan’s hands cupped her breasts, caressed her, kneaded her, his tongue exploring her rock-hard nipples. Melissa was so aroused now it almost scared her. She’d never been so desperate for a man, so desperate to be fucked.

Euan was still fully dressed, whilst she stood there in the doorway in only her panties. As his hands moved down her stomach towards her hips, Melissa knew that in a moment they’d be gone too, and she’d be naked in a public corridor. At any moment, a neighbour could come out and see her like this, but that only turned her on more.

Euan’s desperation to remove her clothes, to see her fully nude, thrilled her so much that Melissa was fighting the urge to come already. As his fingers insinuated themselves into her panties, Melissa closed her eyes. Everything now was about touch, feeling, sensation, as she waited for Euan to peel the last article of clothing from her.

‘Turn around,’ he whispered.

Melissa did as she was told, her arms still raised. She grabbed the door frame to steady herself as Euan knelt behind her.

As he eased Melissa’s knickers down over the curve of her ass, Euan methodically kissed each new millimetre of her he uncovered. It had been so long since a man had treated her like this. It was almost reverential, a worship of her body, and as Euan continued teasing away her knickers, delaying the point at which gravity would take over, Melissa began to gasp.

Pushing herself back against his face, Melissa thrilled as his teeth grazed her buttocks, as his tongue explored the cleft of her ass, and finally as his fingers dipped round and down into the dark curls of her pussy. Her panties dropped obediently to the floor.

Twisting beneath her, Euan was suddenly between Melissa’s legs, pressing his mouth to her cunt, tasting her, searching her. With two fingers probing the extraordinary wetness of her slit, he began lapping gently but rapidly at her clit with his tongue. His other hand moved round the curve of her ass, fingering the edge of her tight little asshole.

“Oh yes!” Melissa exclaimed, involuntarily. This was affirmation. This was what she’d missed. This was what the right man could do to her that she could never do to herself and, as the first wave of orgasm swept through her groin, she surpressed a squeal. Grabbing the door frame with her left hand and the back of Euan’s head with her right, she held him into position. Grinding her pelvis against his mouth, thrusting his tongue and his fingers into her as deeply as she could make him, Melissa rocked and gasped with each surge of pleasure that flooded through her, biting her lip to stop herself screaming.

Eventually, frustratingly, it had to end. Her breaths became less frantic, her knees stopped feeling like they would buckle beneath her, and the remembrance of her location came back to her. Instinctively she backed away from Euan slightly, but when she felt the pressure of his mouth released from her pussy, Melissa clung onto him. He understood, and stayed where he was, planting tiny kisses against the inside of her thigh, till her fingers relaxed her grip on him.

Sliding swiftly back out from beneath her, Euan unlocked the door. Grabbing Melissa by the waist to stop her from falling, he lowered her into the room, then closed the door behind them. She lay on the floor beneath him, and waited.

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