Medieval Masquerade Ball

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The crunch of the leaves was the only sound emitted in the darkness of this late summer night, as his boots made their way along the pathway to the great castle. This knight had been invited to the masquerade ball, and was greatly looking forward to it. His mask, firmly in place, hid his handsome features well. The strong line of his jaw the only thing visible beneath the black satin, his eyes peering out mischievously. A smile tugged at his sensual mouth as the music wafted down from the ballroom, and the torches illuminated his path the rest of the way.

He was greeted with warmth and admiration, for his service for the king had always been admirable and loyal. His sense of duty drove him to fulfill his obligations to his post, and he would rather have died than fall short of the expectations his position included. He bowed slightly as he moved along the line of royal hosts, kissing the ladies hands so tenderly, the full mouth of passion warming their skin.

He was given a goblet of finest wine, and he moved further into the ballroom. He smiled at the lavish costumes, the full gowns with lusciously low necklines, pushing delicious bosoms up for approval. The jewelry dripped from their necks and their ears like a rainfall of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Their lace, satin and feathered masks securing their lovely faces and he felt his desire begin to pique at the thought of being amongst so many familiar faces and knowing not one.

Out of the corner of his eye, a glorious array of red hair and purple silk caught his attention. He turned slightly, and saw that she was disappearing through the massive crowds. Suddenly he knew he had to follow her.. for the vision was but a taste and he knew in an instant he hungered for more.

He moved amongst the crowd, never losing sight of the copper red of her hair.. the swish of her silken gown sounding delicious in his ears. He followed even as she slipped from the doors of the ballroom out onto the terrace looking out over the gardens.

She turned slightly when she heard the click of his heal on the cool stone floor. Her impish golden green eyes glinted slightly as her luscious full mouth curved into a smile. There was no surprise there.. only evident pleasure at his pursuit. Her head tilted slightly. “Good Eve, M’Lord.”

Slowly he approached, a smile of his own mirroring hers. “Good Eve, M’Lady.” As he drew closer his breath caught at the ivory skin so delightfully bared by her low cut dress. The scent of roses surrounded her like a fragrant cloud, and the long ringlets of copper hair danced along her bare shoulders. Her eyes caught his appreciative stare and she tried unsuccessfully to conceal her grin. Instead she looked out over the gardens. “It’s lovely, isn’t it?”

His sincan escort eyes never moved from her face, still so secured by the white lace and satin mask she wore. “Yes,” he agreed softly. “Lovely indeed.”

A blush rose across her face as her eyes met his and she read the veiled compliment therein. “Perhaps you would like to escort me through the gardens?”

His face broke wide apart in a charming smile as he offered her his arm. “I would be charmed, M’Lady.”

Her touch felt like flames as she took his arm, and they moved out into the dark depths of the garden. The smell of flowers overcame their senses in an erotic blend, and the branches of trees took them into an embrace sealing them from the castle. They didn’t speak as they moved deeper and deeper into the forest. She was leading him silently, and he was following without question. Both knew they wanted to be with the other more than anything else. Passion began weaving it’s delicate spell in their silence.

There, in the clearing, stood a cabin forgotten by most. He could tell the way she lead him up the steps it was her hiding place alone. She took her arm away slightly to push open the door and light the lantern just inside the doorway. She moved more into the room, and he found the satin covered bed in the center facing an old stone fireplace. Without a word he moved to kindle a fire for his lady in waiting. She moved toward the window facing out into the night.

Her breath quickened as she heard the steady footfall of his boots against the wood floor, bringing him closer to her. She felt the heat of his body for a long moment before his large warm hands closed over her shoulders. His lips found the smooth line of her neck, and he drank of her skin slowly.

A long moan emitted from her softly parted lips as her head tilted back against him. His mouth warm and moist against her cool skin, causing goose bumps to race along her spine. The tip of his tongue trailed up toward her ear, and softly he whispered, “But to drink of you would give me the greatest pleasure, M’Lady.”

She turned into his waiting embrace. “As it is mine, M’Lord,” she answered softly before his lips crushed against her willing mouth. Her arms crept up along his shoulders and molded her generous bosom against his hard chest. Passion exploded in their kiss as they reached far deep into each other’s mouths, their tongues dueling, his hands tangling into the silken tresses of her hair, mussing them in his rapt desire, tugging her head back to hungrily devour her neck.

With the force of fire, he pressed her against the wall hard, pinning her between the unyielding wall and his body becoming so hard with desire. His teeth gently nicked into her flesh as he nibbled sincan escort bayan her rose scented skin. Her fingers danced along his scalp as she lead his mouth from the hollow of her neck to the supple flesh of her cleavage bared so deliciously for him. His hand cupped her breast through her gown, while his tongue danced along the neckline. His breathing was so ragged as he lifted his mouth back up to hers, muttering, “By gods I must have you,” into her mouth.

She pushed him away slightly, her eyes glazed with passion never leaving him as she moved toward the bed. “Oh my dear Knight….. you have me already.” She reached behind to unfasten the dress, stepping away from the heaps of satin.

He took her sacrifice on bended knee…coming to kneel before her in total surrender to this passion she had created within him. His hands ran up the bared skin of her thigh, up toward the corset that bound her body tightly within. With one hand on each side, he ripped away the material without second thought, and she gasped at his ardor.

Yanking away the material, and finding at last the secret of her most private places before him, he slowly stood to his feet and lifted her at once into his arms. Hungrily his mouth covered her own, his tongue forcefully diving in between her moistened lips, taking full possession of her soul in a scorching kiss. Gently laying her down onto the bed, he followed her down. His hand roving over her body, firmly taking command of her senses as his possession was made clear. His large hand cupped her full waiting breast as his knee parted her legs. His mouth moved down further, his lips clamping over the painfully erect nipple.. biting softly as his tongue flicked over the tip. She trembled under him. Her legs parted. And her moans.. urged him to do more.

He moved down her body slowly, his tongue exploring each inch of her flesh as he parted her legs with his hands for his feast upon her swollen desire. The musky scent of her drawing him closer, and closer still.. till his breath danced upon the heat of her sex like a breeze. She moaned slightly as her legs spread more.. needing him so badly she was practically in tears.

His fingers separated her.. and his tongue moved slowly along the erect tissue hidden therein. In sinfully erotic circles they danced until her body shuddered violently. He moved a finger slowly within her depths, feeling her tightness clutch him caused his own desire to grow more until he was painfully engorged against his trousers. Ahh but to pleasure her first was his foremost thought, and quickly he began to move into her body with his fingers as his mouth closed over her and suckled most gently. Moans filled the still night as her body convulsed under him, escort sincan cumming so violently and so powerfully he nearly exploded himself. He had to have her.. had to be inside her depths.. riding her to heights of rapture he had only dared dream.

He stood up, his eyes locked with hers as he stood over her. Slowly he unfastened his shirt and pushed it away impatiently. How painfully enclosed his cock was in his pants, it was almost torturous to remove them.. but remove them he must. He stood before her in his naked glory, so beautifully sculpted and erect. She felt every muscle inside clamp upon itself in eager expectation of his driving cock within her. He fit himself between her parted legs, moving the head of his cock against her wetness, both groaning with want for more.

They stared at one another behind their masks as he fit slowly into her.. just an inch.. opening her up. With two whispered words from her mouth, “Take me,” he drove violently within till he was pushed up against her womb. The scream of ecstasy reverberated throughout the room and her passion made him drive into her, harder and harder. Her teeth dug into his tender shoulder as her legs scissored themselves around his waist, drawing him in faster.. tighter.. deeper… pain and pleasure morphing into one incredible sensation as their bodies met and drew away violently in their passion. His hands wound into her hair, pulling it harder as their mouth crushed together, teeth grinding together as their tongues pierced each other’s mouths.

Her screams were silenced into his mouth as he drove harder and deeper still. Her body trembled under him.. he felt her climax rise and build like the tide. He lifted away slightly and watched the myriad colors explode in her eyes as her face became that of an angel with the aura of passion overcoming her. He was awed by her beauty, mesmerised by her passion and overcome with desire as his seed surged through his body and spilled into hers, a sweet sacrifice of love. They collapsed against each other.

Long moments passed as they caught their breath and recovered their composure. His body was safely sheathed within hers, feeling her muscles spasm from the violence of her climax. His fingers traced the edge of the mask. Without asking, he pushed it away.

There.. was the princess he had always guarded from harm. The princess who had haunted his dreams until he was driven to insanity. The woman he had loved from afar. His eyes gently teared as he pulled away his own mask, only there was no surprise held in the golden green depths of her eyes.

“My Princess.. you knew who I was?”

She nodded, only slightly chargrined. “Yes, M’Lord. I have loved you from afar but knew that you would never dream of crossing the line between us. I knew I could make you love me if given the I had to make that chance happen.”

He gathered her gently into a hug and knew beyond all doubt that no matter what the cost of this stolen moment, he was hers.. she was his.. and passion.. had never tasted so wonderful.

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