Me and My Cousin_(6)

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Hi guys
First of all this is a true story so, if you don’t want to read it just get out of this story….

Some info about me and my cousin
I’m 17 years old and about 180 cm height, and I weight 80 kg. Now my cousin is 10 years old 150 cm height and about 40 kg.

So my story is about me and my cousin.
All started one week before Christmas in a party. I was at the bedroom and opened the door. She asked me if she was disturbing.
I said ”No come in” She came in and lied next to me on the bed and asked me ” Have you ever had sex”
I said ”yes only one time”, and I asked why she was asking.
She told me that she was just curious.
Then she asked ” Was the girl you fucked a virgin just like me????”
I answered ” Yes but she was the same age as me and that was 2 years ago.”
After a while she said ” I want to lose my virginity with you.”
I was like a meteor fell on me.
I said ” What???? I’m 17 and I’m your cousin”
She said ”I don’t care that you are my cousin I want to lose my virginity with you”
I told her ” If I fuck you now that you are 10 years old maybe you will have problem later.”
She said ” I told you I want to lose my virginity with you, I don’t care about anything else”
I was literally in shock because she was only 10 years old and my izmit escort cousin. Plus I didn’t want to cause her any problems BUT she is so HOT even she is 10 years old.
I said ”Forget it”
And she said ” Why am I unattractive” and started to cry
I said ” Just the opposite you’re sooo beautiful but I am your cousin”
She said ” Only one time please”
I said ” I will think about it” I wanted sooooo bad to fuck her…
And she said ” Ok you have five minutes”

The five minutes passed and she said ” Five minutes are over”
And I said ”Ok BUT only once”
She started kissing me on the cheeks from her happiness.
She went and locked the door and then she started and dressing.
I told her” Stop undressing”
She asked ”Why???”
I said ”come here”
She came on the bed and sat on my cock
And said ” woow thats big”
My cock is about 16-17 cm long and 5 cm thick.

And I said ” Are you sure you want to do this???”
She thought about it for a minute and said ” Yes of course”
I said ” OK but you have to do everything I say OK???”
”OK” she said
I said ”First unzip my pants and suck my cock.”
She said ”What??? How can I do this? I don’t know how!!!”
”I will guide you” I said
”First, hold my cock with your hand and then put it in your yahya kaptan escort mouth, then start sucking it up and down. ok????”
She said ” Ok” and started sucking my cock just as I told her.
She asked if she was doing it good and I said ” You’re doing it perfect”
She was sucking my cock for about five minutes and I told her I was about to cum and asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth.
She said ”Yes I want to taste your cum!!!”
I said ”ok here it comes”
This was the longest orgasm I’ve ever had.
I cummed in her mouth and she couldn’t hold in. The cum was dripping out her mouth and finally swallowed and said ” It is a little bit salty but is good, I like it”
I said ”You can take of your clothes now”
She started take her clothes of and some one knocked the door.
I asked ” Who is it???”
And it was my aunt and told me ” It’s time to eat”
And I said ”I’m not hungry”
She said ok and asked me if I knew where my cousin was and I told her NO

Me and my cousin waited for a minute
And then she continued taking her clothes of.

I took my clothes of and she started stoking my cock to get it hard
Then I told her to lie on the bed facing me
She did it and and I said ” It is going to be painful at the begging the you gebze escort will feel the good part of it”
She said ” Ok but do it slow”
I said ” OK”
She was so wet I didn’t have to put anything the be slippery
I put on a condom and faced her
I touched my cock in her slit and she moan an little bit.
And I asked her ” Are sure you want to do this???”
She said ” Absolutely”
I said ”OK”
And started pushing my cock inside her virgin pussy. Until I felt her hymen.
I told her ” Now it is going to be a bit painful”
I pushed bursting though her hymen and she looked at me with a painful and alarming look.
I asked her if it was ok
and she said ”Yes it is”
My cock was about 5 cm inside her and her pussy was so tight that I wasin pain to but not that much.
So I took out my cock about an inch and pushed again and again until I was all in.
I waited there for a minute for her to get used to the pain.
And she said that she started feeling the pleasure of this.
I said ok and started going in and out, in and out……
I lasted for about 7 minutes and then I came and pulled out.

After that she keeps asking me to fuck her again and she is touching my cock but I only let her suck it I am not fucking her again for now maybe in future… She has a step sister who is a virgin and the same age as me and my little cousin told me that she loves me and want to fuck me I love her too but I dont know if she is really a virgin….


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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