May Celebration

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In the HONOR of the month of ‘May’ [worldwide known for the Masturbation Celebration month, I offer my true story, which honestly happened on the 5th of May. I hope you enjoy the horny exotic material and join many millions or billions of the men to masturbate and enjoy the most loved activity, even more than the pussy fucking.


As an exchange student for me, the school was new, the town was new, and the dorm facility was also new. This dorm was nothing like the one, I was used to live in. It was more like a student center where about a dozen rooms were built for the exchange students only. The students of this college could visit the student center, the cafeteria, the library and the work places but they were allowed to go to the rooms only with a resident. I was new here and did not know anyone to take him or her to my room. After searching and finding a bathroom away from the rooms, near the administration block, I found another very small restroom in the basement but this was a true find strategically for some action. It had only 2 stalls and two urinals. One stall towards outside had small peep holes punched in so cleverly, that anyone in the stall could easily look out through the one hole towards the urinals to see the cocks of the men, who came in and stood there doing the deed. The other hole looked at the wash basin and the entry door to see, who had come in. This was a small, dilapidated, restroom and safe because it was not used by many men. One morning, after breakfast, I decided to go and look for some action down in the basement.

I had no difficulty to get in, without being seen by anyone and I was safely in, waiting for someone to show up to participate in sexy fun activity with me. I decided to sit in the first stall, decided to drop my jeans and the designer underwear to my ankles. From my position, I could easily see a naked cock of someone taking a leak or even before that when he entered the restroom. The guy coming in could look under the stall and see my izmit rus escort sneakers, jeans and the bikini style underwear to figure out, I was there, naked from waist down.

It had been at least half an hour. My mouth was feeling dry because I had used up a lot of spit to polish my big cock, sitting there alone. Soon as I got up to leave, I heard the outer door to the restroom squeak open and next second the inside door to the restroom got open. I quickly settled back and looked through the other hole that showed the entrance door. It was not very well lit scene and I could only, hardly figure out that the man coming in was the man working in the dean’s front office. I had seen him earlier. He was almost 40, well matured, neatly dressed, healthy and masculine with broad shoulders, full head of dark black hair. He had a dress pants, striped t-shirt; exciting me to what I might see hanging in front of this man. My eyes were literally glued to the peep hole as he walked to the urinal closest to the stall I was in. My curiosity was surging in anticipation as I fondled my growing erection.

I was not disappointed at all. The man was standing no more than 2 feet away from me to give me the best view of his groin. He released the buckle of his belt, unzipped his pants and with his thumb in the underwear waistband, he pulled them down to reach inside and pull out his penis and the sac. His waistband got under his very low hung balls to lift them up slightly. This was the best view of his thick penis, surrounded with light trimmed hair on his pubis and around his cock and all over his balls. He was lifting, shaking his thick, full length shaft while urinating. In response my penis was rising to its full glory, making me masturbate with full fist being mesmerized by the scene in front of my eyes and being amazed at the very large plum sized cockhead of the man spilling out of the foreskin as he made circles with his urine in the urinal. I suddenly realized that he was purposely putting up a show for me. His cock was now starting to stretch, harden and get thicker as the dribbling stopped.

As izmit escort he squeezed and shook the last drop from his slit, his very thick cock looked still growing longer and harder. I could clearly see his puffy veins, emerging from his cock base to run all the way to the top. He was almost masturbating himself, making me quicken my masturbatory moves, sitting inside and looking outside at his marvelous cock and balls, making me utterly swollen and perform the masturbation in earnest.

Then suddenly he stopped and began stuffing his meat back in his pants. I was slightly disappointed, not being sure, what I was expecting to happen more than that. Nevertheless, I continued masturbating with more of a gusto fantasizing about the man so willing to expose himself to me. He walked to the wash basin and I heard the water run as I leaned back. My legs were wide open and my very young but monster in its own right, cock was in my hand being cajoled for pleasure. A very musical, distinct chirping was being produced in a rhythm as my cock skin got rubbed in my hand working towards an orgasm and cum before he left the restroom. I leaned back, my legs were wide open and I was jerking my thick, long swollen shaft rapidly masturbating myself. The steady rhythm of skin slapping against naked skin was working and a very familiar feeling was building, rising in my balls and the pompous cock shaft as I moaned in a low voice. I definitely lost touch with the reality. There was no more a sound of water running, nor did I hear the man leave and the door squeak. He must be standing out there, very well aware and listening what I was doing inside the stall privately and I did not want to look out of the hole and see.

Suddenly the door to my stall got a bit push and it opened. Fuck! How did I forget to bolt the door from inside? The gentleman was inside the stall. We both looked embarrassed to each other in a so compromised position. Damn! I must have forgotten to lock the door. For no reason, my erection started to flail and I was kind of enjoying the so compromising situation, we were in. He locked the stall behind him. kocaeli escort I was very happy, thinking that I could fuck the guy now. He stood about a foot away from me, his groin very close to my face and I think he was thinking to get sucked by me. I reached and held his penis through the fabric of his pants. His very long penis was slowly creeping on his thigh, swelling and getting phat very quickly causing a big bulge in his pants. My hand was roaming on his long thick shaft, shuddering in my hand with excitement and my own penis also throbbing huge again.

Like a fast working robot, he unbuckled, unzipped his pants and lowered it with the underwear to his knees and rubbed his huge penis on my lips, asking me to suck him out. I had never seen so thick penis ever before on all the men I had sucked and wanted to suck him pronto and asked him to let me fuck him before going down on his cock with my lips and mouth. He looked at my size greedily and said that the dean had just walked in the office and he might be waiting for dictating some letter. He wanted to leave now soon I sucked him but I insisted that I must fuck him first. We both seemed to have edged enough and were at the verge. He agreed to give me hand job in a hurry for a hand job in return from me. He laughed, because he knew May was the ‘Masturbation, celebration’ month and we both got to the job.

He told me, his name was Walton. He knew couple other guys in the building, who knew about this restroom, the benefits and the perks, it provided to the needy. In less than 5 minutes we both had spilled our juices in the hands of the other. He told me the time to come back around the lunch break and taking his ass and another much younger ass too. I promised to give the best ever sucking, licking blowjob to all who were down there. We cleaned ourselves with the tissue paper and he walked out first, reminding me to show up and not shy away. I had hated the students exchange program but the funfest for the next 6 months was so immense and involving that I hated to leave to go back to my original college at the end of the semester.

I shall cherish the memory this May, and honor the month by Masturbating as much as possible and hope you do too.

The End. Please vote and kindly send some comments. AWC May 4, 2021.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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