Marley and Miranda

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Marley was the youngest son of a rich couple, and probably their deepest shame. Though he was 19 years old, and all his older siblings had moved out, he still lived at home. Really, his parents didn’t seem to be in any hurry to shove him onward with his life. Better to keep an embarrassment at home than send him out for the world to see.

It wasn’t just that Marley showed less of the cut-throat drive for success that ran in the family, or that he was far from the brightest, or acted a little immature for his age, or his disinterest in athletics. The true reason for his status as the least of all his siblings can best be summed up by some of the words he had overheard his own parents using to describe him: ‘effeminate,’ ‘pansy,’ he even heard ‘faggot’ from his own fathers mouth a couple of times. That stuff hurt!

Though he felt he had been treated like the runt of the litter as far back as he could remember, the real trouble had started when his parents heard he had been caught making out with another boy at his high school. It was as if their worst fears had been confirmed. Within a month, they had pulled him out of school and had him complete the rest of his education through homeschooling. Really, with love and support like that, was it any wonder he hadn’t amounted to much yet?

But their attempts to keep him isolated from the big, scary world and its corrupting influences had only backfired. Having fewer in-person social interactions, Marley continued to advance his social life online, where his exposure to devious lifestyles and obscure fetishes increased wildly. His parents’ attempts to restrict and monitor his internet use were a joke. Soon, he had plenty of online friends who were not only happy to accept him for who he felt he really was, but even encouraged him to broaden his frontiers.

His IRL relations, however, suffered greatly. He had only kept a few friends from school, and he seemed to be seeing less and less of them. It didn’t help that his parents tried to vet anyone he was allowed to spend time with. The only other person roughly his age he saw regularly was Miranda, their household maid. She was a little older than him, but also quiet. They had shared a few pleasant conversations, but she generally seemed to keep to her business. She probably had no idea about the real feelings he held for her. Every time he tried to bring up more personal things with her, he would just stutter until he was so embarrassed that he had to excuse himself from the conversation.

Tonight, Marley had his parents’ small mansion to himself, as they would be out late at one of their fancy parties. Many people would be bored out of their minds being all alone in such a huge place, but not Marley! He had an extremely active mind, so keeping himself entertained was an easy task. He was also as horny as any young adult could ever get! Therefore, the chance to do any naughty things he wanted without any chance of getting caught was nothing but a blessing!

As soon as they were good and gone, his fun began! He started off his night by taking a long, refreshing shower. He scrubbed himself from head to toe, getting himself oh, so clean! He also took the opportunity to shave anything below the neck, as he liked himself to be. Finally, he moisturized his skin with some of his mom’s products he secretly liked to use. When he was done, he felt so sensuously clean that he just couldn’t bear to put his clothes back on.

And so, he snuck down the wide hallway completely in the buff, feeling so sexy and naughty! Why was he sneaking? He was the only one here! It still felt so risky, as if his mother would turn up, impossibly, at any moment and shriek at him for his horrifying behavior! But there was something about danger that excited him! The feeling of risk added to the fun! His heart beating in his chest, he slowly crept along, peeking around every corner. He finally made his way to the kitchen, where he fixed himself a quick snack. After heating it up, he sat his clean, bare ass down on one of the stools and ate it on the counter. He even cleaned up his dishes all in the nude, savoring the delightful chill of the cool evening air on his smooth, naked skin.

Now it was time for the real naughtiness! No longer feeling the irrational need to sneak around, he strutted confidently back up the stairs and found his way to his sister’s room. She was off in college, but she still kept a few interesting things here. He went straight for her dresser and picked out a lacy black bra. For Marley, there were clear benefits to having a flat-chested sister who wasn’t around to defend her belingings. Her bra fit almost perfectly around his slender frame. He found a matching pair of stockings and slid those on.

Here was the thing about growing up with judgmental parents: he knew fully well that going through his sister’s personal effects was wrong. But, for as long as he could remember, his parents had insisted that he was perverted simply for being who he was, to the point that sometimes he even believed it himself. And since he had already siirt escort crossed some moral boundary he had no intention of heeding, what was this one more thing?

Finally, he found a pair of panties. He was very tempted to slip those on and complete the set, but he stopped. The possibility of getting a cum stain on his dear sister’s underwear was just a little much for him. If she ever found out he did this… well, it didn’t even bear thinking about. He wouldn’t let it happen.

With his outfit complete, Marley looked into her full-length mirror to admire himself. He looked stunning! The cups of the bra were just a little loose over his chest, but everything else fit perfectly on his boyish, almost feminine physique. His wild, sandy blond hair, delicate nose, and naturally full lips only added to the feminine look. He struck a few poses, and blew a kiss into the mirror.

Marley was now fully erect. It was time to play! He rummaged through her desk, looking for anything he might entertain himself with. He found a few colors of lipstick, a bottle of mascara, and various other items. But the object that finally caught his eye was a small, white bottle of something that didn’t look like a beauty product at all. He picked it up and read the label. It looked like some sort of glue.

“InsaniBond,” he whispered as he read the label out loud. “Ooo, sounds powerful!”

Satisfied he had found his toy for the night, he shut the drawer. What should he do with it? There were so many possibilities, his heart started thumping just thinking about it! This stuff could be dangerous, in fact he hoped it was! He had to find out!

He walked out of his sister’s room with the items he had pillaged, his mind a flurry of ideas as he worked out what exactly he wanted to do with it, and where.

He was in the hallway between his room and the upstairs parlour when he finally decided. Why start off light, like gluing his fingers together? Why not start off hard and heavy, and just do what he knew he really wanted to do. Marley looked down at himself. His penis was the one thing about him that wasn’t remotely feminine. It was a fairly big one, or so he thought, and it was currently rock hard and jutting straight out in front of him, as strong as the prow of a ship!

At the very tip, sticking maybe half an inch past the bulge of his large, mighty cock was his long, stretchy foreskin. His foreskin was extremely sensitive to touch, and was probably the most fun part of his body to play with. He uncapped the glue. He brought the applicator tip down and spread a bead of clear liquid in a circle all around the opening.

He raised his head and looked at the wall in front of him. The walls in the hallway were lined with several large stone columns, each looking massive and immovable. Marley walked toward one and thrust his hips forward until the tip of his glue-coated foreskin pressed against it.

He held it there for two or three seconds, and pulled back to see how the glue was doing. He was surprised when he felt a firm, erotic tug. This stuff acted fast! He pulled back a little more, and saw his foreskin stretch another inch, giving him another twinge of pleasure. It didn’t feel like the tip was even beginning to peel loose yet, so he continued slowly pulling back until his foreskin had stretched to its full extent, about three or four inches past the bulge.

And it felt exquisite! His foreskin was very stretchy, and it loved to be tugged on! He could pull pretty hard on it without pain. It seemed he had found the perfect way to tug on it hands free! The feeling of that strong but painless bond on the sensitive tip of his foreskin made it even better. So firm, so unyielding!

Still holding the tension, Marley gave a slight bounce backwards, causing a brief, but sharp spike in that wonderful tugging sensation. But he didn’t feel the tip of his foreskin even begin to slip. He bounced a few more times, giving his dick all the abuse he knew it could take! If he kept this up long enough, he was certain to cum!

“Uuuhhhough!” he groaned in pleasure.

After a few minutes of playing and tugging, when he was maybe halfway to an orgasm, he decided he needed to test the real strength of the bond. He had to know how hard it really was! He put his hands against the wall and pushed off, giving it a little muscle. He pulled until his dick was stretched taut… and then some! He could feel some serious tension! He strained until he was pulling as hard as he dared, but he still didn’t feel the tip even starting to come loose! As he pulled and pulled, he grimaced with a mixture of effort, pleasure, and pain.

Holy shit, his dick was STUCK! This stuff was powerful! He figured in the back of his mind that he should eventually be able to work his penis free well before his parents got back, but even the thought that his dick was now permanently stuck to the wall made his heart pound in his chest with a mixture of excitement and fear!

Just then, he heard a cough from the parlor! He froze as he felt his sincan escort blood run cold! He wasn’t alone in the house! But it had sounded like a youthful, feminine cough. It was Miranda! Wait, was she supposed to be in tonight? Had he seriously miscalculated, or was she working a different schedule this week?

Marley knew his fun was over. He needed to get unstuck before she found him! As quietly as he could, he pushed off from the wall hard, giving his dick the biggest stretch he had ever given it! When that didn’t work, he wrapped both hands around his cock, one around the base and another near the tip, and tried to yank it free that way, which was equally unsuccessful. He went back and forth between both strategies as his fear grew and grew. Maybe that fantasy of being stuck beyond all hope wasn’t a fantasy at all! Why had he gone and done such a stupid, stupid thing as gluing his penis to the wall?

“No, no, no… come off! Please!” he pleaded in a desperate whisper so quiet his own ears barely picked it up.

He gritted his teeth and strained his muscles as hard as he dared, harder and harder until he was pulling with nearly all his strength, stretching his foreskin and his now flaccid dick to simply unbelievable lengths! Nothing! His penis was still stuck to the wall! His penis was completely, hopelessly stuck!

Suddenly, he heard movement from the next room. There was the sound of a book being set down on a tabletop, and Miranda got up from the couch. Her soft footsteps were approaching! Marley was dead meat!

No longer caring if he tore his foreskin clean in half, Marley gave one violent jerk after another, ignoring any pain at all, struggling like a trapped animal! But both his foreskin and the accursed glue seemed tough enough to withstand his best efforts! Nothing would give!

With only seconds to spare, Marley suddenly gave up on his dick and remembered his attire. As quickly as he could, he tore off the bra and stockings and tossed them in a large, empty vase on the floor not far from him. It was the only thing he could help, so he might as well save what little face he would have left.

Finally, Miranda rounded the corner. The instant she laid eyes on him, she froze with her mouth open wide. They stared at each other for a moment, neither knowing what to say.

Miranda usually dressed modestly, even tomboyishly. She had long, red hair, which she let fall loosely behind her. Her attire today was loose-fitting jeans, sneakers, and a baggy sweat shirt saying “Iron Maiden,” with a picture of a zombie underneath. Like usual, she wore no makeup or lipstick of any kind. This was fairly typical of how she chose to dress when nothing important was going on. His parents sometimes asked her to dress up like a proper lady when they were expecting guests, which she begrudgingly did, but otherwise her only concerns seemed to be function and comfort. There are many who might consider Miranda to be plain-looking, at least how she presented herself, but to Marley she was as beautiful as any woman could be? What was it about a lady not dressing like a lady that appealed to an effeminate boy who liked to wear his sister’s underwear? Maybe he just appreciated another person who wanted to dress how they wanted to dress, and damn what others think.

“Marley?” Miranda gasped at last, her voice full of surprise and disbelief. “What are you…”

But she trailed off as her eyes drifted downward. She turned several shades whiter as she noticed his still stretched-put penis, with his abused foreskin stretching from his glans to the wall like a strand of chewed bubblegum. “Oh my God, your penis! Is it… is it…” she stammered, shocked, then paused.

“Is it… stuck to the wall?” Her voice transitioning to perplexed as she finally found the words to finish her sentence.

“I… I…” was all he could choke out. Marley was hot with shame and dread.

She took a few steps closer to him. “How in the world did that happen? Are you okay? Do you need some help?” she asked, her voice now sounding sympathetic.

Miranda suddenly showing genuine concern for him, rather than she shock and horror he had been expecting, seemed to put him somewhat more at ease.

“I don’t know! I didn’t have any clean underwear, so I was looking for some, and I just… kind of… brushed my penis against the wall… I mean, it was an accident! I didn’t mean to, but the next thing I knew it was stuck!”

“Interesting!” she said, sarcastically. “I didn’t know a dick could just get stuck to a wall for no reason. Is that a common occurrence for guys?”

Marley was silent.

“Or, are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with that bottle of glue?” she asked, pointing to where he had tossed it on the floor.

“Oh, right! I just remembered they were repairing this wall. Maybe the glue was still drying,” he answered, frantically and defensively.

“Marley, calm down! Look, I don’t give a shit what you were doing. I’ve done some dumb, weird things for shits and giggles, too, sinop escort so I’m in no place to judge you. Does it… hurt at all?”

“No, not really. I’m just stuck. And… please don’t tell my mom.”

“Of course I’m not going to tell your mom! I’m no snitch.”

“Oh god, thank you so much, Miranda! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I’m just glad I’m the one that found you,” she whispered sweetly into his ear. She ran a finger up his bare back, getting a shiver out of him. “Now let’s see what we can do about this… situation. Mind if I, uh, see what we’ve got going on here?” She held her hand near his penis, waiting for his approval.

“Yeah, okay, I guess,” said Marley, meekly.

She closed her fingers around the shaft of his penis with a wondrously delicate grip. He shuddered once again at her gentle touch. She pulled his penis away from the wall, making his foreskin stretch once again. She tugged until his foreskin felt taut to her, reluctant to pull any harder. She jiggled his penis around, watching as his stretchy foreskin was tugged every which way, while the tip remained anchored in place. Marley gasped in pleasure! He was starting to get erect again.

“Wow, you’re STRETCHY! Is this what all uncircumcised men are like?”

“I don’t know…” Marley muttered, sounding a little ashamed.

“Well, I LIKE it! You must play with this a LOT! I know I would!”

“Miranda…” Marley begged.


Once tugging with her hands failed to yield any results, she let go of the shaft and pinched his stretched-out foreskin between her fingers, near the tip. She tugged a few times, trying to peel the skin free, but was still unable to get it to budge.

“Oh, wow! You’re right, it’s REALLY STUCK! This glue is impressively strong! Like, wow!” she said with a grin.

“It’s not funny! I’m really stuck!”

“Oh, I’m sorry if I laughed. But don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to get your penis unstuck. Can you try to pull it off? Let me see.”

“I’ve BEEN pulling!”

“Just let me see you do it. Please?”

Marley sighed, but did as he was asked. He pulled back and stretched out his foreskin, stretching it to its full, impressive extent, until he couldn’t pull himself any farther from the wall. He gave a couple of futile tugs to show Miranda just how hopelessly stuck his penis was.

“See?” he declared, then eased his penis back toward the wall.

“Oh my God!” Miranda exclaimed, wowed by what she had just seen! Her eyes were wide with elated fascination. She seemed to be enjoying this.

“Please, Miranda…” Poor Marley was blushing. He felt so embarrassed he could barely look at her.

“Yeah, sorry,” she said, sympathetically. “I can’t imagine how humiliating this must be for you, being stuck like this, and stark naked. Well, how about this? What if I were naked, too? Would that make this a little less embarrassing for you if were on more even ground like that? If I’m naked, too?”

Suddenly, Marley found himself with a complete lack of words. He stared at her, quizzically, trying to decide if she had really been serious. Her smile seemed to suggest she had meant it. Marley’s expression changed to intrigued, and his eyes drifted down to her loose-fitting clothing, wondering what was beneath.

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, really! There’s no reason to be modest about having a human body. I’m not. Heaven knows, I’ve seen enough of you, so I guess it’s only fair. Besides, who else has to know?”

“Well, okay, I guess,” he answered shyly, in stark contrast to his once again rock-hard cock.

With no more ceremony than if she were undressing for a shower, she lifted up her sweatshirt. She had been wearing nothing else under it. When she pulled it up and over her head, he was surprised to see what a large pair of breasts she had! Apparently, her modest clothing did a good job of hiding this. Many girls might have loved to show off assets like those!

Nothing could have prepared Marley for such a sight! He had seen plenty of pictures and videos of naked women in the internet, but this was the first time he had seen a woman bare her breasts in front of him. He couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed at her chest, particularly fascinated by her large, rosy nipples. This was literally in front of him!

When Miranda pulled the sweatshirt up over her head, she caught Marley staring unambiguously, and she smiled at him.

“Like what you see?” she said with a wink.

“Ahhuoghhh…” he muttered, unintelligibly, nearly drooling.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Miranda giggled, apparently enjoying how flabbergasted Marley was. He was simply overwhelmed by how much she had to offer!

But Miranda was far from done. She kicked off her sneakers, then undid her belt and lowered her jeans and underwear to the floor as one, and stepped out of them. As a final measure, she lifted each foot, one after the other, and pulled off her socks. Then she stood facing Marley with a smile on her face, wearing absolutely nothing beyond her glasses, and looking perfectly comfortable like this. She wasn’t even a bit embarrassed! And why should she be? She didn’t have a single thing to be embarrassed about! He couldn’t believe what an amazing body she had been hiding under all that modest clothing all this time!

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