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Catherine lived across the street from my girlfriend Julia’s house in Houston. I stayed in the “front” bedroom, and had a clear view of Catherine’s home – just across the street – and into her bedroom.

My girlfriend, for some reason did not want her children to know that their mom and I were in a “relationship.” Even so, they did catch us one night getting into some pretty heavy making out on the couch. Her hand was in my pants gently stroking my super hard cock, but not clearly visible to her children. Her children were 17 and 18, My hand was just reaching for her blouse to open it and expose her titties; her titties were firm and her nipples always erect. Often, Julia and I would engage in heavy petting and oral just before heading for bed and fucking like crazed teen-agers. She was a beautiful Asian lady; I loved eating her pussy and the feeling of her tight pussy around my cock. For a 40 year old lady with two children, when my cock entered her luscious pussy, what a feeling – pure ecstasy! Unfortunately, we did just not get it on that often! Just in time I saw her children peering at us from a dark part of the house.

Julia was and is a beautiful lady and I constantly longed for her touch, caresses and the times when I was able to pleasure her; I existed to pleasure her in any way possible. Although I love to eat pussy, with Julia, it was full on the best pussy I had ever had the pleasure of eating! Always clean, always moist and ravenously wet as her excitement escalated. Wonderful lusty moans and sighs – and when she would cum, she would wrap her legs around my head and pull my face and tongue hard into her pussy! Her breasts were perfect, firm and so suck-able. Her body was trim – not skinny, but full and firm! And, her pussy was beautiful. She did not shave her pussy, but the fine wisps of hair were sparse and like velvet – soft and inviting. And, when we did finally wind up having sex, I was required to wear a condom. But, once we were visiting San Francisco and it was an early evening in the hotel room. The activities became hot and heavy; I told her I had to get a condom and she said we did not need one THIS TIME. When my cock went inside her I felt the blood rush to engorge my cock like I had not felt before. She quivered and her body stiffened – her scream as she came made me blow my load!

Jizm was oozing out from around my cock, down past her bung hole and the wet spots on the bed were huge!

In Houston, the weather in the summertime can be really hot, humid and nearly unbearable. Catherine would come over on the weekends to swim with my girlfriends children; normally the swimming events took place later in the day and frequently until dusk. Everyone always said it was too hot to swim in the daytime.

Catherine had, when I first saw her, small nipples peeking beypazarı escort through her tight swimsuit; really nice and her cute camel-toe could also be seen easily. Frequently she would cling to my neck when we were in the pool together and my hands would randomly, from time to time, brush her tittie nubs and firm vagina lips – especially when she wore a two-piece swim suit; she did not seem to mind. When she held on with her arms around my neck, every once in awhile, her tongue would “accidently” reach one of my ears or the other – an ear lobe or a tiny tongue thrust into an ear. The kids always liked being “dunked” so there was more than ample opportunity to have Catherine’s legs or arms wrapped around my neck. Feeling her pussy on my neck or the touch of her tongue on my neck or ears really got me hard!

Once, when she pretended to be falling off my shoulders and her hands reached my cock and she massaged it slightly for a second or two. As she found out that I did not mind, she would pursue this more frequently and for longer periods. Once, luckily at dusk, just as she stopped squeezing my cock and was swimming away just about as I was about to unleash my load. I did cum and I stroked my cock a couple times just for good measure. Of course, I loved every minute! Every once in a while, my girlfriend and I would have sex and it was always so much better after I had been swimming with Catherine! Even if I had cum in the pool!

As the months went by, Julia and I began to drift apart. She wanted me only when she wanted me, and I was pretty much confined to staying in the front bedroom. Often, I would see that the curtains in Catherine’s bedroom were open – she knew I was watching. She had told me a couple times when we were swimming to watch her bedroom window! And, wow, occasionally she would put on a little show, look across the street, wave and smile! My cock would swell so much I thought it was going to burst.

I went away for work and returned every couple weeks or so. Upon arriving one Friday evening, my girlfriend, Julia, reminded me her daughter, now 18, was having an overnight party – Catherine was invited! My cock was throbbing – not for my girlfriend, but for Catherine! Julia slept in her bedroom that night, which she frequently did – and I was never allowed to sleep in her bed.

So, my girlfriend did not sleep with me that night in the front bedroom. Lucky for me. Sometime around three in the morning, Catherine came into my room – everyone in the house was asleep. She told me that she stayed awake so she could come cuddle, and said she was wet from thinking about it. She told me how she watched my room from her room and would play with her smooth pussy thinking about me – she said she got so wet, she would rub her clit until çankaya escort she would cum. And, I said, “I will rub your clit with my tongue for you!” Well, right then, my cock WAS ROCK HARD!

From the first time I saw Catherine until now, her little breasts had developed into lovely titties and she told me her smooth pussy was covered with soft silky pussy hair. She let me find out her pussy hair was very soft and velvety when I felt it, and she told me that she would really like it if my tongue was inside her little pussy. She must have known – cause she always called her pussy – her “little pussy!” After she climbed into my bed she told me that she already knew about a guy’s cock getting big and hard, how it oozed pre-cum, and how thinking about it made her really wet. Catherine said that she would jack-off her father but never let him put his cock inside her. She said that from the first time she felt my cock when were swimming, she wanted it more and more. I was shocked she knew so much. But – you bet – HAPPY!

With two fingers, she touched the head of my cock – she knew there would be pre-cum – when she felt the pre-cum oozing from it, she squeezed some onto her little fingers and put them on her mouth. She sucked on her fingers while staring right into my eyes! With her legs wrapped around one of my legs, she hugged me around the neck and began sucking on an ear lobe, licking my jaw, and put her tongue between my lips! I sucked her tongue into my mouth and I thought it was going to go down my throat!

She began to quiver and in a moment, her soft hands were wrapped around my cock! I gasped, and she cooed, “Do you like that?” Of course in a quivering voice I said “Oh Yes!” I let my mouth cover her breasts and suck her little nipples. She began to breathe heavily and moan, a nice and innocent moan. I touched her pussy, and I could feel her clit was sticking out – I continued to kiss her breasts slowly moving to her virgin pussy. I positioned myself so my face was full on with her sweet pussy. A wonderful sweet now 18 year old pussy.

Catherine was so wet, and she was breathing so heavily. She whispered that she knew what came next! She told me she wanted me to put my hard throbbing cock inside her little pussy. I was not comfortable with that, but in the heat and passion of the moment, I placed the head of my cock on her tiny little hot wet pussy – her clit erect – my cock oozing more and more pre-cum! Rubbing the head of my cock inside her slit, she began thrusting toward me.

My cock entered her slightly, I removed it a bit and reentered her slightly for a bit – in, out, in, out, stretching that virgin pussy! She loved my tongue in her mouth, and wow, for a virgin 18 year old – could she French kiss.

Catherine was a small girl, çayyolu escort and she was hot! She began to grab my ass cheeks and pull me further inside – when the head of my cock just touched her hymen and I was about to cum, she stopped for a moment – and in an instant, she thrust her tiny body up and pulled me into her at the same time! I just about lost it and nearly screamed in pure ecstasy.

She gasped as I ripped her virginity, but began thrusting like she was a bunny rabbit and of course I was thrusting into her like a jack hammer. Not sure why, but I was able to keep from cumming for quite a while. Catherine was just thrusting and thrusting and I was pounding and pounding. I felt ashamed to be pounding her so hard.

In what seemed like an instant – she stopped, pulled me hard into her and I exploded into her tiny quivering body – cum like I never knew. She was quivering, gasping, and her tight little pussy was clamped down on my cock like a vise! She came about five times and each time she would thrust upward, driving my cock harder and harder into her tiny little pussy! Never had I spewed so much cum.

I knew that she could not be found in my bed by anyone in the house. Fortunately it was only about four in the morning now and we had both recovered – somewhat – from our orgasms. She was sleeping with my arms around her and her head on my chest. I woke her up gently and said, “Catherine, you have to quietly go back to where the other girls are.” She said she would but wanted to do something for me first. Her hands found my cock and she massaged it until it became hard – of course, that did not take long! She threw the covers aside, climbed up on top of me and put her pussy right smack on my mouth. In an instant, she was bent down and my cock was in her mouth!

Oh fuck what to do? My tongue was massaging her clit and thrusting into her velvet treasure. She was pounding my cock with her mouth – deep throating and all! Needless to say, as my cock began to spew the last remnants of any jizm in my hot balls, she had an orgasm that I thought WAS GOING TO WAKE THE ENTIRE HOUSE! She pushed her pussy down on me so hard I think half my head was inside her!

We rested for about 15-minutes and she meandered to the other bedroom with the girls. That morning at breakfast, she sat next to me – no one knew when her little hand brushed up against my cock! She looked at me and just smiled!

After my girlfriend broke up with me (nothing to do with Catherine), for the next few years, until I left Houston, Catherine found her way to my house.

Before I left Houston for good, Catherine, always the sweetheart, and little nymph brought a girlfriend with her. I was my ex-girlfriend’s daughter. Needless to say, we had great threesomes! You never know what these young ladies know, and want!

Well Catherine is 28 now, divorced and she just connected with me on Facebook. She is going to come and visit me here in California. She asked if I wanted Julia’s daughter to come with her. Although that might be an interesting situation, I just want to be with Catherine now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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