Lesbos Arriving

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“Good morning Mrs. Long, what a lovely morning.” Leah said as she opened the store door.

“Oh morning Leah, yes it certainly is. Would you get six forms from the back? We have an order of new bras to put out.”

“Six certainly, I wonder what these are like.” Leah Said as she continued to take her coat off and hang it up in the hallway. She said that the last shipment models were really nice.

“Oh, these are in a new European design according to the invoice. And there are the twelve of our usual order. Keep the forms in the back; just put them on the table, you can put the rest away after we’ve put these new ones up.”

“There are red, white and black. And none in beige, interesting.” Mrs. Long said as she entered the back room. Opening the container of the black model Mrs. Long took out the bra and held it up and inspected it. The material was light and lacy and nice and soft to the touch. “Let’s put this one on a form first” she slipped the bra onto the form as she spoke, and added “there we are, hm soft and sexy. What do you think Leah?”

“Yes it nice and soft, and sexy.” Leah said as she looked at the exhibit, she touched and said that it felt lovely and soft adding that she thought it would feel nice on.

“The form shows it off nicely, but to really know what it would look like it should be modeled, on a real person. Don’t you think?” Mrs. Long said, as she took the white one out of its carton.

“That would be a true test for sure.” Leah said.

“Absolutely, why don’t you take off your blouse dear and your bra then, you can model this model for us, mm” Mrs. Long said in a soft tone.

“Me, eh you want me to model it, really? Leah stammered all surprised.

“This would look lovely on you I think” Mrs. Long said as she undid a button of Leah’s blouse. “Your young body will show it off well, covering your firm soft young breasts” Mrs. Long continued as she undid the rest of Leah’s blouse and eased it out of her skirt.

Leah was feeling both aroused and nervous at the same time. She was excited at the thought of wearing the new bra, as she reached behind herself and undid her bra. She let it slip off and held it a bit awkwardly in one hand as she faced Mrs. Long.

“You are a lovely young woman Leah, such pretty breasts.” She held up the new bra and gently put it on Leah. As she did Leah held it against her chest, and Mrs. Long went behind her and did the bra up.

“Come over to the Mirror dear” Mrs. Long said as she stood behind Leah.

As Leah stood in front of the mirror looking at her, Mrs. Long stepped in behind her and admired the view as well. The cups of the bra had a delicate seam running down them. Slipping her arms around Leah and gently cupping the soft warm breasts in her hands, and gently pushed them up. “How does it feel” she said softly as she pushed the soft virginal mammary up.

“Mm it feels nice, soft and cozy, you have such warm hands as well. But I feel a bit awkward though.” Leah said.

“You don’t have to feel awkward dear. So the bra feels nice on, it looks really nice and sexy too.” Mrs. Long said as she continued to press Leah’s breasts up, but now a bit higher, and as she did the vertical season the bra’s cup separated and the reddish brown nipples popped out, looking really sexy.

“Oh my they are so lovely Leah” Mrs. Long said as she touched them with the tips of her fingers. She tenderly squeezed them saying that someone would love to kiss them.

All the while Leah was clenching and clenching her fists nervously at her sides. Her emotions doing cartwheels, she softly breathed ‘mm’ with nervous excitement. She shifted a hand and moved it behind her where it touched the front of Mrs. Long’s dress; she drew her hand away, but not before it had been felt.

“Bless you dear, you are so sweet, you don’t have to take your hand away. But we should de getting things done shouldn’t we?” Mrs. Long said as she picked up Leah’s blouse and held it so as to let Leah put it back on. “You have modeled the bra delightfully, and you look exquisite in it. Hopefully you will buy soon to keep this one company.”

“I’ll pay for this one Mrs. Long.”

“No-no you have earned it dear, it’s yours, enjoy wearing it, em!” Mrs. Long said as she did up Leah’s blouse, leaving the top button undone

“I will enjoy it, thank you. I’ll start putting the new stock away; I see the black one’s need some out already.” Leah said as removed and headed out into the store proper.

The rest of the morning went by much like most mornings, at lunch time Leah just went to eatery in the mall. It was close by and there was a selection of fast food outlets to choose from. Getting a burrito and Pepsi she found a table and sat down, looking around as she had her lunch.

A couple tables away two women were talking about shaving. The older one said that she had shaved herself and advised the younger woman on how best to do it.

The conversation intrigued Leah and her mind went back to the picture that ayaş escort Joan had printed off for, in which both the girls were shaved.

Before going back to work she visited the drug store and a lady razor and some shaving cream along with a tube of veet cream.

“Hello someone’s been shopping.” Mrs. Long said as Leah walked into the store.

“Yes I did. While I was having something to eat I over-heard two women talking about shaving, eh down there if you get what I mean. And was intrigued by it and decided that I would try it, I have wondered before about it, and have decided too.” Leah said her cheeks were slightly flushed.

“I know where you are coming from dear, it’s a bit messy and tricky but it feels good when you finish it. Especially if you don’t wear underwear, then it feels really good, and sexy.”

Mrs. Long said, cheeky smile on her face.

“You have shaved then, wow!” Leah said kind of shy, her emotions reacting to the information.

“Oh yes, like you I got the idea from over hearing a conversation on it. Come to the back and see, come on dear.” Mrs. Long said as she held out her hand for Leah to take hold of. “Just a minute, let me put the ‘be back’ sign in the door, and then we won’t have to worry about interruptions em?” Coming back from the store entrance Mrs. Long strolled into the back of the store and Leah shy followed her.

“You can completely shave or leave patch, it’s all a matter of preference.” Mrs. Long said as she lifted her dress up over waist and slipped out of her black lace panties, and dropped them on the table saying in a soft and throaty voice. “There take a nice close look, go ahead and touch me if you would like to.

Leah looked shyly at smooth skin of the mature pussy in front of her. Her nostril began to flare as her emotions raced with nervous excitement. She nervously reached her hand out to touch it; hesitantly she put an attentive finger on the warm skin and slowly softly rubbed it.

Mm Mrs. Long breathed; a young hand was touching her. Though a married woman she enjoyed female company, and Leah was a young new conquest. “You have a tender touch Leah, warm and soft absolutely lovely.”

Leah was feeling excitedly awkward, wanting to explore all the folds and crevices of Mrs. Long but too shy to show her true intrigue. This was sending unfamiliar itches between her legs. Her heart pounded in her chest and her lips became dry. Slowly her fingers delved in between the dark outer lips, to touch warmer soft wrinkly inner lips.

“Oh yes that’s so nice.” Mrs. Long whispered as she rubbed Leah’s back softly. “You haven’t touched a woman before have you, I can tell by your shyness. That’s alright, the thing is to enjoy the experiences, and I am, very much” Mrs. Long said as she edged her hips forward just a bit against Leah’s exploring finger. “Maybe we should do the boring stuff though and get to work. Maybe continue this some other time when we have NO interruptions to distract us em!” As she was speaking Leah removed her finger and Mrs. Long dropped her dress, leaving her panties on the table.

“Eh, yes maybe. This is kind of scary to me though. No I haven’t touched a woman before.

As Mrs. Long went and took down the sign, she said “you don’t have to feel scared dear, embrace the warmth and closeness. That’s what it’s about, love and tenderness.”

“I think I see what you mean, even though I feel awkward about it.” Leah had to admit, realizing that she was excited when touching smooth warm skin.

The rest of the day passed with a couple of customers coming into the store.

Leah got frame for the sexy picture Joan had printed for her. After putting it up in her bedroom Leah her supper frozen dinner and nuked it. Getting to the small dinette she sat at its table. As she was eating her cell jingles. It was a text from Joan.

“hi girl what you up to?”

The message gave Leah a lift, even though her day had had its excitement.

Hi Joan, me, I’m having something to eat. I got a frame for the sexy picture earlier. So what are you doing?

Leah got the bag of things from the drug store and read the instructions on the tube.

When she finished she got her tablet and researched some, the more she searched the more confused she became, and frustrated.

fancy getting an ice cream Joan?

sure why not. Meet u at the mall shortly.

They arrived at the very same time at the mall.

Joan threw her arms around Leah and hugged her saying “hi you sexy girl I like your idea, ice cream.”

They loosely held hands as they walked to the ice cream stand and got a cone each.

They strolled over to a bench at the edge of the park and went to sit down, only to find that it was freshly painted and taped off. “Let’s go over there and sit shall we?” Leah suggested, as she pointed toward the big sprawling elm tree

“Yeh that looks a nice soft and shady seclude place to sit.” Joan replied.

Getting to tree spot they bağlıca escort sat down kind of facing each other. Joan kicked off her pumps and ran her toes thru the lush cool grass. “This is nice.” She said as she idly looked around. She had one leg straight out in front of herself and the other leg was bent at the knee, her skirt rode up her leg a bit, exposing her pink panties a bit.

“Mm yes it is have you been to a big city at all? Mum and Dad took me to a show in Rochester once. We stayed in a hotel for a night. The show was good, but the rest I hated it. How people can live in those big places I don’t know. All the noise, ugh it’s not for me. Leah said as she looked around. Looking back toward Joan she noticed the pink panties that were showing she flushed a bit at the sight at first. Leaning back with a hand behind her she slipped out of her sandals.

“No I haven’t, I’ve seen them in movies for sure but that’s all. They are noisy I bet, I like the nice fresh air, not the stink of exhaust and stuff.” Joan slid a foot across and stroked Leah’s leg with her foot. Finishing her cone she put her arms behind her and leaned back, her foot stroking Leah’s shin softly. “Listen to the birds singing.” She said softly as her foot continued to stroke and rub Leah’s leg.

“Mm yes, see you wouldn’t hear them in those big places, what are you doing Joan?” Leah said softly as she moved her leg slightly to the side, her dress slid up her legs a bit as well.

“You have such soft skin it feels nice.”

Leah silently was shyly enjoying it, but was nervous about it. Her white panties were also partly showing. “You think so.” Leah said.

“It feels really nice to touch, touch me, if you want to, mm.” Joan said as she moved her foot up along Leah’s leg.

Leah shyly touched Joan’s leg with her foot.

“Mm that feels sexy Leah” Joan purred as she moved her leg so Leah’s foot moved further up her leg toward her knee.

Leah was quietly enjoying the sexy play, the daringness was exciting her.

Joan was enjoying their play as well as her foot quietly moved higher and higher, till the tip of her toes found the warm soft material of Leah’s panties.

Leah reacted to the touch of Joan’s foot by pulling her dress down and cover it, although she was scared by the move she didn’t move Joan’s sexy foot.

“No Joan.” Was all Leah said as she let the warm toe caress the pliant material, as her emotions raced, nervously and all excited. That itch was there again, it too was making her worried and excited.

The invading toe pressed in against the warm slightly moist material, pressing right against the nub of her sexuality. Leah put a hand down and between her legs, she whispered in a quivering voice, “Stop it Joan, please. It’s not right, sorry.”

Joan slipped her foot away from under Leah’s dress saying “that’s OK sweetie I got a bit too excited, you don’t have to be sorry. Let’s go for a walk shall we?”

“I guess we could, ok.” Leah replied as she was putting her sandals back on. She then added softly, in a wavering voice “it felt intriguing and kind of exciting as well. First the picture and now that, Fuck!” Leah said softly.

They strolled out into the park and onto a pathway. “Which way shall we go?”

“Let’s go that way and see where it leads.” Joan said as she pointed toward the path going over a rise. “It was exciting; you are so soft and warm there. It felt really inviting and sexy to me.” Joan said as she entwined her fingers in Leah’s.

“Your foot was kind of driving me wild, and that worried me some.” Leah admitted excitedly.

Going over the rise the path went into a loosely wooded part of the park. The path rounded a curve and past a clump of shrubs. Then they come to an area of fairly dense shrubbery by several spruce trees and more shrubs, from behind which they heard a girl’s soft chuckle. Crouching they edged toward one of trees.

They saw a young couple who were really engrossed in each other. The young man was stripped down to his underwear, as he lay on the grass. His penis stiffly jutting through the opening of his underwear, as it was being rubbed by a hand of his partner.

She had her top off, her smallish pert breasts proudly jutting out as they were being gently fondled and squeezed “mm that feels so good” the girl murmured softly as she looked down at his stiff prick. Bending she lowered her head and slowly gently sucked him into her mouth. After a short while he arched his body up as he gutturally groaned. Lifting her head as he continued to groan, saying “oh Tessa, fuck that feels great.”

She turned to look across at him as his prick jerked and ejected two creamy jets if cum that fell one on his abdomen and the rest over her hand and his underpants.

As the eruption occurred Leah subconsciously squeezed Joan’s hand, and they slowly backed up out of possible sight. Leah had her other hand over her blouse, half rubbing and half squeezing her chest thru it.

Finding bala escort a bench they sat down, Joan slipped her arm around Leah’s shoulders and whispered “that was a sexy show I thought I was going to pee myself.”

“Fuck, sexy it was, nearing depraved. Me too, I may have peed a bit, my legs were like wet noodles.”

As she was whispering Joan’s hand was softly stroking the front of her blouse over an excited breast.

“We can be daring and depraved right here.”

“What do you mean” Leah said in reply, her hand now over Joan’s.

“If we do a pee here.” Getting up she stood and dropped her pink panties, then bent down and picked them up, and stuffed them in her dress pocket, and sat back down. Replacing her hand over Leah’s blouse.

“You are really daring aren’t you” Leah stammered quietly, her hand in her lap fidgeting nervously.

“Like I said the other day, live on the edge and feel the excitement sweetie”. As she was speaking the young couple came over the rise, their arms around each other. Seeing Leah and Joan they giggled at each other, not realizing that they had been seen, as they strolled past them.

“Hi” Joan said.

“Hi” the girl replied as she carried on walking past Joan and Leah.

Joan’s hand was stroking Leah’s blouse softly all the while as Leah fidgeted. Her skirt had slid up her legs in the process.

Joan slowly curled a finger and teased the small lump that was developing under her soft hand

“They had no idea that they had been seen did they.” Leah said with a little chuckle.

“No, no idea. That was so sexy; I would love to have seen what else may have gone on. Pee provoking that’s what it was.” Joan said as she looked around and wiggled forward toward the edge of the seat, as she edged her dress up her legs, and put leg over Leah’s legs.

“What are you doing?” Leah giggled her voice a bit apprehensive and excited at the same time.

“I Guess you would say, being a sexy daring girl” Joan said, as she began to gently fondled Leah’s blouse.

“That you are, and it feels nice, I have to admit.” Leah said as she put her hand on Joan’s leg and softy stroked it.

“So does that.” Joan said as she let a small stream of pee go arcing onto the path.

Hearing some voices they quickly got up and scampered into the shrubs, and squatting down out of sight.

The middle aged couple walked by, as they noted their displeasure at what they saw.

Both Joan and Leah stifled cheeky chuckles, and watched as the couple disappeared from sight over the rise. They got up and strolled through the trees and across the park. “Oh shit that was so brazen and sexy” Leah said as she looked at Joan, now her chest was pounding with excitement.

“I guess it was, wasn’t it. It was fun though and it made me feel really hot.” Joan said.

“Girl you are hot.” Leah said as they strolled slowly across the park, and added “what does it feel like, with no underwear on?” Their hands touched and their fingers entwined.

“It feels nice, and it feels really sexy, you should try it” Joan said as she turned to face Leah, and lift the hem of her dress up to expose her soft smooth cunt for Leah to see. She moved their fingers down and pressed Leah’s hand over it. “Touch it sweetie” she whispered as she took her hand away and edged her hips forward to touch Leah’s hand.

“Kiss me” Joan Said softly as she looked at Leah with a sexy dreamy look.

Leah was both scared and excited, more excited than anything else. She was closing her eyes as their lips touched. In a tender fleeting kiss ‘mm’ they breathed.

Leah curled a finger and touched the warm skin, moving it side to side. Feeling the soft creases and folds her finger tip.

“Oh that’s so sexy, you have a soft touch, yes right there, oh baby” Joan said softly and breathlessly as her excitement rose. Leah’s finger slipped in between the soft outer lips, touching the hot hidden lips. She pulled out her fingertip and slowly sank to her knees and sat on the grass, as Joan’s dress fell around her legs.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m okay, that was so sexy. I peed a bit and my legs felt like wet noodles that’s all.” Leah said softly.

Joan gently lifted the hem of Leah’s dress saying “yes you did a bit,” Joan said as she looked at the wet Spot on Leah’s panties, she put a finger on the wet Spot and rubbed it gently, pressing her finger onto the puffy area, feeling the crevice between them. “Mm” Leah murmured as nostrils began to flare with excitement. Her hips trembled slightly.

“That feels nice em! Let’s take them off, and then you can feel really free, and enjoy the new feeling.” Joan said softly as she put her hand on the top of Leah’s panties and eased them down and then off of Leah’s feet. “There how does that feel” you look so sexy girl.” Joan said softly. Standing up and slipped the panties in her dress pocket.

Leah got into a squat; her dress was spread out and barely touching the ground. A soft shhhhh came from under her dress as she peed. After a few minutes she’s got up leaving a wet patch of grass.

“I guess we should get going” Leah said softly.

“Yes I guess so, have you any idea how sexy you are” Joan said as she took hold of Leah’s hand and squeezed it warmly.

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