Kink Pt. 04

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Big Dick

CHAPTER 4 — In the room of the psycho bitch!

As Dillon trapsed down the front steps of his school’s main building, he let his mind wander to what might be happening with Suki. She’d not returned to the lesson leaving him to speculate upon two things: when was too soon to start hitting on someone fresh from a dumping, and did she still expect him to do all that work after just storming off? The remainder of his classes had been a write off as well, his brain jammed with visions of the redheads legs playing on loop. So when the final lecture was through, he couldn’t wait to get back to the dorms to ‘relieve’ his clouded mind.

Entering the foyer of his dorm building, he spotted Theodore waiting for the elevator. There were things he’d always wanted to ask the guy, and figured after today he had a decent excuse to do so.

“Hey, Theodore,” he greeted with a slight jerk upwards of his head.

“Hey,” the forever austere heart-throb replied. “And Teddy’s fine.”

“Crazy shit today, ha? Can’t believe that chick just walked out of class.”

“Well with you as a partner, can you really blame her?”

This was Theodore’s attempt at being friendly – a slight smile gracing his face, letting Dillon know not to get offended.

Theodore O’Hare had been dealt a bad hand when it came to the parent department, being raised separate from his brothers and sisters and all but tortured by his father. Being the only one of his siblings to show enough raw soccer talent from a young age, he was forced into daily training sessions from five years old. Home schooled and surrounded by mostly adults, he wasn’t adept at social graces and being out on his own for the first time he struggled to find his place within the complex world that was University life. That being said, the guy wasn’t oblivious, he understood he held an appeal but had no idea what to do about it. He was taught not to. The opposite sex was merely a distraction. A hurdle encountered en route to his ultimate goal. Or so he was told.

A relieved grin spread on Dillon’s face, satisfied that Theodore wasn’t going to tell him to, ‘fuck off’.

“Shut up, bro!” He smirked, nudging his classmate as the elevator doors opened. “So, we were pretty lucky to be paired up with such lookers, hey?” Dillon continued as he stepped inside.

“I suppose,” Theodore shrugged, not really sure what else to say. Dillon shook his head in frustration, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“What’s with you, man? I don’t get it. You have girls throw themselves at you all the time, but you just ignore them like you’d rather not breathe the same air.”

Theodore hung his head.

“I mean, you do like girls don’t ya? Of course if you don’t, that’s totally fine too,” Dillon blurted out – just in case. “You’re partner Mi is super fine and seems like a pretty cool chick as well – once she calmed down on the over the top cutesy shtick…I mean, when you guys actually got to work, it seemed like she’d be the kinda girl you’d actually consider dating.”

A typical person would have responded within a few seconds, so when he received no feedback on the matter, Dillon decided to continue unabated.

“It’s cool, I get it. You’re probably gonna be in the MLS one day so that’s all you wanna focus on. Or maybe, she just isn’t your type.”

“She is though…I think,” the outwardly confident yet inwardly shy teen spoke in a hushed tone, finally breaking his silence.

“You just playin hard to get?” Dillon quizzed with a screwed up face.

“I have no idea what to do, or say…or even if I have a type. All that I do know is that I freeze up whenever I wanna flirt back. In the past when I’ve tried I sounded like an idiot. So I just ignore it and change the subject.”

“Dude!” Dillon was gobsmacked. “All you have to do is nod,” he joked, attempting to lighten the mood. “So you think cat girl is cute?”

“I guess. Or maybe I’m just ready to give being an actual teenager a go,” he admitted.

“That’s great bro!” Dillon praised, patting Theodore on the back as the elevator arrived at the floor their dorm rooms were both on. “Hey, go a little easier on her tomorrow,” the wannabe lothario called out as they went their separate ways.

“You too Dillon. I think we could learn a thing or two from each other.”

Walking to his room, Dillon had to admit that Theodore was right. His relentless, over the top ministrations had never gotten him anywhere. Deciding to take a page out of the, ‘Theodore book on how to have girls begging for more’, he’d force himself to play it cool.

Something was different about Suki de Bruin, and he wasn’t going to let himself push her away.

– – – – – –

Suki stretched and clenched her hand, looking at the reddening skin on her knuckles as she waiting for the light to change, allowing her to cross the street. She was one block away from the student dorms and couldn’t get there fast enough. Fidgeting in her spot, she willed the traffic to stop. Determined not to shed a tear over abidinpaşa escort Rylan in public, she ran once the little green man appeared.

She couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been. There she was, thinking they had a relationship any girl would dream of, but had she been blind the entire time? For him to say she was just, ‘good’, cemented this revelation.

Through all the hurt and pain, she didn’t know how to possibly move on. Rylan had been her everything for over a year. Nothing more than a shy freshman, unfamiliar with her changing body – he’d found her, taught her, and helped shape her into the young woman she was today. She didn’t know her identity separate from him, struggling to envision how to be alone. Sure, she had Mihara, but sometimes best friends just don’t cut it, no matter how close to you they are.

Finally reaching her building, she exhaled slightly, knowing soon she could take a shower and completely let it all out. The water melding with her tears so even she wouldn’t know which was which. Feeling her phone vibrate, she removed it from her bag.

1 friend request from Big-D

“Who the hell is – oh that loser from today, what’s wrong with that kid?” Suki cursed to herself, slumping onto an armchair in the common room. “Can’t he take a hint?”

Unlocking her phone, it buzzed again.

1 message from Big-D

“Oh fuck off!” Suki yelled at her phone, not caring who might have heard.

Opening the message – mentally preparing for the barrage of insults she was planning on firing at her forced spin partner – she was caught in a slight state of shock once actually reading what he’d written.


Hey it’s Dillon,

Didn’t mean to annoy u with requests, but I had a question about the assignment. U drew the short straw ending up with me, cause I’m one of the dumbest in my class…sorry. If ur too busy it can wait till tomorrow, just warning u I won’t have completed all ur homework ??

“Such a stupid stuck up bitch!” Suki berated herself. “The poor idiot just wants some help and you assume he wants to get into your pants. Ha! You’re nothing special. So pathetic, who’d want you anyway?”


Barton Building, floor 2 room 8

I’ll give you 30 minutes then you’re on your own big bird!

Suki wasn’t sure why she’d thrown him a bone. Maybe it was a moment of weakness, or perhaps she craved the distraction, but for now her shower would have to wait.

Grabbing one of the straps to her backpack, she didn’t bother picking it up, instead letting it drag along the floor behind her as she made her way to the elevator. Usually she’d take the stairs seeing her room was on the second floor, but today – after everything she’d just been through – her body was using all its reserves to just keep her upright and barely functioning.

As the numbers above the elevator ticked down from 2 to 1, she groaned at her phone vibrating again. Assuming that it must be Dillon asking something stupid like how to get to her building, she mumbled yellow based insults under her breath. But, to her complete and utter surprise, it was someone very different.


You really are a psycho bitch!

My mother was right, you were never good enough for me! You don’t deserve anything I gave you. Especially not my time. And don’t forget who gave you that phone you’re holding.

I hope you’re happy, because you have no idea who you just fucked with!

“Oh, is that so?” Suki maliciously asked no one. “I’ll show you a psycho bitch!” Storming out the front doors, she threw the phone as far as she could. “I don’t need your fucking phone you piece of shit!” She yelled out into the afternoon, secretly thankful that no one had been around to witness her fourth outburst of the day.

– – – – – –

Dillon tried desperately to compose himself as the neared Suki’s building. He was determined to not act his usual fool, but by god he was struggling. Not expecting her to even reply to his message, he was aghast when she invited him over. True, it was a rather blunt summons, but he’d been floored when she actually gave him her room number. Assuming she’d just suggest meeting in the common room, but no. This was huge. Was it intentional? A million scenarios ran through Dillon’s head as he turned the final corner leading to his destination.

His thoughts were pulling his focus as his depraved side crept back in and he grinned devilishly as his mind wondered…clothed only in her underwear was Suki, opening her door…Suddenly, something shiny caught his eye just off the footpath. Upon closer inspection he could see it was a phone with a severely cracked screen. Curiosity getting the better of him, he picked it up and chucked it in his bag. He’d see if he could figure out who it belonged to later, but right now he had the inside of a girls dorm room to see.

Standing at the front doors of the Barton Residence, akyurt escort Dillon breathed steadily and purposefully to keep himself in check.

“Fuck man, why am I getting so worked up about this!?”

Another snapshot image of Suki’s toned thighs flashed into his mind and he shook his head to rid the thought. At any other time he would have entertained the vision and conjured up as many delicious scenarios involving those legs as possible, but now was NOT the time. He had to act as decent as humanly possible to get into her good graces.

Pushing open the front doors, Dillon made a beeline for the elevator. Tapping the buttons impatiently and fiddling with the shoulder strap of his bag, he glanced around nervously to see if anyone had spotted him.

“Why am I so nervous? It’s not like I’m here without permission, I have an invite!…would people think she’s having a rebound if they saw me go into her room? Wait! They don’t know she’s single…will they think she’s cheating? What if she’s NOT single and the boyfriend is still in the picture?”

A hopeful heart plummeted back into the depths from whence it came. Of course he wanted this beautiful stranger to be happy. But why did the thought of her still with her boyfriend make him so sad? He barely knew the chick so why was he so fucking attached already?

The elevator doors dinged open and he let go of the breath he’d been inadvertently holding when he saw it was empty. He didn’t know why, but for now he just didn’t want to be seen going to her room. Exiting on her floor, Dillon walked along the corridor looking for room eight. The heart within his chest thumping stronger with each step that drew him nearer.


Pausing, hesitantly taking one last glance down the hallway, he gulped down his apprehension when he saw no one was around. Knocking sharply, his mouth ran dry.

“Yeah.” He heard a female call in acknowledgement of his presence. “Gimme a sec.”

Standing back, Dillon fiddled with his bag strap again, looking at the floor and wiggling his toes within his shoes. “C’mon c’mon c’mon,” he encouraged mentally, just wanting to be inside her room and out of the hallway already. Then, he heard the door knob click as a hand twisted it from the inside before it swung open.

“Hey,” Suki greeted him bluntly. “Come in.”

Giving a nervous smile, Dillon slipped past her, his eyes widening with wonder as he slowly looked around her room. “So this is what it’s like in a girls dorm?” He drooled internally. Porn sure had lied to him; there was no dildo, bottle of lube or strip of condoms carelessly strewn across her bedside table. But this was so much better.

Suki allowed him to stand stupidly in the middle of her room for longer than she felt comfortable with before saying anything. There was a curious amusement surrounding his haphazard innocence. Surely a guy so brazen in his flirtations wouldn’t be so clumsily awkward? But right now was not the time to ponder the topic. Suki had shit to do — like bawling her eyes out in the shower — so she didn’t have time for him to stand there staring at her shit like an idiot.

“You right there big bird?” She poked sharply.

“Oh! Yeah fine, babe,” he replied, spinning around to face her with a stupid grin on his face.

Rolling her eyes as she crossed her arms, Suki released a contemptuous sigh. “What’s wrong with you? Have you never been in a chick’s room before?”

Bingo! She’d nailed it in one go, and Dillon laughed hollowly for a few seconds, waving her off dismissively before dropping the act. “Umm, yeah. First time actually,” he deadpanned and Suki cackled. She could use a good laugh right now. Anything to release some of the tension that had built up inside her in the past hour.

“It’s not that exciting dude, it’s a room for god’s sake.”

“Yeah but it’s a…never mind.”

“You’re pathetic you know that?” She said in a playfully condescending tone. “Anyway, let’s stop fart-arsing around and get to work.”

“Oh! Yeah right,” Dillon said, looking around for a place to sit.

“Just sit on the bed you pussy,” Suki moaned with exasperation as she watched him continue to flounder in the depths. Dropping his bag off his shoulder at her command without a second thought, Dillon sat down gingerly on the edge of the mattress. There is no way Seth and Damon could ever find out he was failing so miserably. Bravado around the boys, he had. Real world experience — he did not. If only he realised that neither of them cared less about it and were friends with him regardless, he might actually stand a better chance of turning his dreams into reality.

“Relax would ya?” Suki teased. Snorting at the stiffness of his movements.

“How can I when I’m sitting on the bed of someone as hot as you?” Dillon internally face-palmed. It wasn’t his intention to say something so overtly flirtatious and pathetic, but he was still learning to control his automatic verbal diarrhoea function. ‘Playing it cool’, ankara escort now well and truly out the window.

Considering how stiff and awkward he was acting, Suki wasn’t expecting such a line to be thrown at her. Noticing her delay, Dillon leered out of the corner of his eye, waiting on tenterhooks for her reaction.

“I’ll throw you out if you’re not careful,” she warned, narrowing her eyes at him. Truth be told, she liked the attention. Who wouldn’t need a confidence boost after the absolute, ‘flat on the ass’ dumping she just got? But she also had integrity and never wanted to be one of those girls who just fell for any guy that paid them attention. She was better than that…wasn’t she?

“Wouldn’t mind being thrown out of here if it meant you’d have your hands on me,” Dillon said with matter-of-fact coyness, even surprising himself at how smoothly the sentence left his lips.

A grunt and a bow of her head, looking at him with two raised brows, was Suki’s response.

“Or do I have a boyfriend to contend with?” Dillon continued, the words falling out before he had a chance to stop them. “Fuck me dead, why did I just say that?! Like yeah, I’m curious, but shit! I’m going way overboard right now.”

“No,” Suki replied bluntly. “No boyfriend.” She didn’t know why she’d let it slip. This amorous asshole was the last person on earth she wanted to tell she was newly single. But at the same time she craved comfort. She needed to vent, to allow someone else to share the load she was bearing.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Dillon replied, his tone of voice changing instantly to that of a sincerely caring nature. “Are you ok?” He looked at her tenderly. All he wanted to do was hold her. Let her know she was gorgeous and kiss her tears away. The delicate nature of his tone stabbed Suki in the heart and all that bottled up emotion threatened to spill out. This was one of those times when you’re not fine, but you’re managing to hold it together, thinking you’ve got it on lock then someone asks if you’re ok and it breaks down your walls.

Suki had always prided herself on her tough shell — not one to let any undue emotions show. But today had taken its toll on her and she crumbled. Looking at Dillon, her eyes began to well up. “No,” she said in a quivering tone. “I’m not ok.” Her voice broke as she sobbed. Burying her face in her hands, she bawled. The cries wracking her body and making her shake uncontrollably as hot tears spilled down her cheeks, rendering the young man who always had something to say, speechless.

“Shit, she’s crying,” he panicked internally. “What do I do?!” He looked around wildly as if looking for something to help in this absolutely terrifying situation. Finally, Dillon looked back at Suki, a trembling hand reaching out towards her shoulder. Making contact, he winced — not knowing what to do. Suki jolted slightly as his touch, but then her body began moving on its own. Her cries halted momentarily as she pulled herself closer to him, placing her head against his chest.

“Sorry,” the broken girl mumbled against him.

“It’s ok,” he said softly, placing his arms gently around her — almost scared to apply too much pressure in case she broke. “I’m here for you if you need me.” Dillon cringed at his own words. Usually he didn’t care that much about what came out of his mouth. But at this point in time, every word had to be fucking perfect.

Suki clung to Dillon. Desperate for touch and acceptance. She hated that it was him, but at the same time she was thankful for this young, attractive, inexperienced guy who obviously liked her. Knowing the power she had over him — and liking it — Suki revelled in the knowledge that she had control over something to help counteract the nose-dive her dignity had already undergone. Feeling her self-esteem coming back, she pushed off him and sat back, wiping her eyes.

“Sorry, I’m ok now,” she insisted, sniffing and stretching her shoulders.

“You sure?” He questioned dubiously. “You recovered very quickly there.” A slight chuckle escaping him.

“Yeah, I’m a pretty tough bitch,” she replied nonchalantly.

“You got that right!” Dillon laughed openly and Suki smiled for the first time in hours. “Damn you’re cute, even when you’ve just finished crying,” he added, glancing sideways at her.

“God you’re impossible!” The beauty pouted, her eyes now nearly as red as her hair. A sudden change of heart raining down for allowing herself to be consoled by this shameless flirt. “Listen, I’ve had enough for today, can we leave this till tomorrow?”

“Umm, but I didn’t even get to ask questions about–“

“Yeah I know. My mind just isn’t in it today, sorry,” she replied curtly, looking away to signal the end of the conversation.

“Oh,” Dillon said, dejected. “Ok.” What else could he say? It’s not like he could argue a legitimate reason to stay no matter how much the thought of having to tear himself away from her made him feel sick. He didn’t know her, it would just be weird. Despite the intrinsic tug he felt towards her, all Dillon could do was watch as Suki hopped up off the bed, strode to the door and opened it — all her non-verbal cues screaming ‘LEAVE’! Sheepishly, he followed his orders and slunk out the door. Mumbling a short goodbye before it was slammed in his face.

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