Kaitlyn’s Sister in Vegas

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Big Tits

(Note to readers: This story follows Kaitlyn in Vegas. Although I encourage you to read the previous story, this story stands on its own. In case you don’t read the other story, here is the background information you need.

Mike has two daughters, the youngest of whom just started college. He is recently separated from his wife. He came to Las Vegas early before a business convention.

Kaitlyn used to teach piano to Mike’s daughters. She took her sister Megan and her sister’s best friend, Melissa, to Las Vegas to celebrate Megan’s 21st birthday. Kaitlyn is the oldest of six children and is 33 years old. Mike ran into all the girls at the Bellagio, where they’re all staying. Finally — spoiler alert (??) — Mike and Kaitlyn hooked up the night before.)

Mike slept in Friday morning. When he finally woke up, he immediately thought about the wonderful time he had the previous night. He certainly wanted to get together with Kaitlyn again, but he didn’t want to mess up her weekend with Megan and Melissa.

He didn’t have any specific plans for the day, so he thought he’d hang out at the pool for a bit, maybe walk down the strip while doing some people watching, and then hit the casino. After a shower and some coffee, he put on his swim suit and went to the pool.

It was a warm, sunny day, so the pool was crowded. But Mike didn’t mind at all — the scenery was well worth it. Lots of people at the pool were in their 20s, and he had never seen so many women in thong bathing suits. Even better, he had never seen such skimpy bathing suit tops in all his life. He wondered if there was a special website to order bathing suit tops that were exactly 2 millimeters wider than one’s areolas. While he found it very strange that people wanted to walk around like that, he didn’t feel obligated to close his eyes. He figured as long as they went to the trouble of looking like that, he should reward their effort by showing his appreciation and looking — perhaps the more correct word is staring — at them. Yes, he told himself, I’m only looking for THEIR benefit. Then he actually chuckled out loud as he thought “I’m such a good person to be so kind to them.”

After he had his fill of T&A, he went in and changed into shorts and a T-shirt. He went walking down the strip looking for a place to eat. It was hot out, but there were misters along the sidewalk helping to keep it somewhat comfortable. He laughed at the guys handing out “business cards” for strip clubs or escorts — you know, in case you just wanted a nice woman with whom to talk during dinner.

He found a restaurant and ducked in for a drink and a sandwich. After lunch, he spent a short amount of time at a few different casinos, mainly just to get a feel for where he’d like to go back later that night when the crowds would be out and there’d be a lot of action.

Just as he was about to turn up the driveway of the Bellagio, his cell phone rang. He was excited when he saw it was Kaitlyn.

“Hello!” he said, with a big smile on his face. “This is a pleasant surprise. How was the Hoover Dam?”

“Hi there!” Kaitlyn replied, sounding just as happy as Mike. “Hoover Dam was cool. The bus ride was a little boring, but we really liked the tour. But we’ve got a slight problem.”

“Uh oh. What’s up?”

“I don’t know if it was something she ate today or too much alcohol last night, but Melissa feels like shit. All she wants to do is go to sleep. So we have an extra ticket for our early show. Would you like to join Megan and me?”

“Wow. Sorry about Melissa. Truth is, of COURSE I’d like to join you. But I don’t want to screw up Megan’s birthday with her big sister. This is supposed to be HER weekend. I don’t know if she’d want me distracting you.”

“You know, you’re right. This IS her weekend. Lucky for you — and me — it was HER suggestion to invite you.”

“Really? HER suggestion? Wow. Well, I certainly can’t turn down an invitation from the birthday girl. Thank you. And thank her.”

“You can thank her yourself later. Right now, can you be ready in an hour?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Meet you in the lobby?”

“Perfect. See you then.”

Mike was ecstatic. He’d gladly take a pass on the casinos to spend time with Kaitlyn and Megan. He knew it wasn’t going to be a night like the prior night, but just spending time with Kaitlyn — even without sex — would be fun. And he also liked Megan and looked forward to getting to know her better.

Mike went to his room and quickly showered. He decided to shave again and splashed on just a touch of cologne. He put on some nice pants, a white shirt, and a sport jacket.

He arrived in the lobby ahead of the girls, so he took a seat near the elevators. After just a couple of minutes, the elevator opened, and the two redheads walked out side-by-side. Mike jumped up and his eyes widened as he looked at the two wonders walking toward him. Kaitlyn was wearing a red dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline that cut just above the top of her breasts. It fit her figure perfectly. Megan was wearing a black dress that had multiple angled crisscrossing straps in the back; she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, and she looked fantastic.

Mike sultanbeyli escort walked up to Kaitlyn first, and they gave each other a big hug, probably holding it for a second too long. Mike breathed in deeply; she smelled wonderful. When he released her, Mike turned towards Megan. He hesitated for half a second; he THOUGHT she was comfortable enough with him to allow him to hug her, but he knew she was a little shy and didn’t want to scare her. But when she opened her arms with a big smile, Mike returned the smile and bent down slightly to hug her. She actually pulled him in very tight, which surprised him just a bit. But it was certainly a pleasant surprise. When they released each other, he took a step back and looked at the two beautiful women before him.

“I am the luckiest fucking man on the face of the earth!”

Both girls started laughing, and Mike joined in. He then turned around so he was facing the same direction as the girls and offered one arm to each. They placed their arms through his, and the three of them walked toward the main entrance to catch a taxi.

They had reservations for an early dinner at one of the trendy restaurants, and it didn’t disappoint. Besides the excellent food, wine, and fantastic atmosphere, the three of them enjoyed each other. There was lots of animated conversation, constant laughter, and frequent touching of arms to make a point. Megan seemed to really enjoy herself, and that made Mike happy. At one point, Mike raised his wine glass, turned to Megan, and said, “to a very beautiful woman on her 21st birthday. Happy birthday, Megan!” They all clinked glasses and took a sip. Then Megan leaned over and kissed Mike on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m glad you’re here to celebrate with me.”

After dinner, they hopped another taxi to the show. It was a terrific show; they all enjoyed it very much. When they walked out of the theater, Mike turned to the women and asked, “What’s your pleasure?” Because it was an early show, he thought the night was far from being over.

Kaitlyn looked at Megan and then turned to Mike. “Can we head back to the Bellagio? Maybe we’ll see when we get there.”

Mike was a little confused; Kaitlyn seemed to have lost her smile. But he replied, “Of course. Whatever you guys want.”

They got in a taxi and were back at the Bellagio in a short time. Megan said, “I’m going to browse the shops. I’ll catch up in a bit.”

Kaitlyn took Mike’s hand and turned to him. Looking very serious, she said “Can we go to your room? I’ve got to talk to you.”

“Uh, sure. Is everything ok?” He was very concerned with Kaitlyn’s tone. Had he screwed up something?

“Let’s talk upstairs.”

So they got in the elevator and went upstairs. No hanky-panky in the elevator like last night. Kaitlyn looked concerned, and that caused Mike to get nervous.

When they got to his room, she sat on the couch. She asked Mike to pull up the desk chair and sit in front of her.

After sitting quietly for a minute, looking at the floor, she finally lifted her head and looked at Mike.

“I’m not sure how to do this, so it might not come out right.”

Mike was thinking, “uh oh. No conversation starting like that ends up being good.”

Kaitlyn continued. “Megan and I talked a lot on the bus on the way back from Hoover Dam. We had never talked about this before, but she told me she was a virgin. I wasn’t shocked, but I also wouldn’t have been surprised if she wasn’t one. As you’ve seen, she’s shy around people until she really gets to know them.” Kaitlyn paused for bit, and Mike sat quietly while she thought about what she wanted to say.

“She’s never had a steady boyfriend, and she didn’t want to just fuck some guy on a first or second date. She wanted it to be special the first time. And she wanted it to be someone who at least appeared to care about her.” Again, she paused. “So, she asked me if I thought you’d make love to her.”

Mike’s eyes opened wider than they’d ever been. “Are you serious? She asked if I’d make love to her?”

Kaitlyn nodded.

He asked, “How do YOU feel about that? Do YOU want me to make love to your sister? How will you feel while we’re doing it?”

Kaitlyn smiled. “Well-l-l-l-l-l,” she said, dragging out the word, “there’s more. How will I feel while you’re doing it? She’d like me there.”

This time Mike’s eyes bugged out like a cartoon character. “Holy FUCK! You’re gonna sit there and watch us? Jesus, Kaitlyn.”

“Yeah, I know. A lot to take in. But no, I won’t be sitting there just watching you. I’ll be….. participating. She thought she’d feel more comfortable if we were all messing around. Then she wouldn’t be the only naked girl, and somehow she thought it would be nice to share with me.”

Mike put his head into his hands and shook it back and forth. He took a deep breath but said nothing for a bit. Then he looked up and locked his eyes on Kaitlyn’s. “Let me see if I’ve got this right. Basically, you’re asking me to have a threesome with you and your sister. And since I might be able to cum only once in a short time, I should make sure I do it with tuzla escort your virgin sister. Have I got that right?”

Kaitlyn smiled just a little bit and nodded her head. “I know. Pretty weird. And no one blames you if you say no.”

Mike continued, “So you’re asking me to have a threesome with one incredibly beautiful woman who gets me hard just by looking at me and with her younger sister, who is also beautiful and who actually reminds me of her older sister. And, oh, by the way, you’ll be taking the virginity of the younger sister. Do I have that right?”

Again, Kaitlyn smiled and just nodded.

“Is this the part where you tell me I’ve died and gone to heaven?”

Kaitlyn laughed out loud.

“Kaitlyn, you know how I feel about you. I wouldn’t do anything to upset you. Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes, Mike. I love my sister. And I love you.” For the first time since they came into the room, she leaned forward and she hugged him.

Mike asked, “Since you appear to have everything all planned, Ms. Social Director, when were you thinking this would happen?”

“Ummm…. Megan is waiting in the lobby for my call.”


“No time like the present.”

Mike stood up and walked over to the mini bar. He grabbed a small bottle of wine, opened it, and took a swig. Kaitlyn laughed. He offered her a drink, but she shook her head no.

“Okay. But I still don’t have any condoms.”

“Megan’s on the pill. And she’s CERTAINLY clean,” she said with a chuckle.

“Well, give her a call.”

Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Mike opened the door, and Megan was standing there looking down. She couldn’t look at Mike in his eyes.

“Oh, hi there, Megan. How nice to see you. Have any plans for tonight?”

Although she kept her head down, her shoulders were moving up and down as she was laughing. Mike held out his hand, and, still without looking up, Megan put her hand in his. He led her into the room and over to the couch. Kaitlyn was sitting at the other end of the couch. Mike pulled up the desk chair to be right in front of Megan.

“Megan, at some point you’re going to have to look at me. I’ve been told it helps the process if you know who you’re doing it with.”

Megan laughed and raised her head. She looked at Mike in the eyes.

“So, here’s the thing,” he said. “First, this is NOT like doing an unpleasant thing to help out a friend. You are incredibly beautiful, and just the thought of making love to you gets me hard. I guess my point is, I want you to know I’m REALLY going to enjoy this. But the most important person in this whole process is you. Do you understand?”

Megan nodded her head.

“I will do anything you want, and I will enjoy everything we do. But I want to make sure YOU enjoy everything we do. At any time — and I mean ANY time — you can say ‘stop’ or ‘please don’t’ or ‘no’, okay?”

Megan nodded.

“And at any time, you can ask for anything, okay?”

Again, Megan nodded.

Mike continued, “You have one, and only one job, during this. And that’s to enjoy yourself. Do whatever feels good. Ask for whatever you think will feel good. Don’t do what you think you’re supposed to do; do what you WANT to do. Remember, I am going to have a WONDERFUL time no matter what. Are we clear?”

This time Megan didn’t nod her head. Instead, she leaned forward, put her hand behind Mike’s head, and kissed him on the lips. She didn’t open her mouth, but it was a sweet, tender kiss. Then, she looked at her sister and smiled. She got a little choked up and almost couldn’t get the words out as she said, “I knew he was the right one.” Kaitlyn returned her smile.

For 10 seconds, there was an awkward silence. Then Mike stood up and offered Megan some wine. She smiled and said, “yeah, maybe one sip would be good.”

After she put down the bottle, Mike spoke first. “Here’s just a suggestion. Remember, you can say no. I thought maybe, to make you feel comfortable and to get you warmed up, that maybe I should start by undressing your sister, and, you know, touching her body. When you’re comfortable, you can ask me to switch to you. Is that okay?”

Megan nodded. “Yeah. I think that would help me not feel so awkward.”

Mike looked at Megan again, and said, “Oh yeah. One more thing I forgot to say. Thank you.” This brought another smile to Megan’s face.

Now Mike turned his attention to Kaitlyn. He raised and lowered his eyebrows in an “okay — SHOWTIME” silent sign. He reached down for her hand, and she stood up. Mike gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Then he gave her a harder kiss. They both opened their mouths and were seriously kissing. Mike moved his hands to Kaitlyn’s breasts and rubbed them through her dress. He kissed her neck, then placed kisses at the top of the dress’s neckline. He walked around behind her and kissed her neck as he reached around and cupped both of her breasts. Kaitlyn let out a quiet moan. Then Mike unzipped her dress all the way. He helped her shuffle out of the dress. He moved around to the front and held her hands as she stepped out of the dress. He asked her ümraniye escort to leave her high heels on. She had on a red, lace bra and a matching thong. Mike was already hard, and Megan was staring at the bulge in his pants.

Mike thought he should take off his clothes before Megan, hopefully making her feel more comfortable. He kicked off his shoes and unceremoniously took off his shirt, pants, and socks. He left on his boxer briefs.

Kaitlyn’s nipples were sticking out through her bra, and Mike squeezed them. Again, she moaned. Mike took a quick peek over at Megan, and she was watching intently. Mike then walked behind Kaitlyn and removed her bra. When he pushed it off, Megan let out a quiet gasp. Of course, she had seen her sister’s tits over the years, but never when a man was touching her and making her nipples look like tiny metal rods. Mike leaned in to Kaitlyn and whispered, “I think she’s going to be ready soon. You and I may have to finish later.”

Mike walked around to the front of Kaitlyn and placed his mouth on her right breast. When he flicked her nipple with his tongue, she let out a moan. Megan then moaned, too. Then Mike dropped to his knees and very slowly pulled down Kaitlyn’s panties. He turned her a little so she was almost facing Megan, because he wanted Megan to see what he was doing. As he stood up, he slipped a finger into Kaitlyn’s pussy. She audibly gasped and then moaned. He pumped his finger in and out a few times, and Kaitlyn was moaning with each stroke. He slowed down and turned toward Megan.

“Do you think you’re ready, Megan?”

She nodded her head up and down very quickly. Mike gave Kaitlyn a soft kiss on her lips and suggested they both get Megan. They walked over to the couch and looked at Megan, who appeared to be very turned on. They each grabbed one of Megan’s hands and stood her up. Mike looked directly into Megan’s eyes.

“Will it be too weird for you if I kiss you?” he asked. She smiled just a bit and pulled Mike’s head to her and gave him an open mouth kiss. Their tongues found each other’s as they continued for just a couple of seconds. Then Mike pulled back and led both women to the middle of the room, with Megan on Kaitlyn’s right side. He reached for the zipper on the side of Megan’s dress and pulled it all the way down. He slid the dress off Megan’s shoulders and slowly pulled it all the way down to the floor. He helped her step out of it. All that she had on were her black panties. He stood and looked at her. She had small, but very firm, breasts. Her chest had freckles, and her areolas were a light pink. They were just the right size for her chest. And her nipples were rock hard. He let out a deep breath. “Wow, Megan. You are absolutely gorgeous.” She smiled at the compliment but was still quite nervous about what was going to happen.

Mike put his hand over her pussy and just held it there for a second, feeling her very wet panties. She let out a soft moan. He then got on his knees and kissed Megan’s mound through her panties. Then he licked the wet spot, making her shudder. He grabbed the waistband of her underwear and slowly pulled them down. The sight of bright orange pubic hair again got him excited. Hers was trimmed into a wide landing strip, and Mike slowly came in for a landing, kissing from the top of her pubic hair, down, down, down until he reached her clit. He placed a very soft kiss on her clit, but didn’t use his tongue. Again, Megan let out a soft moan. He pulled her panties all the way down, and she kicked them to the side.

Although Mike meant everything he had said about this being all about Megan, he couldn’t help but realize the situation he was in. He was standing with two beautiful naked women — women with orange pubic hair! He realized this could be the only time in his life this happened, and he didn’t want to have regrets later on. He stood up, and he walked around to the back of both girls — he wanted to see Megan’s ass. He reached around her from behind and put his hands on her tits as he softly kissed her neck. She moaned as his hands massaged her breasts. Then he knelt down and took one butt cheek in each hand and massaged it. Again, Megan moaned. Mike kissed each cheek, rubbed each on, and gave one more squeeze. Her ass was as beautiful as the rest of her. Not wanting Kaitlyn to feel left out, he gave both of her butt cheeks a squeeze, too.

He stood up and walked back around to the front of the girls. He put his right hand on Megan’s left breast and squeezed it, and she whimpered. He assumed guys had played with her tits, but he couldn’t be sure. He gently squeezed her nipple, and she shuddered. Then he put his mouth on the same nipple and squeezed his lips together. But at the same time, he reached over and squeezed one of Kaitlyn’s nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The two women let out simultaneous moans. They both giggled for a second, realizing they made the same sound. Then Mike switched, sucking on Kaitlyn’s nipple while he squeezed Megan’s between his fingers. Again, there were simultaneous moans. He did this a few more times, much to everyone’s delight. Mike then kissed and gave a little suck on Kaitlyn’s left breast, then her right breast, then Megan’s left breast, and finally her right breast. He was moving down the line like he was at a bar downing a flight of shots — only this was a LOT more fun! He could not believe his good fortune at having these two women, and he was as hard as he had ever been in his life.

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