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Chapter 5

“Aw nuts, it”s time ta go already?” Baby Gaby grinned brightly when he saw me at the door.

Both gorgeous baby boys are in just their soggy baby diapers, both looking especially relaxed, far more relaxed than boys their age normally are, or are supposed to be for that matter. I know it for what it is, they are very much sexually satisfied.

“Fraid so Baby Gaby, you”ve had a good weekend by the looks of it, you look positively serene, but it”s time to go home. If you”d like, you”re welcome to invite Alex to our house next weekend.”

“Can you?” He squealed in delight, looking to his cute little baby boyfriend.

“Can I?” Alex looked to his dad.

“Sure, why not.”

“Awesome, thanks Daddy.”

“Now, as much as I know you wouldn”t care in the least for anyone to see you in just your soggy baby diaper, you”re getting too old to show that off I”m afraid, and I can”t let you do that to yourself, so, let”s go find your bag and your clothes, and get the baby dressed, shall we.”

“You”re right.” He grinned.

“No need, I knew you”d be here shortly, so I have all his things right here.” Alex”s dad said.

“Great, thanks. So, how were they?” I asked as I took the offered pile of clothes to get Baby Gaby all dressed.

“Actually, they were great. I did kinda accidentally walk in on them as they were playing an especially naughty game, so, as soon as they were finished, we sat and talked for a long time, and I told the boys that I”m okay with it. The way it sounds, you already caught them doing much the same things, so I know you know what I”m talking about.”

“I warned both baby boys not to be playing like that, but, I guess they just couldn”t stop themselves.” I laughed.

“Sorry Daddy, it”s like you say, when my peepee starts talking, my brain shuts off.” Baby Gaby giggled.

“Yeah, I know.” Alex”s dad and I said at the same time.

“I just hope you naughty baby boys didn”t go any further than you”ve already gone.”

“No Daddy, you told me I absolutely wasn”t allowed to do that. Even my peepee couldn”t talk me into totally diso….diso….”


“Yeah, disobeying you.”

“Good. At least you still let your big head keep most of the control. Now, go give your friend a hug goodbye, thank him and his daddy for putting up with your atrocious stench, and then let”s head home Baby.”

And so he did. He hugged Alex first, and then thanked them both for putting up with his atrocious stench for the whole weekend. They both laughed.

Before we knew it, we were in the truck, heading home.

“So, how was it Baby?”

“It was real nice, but Alex”s Daddy already knew, and you told him to catch us, didn”t you, I saw the look you gave him. He seems really happy though.”

“You”re way too observant for your own good, you know that right. Yes, he did, and yes, I did, but please don”t tell Alex that, that”s not something that either of you really hadta know at all.”

“Thanks, and okay.” He said happily.

“And what all did you do then?”

“Just played lots, and most of it not even in bed.” He giggled naughtily.

“That”s good Baby Gaby, I”m happy for you.”

“Can I ask Alex to be my boyfriend yet Daddy, I really wanna?”

“I know you wanna, Baby, but hold off, right now that”s how you feel, and I think you have good feelings on that, but Alex isn”t quite ready for it yet. This weekend was good for him, and soon I think he”ll be ready, but just hold off for a while yet, okay. There”s no need to rush things, just take your time, and really get to know each other, okay.”

“Okay Daddy.” He said serenely.

“That”s good.”

“You and Jasper fucked each other this weekend, I can tell.”

“Actually Baby, we didn”t, and you know that you”re not supposed to say that word.”

“I know, but I think you”re lying to me, I can tell, you”re different.”

“Actually Baby, I”m not lying, we never fucked so much as even once. What we did do, though, was make sweet gay baby diaper love to each other. Having felt both, I can tell you that there is a rather large difference. They involve the same actions, sure, but they are so totally different. You”re likely still far too young to understand that, but hopefully some day you get to feel what I mean.”

“Mmm, okay. You”re right, I don”t understand, but hopefully I will, because you sound so happy, even more than you usually are.”

“Thanks Baby.”

We continued talking all the way home, and when we made it, we stripped down to just our soggy baby diapers, and relaxed the night away.

We had a really good sleep, and then we are up and at em first thing the next morning, getting ready for school. Jasper arrived only minutes before we had to leave, so, we waited to really talk until we were in the truck, heading to school. I had been helping Baby Gaby to brush his teeth, because he still cannot seem to do so properly himself, and really, he likes me helping him, too much at times it seems, but he is my baby, and I too am loathe to give up all that special time.

“So, how”d you sleep last night Baby?” I asked once we are on our way.

“Not bad, I guess. Woulda been way better curled up to you though.”

“Yeah, same.” I said.

“My mom could tell that we made love, and that I”m depressed to not to get to stay with you. We talked about it. I never said anything about wishing I could live with you, that”d be mean, but, I think she knows anyway.”

“Yeah, considering what she does for a living, I”d be shocked if she didn”t at least see it a little. Baby Gaby even saw it instantly, and he”s not trained in the least to see things like your mom is.”


We talked the rest of the way into town, and then I headed back home, that is, after stopping at a few stores that I can only hit on week days, and got a few things that we not only need, but really want. When I got back home, I got everything put away, then went down to the gardens and did a bunch more work in there, then after lunch into the shop to do some work in there. When it was time to go pick the babies up, I headed out, and picked them up, asking them how their days were. Both said they were good, but, I am afraid I know that Jasper is lying to me.

“Jasper. What”s wrong. I know you just lied, today was most certainly not good.”

“I know, but what can I do. No matter how much I love who I am, the assholes just keep reminding me every single day how much of a freak I am, how I should kill myself to save having to be a freak, so that they don”t haveta put up with me, so on and so forth. If I didn”t love being who and what I am, it”d be so depressing. Three separate boys pantsed me today though, and showed off my nice soggy baby diaper. Of course I said, if you wanted to see my diaper, all you hadta do was ask, but I thought you thought I was a freak for having to wear them, so why”d you wanna see it. Yeah, well, that always ends up with me getting berated even more, but, I just can”t help it. They”re just so fucking stupid. I even told several of them that, that they”re just so fucking stupid that they can”t even comprehend that each person is different and needs different things.

“Yeah, I was the one to get in trouble for that. I got called into the principal”s office and scolded for calling other kids stupid. When I asked if they”re allowed to tease me mercilessly because I”m gay and haveta wear diapers, or pull my pants down and expose that fact all the time, he said no, but that I have no proof of that. So, I asked him to call in the yard supervisor that I know for a fact saw my pants being pulled down at least once, and the other kids teasing me for it, and so, she came in, he asked her, and she said she saw nothing of the sort. I just laughed and said, so, you”re a gay hater as well, and you think that I deserve to die and be out of here. She claimed that she”d never think such a thing of a child, and I called her a liar, because I looked into her eyes as it was happening, and she did fuck all to help me, and in fact, turned around and just let them. So, of course I got in trouble for that as well.”

“I”m telling your mom that, and Alex”s dad as well. They”re not the same school, but they are the same. If one”s run like that, you can best be sure that the other will be as well, and we”re gonna be looking into that. I”ll make sure that it”s fixed.”


As soon as Jasper”s mom was home, I went to my bedroom in private and called her and told her everything, telling her that I will be going into the school tomorrow to raise some hell, and what exactly I plan to do. She said good. I also called Alex”s dad and told him, because the schools are technically the same, so he should also be kept in the loop, and what I plan to do for Baby Gaby, because if this goes how I expect, big changes are going to happen that he needs to account for. I also called an old boyfriend of mine and arranged for him to do something for me, and of course we caught up and chatted for several minutes as well.

The next morning, I dropped the babies off to school, and then went to Jasper”s to talk to the principal. He tried to claim that he did not have time, and that I would need to make an appointment, but I told him that my next two appointments are at the newspaper office and the police department, and that he really should get his say in first, before I go to them with what I now know. So, yeah, I entered the office, and laid it on the line, and asked to speak to the lady who had seen Jasper being bullied. She came in, and I too told her where my next appointments are, and that I understand that she lied absolutely fully to the principal of the school right in front of Jasper. She tried to say that I would have a very hard time proving anything, to which I told both of them that I need no proof, that others will dig it all up happily.

I asked them point blank if they are outright allowing the harassment of different children, and point blank asked how many gay students they have, which they answered that only Jasper is that they know of. I find that really hard to believe, and said so, unless they are forced out. I asked to see the records of all students who have left the school prior to graduating in the last five years, when the principal refused, I pointed out that those records are not his, that they are public property, and if any parent wishes to see them, then they are allowed to, no questions. Of course I have no idea if that is true or not, but I told him my lawyer will be coming to collect those records instead then, with police escort. Finally he tried to tell me that he would ensure that Jasper is looked after, and that all offending bullies will be punished. I snorted and asked him if I should believe that.

Of course he tried to claim that I should, but I told him no, I do not. I asked to have Jasper pulled from class, and when they refused, I left the office and searched every class until I found him. Fortunately he was only in the fourth room I looked in.

“What are you doing here?” Jasper asked when he came out into the hall, the principal right behind me.

“I feel that your principal has been outright allowing, and possibly even encouraging the harassment of students who are classified as different, and so, with your moms permission, I”m pulling you from this school, and we feel that homeschooling will not only be safer for you, but probably better. Not to mention, once the police start investigating, because this is a private school, it might suddenly close.”

“You can”t do that?” The principal said.

“Watch me. You”re a gay basher, you discriminated openly against Jasper, and I can only assume several more students. When the police check your records, and then interview those students, tell me, what are they gonna find. I bet they find at least a dozen students just in the last five years that left this school for just that reason. Go ahead, tell me I”m wrong. Just so you know, I too am gay, and I think you already suspected that, because you”ve had a sneer on your face the entire time we talked, as if you truly hated talking to me. Yeah, well, your hatred of talking to me has only begun. I bet you”re in jail in a week or less, I bet your school”s closed down, and I bet that many cheer, most especially me and Jasper. You see, I can see and feel your feelings, I know what you”re thinking. I”ve dealt with your kind before, you think because we”re gay that we”re nothing, that we should either be killed or sent to a volcanic island, but, I personally think the same of you. Guess which one of us goes to jail first. Now, have yourself a good day Sir.”

I turned and started walking away, Jasper turned to follow me.



“Because, please don”t, please don”t go to the police. I”ll be ruined.”

“Why shouldn”t I. How many children”s lives have you ruined, how many of those poor kids killed themselves because of the bullying. The leading cause of childhood suicide is because they”re what”s considered different, how can you sleep at night, knowing how many lives you”ve destroyed. How many of your students have committed suicide now, ten, twenty.”

“I don”t know.”

“No, you know, you just don”t wanna say. Again, I bet it shows in your records too, or it would be super easy to find. So, why shouldn”t we ruin you like you”ve ruined so many children”s lives. What could you possibly do or say that”d make what you”ve done better.”

“I never did anything.”

“Maybe, maybe not, but, in the same breath, you”re right, you never DID anything. You never protected your students. You never gave them a safe and loving environment to learn. You never gave them the counseling that they needed to cope with who and what they are. All the things that you never did, they add up to so much more than what you actually did do. No, you”re a bad person, and I feel good about my decision to go to the police.”

“Then you give me no choice.” He said, and then pulled from the back of his pants a hand gun, and aimed it at me. Instantly I pushed Jasper away from me, so that he cannot get both of us should he actually fire. I can also see that it is a twenty two caliber handgun, certainly enough to do the job, but, with his shaking hand, I am guessing he has never actually fired that thing.

“Ah, now what”d you go and do that for. You understand of course, that should you fire that weapon at me, if you don”t kill me instantly, you”re dead. I”ll beat you until you die, and guess what, I”ve trained in Karate quite heavily, as well I run every other day and am incredibly fast, if your finger even so much as starts twitching to that trigger, you”ll be dead before you even get a shot off.”

“Then I”ll shoot the little disgrace first.” He said, and started to move the gun in Jasper”s direction.

He was only half way to getting the gun into position before I had already closed the distance between us, and with one incredibly brutal right hook under his chin, and then one massive kick to his nuts just as he was going down, he was out before he even hit the ground. If he is not dead from the first hit, he at least will not be fathering any more children.

“Holy fuck, that was the most brutal thing I”ve ever seen.” Jasper gasped.

“Aim at me, you piss me off, aim at anyone I love, and you”re dead.” I said angrily.

“You handled yourself far better that I expected you would.” The police officer that I had asked to tail me said.

“He never even saw you, you”re good.” I turned around and said.

“Thanks, and I have the entire thing recorded on high definition video, and if he wakes up, which I”m not betting on, he”s never getting outta jail. Aiming a gun at an adult is already bad, but aiming at a child, especially a student in your own school, yikes, I doubt a judge anywhere in the world gives him less than fifty years.”

“You had the başakşehir escort police here.” Jasper said.

“Yeah, after what you said yesterday, I had a feeling that he”d be needed, and I”ve known Steve for many years. He and I are more than just a little alike, in fact, we used to be boyfriends, many years ago now.”


“Yeah. So, can I go get Baby Gaby and his little boyfriend, and take them and Jasper home?”

“You should. I”ll clean this up, and call you to come and get the full statement.”


I went and collected the little baby boys, and told them what is happening at the moment. We called Alex”s dad when we got in the truck, saying to pick him up at our place when he is done for the day. Just as we were leaving, two more police cars and an ambulance screamed in. As we drove. We told both baby boys all that is happening, what had happened, and everything.

“Wow, he really pulled a gun on you, and you weren”t scared?” Alex said in awe.

“Too fired up to be scared. As soon as I saw the gun, my adrenaline skyrocketed right up to maximum, but I wasn”t gonna do anything until he did, and when he started moving toward shooting Jasper, that was it, he hadta be taken out.”

“Will you feel bad if you killed him Daddy?”

“Yeah, I will. I”ll never lose a seconds sleep over it, mind you, but it won”t make me regret it either. Like I told Jasper, you point a gun at me, you make me very angry, but, if you point a gun at someone I love, you”re dead meat. I don”t think I hit him hard enough to actually kill him though, but, with that much adrenaline running through my body, it”s hard to say how much it clouded my judgment on that, so it”s possible I did hit him hard enough. No, I know for a fact I absolutely kicked him hard enough to destroy both his testicles, if he wasn”t a father before, he never will be now, I ensured that he was removed from the gene pool permanently. I”m hoping that by the time my friend comes out this afternoon, that he”ll know more.”

“I don”t ever want you feeling bad for what you did Daddy, you did the right thing.” Baby Gaby said softly to me.

“Yeah.” The other two boys said together.

“Thanks Babies, that means a lot to me. And it”s for the three of you that I”d happily do so again and again. That”s one of the problems with living in such a small town, you end up with a lot of those types of people all holed up together.”

“We don”t live in a small town Daddy, lotsa people live here.”

“Sure, it”s one of the largest towns in the entire area, and certainly we have more people here than almost anywhere within a couple to a few hundred kilometers, but you”ve never seen a city, even a small one. A small city can be five to ten times as big as we are.”


“Yeah, in fact, where you were born and lived for the first two years of your life, was a reasonably small city that was damn near eight times the population as we have here.”

“Oh, I didn”t know that.”

“Since you”re still so young, we haven”t really traveled any, and though I don”t really wanna travel any either, we will take some small trips. One of these days I wanna go to Vancouver, which will probably shock you. Where we live, we have a population of just over ten thousand people, the city you were born in, if I remember correctly is in the high eighty thousand people, but Vancouver, no, it”s got a population of nearly two and a half million people. So, our ten thousand versus their two point five million, that puts them two hundred and fifty times our size. And Vancouver isn”t anywhere near the largest city in the world. In fact, it doesn”t even come up in the top twenty largest cities, and might not even be in the top fifty, never checked.”

“Holy crap, really. I can”t even imagine that many people.” Baby Gaby said.

“Me neither.” Both the other boys said together.

“Me neither, actually, though I have been to Vancouver before, it”s been a long time, and I didn”t drive there, I was too young. Not even sure how that”d be.”

“Maybe I don”t wanna go there.” Baby Gaby said.

“Yeah, well, one of these days, we will, you really should broaden your horizons, see some of the things you just can”t see living in such a small area. They”re only a six to seven hour drive from here, so not far.”

“Six to seven hours, that”s a long way Daddy.”

“Yeah, but in BC, everything”s so big, so spread out, that that really isn”t all that far. Sure, I”ve heard that there are several European countries that take less time to drive across, and that our modest little province is larger than many countries, but know this, only ten percent of BC”s population even lives further than a hundred kilometers north of the border, which means ninety percent of our entire population lives in the southern ten percent of the entire province, and more than half of that in the Vancouver and surrounding areas.”

“I didn”t even know that.” Jasper said.

“Oh yeah. Last I saw, the entire population of BC hasn”t even reached five million people yet. Vancouver hosts half of them. In perspective, there are probably twenty to fifty cities in the world that have a larger population than BC has in total. The most populous city in the world, at nearly twenty million people, has four times the people, in a city, sure, it is a massive city, but still, in one densely packed place, there are four times more people than we have in our entire province, and if I remember correctly, Shanghai is only roughly two and a half times the size of Vancouver. So, not quite ten times the population in just two and a half times the area. I will never go there. Way too many people for me.”

“Shit, didn”t know that either. Then again, geography and all that”s not my strong suit.” Jasper said.

“Whereas it intrigues me.” I laughed.

“Wow.” Both Baby Gaby and Alex said at the same time.

“I”m with you Daddy, I”m never going there. Just going to the mall sometimes there”s too many people there for me.”

I had to laugh.

“Yeah, except we have a positively tiny mall, we have what, twenty some stores, but some of the larger malls in the world have a thousand, we might get a few hundred people through the mall on a busy day, they might get a few hundred thousand, possibly per hour. Your world is super tiny, it”s all you”ve ever truly seen, but the real world out there, no, it”s so much larger than you could possibly even imagine.”


We continued talking all the way home, and when we got there, I asked who needed super soggy baby bum changes, and all four of us said me, and so, we went and got triple diapered.

“Can we go for a run now, since we”re not in school?” Jasper asked.

“Sure, you baby boys okay with that, with triple thick baby diapers on, they”re gonna show, and if anyone happens to see us, they”re surely gonna know it.”

“Oh yeah Daddy. Can I wear my really small shorts?” Baby Gaby grinned brightly.

“Jasper and I will be.”

“Wicked.” Baby Gaby said.

“And there”s no way my regular running shorts will cover what I”m wearing either, and I”m totally okay with that.” Alex said, already grabbing them from his bag.

So, we all got prepared to go, and then headed out. Once again, we let the baby boys lead the pace, and they set a decent jog, and we made it in decent time. As soon as we made it home, we had lunch, and then I told the boys that we are going to go work out in the shop. We went and got dressed appropriately for that, and then went down and played for the rest of the day.

When Alex”s dad made it to pick him up, we talked for a few minutes, and then they headed home, and then Jasper begrudgingly admitted that he too should probably be heading home, and then headed out. That leaves just Baby Gaby and myself now, and so, we went and started making dinner. As we ate, we talked.

“Daddy, I know you said that I”d getta do school at home from now on, and that so will Alex and Jasper, but are they gonna do it here every day with me then?”

“I think that”s gonna end up being the plan, since I”m a stay at home daddy, whereas both Alex and Jasper”s parents both work, so they clearly won”t be able to help them any.”

“Oh, goody. How”s that gonna work though Daddy, Alex”s daddy works lots too, will he wanna come all the way out here every day to drop off and pick Alex up?”

“Yeah, he”s okay with that. I already told him that if he”s ever on a large job, and is stupid busy, to just leave Alex here for the night, that I was sure we”d be perfectly okay with it.”

“Oh yeah, I totally would be Daddy.”

“I know. Now, there”s gonna be some rules, the others will be told this just as well, so you”re not being singled out here at all, but when it”s school time, you do your schoolwork, there”s to be no playing around, and certainly no going to your bedroom for fun times.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured you”d say that anyway. This is gonna kinda be good for me though, isn”t it Daddy?”

“I think so, but how do you feel it”ll be better for you?”

“Lotsa reasons Daddy. First is my thick soggy baby diapers, now no one will tease me, but, you know, I think it”ll be way better for my schoolwork too. I know I wasn”t really there that long yet, but no one else at all could read or do any math, and you”ve been teaching me for a long time already, so I think that I”ll be able to go way faster than them, I was already bored most of the day there. Also, man did those kids ever complain when they made us run or do any exercise at all in gym, what a bunch of babies, and they say I”m the baby “cause I wear diapers, well, I am, but they”re bigger babies when it comes to that. I mean, on Friday, we were supposed to run laps around the field, I lapped one kid four times, and he barely made it around the field just once, and I still made it back after my fourth lap before he did, and the rest weren”t much better, I lapped almost everyone else three times. None of them can do situps or pushups, and I can last way longer than any of them doing them, but you already taught me, and I hadta tell the teacher how to do them properly. Course, she didn”t listen to me, I”m just a stupid kid, but at least I was doing them properly. Also, all the kids kinda whined when they hadta do any real learning, all they wanted to do was play or talk, but not me, I wanted to learn, and even almost told some of them to shut up, even though I”m not supposed to ever say that, they were so irritating.”

I admit, I could not help but to laugh. My little professor. He has an uncanny ability to focus very well when he is supposed to, and loves learning so much that this does not surprise me.

“Yes Baby Gaby, for all those reasons, and possibly many more, home schooling will be excellent for you. All those other kids would”ve held you back, a great deal I”m certain. So, how”d the other kids react to your lapping them so many times?”

“Most just ignored me, but one of the boys asked how I run so well, so I told him that we run at least twenty kilometers every other day, and that I love to run, it just feels good. Even hadta tell that to our teacher, told her that you”ve taught me how to run properly, which was why I was trying to tell the other kids how to actually run, but she tried telling me that she”s the teacher, not me. I asked her if she runs, or has been trained by a professional runner, and she said no, so I said, I am and have been, so I think I know what I”m talking about. She actually apologized to me after she saw how well I ran.”

“I should think so. And you”re certainly not some stupid kid, by the way.”

“I know, but that”s how she treated me sometimes, like I was stupid, I didn”t like that so much, and asked her if I was as stupid as she treated me, then how come I can read all the books she has, and none of the others can. I even grabbed one of her books and read it to her, and I only hadta ask what four or five words were that I”d never seen before.”

“Then I”m glad we”re getting you away from there. Why”d you never tell me any of this?”

“I was gonna if she kept doing that to me, she was kinda pissing me off, actually.” He said, and coming from the mouth of a four year old, well, damn near five, it was so fucking funny, I burst out laughing.

“That I don”t doubt Baby Gaby, but watch your mouth, or I”ll take your diaper off you and force you to drink every drop of it you can.”

“Okay, it was really fucking pissing me off.” He grinned brightly at me.

“Naughty Baby.” I laughed, and pulled off his diaper, and held it out to him, and he took it, staring right at me, and sucked it very nearly dry.

“Mmmm, what a horrible punishment Daddy, I can”t believe you”d make me do such a nasty thing.” He giggled again.

“Yeah, exactly. Now, I think I deserve the same punishment for some reason or another.” I said, and then did likewise.

“You”re a naughty baby boy too Daddy. Can you quadruple baby diaper me now please?”

“As long as you quadruple baby diaper me too Baby.”

“Pampering.” He giggled happily

We went to my bedroom where we diapered each other up just like we should. I had to stay Baby Gaby”s hand three times as he attempted to do more than just lotion and cream me, and I swear, had I given him just three more seconds, he would have had his entire fist in my ass, not that I would not like that, but he really should not be doing that to me. Then as I lotioned and creamed him up, because Baby Gaby diapered me first, he tried to grab my hand and ram my fingers deep inside his cute little winking baby bum hole. I just flicked his little erection, which of course caused him to screech out, and he smacked me, hard. I just laughed at him and told him to behave then. Finally I have him just as thickly diapered as he deserves as well.

We went and made a nice large pot of chamomile tea, getting two nice large mugs each, and then sat back and actually watched TV for the evening, Baby Gaby cuddled right into me the entire time. When it was time for bed, I tucked Baby Gaby in, but he rolled over and grabbed the book he is reading, and then I went and laid down and read for a while longer before going to bed myself.

The next morning, both Jasper and Alex arrived at almost the same time, both are still in their night diapers, and Alex is even still in his pajamas, very cute one piece shorts jammies that accentuate his nice thick diaper very nicely.

“Wow, you”re fucking cute like that.” Baby Gaby groaned.

“Do I needta wash your mouth out like I hadta last night Baby?”

“Oh please, don”t do that Daddy.” He mock cried.

“Why, what”d he wash your mouth out with?” Alex asked.

“He made me wash my mouth out with my own pee, after sucking it from my own diaper. It was horrible. Yeah, horrible that there wasn”t more.” He giggled.

“Wow, my peepee just went mega hard.” Alex giggled.

“You guys are freaks.” His dad said, though I can tell he is trying to stifle his laughter.

“Thanks.” All three of us said together.

“And just so you know, I felt I probably did at least one bad thing yesterday, so I felt it was only prudent to wash my own mouth out the same way as well.”

“What”s funny, is I did the same thing. I guess I musta done something naughty yesterday too.” Jasper giggled.

“Oh, I”m certain it was horrible punishment as well.”

“Definitely. Clearly that doesn”t gross you out. So, what”s your thing?”

“Oh, I”ve totally gotten into watersports with a few partners, but I love group action, me and as many women as I can get. Sadly that sorta thing around here”s not easy to come by.”

“Yeah, but I bet easier than what we”re into.”

“You”re probably right. Now, I”ve already applied for Alex”s homeschooling and all that, but no clue as to when it”ll be complete, same as I”m guessing it is for halkalı escort you.”

“Yeah, did the beasts last night before reading, it”ll probably be a few days.”

“That”s okay. So, here”s my monsters things, I haveta get going.”

“Thanks.” Alex and his dad hugged and kissed goodbye, and then he headed to work.

“My mom did up all my paperwork yesterday as well. So, what”d your friend the police officer say, he never came before I left, so he musta come after.”

“Holy shit, I totally forgot he was coming, he never came. You boys go find something to do for the time being, we”ll go play in the shop for a bit when I”m done.” I said, nearly smacking myself physically for actually managing to forget.

I went and called my friend, and he apologized for not coming or calling, but that something had come up that needed to be dealt with first.

“Why, what”s up, did he die?”

“Well, no, not because of you, but yes, he”s dead.”

“I”d say I”m saddened to hear that, but if not by me, how?”

“I didn”t think that he was gonna wake up, but he did, and me and the lead investigator were there to question him when he did wake up, and asked him many questions that he didn”t wanna answer. We”d already gotten permission to go search through as many records as we could get our hands on, and already knew a lot. There were three other students in the school that were suspected of being gay, and on their files, as well as Jasper”s, was written in bold these five letters and the word GAY with a question mark, M.L.A.L.H. It only took us a minute to figure out what it meant.”

“Let me guess, you think it means; make life a living hell?”

“Our thoughts exactly. In the archives, we found no less than twenty other files with the same things written on them, and that was just in our quick search. We”ve contacted twelve of them already, and they all said the same thing, they were bullied and harassed so much and given no help whatsoever, and in some cases punished themselves for lashing out, that they all quit. What”s worse, though, are the seven students so far that we can confirm that committed suicide. So, yeah, we went to the hospital as soon as we heard he was awake, asked him some very poignant questions, he refused his lawyer, he admitted to nothing, we got nowhere actually, and so, we left. Not even half an hour after we left, he got ahold of something sharp enough to slit his throat, and that”s that. He”s dead. So, since he killed himself, you won”t even so much as be questioned, not even for the beating, mind you, my recording”s more than enough to ensure that you never even hadta step foot in a courtroom for what you did to him. His wife, who runs their elementary school, has also already been taken in for questioning, since we found enough evidence to suggest that they”re pretty near exactly the same.”

“Good. Glad that”s done then. So, anything else that we should know?”

“At this moment, no, and really, probably nothing truly more anyway.”

“Awesome, thanks for everything, I owe you one.”

“Nah, call it payback for all that you did for me. Remember, you”re the one who saved me from the fate of suicide.”

“I remember, but, that”s what friends are for.”

“Yeah, except before you, I thought friends were there to drop you the second you were a disgrace, to tell every last one of your secrets, brutally bully and harass you more than anyone else would or possibly could. No, you”re way better than any friend.”

“Thanks, just remember, you helped me out as well.”

“I know. After he died, you fell apart, and I helped to put you back together. I still miss that time, but you were right, we”re not meant to be together in that way, and that we”ll always be better friends than lovers. Still, no one”s been able to make me feel the way you did, even though I do love my husband more than I ever loved you, you were just such an amazingly tender lover.”

“Thanks. That means a lot to me.”

“I”m sure it does. Well, I better get going. Have a good day.”

As soon as we hung up, I went out and told the boys everything that I was told, holding nothing back at all. I know Baby Gaby”s only four, getting close to five, and that he could not possibly understand. I beg to differ, he understands what is going on far more than most anyone gives him credit for. That little boy probably understands more than most adults do about what is going on around him. He is almost too observant, and wicked smart. How his waste of space parents managed to produce a child such as he, I actually cannot even fathom. We are insanely lucky that he was not born drug and or alcohol addicted, or born at all for that matter. I am quite certain that had they realized in time, that they would have aborted, but, as I understand it, she had no idea that she was even pregnant until she went into labour, almost a full two months early, god only knows why. By all rights, Baby Gaby should not have survived, but he did, and he is absolutely, without a doubt, the very best thing that could have happened to me.

“Good, I”m glad he”s dead.” Jasper said.

“Jasper, you should never wish anyone dead, no matter what. Sure, he did a bad thing, but to wish someone dead is pure hatred, and you know what hatred does to you, right?”

“Sorry, but what does it do to me though if I hate someone else?”

“It hurts you far more than it does them to hate them. It”s no skin off their backs, and in many cases gives them power over you, that”s what they feed on. You”re still pretty young, and pretty sheltered all the way out here, so you haven”t really seen a lot of pure hatred, or been subjected to it, but I was. No, in school, there was this one boy who I hated with every fiber of my being, he was so mean to me, did horrific things to me, said even worse things to me. I yelled at him one day, finally; I wish you were dead, that the angels will sing the day you die, because then finally another devil will go to hell where he belongs. Well, he beat the shit outta me for that, proving my point all right, and I even said that to him, which probably made him even more mad, and I ended up in the hospital.

“But, here”s when I learned what pure hatred does to our insides. He was brought into the hospital the next day. He was in a horrific accident, his brother was drinking and driving, his brother died on impact, but my bully didn”t. No, instead his fate was so much worse, and honestly, I don”t know what his parents were thinking. I mean, yeah, they already lost one son, but, he never truly recovered. He was in the hospital for months. His head was practically caved right in, he lost something like twenty percent of his brain, they hadta put a plate in his head, because they couldn”t repair the skull.

“He woke up, almost three weeks later, he too now hadta wear diapers, but full time, full use, because with all the brain damage, they told his parents that he”d pretty much forever be a two year old. Last I checked, he still is. He can walk and talk, about as well as a two year old does, and his parents haveta take care of his every need. It would”ve been better for him had he just died to tell the truth.

“Now, that anger, that hatred, it ate me up so much, I was still in the hospital as well, he”d beat me up so bad, that I was there for just over a month. When I truly learned of all that he”d gone through, and what his life was gonna be like, it made me so sick, I went into full suicide mode, the staff psychiatrist tried to help, but he couldn”t. So, one night, I knew his parents were there, I went to their room, fully expecting to say what I was gonna say, and then I was gonna find somewhere to finally die. I went to his room, I explained to them who I was, I even flat out told them who their son was to me. They told me that they already knew, that they had tried their hardest to stop him, that he”d been arrested and released to their care that afternoon, that he”d been grounded for like a hundred years. Then I told them that I”m the reason that he”s the way he is, that I”d wished him dead, that I hated him so much, and pretty much everything else I”d said and dreamed.

“I broke down into the most pitiful crying that you could possibly imagine, and instead of totally hating me, they came and picked me up and held me to them, hugged me, held me, and told me that I am not the one to blame for where he is now. He and his brother are both exactly where they got themselves. As it turns out, they had gotten into gang life, and had more powerful friends to show off to, and thought they were invincible, as it turns out, they most certainly were not. We all shed a lot of tears, all except my bully, who had no idea who I was, or why we were all crying. They asked me if I planned to go somewhere to kill myself now, and I flat out said yes, that I have nothing at all to live for now, and so, they asked me if I thought that was actually going to fix anything. Of course I said yes. They told me that it fixes nothing, and will only prove their son right. We sat and talked for near on four hours, they told me so much, taught me so much.

“It was only a few days later that I was released from the hospital, I had a new lease on life, I realized how poisonous my own family was to me, because they never once visited, except the first day when they incredulously asked me why I can”t even just die properly, that I can do nothing right. Anyway, I went home, packed all my shit, stole as much money as I could from both my parents and my sister, and hopped on the first bus and rode it for as long as they”d let me. Here”s where I ended up.

“Hatred, pure, absolute hatred, it doesn”t hurt your bullies, it hurts you, far more than I hope that you can possibly understand. I still contact his parents every now and then and we talk, I ask how he”s doing, but, he”s forever the same, he”ll never change, and that”s my mark of shame. Even though I know it wasn”t my fault, it still feels like it was. Had I not said that, he wouldn”t have beat me up so bad, then he wouldn”t have been brought to his parents by the police again, with a court hearing, they wouldn”t have come down on him so hard, his brother wouldn”t have talked him into just going out and drinking and having fun, they wouldn”t have gotten into that horrific crash, which fortunately they were the only victims, and I wouldn”t have gone fully suicidal from it.

“No, hatred, that”s wrong. I no longer hate anyone. Sure, I don”t like everyone, I even strongly dislike a few people, I certainly never want to see some, but, I pity them far more now, because I understand them and their motives for treating me the way they did, they”re scared and insecure, they”re uneducated, they don”t understand, and maybe never can or will. Once you fully understand that no matter our differences, that we”re really all the same, that every person”s weird in their own way, it makes dealing with all that hatred around you so much easier.”

(Just so you know, other than a few things that I changed to fit the story, this is me. That was my biggest bully, but I never talked to his parents, I couldn”t, I probably should have, and no, I never left home. I was also in the hospital for only a day and a half. My family was actually really great. Sadly shit like this doesn”t just happen in stories though.)

“Wow, that musta been horrible.”

“Yeah, but, you know what, that time also taught me a lot of things, how the words that we say really truly have power over those around us, and that once spoken, words in anger, hatred, spite, what have you, can never be taken back, nor can they be fixed. I was taught that there are fates far worse than even death, punishments far worse than death, death would have been an easy out for him, but that wasn”t his fate, and though I know it”s not my fault, I still caused it to happen, because I was too young to know. Those are powerful lessons that I pray that none of you ever haveta learn yourselves. Love, understanding, compassion, those are the only feelings we truly need, anger, pain, hatred, and even greed, those are the emotions that hurt us deep inside, hurt us so deeply that we sometimes never truly recover from those hurts.

“The only thing that helps smooth over those scars is love, but the best way to prevent them from forming in the first place is also love. Love those around us, sure, but, love yourself far more. Once you love yourself for who and what you are, once you understand both your feelings and those of the people around you, and have compassion for them, their hatred can form none inside you. It”s tough, I know, they just wanna hate you so much and have you hate them equally so, and sometimes they even deserve to be hated, but look at them, really look at them, and you”ll see, they”re either hurting greatly themselves, or have never been taught how not to hate, sometimes both. Have compassion, even pity for those people, because they”re not worthy of our time or hatred.”

“I”ll really try. I guess I no longer haveta worry about bullies though, not going to school and all.” Jasper said.

“True, but, in a way, that”s actually not really good. All three of you needta learn the one thing that being at school can teach you that you simply can”t learn at home, and that”s dealing with those around you. If you think bullying in school”s bad, just wait “til you get a job and haveta start fighting to stay alive. You think kids are cruel. Yeah, they are, but adults can be so much worse. No, instead of hitting, adults have a tendency to fuck with your minds instead. But again, once you understand that, and know what and why they”re doing what they”re doing, it becomes easier to deal with them. In a way, doing your school at home may be protecting you boys more than might be right. For now, “til things calm down though, it”s likely the only real choice.”

“Oh. Never thought of it that way. So you think being in school, dealing with those bullies, is actually good for us?”

“Yes. It”s not right what they do, but that doesn”t matter to anyone really. Oh, the schools all claim that they”re stamping out bullying, that they won”t tolerate that sorta behavior. Yeah, except, can you truly stop something that far too many people do without thinking. Kids and adults alike. Hell, all three of you”ve had teachers essentially bully you, or at least Baby Gaby and Jasper have.”

“Me too.” Alex said.

“Yeah, sometimes they do it without realizing it, but, not most of the time.”

“That sucks. Just because they think we”re different, but they don”t realize that they”re just as different.” Jasper said.

“Exactly. Now, let”s go down to the shop and get you boys doing something constructive, shall we.”

“Okay.” They all said, and so, we headed to the shop and played out there.

We played until lunch time, went up and made and ate that, having lots to drink of course, the baby boys wanting baby bottles again, so I did as well, and then we went and played in the shop until Alex was just being picked up. Jasper went home at the same time, well after we kissed for several minutes.

It took three days for us all to get the boys their schooling all set up, and it was on the same day that we found out that the school that the boys had been going to was being shut down for so many student rights violations, that the investigators had not been able to list them all. The questions were asked, how long had it been going on for, and how did it happen for so long that no one noticed. Sadly no one seemed to be able to answer either of those questions. The way it sounds, it could have started all the way back when they started the school. That left several hundred kids without a school though, but, oh well, they can figure it out themselves. They also said that the wife, the one who ran the elementary school, had already been charged, and she would be going to prison. Truth be told, I am shocked she did not kill herself like her husband had.

The boys and I still went for our customary run every other day, and on the other day we went swimming and/or did our martial arts workout, but we made sure to push every bit as şirinevler escort hard, something that all four of us are absolutely okay with, and enjoy. I did sit all three boys down together the afternoon before we were to start their school work, and told them all the rules for that, made them agree to it all, or that they would have to do their schoolwork at home for minimum one week, by themselves. I told them very clearly why I am doing this for them, because I want for them to get the best possible schooling that they can get, even if they never decide to go on to anything after, it is still very important to do well now, so that they have that option. They were all good with that, though, truthfully, I knew that they all would be.

The first week of schooling the boys at home flew by, and they are all doing spectacular. We still do our run or swim or martial arts everyday, though we do take a dip every day no matter what, after using the hot tub of course, and every day I also have the boys in the shop or in the garden, or in the woods with me, either learning or doing something, usually both. All that on top of the four hours that they have to dedicate solely to their school work every day. What is funny, that even the work that Baby Gaby has to do is supposed to take one full hour per subject, every day, that is what their planners say each section should take, but every last one of them are doing two to two and a half sections per one hour, so they are already flying along. Of course, there may come some times when they spend more time on areas that they do not understand, we all know that, but, so far, no.

I have been talking to both Jasper”s mom and Alex”s dad over the past week, trying to figure all this out, it is not so much hard on Jasper and his mom, since he is next door, but on Alex and his dad, it is almost an hour to an hour and a half of extra driving every day. I asked them both how they would feel about essentially a week long boarding school kind of idea. They spend the weeks with me, and then weekends at home. They both feel that this would work well, except when they have to work weekends, which I told them that I would still be happy to have them anyway. We are trying to hammer out details and whatnot, and though I had refused, they refused to accept my refusal to accept payment, and so, we had to hammer that out as well. It was decided though, that they would tell their boys Sunday night, and then they would be spending the weeks with us from now on.

“So, how”d you boys like the news that you got last night?” I asked as soon as both were here, and Alex”s dad was gone.

“So awesome.” Alex said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Jasper grinned.

“Why, what news?” Baby Gaby asked curiously.

“Didn”t your daddy tell you?” Alex asked in shock.

“Nope, I thought I”d leave that as a surprise for you to share with him.” I grinned, and so, Alex excitedly told him, and Baby Gaby nearly fainted.

“Just remember your promise Baby Gaby.” I said, when I almost saw him grab Alex”s hand to drag him to their bedroom for a celebratory sex fest that would likely last at least two hours.

“Ah, poopy Pampers. You knew what I wanted to do, didn”t you?”

“Oh yeah. Naughty little boy.”

“Thanks Daddy.” He said far too brightly for that statement. “That”s the nicest thing you”ve said to me all morning, well, since you said you love me.”

“I bet.” I snorted.

“Okay, into running gear so that we can go for our morning run. Today I wanna get you two little baby boys going a bit faster. I want you to follow Jasper at his faster pace, and go for as long as you can, and Jasper and I”ll have packs with extra weight on.”

“Okay.” All four boys said happily at that.

Yeah, I know, weird kids, right. I have not truly been able to make them complain while exercising them, they all enjoy it so much. Sure, they all slow down some, and I do not force them to go faster, but I think that they are ready for this, and I think Jasper needs something more now as well. As soon as we are all ready to go, we head out, and Jasper leads the pace. We managed to make it almost half way before the little boys claimed that they needed a rest, and so, we stopped, had a snack and a drink, took five, and then took off again, with Jasper going at the same pace. We made it to the three quarter mark, when they said that they needed another break, and we did the same thing. The final leg though, just because, Jasper told the boys to keep up now, and did a full run. With his long, gazelle type legs, it was hopeless, and even I myself cannot actually keep up to him, but it is only for five kilometers, so he would run way ahead, then loop back, and then continue back the way we are going as soon as he met us, so, he probably added a further two kilometers if I guess correctly.

“That was really good pushing Boys, that was your best time yet.” I said.

“Wow, even I hurt a little after that.” Baby Gaby said.

“Good. So, into the hot tub for a rest, and then into the pool for a cool down, and then schoolwork as usual.”


By now all our diapers are in desperate need of being removed anyway, so it is perfect timing, and so, we strip and clean, and then slip into the hot tub. We laid back and rested for easily half an hour, then went and sweated ourselves out in the sauna, then dove into the pool for our cool down.

“Ah, much better. Now can we get diapered like the good baby boys we are and maybe get some lunch and lots and lots to drink?” Baby Gaby asked happily as we were heading to the shower to clean up.

“Yes Baby, we may. While I make lunch, you baby boys can at least get started on your schoolwork, I”ll deliver drinks while I make lunch.”

“Thanks Daddy, you”re the Pampered. I mean the best.”

“Considering you think Pampered or diapered and best are the same, I”m guessing you were just as correct the first time.” I laughed, the other two giggled.

“Yeah, diapers really are the best, especially Pampers.” Baby Gaby sighed deeply.

I quadruple diapered the babies, then they they quadruple diapered me, we all got way more lotion, cream, and baby powder than was strictly necessary, and that is the way we like it. Then of course our diapers had to be taped up extra well, which we also like, and finally we are heading to the kitchen and dining room to do what we need to do. The boys all got their computers ready, because almost all their work is done on them, and then got started. Just as they started, I delivered to each of them a nice baby bottle with the formula in it, and they all popped the nipples into their mouths, and without even holding them, sucked them dry as they worked. Only minutes after we all finished our bottles, for I had had one as well, I delivered extra large thermal mugs of our favorite earl grey tea, and they thanked me once more and sipped them as they worked. Almost half an hour later, I have lunch ready, and so, we eat happily.

“Okay Babies, get all your work done for the day, then meet me in the shop, I have some cool projects for you today.”

“Okay.” They all said.

I no longer feel that I have to stick around for them to ask questions, because they never do, but they do know to ask if they need to. I went down to the shop to get everything prepared. Once everything was ready to go, I started working on my stuff, waiting until the boys were ready to join me. When they did, Jasper was carrying a large jug of ice water, which I was only too happy to partake in as well, and between the four of us, we drained the entire four litre jug quickly.

“So, today boys, we”re gonna make charcuterie boards, also known as wooden serving trays. The lady who sells all our stuff asked me to make a whole bunch for them, I figure that that should keep us all gloriously diapered like we deserve for a few weeks from the profits off them. Here you wanna be as creative as you can, we have nearly a tonne of small natural edge pieces that can”t really be used for anything else. I have lots of epoxy and tints for doing inlays and to repair cracks and knot holes and whatnot. I”d like each of you to do at least one hand carved one, at least one computer carved one, and feel free to change their shapes and sizes as you see fit. As always, Baby Gaby and Alex, if you need anything cut, ask Jasper or I to do so for you, unless it”s just on the scroll saw.”

“Okay.” They all said happily, and went and started digging through the entire pile of wood that I had collected for this.

There is easily one hundred plus boards worth in there, I never throw this stuff away, because they”re very useful for this sort of thing. There are all sorts of odd shapes, random widths and lengths, and all manner of defects, but, using the epoxy, and being creative with them, they can look spectacular.

Baby Gaby still cannot hand carve very well, but he loves the CNC router, and is getting shockingly good at programming it. Jasper prefers to do hand carving instead of the computer, but does well when he does so. Alex just has not really learned either too much yet, but is getting better at both.

I have actually had Baby Gaby in the shop with me since shortly after he came to live with me, and he used to love to sit on my lap as I was on the computer for the router, and when I started asking him if he wanted to help, he did so quickly and easily. He memorizes things shockingly fast. The first time he got to use the scroll saw was on his fourth birthday, a reasonably easy and safe tool for a little guy to use, and he did well, and only once did he nick his finger. It had been cute, because he did that, then with a tear in his eye, he looked to me and said it hurts, his little bottom lip quivering, but he was trying so hard not to cry. I picked him up and told him that it is okay to cry because he hurt himself, but, I had suspected that it had been more that he scared himself, because there was really no actual blood, just a tiny little scrape really. It had scared him so bad, though, that that was one of the few times he admitted that he needed my help to change a poopy bum, which I did so easily.

We all worked together until dinner time, the boys all having as much fun as I am. None of us got to doing any epoxy work, we are preparing them first, so that they are ready for it, but that is okay, it really is better and easier to do it all at the same time. Most of them look really good, but Baby Gaby admitted that he does not think that the one that he hand carved turned out at all, so I asked him to show me, and I told him that it turned out very well for his age, but we would not be able to sell it, because it unfortunately did not turn out well enough for that, and Alex admitted that his probably had not either, and passed his over for me to critique, and I had to agree. I told them to reuse them and try again, that it is not so much how good they are yet, but that they just keep practicing, so encouraged them to plane them down and try again, but this time ask for help if they need it. Of course I made sure that both boys understood that they had done very well, and probably far better than other children their age, only that they need more practice, which I will happily give them.

We all headed up after cleaning up, got another baby bottle, another large pot of tea, and got started on dinner. Each of the boys has a job, this too is part of their schooling. When we sat down to eat, we chatted a little as usual.

“So, Baby Gaby, your fifth birthday is one week tomorrow, you still haven”t told me if there”s anything you want or wanna do for your birthday.”

“I don”t really want or need anything Daddy.”

“Surely there must be something you either want or wanna do for your birthday.”

“Don”t call me Shirley.” He giggled, one of my favorite Leslie Nielsen quotes, and I had of course made Baby Gaby suffer through the entire movie, which he giggled at as well, or at least most of it, there was still some stuff that went over his head.

“Ah, why not.”

“I”m definitely not a girl.”

“No kidding. So, what would you like Baby?”

“I don”t know. I hardly ever play with the toys I already have, I don”t need a computer or anything like that, I don”t want or need a TV or a stereo, we already have lotsa pool toys and stuff, I definitely don”t need any more clothes, and I really don”t need any more art stuff.” He said, shrugging.

“Well, some of your pencil crayons and paints are getting low, but we can restock what you need later easily enough. How about a wood burning kit, so that you can draw on wood more easily?”

Baby Gaby loves to draw, no, he is not great at it yet, but far better than most four year olds as well I assume.

“I don”t know Daddy, never even seen one of them before?”

“You remember those signs we saw at the store where we sell all our things that you really liked?”


“Those were done with a wood burning tool. You can create a shocking amount of detail with them, and I think it”d be good for you. Would you liketa try that?”

“Those were really cool signs, okay, sure, can you do that then Daddy?”

“Consider it done Baby.” I smiled.

In all fairness, it is already on order, I thought that with his artistic streak, and how much he loves creating things out of wood, that it would be a good fit, and is one of the few woodworking tools that I do not already have. I can hand carve, if I have to, but I am not at all artistic when it comes to that sort of thing, and can barely draw stick figures, so, yes, Baby Gaby is far better than me at that, and I tell him that all the time.

Once dinner was all cleaned up from, we sat back, relaxed, and played games for the entire night. When it was time for bed, I asked the babies if they need our assistance in getting diapered. Of course I already knew the answer to that question well before I asked it, but, I am a loving father and dote over my baby boy.

“No thanks Daddy, I think we can manage that ourselves tonight, I know you and Jasper wanna go to bed yourself, so we”ll just change each other and go right to sleep.”

And then I burst out laughing.

“Yeah, not even the purest nun would believe that coming from you. I doubt either of you falls asleep for at least one hour, but, I”d personally wager on closer to two before you actually go to sleep.”

“Oh Daddy, you”re not very nice for not believing me, I”m a pure, innocent little angel, and I”m sure I have no idea what you”re talking about.” He said so sweetly I damn near got a cavity, and told him so.

“Go to bed, stinker.”

“I don”t poopy my diapers Daddy, I ain”t a stinker.” He giggled, and then grasped Alex”s hand in his, and they walked hand in hand to their bedroom.

I grabbed my Baby”s hand as well, and we walked hand in hand to our bedroom as well, where we enjoyed ourselves a great deal. I laid on my back, had Jasper crawl on top of me, so that our faces are nearly buried in each others soggy diapers, and then at much the same time, we lowered the others diaper, inhaled all that we can of our baby boyfriend, and then slipped our hands into the backs of each others soggy diapers to search for and penetrate the delicious holes buried deep inside.

For three amazing gay baby boygasms, we suck and finger each other, adding a finger after every orgasm, just because it feels so good. Once sated, we did not detach, and suckled each other like a baby bottle, and I know that I am not the only one that is awaiting our baby juice. I was the first to release, and almost as soon as Jasper started drinking down all that I had to offer, he too let go, and fed me his baby juice too.

“Mmmm, so much better Baby. I swear your cum and piss alone could sustain me for life.” I sighed deeply when Jasper detached, and then, before either of us could say more, he has his lips pressed to mine, kissing me slowly and tenderly.

“Mmmhmm, same.” He sighed once he pulled away.

“I don”t know about you Baby, but I think I deserve another thick thirsty tape on baby diaper.”

“Yeah, you definitely deserve one, but then, so do I, at least I hope so.”

“You sure do.”

We only went triple thick this time, and then curled up and had an amazing sleep.

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