Janice and Me

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I first met Janice when I got out of college and landed my first job with an architectural engineering firm in NY. She was very bright and I was lucky enough to be assigned to a project that she was also working on. Her smile would brighten the room every time. I tried to discretely learn about her, but was warned by another employee that the company had a very strict rule about employees seeing one another. Something to do with a former manager who was sexually harassing his female employees, so the owners had put this in place.

So, I watched her from a safe distance, but still I was infatuated with her.

After about a year, I had a great offer from a firm in Baltimore, working for a man my father knew, and he offered me almost two and a half times as much money, so I moved back to Maryland. When one of our jobs was going to send me back to New York for a series of meetings with a client, I decided that this was my opportunity. I sent Janice an email saying that I was going to be in town, and would love to take her out to dinner and catch up. I was a bit nervous to be turned down, but I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.

To my delight, she said that she would like that, so we made arrangements to meet for dinner the first night I arrived. I did not know how the client meetings would go, so anything after that was going to be too hard to plan.

I arrived at the restaurant a little early and was seated at a nice corner table for two, and ordered a drink. Janice arrived right on time, and I stood and hugged her and got a surprising hug back.

We started with small talk – how are things at the office, how’s Baltimore, and so forth. Dinner came and was eaten, and we ordered coffee to finish things, and I decided to really go for it.

“You, know, I was always quite taken by you. If it weren’t for the restrictions about dating, I would definitely have asked you out.”

“Well,” she replied in a voice that seemed unsure for the first time since I met her, “I don’t think I would have accepted.”

“Oh,” I replied, somewhat stunned. “I guess I should have assumed that you were taken, but I never heard about any significant others.”

“Well, no, it’s not that, I just, well let’s just say it’s a personal decision of mine not to get too close. It has never worked out well before.”

“Oh, I see,” I replied, “once burned, twice shy?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“But, I’d be different,” I pleaded, “I would never hurt you!”

“Look, Sean, there are things you don’t know, and let’s just leave it that way.”

“What, like you’re a serial killer?”

“No – of course not – it’s just that, it’s personal.”

“Come on, go out with me, I’ll prove that I’m different!”

She just looked at me. Then she shocked me.

“OK, let’s go back to your room, I have a little test for you.”

“A what?”

“A test. I can’t tell you more until we get there.”

I paid for dinner and we grabbed an Uber back to my hotel. Just outside the hotel was a liquor store, and she insisted that we have a bottle of scotch. I bought a nice single-malt, and we headed to the elevator. In the elevator, she grabbed me and kissed me, in a forceful, yet gentle manner. After getting over the surprise, I happily kissed back. Her hands dropped to my ass and she pulled me close, grinding her crotch into mine.

The elevator stopped at my floor and we walked to my room. As the door was closing, she immediately grabbed to “Do Not Disturb” sign and put it in the card slot, and closed the door, sliding over the bar. I was beginning to feel a little rushed.

“Hey, Janice, this is feeling a bit pushed,” I said to her.

“OK, I’m sorry, but I’ve been through this too many times, so I don’t want to waste any time.”

“Waste what time, what’s the rush?”

She looked at me, then took the bottle from me.

“We need a drink,” she said, opening the bottle and pouring two glasses. She immediately downed hers, and then poured another.

“OK, here’s the test. You keep telling me that you are different. Well, I’m the one who’s different. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to be pushy.”

She walked to the bed, and threw back the covers.

“Strip, and sit on the bed.”

“Hey, look, I’m not usually a ‘sex on the first date’ kind of guy.”

“If you want me to go out with you, we need to understand a few things, are you ready, or not?”

“Well, um, OK”

I unbuttoned my shirt, and kicked off my shoes. I pulled the shirt tails out and dropped the shirt, and then pulled off my socks. I unbuckled my belt and let my pants drop to the floor, my boxers still in place. Typically for me, by this time in an encounter, my prick would already be a raging hard-on, but this felt different. Although definitely swelled, it was still a bit flaccid. I stood for a few seconds just like that, only clad in my boxers.

“Boxers, too,” she insisted.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband, and pushed them over my hips, allowing them to drop to the floor. I was never into shaving, so I have a shock of auburn-brown hair all around, kurtköy olgun escort my circumcised penis, still hanging down amidst the pubes.

“OK, now sit back. It’s my turn.”

Well, now, this was a good turn. I sat on the bed, propped the pillows behind me, my cock moving a bit on its own with the anticipation.

Janice began by sliding her pants down over her hips. Her blouse was long and hung down past her crotch. She started to unbutton her blouse, and let it slide from her shoulders. She was wearing a lace bra that barely contained her breasts, and she reached up and unhooked its front latch. The tension released, and one side dropped away completely, exposing one pink nipple, the other side still barely covered by lacy material. She looked down at my thickening cock, now no longer simply hanging down, but still not quite fully hard.

She smiled, but there was apprehension there, too. Hanging onto her blouse, she managed to get the bra straps down of her shoulders. She slid one arm completely out of the blouse, still covering her crotch. Then she let the other arm loose. She turned, slowly, still holding the blouse in front of her, and flashed her round ass to me, dropping forward in a deep bend. From there I could see her pussy opening to me. By now, my hard-on was full, and I was getting tempted to start rubbing.

Janice continued her way around and then completely dropped the blouse, and then I could see what she meant. There, just above her pussy, sticking out from her own shock of blonde pubes was a dick! A semi-stiff dick! It was smallish – only 3 or so inches, but had a bulbous head and a little slit in the middle. I mean, a real dick!

My own dick suddenly lost some of its inflation. She looked at me, and I looked back. Into her eyes. I saw someone vulnerable and open. I saw someone who I admired and was deeply attracted to. My head was a jumble of thoughts, “Is she some kind of freak?” “Am I gay if I’m still attracted to her?” “Is there more to sexuality than just ‘parts’?”

“You kept telling me that you’re different,” she said, “well, this is different!”

I thought for a second or two, “Well,” I replied, “you’ve certainly got me on that point! So, now what? Why are we playing doctor on the first date that I wasn’t really aware was even a date?”

She suddenly looked sheepish.

“Look, in previous attempts at serious relationships, I did things the ‘right’ way – we got to know one another, spent time together, then they found out about my physiology, and they were gone. So, I just do the opposite now, get things out in the open, so to speak. If you are going to find this abhorant, then, I’m not too emotionally invested.”

“Well, you are making me uncomfortable, I’ll tell you that.” I replied. She looked at me, a little stung. “I mean, you’re standing there in front of me like a specimen in a lab. Come on – sit down with me.”

I gestured for her to sit next to me on the bed. She looked at herself, now feeling self-conscious, though I don’t know why – I was as naked as she was.

“Wait,” I said, “I’ll be right back.”

I walked to the closet by the bathroom, and grabbed the robes that were hanging there. I offered her one, and put the other on me. I picked up her glass, and put it on the nightstand by the bed, and then sat back down on my side of the bed, gesturing for her to do the same.

“I’ll say this for you,” she said to me, “you are different than the others – you haven’t told me to leave.” She pulled the robe around her and sat. She picked up her glass, this time just taking a sip. She looked blankly at me for a moment or two.

“OK, you have not told me to leave yet. What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

I looked at her face, a mixture of fear of rejection, and defiance.

“Look, from the time we met, I’ve wanted to get to know you. You’re smart, witty, beautiful, confident, and I’ve been struck by you. While we were working together, everyone said that our boss strictly prohibited inter-office dating. So, now I have an opportunity to get to know you.”

“You’re not freaked out about me being, well, a freak?”

“OK, I admit, it’s not what I expected.”

“Yeah, you’re stiffy went limp pretty quick!”

“But, I didn’t freak out – then or now.”

“Well, what about sex?”

“Hey, not so fast! I already told you, I’m not a ‘sex on the first date’ kind of guy, anyway. I mean, I think you’re terrific, but maybe I need to get to know you. And you need to know more about me than just that I didn’t freak out.”

“I’m telling you, that by itself moves you way up in my book!”

“Well, what if I like to eat crackers in bed, or I hate cats or I leave the toilet seat up?”

“Well, for me that last one is OK!”

“Alright, that may have been a bad example, but you know what I mean.”

Again, I looked at her face. It was both a little less fearful and a little less defiant.

“So, you want to get to know me, huh? Well, since I opened the circus tent and marched the elephant squarely to the center of the room, you tuzla escort must be wondering a few things about my odd equipment?”

“Wow, you don’t waste any time, do you?” I replied. “OK, hmm, so you, well, you, uh,…” I had a hundred questions, but they all seemed too private, too intimate. “Maybe questions of that personal a nature can wait?”

“I told you I have spent too much time ‘getting to know’ people only to be rejected for this. Even if it’s sqeamish, I’d rather get there early, before I’ve gotten too invested. So, let me tell you a few things right up front. Obviously, I’ve been this way all my life. I pee from the penis, but I don’t have balls, I have ovaries – and a uterus, and I ovulate and menstruate. The penis is there in place of a clitoris, and, I’ve been told, might just be a really big clitoris, except that the urethra goes right to the end of it, so I pee that way. The doctor has assured me that the rest of the plumbing works together so I can get pregnant and have a baby someday, if I can ever get close enough to someone.

“So, there’s the quick facts. Now, there must still be questions, ask!”

“Has anyone ever told you that you can be pushy?” I asked.

“I told you, I’ve wasted too much time. Ask a better question than that.”

“What happened in school? How did you deal with showers and locker rooms?”

“The way I still deal with them. Ladies rooms have stalls, I just sit to pee. I always change in the shower stalls when I’m at a pool or a gym.”

“Ladies rooms have shower stalls? In guy’s locker rooms it’s just a room with shower heads coming out of the wall!”

“Yeah, you guys live like a bunch of herd animals. Anyway, by the time I was really of that age, I got sent to an all-girls school, and things were a little easier to hide. Most of the other girls just thought I was shy.”

“Can you get yourself pregnant?”

“Well that’s a dumb question – no balls, remember?”

“Hey, forgive me, this is new to me!”

She looked at me – she knew there were more questions.

“Come on, ask the questions, don’t be a weanie!”

“So, when you get – excited – do you get an erection? Do you get wet? Do you – I mean, what happens when you orgasm? Do you orgasm?”

“Well, one at a time, then. Yes, I get an erection, but it’s not quite as stiff as a guy’s. My vagina gets very wet when I get excited, and I come like a guy and a girl. Some liquid squirts from the penis, and my vagina has a very female orgasm response – wet, and grippy.”

“How do you know this if every guy has rejected you?”

“Well, girls masturbate, too, you know. Or maybe not, maybe you’re one of those guys who thinks that girls are too dainty or pure or something like that? Anyway, there was one guy who didn’t run away, but then, he was gay, and he only loved me for my penis! Well, that’s not fair to him. Actually, we’re still friends, but nothing was ever going to happen there – he’s gay, and he’s looking for a guy. Anyway, we would sometimes get a little relief together.”

“Anyone else?” I asked.

“I did not expect this to be a sexual history! How about you, how much experience do you have?” she asked, her voice rising a bit.

“OK, I’m sorry,” I said, “you were the one pushing me to ask questions!”

“You’re right, I did. So, well, there was also a girl back in college, but I’m really not into girls. I mean, the sex part was OK, but, it was a little weird for me.”


“Well, she had boobs, and a pussy, and well, I guess if I can get weirded out by that, I can understand that I’m not the right match for every guy…”

She paused, and looked at me, then continued, “…so what about you?”

I was not sure what she was asking.

“What about me?”

“Are you weirded out by me?”

“No. I already told you, it’s not what I expected, but I also told you that I’ve wanted to get to know you better. This doesn’t change that. Well, actually, maybe it does. Maybe you’re even more intriguing to me.”

“Wow, you are different!” she said. “Are you gay? Do you have a thing for guys?”

“Oh, I see, your turn for asking! No, I’m not gay, I don’t have a ‘thing’ for guys. I am very attracted to you and have been since we first met, and even with your, um, how shall I say this…extra equipment, you are a woman, are you not?”

“Well, I certainly think so!”

“OK, then I’m still interested – but there are still things I’d like to know.”

“Like what?” she came back.

“Well, where did you grow up, are you a dog person or a cat person, do you like the Yankees or the Mets, a weekend in the country or a night at the opera, vacation at the beach or a mountain resort?”

“Woah, slow down, too many questions! And besides, why can’t I like a night at the opera and a weekend in the country?” she laughed. “I grew up in rural upstate New York, until I was in the all-girls school, and that was in Buffalo. I’m the only child, and my father worked about half of his time in Buffalo, so I still saw my parents often. I went to college at Syracuse, but you already know pendik escort that since I have all of that Orange stuff in my office. I’ve been living in Manhattan since college. The beach is OK with me, but I love the Catskills and the Berkshires. I don’t care one way or the other about the Yankees and the Mets, my dad is a Yankee fan who always votes Republican, and my mother is a Red Sox fan who always votes for the Democrats, so holiday dinners at our house can be, well, full of energy, I suppose. Now, your turn, same questions.”

“OK,” I replied, “I grew up in southern Virginia, I have an older sister who now lives in Alexandria, my parents are still went to the University of Maryland, and moved to NY after school. City life was a culture shock for me, but there are things I learned to love. My mother was a music teacher, so I learned to love music of many varieties, including opera, my father was a Democratic Mayor in a deeply conservative area, so I learned to deal with differing opinions when it comes to politics. I love the mountains more than the beach, if I had a more stable home life I’d have at least one or two dogs. I like sports, but I don’t really have a team that I call my own.”

“Oh,” I added, “I’m attracted to confident, intelligent women who don’t sit back being demure and waiting for a man. I knew too many of them in Virginia!”

Janice sat up on one elbow, the robe opening and exposing her bare breast. She did not move to cover herself, but leaned toward me with a smile on her face.

“I do want to get to know you better!” she said, and she moved on top of me and kissed me. I was a little surprised, but kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her waist. Her kisses became more urgent, an she began grinding her crotch into mine. As the kissing became still more urgent, she pushed herself up and sat back on her haunches, sloughing the robe from her shoulders, exposing her beautiful breasts. She leaned down again, and started to kiss me again, and was pushing my robe from my shoulders. We struggled to remove them both as we had gotten a bit tangled in them, but once off the bed, she again pushed me onto my back and she straddled me, pinning my hard on against my belly.

The weird thing to me was, I also felt her prick against my belly, and her tits pressed into my chest and it all excited me – not one ounce of apprehension, just more lustful wanting to be with this amazing woman, even if she did have some extra equipment! I grabbed her ass and started grinding into her, and I could feel her pushing her crotch into mine. She sat back and started kissing her way down my chest, over my belly button and right to the tip of my stiff dick. I felt her tongue run around the top of my cock, and then was engulfed by the warmth of her mouth. My hips instinctively rose up from the bed and she pushed her mouth more fully onto my cock. I felt her hand caressing my balls, and then sliding up the shaft as her head backed away. She was still kissing the head as her hand began pumping my shaft. God, that felt nice, and it had been long enough that I knew if she kept this up, I’d soon be spouting a load of cum.

“Ooh, Janice, that’s so good, but I’m gonna cum too soon!”

She paused, and looked up at me, her hand wrapped around my cock, her breasts hanging down and a wicked, wicked grin on her face.

“Are you one of those quick cummers?” she asked, slowly running her hand up my cock.

“Actually, I think I have pretty good control most of the time, but you are very good at that, and I have had, well, let’s say a dry spell for a while.”

“Mmmm,” came her guttural reply, taking my purply head back in her mouth, then releasing me again, “so, if you come, do you just fall asleep, or can I expect more? There’s so much to learn!”

“Oh, I can assure you you can expect more, I just thought it might be fun to cum together.”

“Well, that can be fun, too, or, I can just see how close I can get you to – ” and her mouth opened and she took me in again. She gave me a long suck, her tongue running around and around my head. My hips were rising to meet her, and in spite of thoughts about baseball, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

She pulled her head back and pumped me with her hand and kissed and licked the bulbous head and started encouraging me, “Go on Sean, let go! Come for me Sean! I want you to!”

“Oh, God, Janice! Here it comes! Oh, I’m cumming, oh, oh!” my hips pushed up and a dribble of cum slipped out of my shaft followed immediately by a huge spurt. Janice quickly took me in her mouth as my hips jerked and felt like I was emptying quite a load of pent up semen into her mouth. A stream of white liquid seeped out the corners of her mouth and dripped down onto my belly. I sensed her swallowing, but still there were more contractions and she squeezed my shaft, pushing out still more. She was letting it dribble into a pool on my stomach, and slide down the shaft.

As my contractions subsided, her tongue slipped from her lips and she ran it up the length of my cock and she noisily slurped in any semen that was clinging to my cock. She looked at the small pools of cum on my belly, and also made a noisy job of slurping them into her mouth. She looked right at me, opening her mouth and making a show of the white, streaky looking liquid. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, her tongue again snaking out.

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