I Won’t Forgive You!

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Big Tits

“I’m never going to forgive you for this!”

“Dude twenty seven is too fucking old to be a virgin. You just can’t stay this way so we’re going to fix it.” Mike said as he hustled his friend out of the truck.


“No buts. Of course I didn’t tell you where we were going. You wouldn’t have got in the car if I told you where we were going. Now come one it’s not like I didn’t spring for some grade fucking A pussy. I’m actually a little jealous.” Mike growled as he wrestled his friend out of the PT Cruiser that had taken then a little more than three hundred miles to the infamous Bunny Ranch.


“You’ll know her when you see her and you’ll thank me. I’ve been through your porn collection more than once. Hell I bought half of that shit and you borrowed it. I know what you like.” Mike didn’t have to drag his friend any more, which was good because his eyes had started to wander the flesh all around.

The truth was after five hours on the road Damian wasn’t actually interested in sex so much as just being out of the car and able to stretch. It didn’t help that he was literally surrounded by stunning women giggling and waving to him. “Did you tell them all that I’m virgin?” Damian hissed. Mike didn’t say anything; he was far too busy watching a dark skinned girl with blond girls in gold micro shorts and a matching bra. “Did you tell them this is my first time?” Damian snapped.

“You mean by for example yelling it really loud in the middle of the courtyard? No I didn’t.” Mike spat. “Of course the fact that I practically had to wrestle you out of the car means you’re either a virgin, gay or getting married. Since you’re not wearing a wedding ring and even I know your shoes are ugly I think the ladies can make a damned good guess which one it is though. Now come on.” Mike started walking towards the main desk

“Do you have reservations or were you hoping to window shop for a while gentlemen?” Mike’s eyes narrowed slightly on the woman who’d addressed him from behind the desk. She was a little older but there was something familiar about her that he couldn’t quite place. “Gentlemen?”

“Sorry I’m trying to figure out where I’ve seen you before. Maybe if you’d lift pendik escort your skirt and turn around?” The immediate frown was enough to coax a quick apology from Mike. “Reservation is for my friend. It’s under Damian Renaud.” The woman lowered her head quickly bringing up the reservation her mouth gaping slightly when she read the name. “Shhh it’s a surprise.”

“Wow. So you were the one who booked her all today?”


“Well here is the key card Damian. It’s the last door on the left. Go on in I would take a shower cus you’ve been driving all day, have a drink she’ll be in a bout ten minutes after she finishes freshening up.” The woman handed Damian a plastic keycard with an obscenely posed female silhouette. “Now is there something we can do for your friend?”

“Well . . .”

“Knock yourself out Mike.” Damian called over his shoulder. Despite his earlier reluctance he had to admit that it was exciting now that he was actually here. And the way the receptionist had reacted to his choice meant she had to be in high demand. This wasn’t just some girl this was one of the genuine porn stars that worked the ranch.

Twenty minutes a shower and a shot of rum was supposed to settle him into place but Damian hadn’t been on pins and needles when he’d arrived. Now that he was cleaned up and the only thing left was to wait he felt like he was about to tremble right out of his skin. The walls were nearly sound proofed so he couldn’t hear what he knew was happening on just the other side of the walls but the doors weren’t completely sound proof. Either that or he was so focused on waiting for his woman that he imagined he could hear the rhythmic clip clop of high heels on the hardwood floors.

Damian had been out of the shower for almost twenty minutes when the door slowly opened and she slipped in. She was wearing a pair of black platform stiletto heels that gave her barely five five frame the illusion of height. The illusion was helped by a pair of black vertically striped stockings that vanished into her sheer black silk dress. Instead of buttons there were loops and knots of a distinctly Asian style straining slightly to hold the woman’s impressive cleavage pendik escort bayanlar in place.

Despite her stunning body Damian was staring at her cherubic face. Slightly rounded with beautiful defined cheek bones, lips glistening like blood offset by midnight blue vaguely almond shaped eyes. Her jet black perfectly straight hair was pulled into a bun resting high on the back of her head. “Are you going to say something?”

“Mika Tan.” Damian was correct but whether it was a statement or a question wasn’t clear. He hadn’t gathered enough of himself to form a coherent thought.

“Oh isn’t that cute. You’re all catatonic.” She a warm smile spread across her features like honey. Just as smoothly she cut the distance between them and straddled his waist pushing him down. “I’m Mika Tan and you are?”

“Damian.” He blurted out.

“Damian. That’s good.” She leaned forward until her chest tickled his when ever either of them drew a breath. “Do you have any idea what you want from me or should I just have some fun?” He hadn’t noticed that her fingernails were the same glossy liquid red as her lips until they’d gently raked down his chest opening the towel at his waist. “Whoa. That’s a little bit bigger than I expected. Aren’t you the virgin? Didja ever think about just going to a party and whipping this bad boy out?” She propped herself up on her knees and walked back to get a better view. “Yeah they would have acted grossed out and then you would have gotten a bunch of phone call from girls you didn’t even know had your number.” The grin on her face was almost predatory. “I was expecting just to hop on top but I really should get a little lube on this beast before I try to mount it.”

The next thing to part the famous Asian porn stars lips was Damian’s cock. She took half of it down without so much as straining then came up for a breath of air and went back a second time working a bit more of his girth into her mouth. “Don’t cum too fast. I want to feel this in me.” Mika warned playfully slapping the tip of his cock between dives. Each time she went back she managed to get just a bit more than the time. “Holy shit. I’m not gonna be able to get it pendik eve gelen escort all without gagging.” She exclaimed only a few scant bits from devouring him entirely. The next time she went down Damian felt her throat twitch just slightly but her lips were pressed against his stomach. “Wow. Didn’t cum. Even with me slappin you around I didn’t think you’d last this long.” She smiled. “You know you’re gonna make some lucky girl back home very happy when she finds you.”

Damian was almost paralyzed. His body was already taking all of the actions he was capable of handling at the moment. When he needed his hands to clench at the sheets and his feet to kick away the covers to stave off a humiliating ejaculation they did. “Calm down cowboy. I haven’t gotten to ride just yet. “She squeezed tightly at the base holding until she felt him stop pulsing and then held on for another few moments before climbing onto him.

Mika squeezed her eyes shut, set her jaw and sat down on Damian driving him all the way into her cunt with a single stroke. She paused there for a moment slowly letting the breath out of her lungs. “You can open your eyes baby.” She grabbed his wrists and put his hands on his hips. “If you think you’re gonna cum too soon just slow me down. I want this to be good for you baby.” Then Mika’s hips started to move. Slowly at first, more churning and grinding, than anything else. Moans occasionally parted her cherried lips but for the most part she was quiet with an intense look of pleasure that didn’t seem fake in her eyes.

It took her less than a minute to get Damian to blow his load in her. “Oh God I’m so embarrassed!” Damian whimpered his face suddenly matching her lips in color if not gloss. It took Mika’s lips against his to silence him and the steady grind of her hips bringing his cock back to attention for a second longer, more satisfying round where they kept their eyes locked the entire time. That time he watched Mika’s entire body shiver as she got off on his cock just a second before he pumped a second load of cum into her. “Is that it?”

Mika leaned down and kissed Damian on the forehead then on each cheek before his lips. “You’re paid through the night and we haven’t even tried doggy yet.” She slapped his chest. “I’ll give you a minute to get yourself together and I’m gonna clean up though.” She smiled and sauntered into the bathroom.

Mike wouldn’t check his text messages for another three hours but when he did the message was completely predictable.

“I forgive you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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