How It All Began

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** Note: All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


‘Has he always been this handsome?’

Alanis asked herself as she watched Tariq continuously tap his foot during their Econ 101 lecture. He was wearing his signature knitted beanie and a fitted grey shirt that showed off the contours of his firm chest, his sinewy back and sculpted arms, a testament to the hours he poured at the gym. She swore he wasn’t that muscular in high school. Well, he never had that amazing beard either.

He was spinning a pen between his long fingers while resting his chin on his up right hand as he struggled to pay attention to the rambling professor writing formulas on the board. He put the pen down and took a deep breath. Alanis watched intently and nearly dropped her jaw when he ran his fingers through his thick, black hair that loosely hung at the side of his face.

A sudden urge came over her. She wanted to play with his wavy hair, feel it between her fingers, and rub her foot against his. She tentatively stuck her leather boot out, which looked so tiny in comparison to his large one, hoping they would accidentally rub.

He was thinking about the last YouTube video he watched that reviewed the latest phones on the market. He examined each phone, from its weight and its speed, to the new features each one had, and concluded that he badly wanted the new iPhone, but it would betray his commitment to not following the crowd. Plus, the iPhone was always the most expensive and he hated how overpriced it was, yet it still managed to convince consumers like him to spend a summer’s worth of money on the stupid product.

His thoughts were diverted when he caught Alanis’s foot resting against his. Even more than that, she was grazing his foot ever so slightly that nobody but them would notice. He tried to look at her without moving his head. There it was! She suddenly turned her head to the front of the class, trying to act as if she wasn’t staring at him. Even so, she never moved her foot away from him. His first instinct was to mentally high five himself; this was the girl that he was in love with. Ever since he discovered that she was an even bigger anime geek than him in the eleventh grade and she was cute on top of that, he swore that one day she would be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, all his attempts were in vain and she never saw him as anything more than a friend who always insulted him, discussed latest episodes of animes and studied calculus with. He came to accept this halfway through twelfth grade and was simply content enjoying her company. His friends had told him that university would be his chance to meet girls and finally get over her, but he was secretly really happy that they ended up in the same program at the same residence.

And so the more rational, supposedly more mature part of him told him not to make a big deal out of this. It was just a simple foot rub after all.


A few days before her first math test, Alanis was in her room inwardly panicking over the fact that university math made no sense to her. She managed to get high grades in high school by rigidly repeating all the math problems assigned in her homework, constantly solving them until she no longer made a single mistake. This approach, unfortunately, did not work in university. She was hit by the brutal realization that mindlessly answering problems was not effective; you actually had to understand the concepts.

Tariq was also studying for the same math test but he was nowhere as stressed as Alanis. He lived in the only double room on his floor and as a result, it was unofficially deemed the weed room by his floormates. This meant that nearly every evening, all his floormates would congregate in his room to smoke weed. Neither he or his roommate Harman minded since they enjoyed smoking too, but it did annoy Tariq when he wanted to study. That particular time the guys decided to stay over even when they finished their joints. At first this did annoy Tariq, but then he realized that it was a sign from the god he didn’t believe in: he could use this opportunity to ask Alanis if they could study together.

He took out his phone and began:

Yo what are you doing

Right when Alanis was about to rip her hair out for not understanding this concept, her phone lit up with a notification. She saw Tariq’s name and all the negative emotions that she had just felt were immediately replaced with butterflies.

In my room studying. I don’t get any of this L Do you think you could help me?

Yeah sure. We could study there?

Yes comeeee

Coming now

Tariq was often in her room, but there were always others with them. This would’ve been the first time that they were alone together in her dorm. She smiled to herself until she realized that she was wearing a neon green baggy t-shirt and old, frayed, heart-patterned pajama bottoms. She knew she had about 3 minutes to change until he arrived to her place, since his building was right across from hers. So she rummaged through pendik anal escort her messy drawers, looking for something sexier to wear. There were her grey cotton short-shorts that were barely longer than her panties and a cute matching camisole that showed off her humble chest. Although she was a virgin in every way possible, she wanted to show off her body to him and be a little tease.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes and replaced it with her sexy sleeping wear. She stared at herself in the mirror and nodded in approval, knowing that all this skin would make Tariq picture her naked. Yet she also reminded herself that she didn’t have feelings for him. In fact, she only changed her clothing because it would’ve been embarrassing for anyone to see her in her lazy baggy clothes. This outfit was just simply more presentable.

Just like her estimation, she received a text message from him 3 minutes later, telling her to open the door of her building. She skipped to the front door entrance and saw him standing there, decked out in their university hoodie, their university messenger bag, and his usual black jeans. She thought he looked so cute as the typical student. When she opened the door, the cold air seeped into the heated complex and she told him to hurry up. She felt her nipples harden at contact with the cool Canadian autumn air and crossed her arms over her chest, hoping that he didn’t notice.

But of course, he noticed.

Alanis’s toned ass was peeking through her tiny shorts, along with her pointy little nipples through the thin shirt she wore. With her dressed scantily, he was very thankful to his floormates for hogging his own room.

They proceeded to her bedroom, which was just three doors away from the main entrance. The door was wide open and Tariq immediately felt the heat radiating from it. “Why the hell is it so hot in your room?” he asked as he dropped his bag onto her bed where there were scattered scraps of papers filled with hundreds of Alanis’s attempts at the workbook problems.

“Tariq, don’t put your bag on my bed!” she scolded him, removing his things off her small bed.

As usual, he ignored her complaints. “Man, it’s so hot in here.” He repeated. “I’m taking this off.” He grabbed the neck of dark grey hoodie and pulled upwards, catching some of his shirt underneath. In doing so, he revealed a peek of his stomach and Alanis caught a glimpse of the line of hair down his belly to under his pants. Despite wearing such little clothes, she felt it was inappropriate to see his stomach as her mind fantasized what he would look like naked. She had to stop these thoughts! She was a good, Christian Chinese girl after all.

“Okay, so what lesson are you on?” he asked her, snapping her out of her daydream.

And that night she learned a lot. As obnoxious as he could be, she knew that he just liked to tease her and that he really wanted to help her succeed in her studies. Surprisingly, she understood the concepts by the end of their study session and even managed to calm down. And when he left, she was overwhelmed by his scent that had filled her room. It was musky, like soil and wood and salt, but was so distinct that she had no other way to describe it except that it smelt like Tariq.


Soon afterwards, studying with Tariq became part of her daily routine. Exam season was fast approaching, meaning she had to catch up on all the lessons she regrettably half-assed. After she finishing dinner with her friends in the cafeteria, or sometimes alone in her room, she would either ask him what time he was coming over, or he would ask her if she was home and then just invite himself to her place.

As usual, he complained about how she abused the heater and fight with her to open the window.

“No Tariq, it’s so cold outside!” she said when she saw him stand up. She knew he was going to open the window again, even without her permission.

“I know you were born under a mango tree and grew up running around on a beach, but come on, you’re in Canada now, get used to it.” He retorted, already opening the window against her wishes.

“Oh my God, how many times do I have to tell you that I was born in Vancouver!” she snapped back and ran up to him to shut the window.

Usually, they would’ve just stood there, constantly opening and closing the window until one of them finally relented, but this time Tariq felt bold. She was wearing tight, printed spandex shorts that showed every lovely contour of her rounded bubble butt, and he couldn’t help himself and she was teasing him by wiggling her ass around in it. So when she tried to close the window once more, he wrapped his arms behind her and placed his hands onto the handle of the window, so it appeared that he was stopping her.

She became keenly aware of his tall body towering behind her and his great arms over her own. They stopped bickering for a moment, silently enjoying every second of this innocent but exciting body contact. Her aroma filled his pendik bayan escort nostrils and he lowered his head down, closer to her face, inching towards the window to make it seem that he was opening it. She felt his breath on her cheek, causing a shiver to run through her body.

“It stays open,” he said softly and quietly opened the window for the last time.

They were both aware of the moment they just shared, but didn’t dare to admit it to each other.


Alanis was pretty sure that she had just failed her accounting midterm, so much so that she would be kicked out of her program, forced to study some liberal arts degree, graduate with lots of debt and no job prospect, end up living with her parents forever, and ultimately disappoint them.

The first midterm she ever wrote and it was the hardest test she’d ever had. When the exams were handed out, everyone bowed their heads to begin. A few moments later, all the students rose their eyes to examine others’ reactions, including herself, and she was met with faces of confusion and surrender. She had no clue what the questions were even asking for, let alone know what the answers were. So throughout the whole exam, she just wrote bullshit or stared at the ceiling, hoping the answers would magically pop into her head.

When she finished the midterm, she felt relief at first. Even though she handed it in with the last question blank, she was just happy to stop looking at it. But as she walked home and discussed the midterm with her other classmates, they revived her panic once more and she started to reconsider all the possible career paths she could take instead of accounting.

Once she reached her dorm, she was so thankful to be away from all those other nerds who made her feel bad about herself. She didn’t even bother turning on the lights and just sunk into her bed as soon as she entered her room, throwing her things onto the carpeted floor. She knew that one person could cheer her up at times like this: Tariq.

Tariq I failed the midterm, can you come over pls I’m sad.

Tariq wasn’t even surprised when he received Alanis’s text as she often freaked out over her grades. He knew he probably failed the exam and the first thing he did was calculate what he needed to get on the final exam to complete the course with a 75. A 78. That was doable. In midst of calculating his possible grades in other courses, he just realized that this was the first time she asked him to come over for something other than “studying”. For a second, he allowed his imagination to run wild, that is, that they would become an official couple. But he scoffed at himself for thinking this and just texted her back:

Just finished too. I also failed. Meet at your room in 5 min

Alanis anxiously laid on her bed, her arms and legs spread out like a star. She had just noticed that this was the first time he would be coming to her room without the purpose of studying. Why was she inviting him over? Surely it was only because he was a good friend and she always felt happier after seeing him.

The door suddenly opened and Tariq nonchalantly walked in without knocking, causing her body to jerk in reaction as she was caught completely off guard.

“Tariq!” she exclaimed without bothering to sit up. “You should knock!”

“Oh I was gonna text you to open the door but then Jessica opened it instead.” He began to take off his black jacket and black converses then placed his bag beside her bed, as if this was his own place. “Why is it dark in here?” he took a seat right next to me.

“I was too sad to turn on the lights.”

He laughed at her and stroke her arm. “Alanis you’re so dramatic sometimes.”

She found his laugh to be so adorable. Their friends made fun of his laugh, saying it sometimes sounded squeaky. But she didn’t think so; she could listen to it all day. It was so genuine and it made her insides out dance. She swore in that moment, a cage of butterflies opened in her stomach as she listened to him. Perhaps it was the fact that he had been coming over nearly every night to her room, or that she had just failed a midterm and wanted to do something stupid, or the moonlight shining on Tariq’s angled features, but whatever it was, she decided to take a risk.

“Do you… want to lie down beside me?” she asked him, her usually loud voice became quiet and unsure.

Tariq was incredibly shocked. ‘What was she expecting? What does she want to do? Does she want to have sex? But she’s super Christian and geeky. But she’s so cute. She’s so friggen cute. I have no clue what’s going on in her head.’ He went back and forth in his head, before muttering an equally quiet “yes” to her.

She scooted over, making way for him on her single bed. “We can go under the sheets?” When did she become so bold?

“S-sure.” He stuttered and they both awkwardly shuffled, avoiding any more physical contact until they were both under Alanis’s thick comforter. They both sensed the huge change in pendik bayan escortlar atmosphere, where they were usually hurling insults at one another, to being the awkward teenagers they thought they left behind in the first years of high school.

At this point, Alanis had completely forgotten about her midterm. All she could think about was how the side of Tariq’s body was touching her side, and the heat radiating from him, and his intoxicating, wonderful scent filling her senses, and her heart that was pumping so fast and loudly she thought it would explode.

It felt weird to just lie beside each other in silence and so Alanis rolled to her side and leaned into him. Tariq couldn’t believe what was happening. She wanted to cuddle with him!

“Can you get up for a second so that I can put my arm under?” he asked her. Neither of them had ever cuddled with someone before and didn’t know how exactly it was supposed to work. He saw in movies that the girl was usually a little spoon on top of the guy’s arm as he held her from behind. Then they attempted that as he slid his arm under her.

It didn’t feel right for either of them. So Tariq kept apologizing and moving his arm around, trying to bend it in various positions and tucking it underneath her tiny body. After about a minute of clumsily changing positions, it became funny. They were both so inexperienced and knew it, that they couldn’t help but laugh at each other.

“I’ve never done this before,” she finally admitted to him, giving up and settling into one position. It actually started to feel natural as soon as she confessed to him.

“Me too.”

“I really like it.”

“Me too.”

Alanis’s heart was running a thousand miles an hour. She was so close to him! Her butt was cradled against his front and his arms embraced her whole body. The area between her legs began to throb and to her surprise, her panties were absolutely soaked. He had not even touched her and yet she was aroused. It was the anticipation of what was to come between them. Would she kiss him? Would she make out with him? Would they do anything more?

For a brief second, she thought about her mom giving her the “no sex before marriage” talk before she left for university. Her mom would not approve of what she was doing right now. But Alanis assured herself that she was strong and had self-control; a little cuddling wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

She shook that thought out of her head and scooted backwards into Tariq. This certainly surprised him. There were only 4 layers of clothing between them but he could still feel the heat from her body. Her ass was literally nestled against his dick. Her shapely, strong, round ass… He wanted to feel her grind on him, to feel her skin against his own, to see her tight body spread out for him, to fuck her, oh he wanted to fuck her…

He couldn’t help himself as his own arousal became apparent and his erection was soon straining to escape from the confines of his thick jeans while touching Alanis’s ass. Alanis didn’t need health class to know what was poking her from behind. It was his cock! It felt huge! So huge! She felt dirty knowing his dick was pressed right against her behind and her panties became even more wet.

She wasn’t sure what she was doing, nor what she intended, but she flipped sides so that they could face each other. She wanted to see his face. Their feet began to touch and their legs became intertwined as they stared into each other’s eyes. Even in the dark room, she could still see his handsome face—his big, pointy nose that she found so intriguing, his large brown eyes and enviously long lashes, his high cheek bones that were accentuated by his dark beard, his thick, pink lips and his eyes, his eyes, his beautiful eyes…

‘Fuck, she’s so cute.’ He thought as he looked at her youthful small eyes and flushed cheeks and pursed lips.

They had subconsciously begun leaning into each other and Alanis could feel Tariq’s warm breath all over her face until their lips finally touched for the first time. Despite never having kissed anyone before, their lips easily found each other. Her lower lip was folded below his, which she opened slightly and he mimicked, feeling a rush of pleasure surge through her. He drew her closer to her and his hands rested on her tiny waist and her small breasts met his chest and this felt so good, too good, he thought he was in one of his fantasy dreams again.

His lips were big and so warm and it felt so right to kiss him like this, to feel his hard and large body against her own. As they continued to kiss, he became more confident, motivated by the intense desire to feel more of her that he could. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. She was shocked and all the more turned on as she accepted his invitation and played with his tongue. It felt amazing and so incredibly erotic, the kiss becoming hotter and hotter by the moment.

Encouraged by the passion of the moment, she climbed on top of him without thinking, straddling her legs on both of his sides and never breaking the kiss. She immediately felt his erection at her own wet crotch, but she pretended not to notice it. It felt unbelievably hot and swollen and she wanted so badly to grind into him as their kiss became more passionate. But she was a good girl and kissing was the farthest she was willing to go.

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