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Hot Date Part Seven

� Van T Z Boi 2019

(The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author”s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories. Van T Z Boi )


(HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including; vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies! Van T Z Boi)


(Thanks to all who have written and voted for story continuation it is nice to be appreciated, I do also enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on and don”t forget to vote for continuation. Till the next time: Van T Z Boi)


From Part Six

Randy and Buck checked each other over, they had applied edible glitter to their torsos, each helping with the hard to reach back areas. Randy fingered a level of creamy glitter over his boyteats, making the two nubs stiff and pointy. Buck was in the process of doing the same. Across their groins they wore the shimmering lycra material that clung to their bodies, the material just about catching their cocklets bulge. Under the tiny slip of material that covered their boytreasures they were naked, both boypussys were lubed and ready for action and the lycra strips whilst cleverly hiding their boydicklets from view were easily folded or removed when required. The twins had sprayed their legs with the iridescent body glitter including their feet, the diamante flip-flops sparkled in the light. Bucky fluffed his golden hair, the satiny locks gleaming with more iridescence. Neither wore any cosmetics on their faces, their natural boy beauty was more than sufficient.

The doorbell rang and they hustled down the stairs to answer it. The twin gazed at their dates for the evening, Rick and Jake had recovered from their fuck in the workshop and glittering and gleaming, their muscled bodies shining with the sweet honey flavoured body lotion they stood in the doorway. Each couple appraised each other, Jake was dressed in a black sequinned concoction across his groin, the two halves of which were held in place by two thin stretched ribbons, his muscled thighs and legs delighted Buck whose hand quickly felt under the front of the sequinned strip, discovering the quickly stiffened meaty length. Rick wore a loose flaming red Tarzan like loincloth, the material was weighted to hang downwards, Randy”s searching hand discovered that all Rick wore was the front of a loincloth, the string tied around his waist had no other material attached. Randy stroked the plump cock, feeling it rise and fill with fuckblood.

Part Seven

“Turn around,” Randy whispered huskily, Rick grinned and turned slowly, his naked and toned backside made Randy suck in a deep breath as his hands caressed the naked and gleaming globes, his fingers darted inside the cleft, a fingertip brushing across the wrinkled pucker. The two twins now sported heavier bulges tenting their lycra strips and with a knowing look at each other they knelt down, lifted the material barrier and simultaneously sucked the cocks of their dates.

Jake closed his eyes as the moist heat of Buck”s mouth closed over his cockhead, despite the hard fucking he had given Jody at work his dick rose to the occasion and he knew he was going to enjoy all the fruits that Bucky offered.

Rick gently held Randy”s head, directing the boy, his legs buckled slightly as he allowed the probing hand access to his manpussy and then gasped as one, then two and finally a third, small slim boy fingers slid inside and touched his manbud.

“Shall we go,” whispered Buck, the twins rose onto their feet as one and with all four dicks and boypricks heavily tumescent they headed down the stairs to the waiting car.

Jake opened the passenger side for Buck to get in, Rick helped Randy into the back seat, his hand sliding under the lycra slip to caress the satiny soft arse. Jake was already regretting that he was driving as he watched Randy arrange himself on the backseat his boypussy fully exposed, the lycra slip folded over, the slim stiff boydicklet pulsing ad throbbing. As he sat down in his seat he growled as Buck”s wet mouth closed over his cock, his slim hands rubbing up and down his shaft. “How do the fuck do I drive with such a swallowing mouth on my cock?” he happily asked himself.

In the backseat Randy caressed Rick”s cock and rubbed the tip over his boypussy, his eyes gleamed as the sensation of the sticky precum that was oozing from the bulbous cockhead tingled on his pucker, “Why wait?” he smiled to himself and pressed the pulsing tip between his waiting boypussy lips.

Outside the pavements that led to the frontage of the Hotel began to fill, the barriers in place kept the roadway clear. The side of the pavement that wound along the property line of the Papaboys Complex became spotted with naked bodies, the police who patrolled the barriers noted the public display but they knew the law, the areas that belonged to Papaboys was clearly identified and they had long been told that as Papaboys was unlikely to ask for a prosecution for anybody or any boy or older male that was naked then there was no point in them pursuing an arrest.

Sergeant Wrangler marched along the Papaboys barrier, checking the metal frames were staunch and secure, he knew they would be under pressure when Zack”s limousine arrived. He studied the gathering crowd, enjoying the sight of the naked bodies, his eyes marked out a couple of very cute boys who were new to him. `Hmm might try that. I might need to do a full body search routine on a couple of them,” mentally he earmarked one blond boy with tightly curled hair, `Him I would arrest just for being so cute,” he chuckled to himself.

“Hey Sarge, Sarge, over here,” Wrangler checked and turned his head in the direction, a waving hand caught his eye and then as the boy stepped close to the barrier he grinned.

“Chuck, didn”t expect you to be here,” he reached over the barrier to ruffle the soft ash blond shock of hair that adorned Chuck”s head.

The ash blond boy grinned, his mouth showing a beautiful full set of brilliantly white teeth, “Hey this is where it”s at tonight and you know me, love the celebrity game,” he winked his eye and pouted his dark pink lips.

Sergeant Wrangler felt a rush of blood to his dick, he knew those lips well.

“Come and say a proper hello,” Chuck blinked his eyes and made a kissing shape with his lips.

Sergeant Wrangler studied the crowd and the road, `Won”t hurt to say hello,” he said to himself, `might even have to give Chuck a full body search some time tonight as well,” his dick swelled and bloated. Grinning Wrangler stepped right up to the barrier and leant over intending to give the boy the kiss he wanted. Quick as a flash Chuck however slid to his knees, his expert hands prised open Wrangler”s fly and he tugged out the fat five and half inches of plump meat that lunged forward. As Sergeant Wrangler gasped Chuck slid his lips around the porker of a dick and sucked hard, tasting the salty spicy flavour and inhaling the steamy scent of a hit man at work. Wrangler gripped the edge of the barrier to stop himself from trembling. Beside Chuck the boys” there were grinning and laughing and those who were naked were playing with their boydicks, Wrangler grunted as Chuck”s lips and tongue went to work, he stared at the array of exposed boy flesh başakşehir escort and boycocks. `Fuck am I in heaven?” he told himself. As Chuck continued uninterrupted Wrangler made a point of making sure his feet were planted on the metal bars of the barrier, `This makes me legal,” he said to himself as he knew there was no way he could even want to stop Chuck from giving him a blowjob, `even if the whole world was watching,” his swirling head said. Chuck sucked and slavered at the fat manmeat, his stomach rumbled hungry for spunk which was his favourite meal, especially when it came from a fat porker of a dick such as the policeman”s.

Down the barrier, Eddie Tempest, one of the Sergeant”s team was checking the linkages of the barriers, it also gave him a chance to check out the naked bodies in close up. He was admiring one dark haired, almost black cute teenager with suckable protruding teats that jiggled slightly as he talked to the naked boy standing next to him. Eddie”s eyes flashed to the wedge shaped teenprick that jutted from the teenager”s groin, `love the arrow shape of his dickhead,” he thought, wondering what the teenager”s prick would like when it was stiff and dripping. The commotion further back down the barrier broke into his dreamy daze and he turned to see his boss standing right on the barrier and gripping the metal bar with his powerful hands. Eddie”s eyes boggled as he realised his boss was being sucked off. `”Fucking hell! � well he”s one hot dude,” he said to himself followed by the tugging and re-siting of his own hard dick which had blown up instantly.

“Here let me help,” Eddie heard the squeaky voice and looked up to see the cute teenager he had been eyeing had put his hands through the barrier and was attempting to assist with the rearranging of his swollen cock.

Eddie twitched, the sensation of the young teenager”s supple hands as they squeezed his dick through the hard material of his uniform was only making his predicament worse. He trembled and made no move to stop the teenager as the rippling pleasure surged inside him.

“Tempest!” Eddie turned at the sound of his boss”s shout, he stared at Sergeant Wrangler who was still in the process of being blown. “You know the rules Tempest, for fucks sake get your ass off the street, or I”ll have to arrest you!” Wrangler raised and angry fist at his subordinate and grunted as a particularly heavy surge of delight rocked his dick.

Eddie jerked, twisted but the controlling hands of the teenager were too strong. `Fuck it!” he decided, `if the boss can get sucked in public then I can get my dick felt up too!” Eddie stepped forward, his boots planted themselves on the base of the metal barrier and he griped the top bar just like his boss.

“Do your thing,” he barked at the teenager, knowing he was just on the Sergeant”s side of the law.

Vic Tozer grinned, his slim supple fingers tugged the tenting trouser fly towards him and through the steel rods of the barrier, deftly he found the policeman”s waistband and unsnapped the serge uniform material. Eddie grunted as he felt his dick pulse quickly, he looked down to see the stripey material of his Hilfiger trunks, his prickjuice had darkened the material where his slit oozed his precum. Eddie attempted to draw back but the young teenager, strong and athletic in form was quicker and defter; as he attempted to get away he was worried to find the teenager”s hands were griping him too tightly; worse the fingers subtly worked his dick up and over the waistband of his Hilfiger”s, his pale ivory tube, glittering wetly at the tip glimmered in the light and he felt the first warm touch of another hand caress his shaft, rubbing gently over the scar of his circumcision and stimulating both his dick and his desire. `Oh fuck am I in trouble here?” he wondered, his eyes flashed back to where he could see his boss, Sergeant Wrangler bent almost double over the barrier as the young boy sucked lasciviously at the fat five and half inches of mandick. `Fuck this, if the boss can get a public bj then surely a public handjob is fine!” By the time he turned his head back he head was slowly recognising that he was feeling breezes playing over his skin, his eyes goggled when he looked down to see the young teenager had done whilst he was mentally distracted. His eye widened even more as he realised his uniform trousers and his trunks were pooled around his ankles, his utility belt was also undone and `Thank Fuck!” he said to himself, was happily lying partly concealed by his creased clothing but he twitched realising he was semi naked and with a massive stonking hardon, a stiff steely pole that throbbed hurtingly as the teenager eyed the pale pole whist licking his lips.

Vic smiled and licked his lips even more, a flood of saliva had entered his mouth and he swallowed his saliva as he leaned forward to smell the horny police baton.””Mmmmm, nice,” he smirked as he inhaled the sweet honey odour of Eddie”s dick, the spicy tang of his precum mixing with the saltysweat of a working man and the undercurrent of a man in heat. The strong aroma permeated Vic”s head, sending little tendrils of pleasure ripple along his nerves. `Nice sized head and lovely spongy hard shaft,” Vic admired his prize and tugged Eddie”s dick closer, his heavy spunkfull ballsac drooped heavily, swaying as Vic rubbed the plump cock.

Eddie twitched as he watched his admirer, he saw the licking lips, saw those lips gleam with the coating of saliva and his dick lurched in anticipating hope. `Will he…?” Eddie hoped and wondered, his dick swelled and throbbed.

Vic grinned as he worked the five and a half inches of stiff manmeat, `Nice shape and nice feel,” he said to himself as he pressed his fingernails just under the ridge of harder skin, he giggled as he watched Eddie jerk and twitch in response to his undelicate touch. Eddie felt his head swirl as the hot pain pleasure rocked up inside him, `Fuck this boy is good,” his swirling pleasure told him. Vic gently stoked the pale scar where Eddie”s circumcision shimmered a lighter hue. Eddie twitched and his dick swelled and pulsed, the tingling sensations of a strange hand on his cock exciting and exhilarating him, he hipped his hips forward, attempting to shove his cock through the teenager”s fingers but Vic chuckling moved his hand at the same time, but the gentle subtle pleasure of a hand around his dick remained enticing. Vic pulled the meaty shaft close to his lips, he rubbed the sticky head across his face and cheeks, sniffing the delicate but heady odour of Eddie”s precum, the heady aroma enflamed his own senses and he carefully licked the slit gape with the tip of his tongue. Eddie bucked as he felt the moist rasp of the tongue against his dickhead and he lunged forward, Viv was ready for this and moved back away from the jutting pole. His mouth was still tingling excitedly from the hot flavour of Eddie”s precum, `Tastes awesome, so spicy and full flavoured,” he licked his tongue tip against his teeth, tasting the further release of Eddie”s sweet juice. Eddie groaned as the expected wetness never appeared, he glanced down at the smirking face that looked back at him. `Do I have to beg?” Eddie asked himself as his dick wavered and bucked in the open air.

Vic chuckled and then seeing the hopeful pleading in Eddie”s eyes leaned back and enveloped the throbbing lance inside his mouth. He felt the rush of pleasure hit him as he sucked a good gloop of Eddie”s sugary precum into his mouth. Eddie trembled as he experienced the wet warmth that swallowed his dick and he moaned with the special delight that a hot mouth provided. Vic rubbed the spongy helmet against the inside of his cheeks, pressing Eddie”s cockhead right against his teeth, the harder surfaces grinding against the sensitive nerves hidden in the spongy bulb, Eddie was rocking and rearing as the intense pleasure increased and he shudder as the ecstasy filled his head and body with the extreme tingling tickle of sensual bliss. Vic stroked his own four inches of slim teendick, relishing the pleasurable sensations as he stimulated his own desire. Quicker and quicker he bobbed his head back and forth, moving the pulsing rod in his mouth all around his mouth, rasping halkalı escort is tongue against the twisted skin that lay between the flare of Eddie”s glans, swallowing the copious amount of precum dew that Eddie”s hidden gland worked steadily to provide. Eddie swung on the barrier, his head somehow making sure his boots stayed planted on the barrier as Vic”s stupendous sucking continued, even the existence of the crowding observers were easily ignored due to the ecstatic bliss he was undergoing.

Sergeant Wrangler bucked and jerked, his grip tight on the barrier as he felt his climax approach, his eyes swivelled where he could see young Eddie”s cocklet thrusting through his portion of the barrier, he noted his junior was partly unclothed and his eyes instantly checked Eddie was like him standing on the barrier, the mental process required has a slightly dampening effect on his journey to orgasm but young Chuck was quick to regain the lost ground. Wrangler gripped the top of the barrier with his right hand and smoothed his left hand to the back of Chuck”s head; here he could direct Chuck”s mouthing with greater precision. Chuck an accomplished cocksucker despite his tender years acquiesced knowing that his `client” was readying himself for the ultimate eruption. Chuck”s tongue rasped around the cockridge that throbbed in his mouth, he could already taste the saltier difference in the juices spurting into his mouth. He grabbed the policeman”s ballsac, squeezing heavily the hot trembling spongy spheres, Wrangler grunted appreciatively as the pressure against his gonads sent a heavy surge of pleasure rocking along his spine with the knowing anticipation of ejaculation. Chuck swallowed heavily, mouthing the cockhead, rasping his tongue hard against the slitting gape, Wrangler tensed and then roared out an explosive grunt as his dick reared and bucked inside the heated envelope. His cockslit pulsed rapidly as it delivered the hot spicy load that whooshed up from his squeezed balls. Chuck quickened his swallowing, relishing the taste of Wrangler”s spunk as it rocketed inside his mouth, the shooting strands coated the interior of his mouth with their sticky concoction, Chuck swirling his tongue to lick the juicy goo towards his throat, he could feel the sticky gloopy sperm slide down his throat. `Nice tasting spunk, Wrangler does take care with his diet,” his thoughts moved on to sucking as much of the spunky dew out of Wrangler”s balls, pressing the sac to force the swollen buds to empty even more spunk for his stomach to enjoy.

Devon groaned as the fifth dick spunked inside him, Jarvis sipping his wine smiled leeringly as the so cute boy gave out, he could see Devon”s boydick pulse and throb, `Little fucker getting his high,” he smiled, `he”ll be a hot addition to my harem.” Jarvis gave his thoughts over to his team of boys who across the country were giving out to any and all pricks that came their way. Idly he flipped his phone to see if any were active, he pressed the app that took him to SugarLeigh. The screen showed Leigh riding a teenager, from the scarf the teenager was wearing Jarvis knew it must be Leigh”s turn at one of the Scout troops in his area. Using his controls he made the camera pan, around, the screen showed the group of naked boys, rubbing their dicks as they got themselves ready for Leigh”s boycunt. Good boy,” Jarvis smirked, `The boy must have passed his daily quota of fifty dicks, fifty boy satisfied dicks,” Jarvis felt proud that he was on his way to achieving his goal, `I”d love to have a boy available on every street, in every park, swimming pool or sports ground and school, their sole job to take dick.” He chuckled, `wonder what the effect of the population rate would be, imagine all those dicks seeding boycunt instead of breeding,” Jarvis laughed loudly at the prospect. Devon twitched as yet another blast of pleasure ripped through him, he gazed up at the handsome young waiter that was fucking him and fucking him good. `This is the life!” he told himself and strove to tighten his boypussy to repay the pleasure he had received. The teenage waiter grunted as he felt the extra level of tightness undulate around his teencock, `Fuck he is so hot, all the times he dissed me and now I get to ride his sweet boypussy. Fuck he really is a hot great lay,” the happy waiter pounded even harder as he felt his balls swell with anticipation. Devon gripped his ankles around the teenager”s buttocks, drawing him even deeper as he sensed the moment was happening, with a hearty growl the teenage waiter thrust deep, his dick spitting his load which steamed into the mess of spunk that slowly filled Devon”s boycunt. Cecil the Head Waiter sighed as his dick was swallowed heavily by Devon”s panting mouth, `The cunt is fucking good,” he thought, `all those times he put himself out there but always with an eye to those rich fuckers,” he glanced at Jarvis who was sipping his wine as he watched his latest prot�g� being roasted, ` and now Jarvis has got to him, that man has such a big fucking dick,” his head recalled the few times he had swung on the end of the huge cock, he glanced down at the petite blond boy, `can the fucker take him all the way, if he can then he”s some hot cunt after all,” Cecil”s eyes glazed over as a particularly heavy surge of delightful tingling bliss soared within him, `He sucks dick good too,” his thoughts returned to the arousing memory of being able to fuck Devon, ` if he”s gonna be putting it about for Jarvis like all the other boycunts Jarvis runs then I”ve gotta get on that fuck list,” Cecil smiled, `I”ll take care of his bill, that”ll put me in his good books.” Cecile felt the trembling commence in his balls, all other thoughts were diverted to making the most of his use of Devon”s body; as he twitched and jerked as his dick spilled his load down Devon”s throat he promised himself, `That will not be the only time boy.” Devon swallowed the salty juice, his eyes searched for the next cock to suck, there was already another handsome teenager waiter”s prick in his boypussy.

The restaurant was slowly emptying as the advertised time for Zack”s appearance neared, screens around the room showing a countdown clock. Jarvis watched intensely as the naked customers trooped outside; his eyes scrutinized the naked boys as they paraded past, always on the lookout for another engaging body to join his harem. Several smiled as they noticed his fat dick, the looks lusting and wondering. Adult eyes stared, moving to place their hands possessively across the shoulders of their boys, giving Jarvis a warning look.

The naked crowd spilled out onto the pavement, here they mingled with the others who came to gawk at Zack Donovan.

“Will you lift me up to see Zack?” Dan asked his lover Jim who smiled and nodded, `the long dicked footballer was a rival only in the boys” fantasies. It”s my dick that will be ploughing him tonight,” Jim smiled at his thought and his hand slid down the pert globes of Dan”s arse to ease finger in the wet boypussy, `I”ll really fill it up tonight,” he promised himself.

The Hankton”s party had gathered close to the barrier, they were watching the young policeman who with his uniform trousers around his ankles was being sucked by a teenager.

“Nice looking bj,” Ted said, his son Terry agreed.

“I think he”s blown me in the park,” Terry added, “great a swallower.”

Buck Sproute tugged Jake, pulling his date through the naked bodies, they had left their few clothes in the car. Randy his brother and Rick his date were following closely, Rick”s dick still dribbling little string of cum following the fuck session in the car.

“Hey, leave off he”s mine,” Randy shouted at boy who had swiped his hand over Rick”s dripping dick.

“Sorry,” grinned the ginger haired boy who licked his spermy fingers, “He tastes great,” the ginger haired boy beamed and moved through the massing naked bodies.

Rick still slightly dazed was unfazed by the boy”s precocious manner, his eyes were firmly fixed on the taut globes of Randy”s backside, globes he would he hoped soon be penetrating again, his dick suddenly swelled and bloated, a further string of his cum dribbled out of his swinging dick.

Archie felt overdressed as he walked with his father along şirinevler escort the road, his father clutched their tickets for the event in his hand. Archie”s eyes roamed over the naked bodies, seeing the fat dicks that jerked and quivered amidst the rest of the nude scenario. He looked over the other side of the road where some boys and teenagers and adults were naked from the waist up. The police were patrolling up and down making sure that this side of the street conformed to the law although many knew that when Zack appeared a lot of shorts would be dropped and dick would be on show on both sides of the road.

“Boss, Boss,” Wrangler turned to look at Brian Heaver one of his young police officer who was patrolling the Papaboys side of the street.

“Yes?” he asked wondering what the muscular bodied man wanted.

“Boss is it okay if I get naked too?” Brian”s usual deep tone was very high pitched, “only, well Zack”s my idol,” Brian”s voice hesitated slowed as he made his request.

Sergeant Wrangler stared at the hunk, Brian was Adonis like, he knew the mans” body was like a sculptured muscled statue and he was sure that if he agreed the request then Brian”s arse would be his to own whenever he wanted. He stared his imagination weaving various scenarios that all involved a naked Brian with his legs stretched wide.

“Okay, but keep you hat on and for fuck”s sake make sure you are inside the barrier at your station.” Wrangler made his decision.

“Thanks boss and you know,” Brian twitched his shoulders, “anytime you, well, er,” his voice trailed off.

“Don”t worry I”ll make sure of that,” grinned Wrangler, he watched the hunky figure climb over the barrier and begin to strip. “Brian put your gear on the road away from thieving hands,” he called, “and make sure no one steals any part of your uniform, any loss will not be taken out of your arse, the cost will come out of your salary,” he warned his half naked junior.

Brian standing inside the barrier managed to place his pile of clothing out of harm”s reach, he stroked his hand through his wavy hair before replacing his policeman”s cap back on, slowly he flexed and stretched enjoying the sensation of his naked body, his muscles rippling about his body. The press of the other naked bodies rubbing, touching his skin brought on his horny lust and his fat tube, five inches long and five inches round, the beer can shape stiffening upwards to point at the top of the barrier. Gently he stroked the meaty shaft, teasing his foreskin open and easing it to rest under the ridge of his helmet. He glanced around at the naked throng that was pressing him against the barrier, carefully he positioned his dick so that it hung over the barrier, he could see similar sights up and down the railings, cocks that hung over the top rail or dicks and dicklets that poked through the bars, a hedge of pricks and boypricks, all throbbing and pulsing to welcome their idol.

Zack Donovan checked his appearance in the mirror, the tight waistcoat and cut away jacket hugged his body, the dark green cummerbund around his middle from which hung the weighted sequinned cloth, the silky material hid his huge dick from sight, behind him there was no such covering, his taut and firm globes of his arse were fully on display. He was almost naked from the waist down, he tried a couple of steps, the heavy strip moved gently, his bulge outlined and as he turned there came the expected flash of his cock. `I look so hot,” he grinned, `my public will love this show.”

Robin stood to one side, he wore the football shirt that Mikey was supposed to have worn, under that he was naked, apart from the trainers. He admired the muscular figure of the footballer and felt his dicklet firm up as he recalled seeing Zack”s dick in its full engorgement. A moan came from the bed and he turned to see where Deano was on the bed pumping away at the squirming figure of Zack”s mascot Mikey. `Hope he feels better soon,” Robin thought.

Mikey on the bed clutched at Deano, pulling him hard down on his twitching body, h is special medicine was working on his allergy, the side effect being the need to be fucked continuously just starting to take effect.

Zack turned to check on his boy, `Mikey looks better but he”s in no state to join me at the dinner. Hopefully he”ll be fully recovered by the time I get back,” he looked down at the cute red haired boy who was replacing Mikey as his escort. `Hot little fuck,” he thought, `maybe I”ll get to fuck him tonight, depends.” He gave himself a final once over look in the mirror.

“Okay Robin, let”s make a show,” he smiled at his young date.

Zack let the way through the basement kitchen area, at the underground carpark the limo was waiting. Zack knew the limo would drive out the back alley and make a circle to come back to the front of the hotel where the crowds he knew were gathering. `Always exciting when it”s a Papaboys location,” he smiled as he slid his hand up Robin”s thigh to toy with the stiff three inch boydick that welcomed his touch. `Nice cocklet,” Zack decided as the limo made the circle.

The crowds began to jump about as the limousine appeared at the end of the barrier lined roadway. Wrangler and his team patrolled the barriers making sure the crowd behaved itself. `Most seem to understand the rules here,” Wrangler thought as he surveyed both sides of the road when the limo approached.

The limo came to a stop at the red carpet that was placed over the steps up the entrance, Zack got out and huge cheer rang above the other shouts as he turned and waved, some noticed that it was not Mikey the famed Mascot that stood beside him and wondered who the red haired cutie was. Zack stared at the massed crowd, `Wow! So many naked boys and teenagers,” he smiled and stepped down the stairs. Wrangler watched intently as the tall figure walked down the Papaboys side of the roadway, he saw Zack reach out and stroke or touch the many dicks that were on show, especially the boydicklets that protruded through the bars of the barriers. The cheering rose to crescendo after crescendo as Zack plainly rubbed some of the exposed dicks, a huge grin on his face. All eyes were on the drifting scrap of material that continued to hide his famous asset.

Brian did his best to act as a proper policeman as his idol came close, he could see Zack”s muscled body, `That fucking suit is awesome,” he said to himself, `and that cock covering cloth, fuck it looks so much better in real life that in a picture,” Brian felt his own desire rushing as he saw that Zack was actually touching the dicks on show, breathing hard he pressed against the steel barrier, standing on tiptoe so that not only his dick hung over the top bar but his ballsac swung to and fro as well. As Zack came up in front of him Brian saluted not only with his hand but with his cock.

“Welcome Captain,” Brian just about managed to get his trembling voice down to its normal deeper tone.

“Thank you officer,” Zack grinned and squeezed the fat tip of Brian”s beer can dick, “Nice show,” he said as he juggled the heavy balls sac, “does it taste as good as a beer?” he joked.

Brian close to fainting with the reality of not only seeing his idol but being caressed by him shook and trembled.

“OH FUCK!” Brian trilled as he sensed what was happening.


End of Part Seven

To Be Continued……??????????????????????????????????????


(SO it this Hot Date too much for you? Are you the stay at home type reading by the fireside alone with your books? Are you an avid reader of dating stories? If you are and if you want more and want me to continue this story why not write to vote for continuation and tell me – don”t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on “s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also make a different deposit in “s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this further chapter. All the best, Van T Z Boi)



(In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole” have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies” and `Mummy Said” from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can”t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)



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