Decisions Ch. 01

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“Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.”


After the dance ended Jill and Rob left the gym by the side door. The temperature had dropped during the time they were in the dance and Jill shivered and pulled her coat more tightly around her to ward off the chill. Rob put his arm around her shoulders and tugged her closer to him. She snuggled into the hollow of his arm and felt very secure. She knew how the team felt when they were in a tough situation with the game on the line. With Rob’s leadership giving them the confidence to do whatever was necessary to get the points to win the game. He never got flustered and exuded calm confidence as he did in the gym in getting that creep Enrique and his motley group of friends to back off. Enrique scared her. He was always leering at her and making suggestive motions. She did not tell Rob about him fondling her breast when he was trying to get her to dance. His threats really scared her but she felt secure in the arms of her boyfriend.

They arrived at Rob’s car. He opened the door and helped her in. It was a Ford Van which Rob managed to get last summer with money he made working for his father. He went around and got in on the driver’s side and started the engine. “This will help get the car warm while I clear the ice off the windows,”

Jill settled into the seat and turned on the radio. She watched Rob as he cleared the windshield. He was an extremely handsome fellow with close cropped blonde hair. His arms were muscular and his shoulders broad. She felt so lucky to be the girlfriend of the star quarterback on the state champion football team.

Rob got in leaned over, kissed her saying, “I love you.” He the fastened his seat belt and started to drive away. Jill knew they would go to their spot for some making out as they always did when they left the after the game victory dance.

Enrique and his gang were in a beat up Ford Escort watching every move they made. “Someday I am going to fuck that stuck up bitch. She is screwing that do-gooder and acting like I don’t exist. Well, she will find out what a real man is one of these days.”

Bobby said, “But then you will have to deal with that bozo she is dating.”

“Not if he isn’t around. I am working on a plan, but it will be a while before it is ready. I promise you, you all will get a piece of that bitch! Follow them Ken,” he said as the van pulled out of the parking lot. “Not too close, I know where they are going.”

Jill was getting warm now that the heater had started working. She wished there was some way she could thank Rob for his actions in getting that creep off her case. Jill was a well built girl, well proportioned with breasts that strained the front of the cheerleader sweater she wore. She was the prettiest girl on the squad, although bayan pendik escort Joan was a close second. Joan was a blonde and the most athletic cheerleader on the squad. Both were very good friends and both were virgins. Joan’s boyfriend was the star halfback on the team. Both Rob and Kurt were a big reason they were state champions. They would be double-dating tomorrow night.

They arrived at their place and Rob pulled into the space. It was in a wooded area and they were surrounded by trees. Others came out here as well; as it was considered the Lovers Nest. Rob leaned over and kissed her long. His tongue pushed between her lips and she responded to the French kiss.

His hand came up to her coat and started to remove it off her shoulders. She leaned forward to make it easier for him. He carefully folded her coat and gently placed it on the floor behind the seat. He then removed his coat and laid it on top of hers. He took her in his arms and kissed her again, his tongue roaming her mouth and she pushed back her tongue. His hand was underneath her sweater and gently caressing the left breast.

“I love you,” he said.

Jill replied, “I love you too!” She was getting hot and enjoying it!

Rob’s hand was massaging her back and she knew what would happen next. With his right hand he unfastened her bra. Her breasts welcomed the release from the restraints. His hand returned to the front and slid under the loosened cups. Her nipples immediately responded to his touch by growing hard. They stood out straight and proud. She moaned softly as he continued kissing her and caressing her boobs. She was staring to get hot between her legs. His left hand was on her thigh now stroking toward her panties. He rubbed on the outside and she moaned and rotated her hips pressing her pussy against his hand.

She reached down and slid her hand to his thigh. He shuddered when her hand found its goal, his rigid pole. She was always amazed at the size of his dick and was frightened the first time she saw it, but Rob was a nice guy and respected her so she trusted him. She thought he understood her feelings and that she wasn’t ready to go all the way.

He extracted himself from their embrace and moved to the back of the van. He opened a storage compartment and removed a folded mat. He straightened the mat out and got out a compressor. He handed a cord to her and she plugged it into the cigarette lighter. He turned on the compressor and in a minute the mat was inflated.

She unplugged the compressor and went to the back of the van while he was putting the compressor away. She got on her knees on the mat. It felt soft. She pulled her sweater over her head and removed her bra.

Rob turned around and gasped. “You are beautiful,” he said. Usually she made him remove everything, but tonight she beykoz escort wanted to do something different. Even though her breasts were large, but not huge, they did not sag. Her nipples were still at attention.

Rob turned on the indirect lighting he installed and the light highlighted her features. He came to her and she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. His shoulders were broad and his chest massive. Rob worked out all the time and his arms were rock hard. She kissed his chest running her tongue over his nipples getting a moan and response from him.

In the meantime, Rob’s hand returned to her thigh and worked its way back to her panties. He rubbed the front and his finger slipped under the cloth and touched her pussy. Jill moaned and snuggled closer. Her hand rubbed on the front of Rob’s pants and he ground his cock into her hand. Rob removed her skirt. He took her right tit in his mouth and massaged the nipple with his lips. She moaned and ground her cunt into his hand. He took the left tit in his mouth and gently nipped on the nipple with his teeth. “AAAH,” Jill squealed and arched her back to push harder against his hand. Rob kissed a trail down over her abdomen. He buried his tongue in her navel. Boy was she steaming. He kissed the outside of her panties right over her pussy. She just about went out of her mind. He reached up to the waistband and started to pull her panties down. Unfortunately, these were her Cheerleader panties and Rob had to remove them. Jill raised her hips so he could take them off. As they came down, Rob saw her white bikini panties. He saw the wet spot on them. Rob returned to kissing her sex through the panties. Jill moaned even louder as there was less material between her pussy and Rob’s mouth.

She pushed her pussy upward to enhance the contact with his mouth. He reached up to the waistband to remove them. Jill arched her hips and begged, “get them off lover.” Rob gleefully slipped them over her legs and removed them. He then started kissing her legs up toward the v between her legs. As this was winter she had let her bush grow out and Rob was amazed at the dark triangle he was approaching.

Finally, he reached his goal Jill spread her legs when she felt his breath on her pussy. “OOOH baby,” she cried as Rob’s tongue found her hole and slithered inside. Her hips arched and her breathing became rapid. Rob reached under her ass with his hands and lifted her off the mat. This raised her pussy to a different angle which enabled him to use his tongue more effectively. Jill really moaned. She did not know how much more she could take. Rob then pushed the middle finger of his left hand into her wet hole and Jill gave a start as he had never done this before when eating her. He moved it in and out. “It feels so good, “she thought.

Rob then inserted another finger into bostancı escort her sopping pussy and started moving both in and out. “God she is tight,” he thought. “I can’t wait to have her pussy wrapped around my dick.” Jill put her hands on the back of Rob’s head and pushed him deeper against her. She moaned and told herself she had never been this wet before. She pulled his head away from her cunt and reached for his pants.

Rob stood up so she could remove them. He had to bend over as his head touched the ceiling. Jill unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down and he stepped out of them. She licked her lips in anticipation as her hands reached the waistband of his shorts and started to pull them down. She could tell he was rock hard. She slowly tugged and they came down, his dick popping free. She gasped when she saw it. It seemed to her that it was at least eight inches long and as wide as her wrist.

He stepped out of the under pants and Jill reached for his dick. She stroked it and it grew even bigger! Rob moaned especially when she let her tongue run over his balls and the base of his cock. She slowly licked her way to the head of his cock. Rob arched his head back as she slipped her pouted lips over his dick. It grew even more. She stuffed more of it into her mouth, but she could not take it all. She moved her head back and forth leaving only the tip in her lips before taking it in again. She developed a rhythm which really caused him to moan. He dropped to his knees and embraced her.

“Oh how much I love you, how much I want you!” He pushed her on to her back and hovered over her. Jill watched him with loving eyes. Rob leaned back, placed his hands on her knees and gently pulled them apart. His breathing got more rapid by the sight of her pussy with red winking at him from the dark curls. Rob lowered himself on her and put his cock in the furrow of her nether lips. He put his legs on the outside of hers. Jill was starting to wonder what he was doing and having second thoughts, but Rob gently used his hand to spread her pussy lips so he could place the length of his cock in the channel. He then told her to put her legs together. Jill giggled as this sounded foolish, but she was hot. Rob then started stroking his cock up and down in a fucking motion.

Jill gasped. “OOH,” she said, as his cock rubbed against her clit “That feels so good!” Jill was really getting wet now.

Rob slowly started rotating his cock in the channel and noticed her reaction. “I have a good chance for a home run he thought.”

“Oh baby I need you now!” he said. “I want you so much” he whispered.

“I want to feel you too, but I am not ready but I am so hot. I have an idea. If you promise not to push all the way in, I will let you put that big dick in my pussy. Then we can both get an idea how it feels.”

Rob could not believe his luck. Maybe when I get it in, she will decide to go the rest of the way, if not she will blow my rocks off- I win either way. “You know I want you and I love you. Yes, I will stop.”

To be continued…


Thanks to Destiny Parker for editorial assistance.

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