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The standalone story is based on the 2000 Disney Channel original film “The Other Me” and is set following the events of the film where Will Browning adjusts to life with his twin “brother” Gil, he inadvertently finds the connection between them deepen before becoming enamored with the clone of himself. This story is completely fictional and implies nothing about the sexual orientation of actor Andrew Lawrence. All the characters are property of screenwriter Jeff Schechter, Disney Channel etc. If you enjoy this story, email me at dex.

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Dabbling with your Clone

� James Jenkins 2021


Fourteen-year-old Will Browning”s life with his brother Gil was already different if not cool. While he could be annoying sometimes, Will couldn”t get enough of the clone he mistakenly created. Even now as they sat on the Living Room couch watching a movie together, Will”s mind recalled a story about a private game he and Gil engaged in recently. Something salacious and crazy at the same time. A brand-new experimental project. While he had to keep it secret form family and friends, Will couldn”t blot out the story from his mind, let alone how it began.


One night, their first sexual encounter started out just like any other night. They were kissing with no plans of having sex but that changed just as drastically as Gil”s birth did to Will”s life. His scent and taste nearly drove Will crazy. Their hands started to touch each other”s arms like they both wanted something more. Their adolescent bodies started to converge towards each other. It felt partly freaky but good to touch Gil by extent himself. Will”s hands go from Gil”s back down to his ass. Fuck, I love my-our-his ass. It feels so awesome in my hands. I don”t even know what to do with it, it just feels so right!


Gil turned his head sideways a little bit to kiss deeper with his tongue. Instantly Will got an urge and he acted on it. He pulled Gil”s waist in with his hands that were already on Gil”s ass onto his throbbing erect cock that was being blocked by grey briefs and black spandex shorts. A beat and Will could feel it pulsating and he knew Gil could etlik escort feel it too.


We”re all alone. Mom, Dad and Allana are asleep across the house in their own rooms.


Gil grabbed his brother”s hard cock through his shorts and pressed on it HARD!


“Oh, fuck Gil- that feels so cool!” the brunette teen said as Will took a short breath from the mind-numbing kissing.


Gil gave him that look to suggest Let”s have more fun… right now. Will grinned as he knew that look all too well. Gil”s face is reddened from getting excited and from kissing his original self. The kind of look that made Will”s dick leak even more than it did when dreaming about Heather Johnson. Biting his lower lip, he could feel it. It”s very wet in his tightening underwear.


Unwilling to let his apprehension get the better of him, Will picked Gil up with his hands on the identical boy”s butt and the willing clone”s legs wrapped around him. Eagerly Gil continued to kiss him. It felt far better than he could put into words. This way he couldn”t see. Will brought him to the bedroom they shared and immediately closed the door.


Soon as the door closed, a pair of arms pulled Gil off and held him in place so he couldn”t see behind him.


The doe-eyed clone looked at Will slightly confused and asked, “What”s all this about?” Will rubbed his brother”s shoulders and told him in a hushed tone to trust in what they were about to do. “Don”t be chicken, just trust me, Gil.”


Gil looked back at Will and could tell he was being completely earnest and replied with a light smile, “Okay, I am game for it.”


A beat passed with Gil”s heart rate steadying while being held from behind so he couldn”t use his hands, Will unzipped the clone”s pants. Gil for the most part seemed incredibly nervous and almost freaked out at this point. To keep the flow running, Will kissed his right cheek and reassured Gil, “It”s not what you think Bro. Trust me-it”s gonna be fun.”


Will pulled off Gil”s green shirt and tank top with the gentility and patience he saw in a few adult videos. He stifled a chuckled as he now could ankara escort bayan practically see himself, yet something about it being Gil was more enticing. All of him. I created him! Damn. Man, I”m the best.


Not wasting a minute in grabbing Gil”s face with both of his hands, Will continued with their kissing. At first, the respectful clone was hesitant because he was still somewhat agitated but then he kissed Will deeply again with gusto.


One of the hands let go of Gil”s arm and reached underneath him, between his legs to touch an awfully specific area. Wasn”t hard to tell when Will reached his destination because Gil moaned slightly while kissing him.


At the same time, Will”s cock was throbbing to the point he nearly shed tears, he could hardly calm himself down.


Gil used his free hand to push himself away and whip around just as smoothly. He saw the confused yet dubiously curious look on his brother”s face. He made eye contact again with Will immediately. He made mental snapshots of his brother more times than he cared to count.


The clone boy”s only words that could come out were, “What the-?”


Will”s mind harkened back to the day he unintentionally made Gil with the Ocean Pups kit. It was experiment he didn”t put much stock in yet had no regrets over. It worked much to his shock and annoyance at first, but at least he got to keep the other him. They were 100% the same in body but character was a different story.


The clone now grabbed Will”s face and continued with what he left off doing. Gil did not hesitate this time as he kissed his brother deeply along with some tongue.


Will sat on the floor and scooted under Gil”s legs to be at level with his now sweaty ass, nuts and cock. He set upon them with no hint of hesitation. The boy”s face dove for his brother”s crotch. His warm tongue hit every pleasure point that he knew of having tried autofellatio himself sometimes. One might say he basically had it down to an art. While he didn”t want to make Gil cum just yet, Will was growing restless about it. He was moaning while kissing the clone, so it was clear he was doing something right, if not academically.

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The excited teen yanked his shorts off while sitting to expose his throbbing musky cock. Will grabbed Gil”s waist and pulled the clone down onto his lap with the plan of having his dick go inside his brother. It slipped right in without much effort and Gil yelped with pleasure. He was now sitting on Will”s lap with their schlongs connected just as they were in more ways than one. It was for the most part sick, but Will could not deny that he loved it.


The smart clone then followed up with tugging Will”s pants off exposing an identical member. (Yeah, they”re twins. Will even checked Gil out privately once shortly after he was born, accidentally of course.) He then grabs the back of Gil”s head and guided his mouth to the huge penis. Closing his eyes, Gil welcomed the hard cock into his mouth wholeheartedly.


The walking teenage encyclopedia now had the mirror of his own manhood inside of him. Will shuddered fucking Gil from the sitting position and the clone is getting his dick stroked. Gil was moaning with the brick-hard penis in his mouth. The slurping sounds were an awesome melody.


Gil pulls his brother”s penis out of his mouth to say something.


“Please, do not stop what you”re doing, this feels unequivocally fantastic!”


“You don”t have to ask me twice Gil,”, Will said grinning from ear to ear at the same time.


Gil puts Will”s penis back in his mouth while at the same time grabbing it with his hands. He started stroking him at the same time. The clone built up his stroking suddenly and his sucking became more insatiable.


Will and his clone gave a silent look to each other as if they knew why he was doing this. No doubt that he was about to cum.


Sure enough, Gil started yelling with his brother”s penis in his mouth. Will puts his hands on the clone”s ass and plunged his cock even deeper into Gil”s sweet mouth. His hands also leapt from Gil”s waist to his perky nipples, and Will gave them a pinch. Gil was on the verge of moaning so incredibly loud despite the firm cock in his mouth, Will almost feared his parents or Allana might hear them.


Ah God, so fucking HOT I took my hands off his hips! Will thought. The feeling was so explosively cool, and Will didn”t want to cum just yet. This was going to be a night they”d both wouldn”t soon forget.

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