Curiosity Rewarded

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Virginia was a curious girl. She wanted to know about everything. She was 19 years old and had only recently left the Catholic boarding school where she had spent the last 10 years of her life. Her parents had died when she was little, but had left plenty of money to provide for her education. What they hadn’t provided for her, though, was any close family. So she grew up lacking any real adult friends – except perhaps Max and Dolores, a rather bohemian couple with whom she spent many of her holidays.

She was staying with them now, enjoying the summer between school and university. But unlike most girls her age, she wasn’t spending her time idly. Oh no. Having been shut away from the world for 10 years, she was determined to catch up on lost time. She wanted to know everything that she had missed: pop music, films, art, the sights and sounds of the big city, sex. Everything, particularly sex.

To this end, she took to spying on her hosts. Max and Dolores were an attractive couple in their late 30s, he tall and dark with long wavy hair and a fashionable 5 o’clock shadow, she vivacious and blonde with the sort of figure that looked good in a bikini. She painted large abstracts and was always dressed in paint-splattered jeans and T-shirt; he was a photographer and preferred knee-length shorts and brightly patterned shirts. Virginia thought them the most attractive people in the world. She liked nothing more than sitting at the kitchen table over dinner and a carafe of wine while they laughed and talked about every subject under the sun. She felt as if she hadn’t been properly alive until this summer. At night she lay in bed listening to them in their room, sometimes still talking, sometimes silent, sometimes making noises that she couldn’t decipher but which sounded intriguing.

One night her curiosity got the better of her. She tiptoed along the landing to their half-open door. There were sounds emanating from within, low inarticulate moans, heavy sighs, the creaking of the bed. To Virginia it seemed as if they might have been wrestling or playing some game together. But it didn’t sound as if they were competing in any way. Occasionally she would hear a definite word of encouragement.

“Oh yes, just there…”

Whatever Max was doing to her, Dolores was evidently enjoying it.

“Oh yes, harder… harder…”

What could it possibly be that gave her more pleasure the more brutal Max was towards her?

“Aah… Aah…”

Whatever it was, it seemed to be driving her to a veritable frenzy.

“Nngh… oh God…”

Even Max was being moved to cries – of pain or pleasure, Virginia found it impossible to tell. The bed creaked alarmingly, rhythmically, as if they were jumping up and down on it. Whatever they were doing, plainly it was reaching some kind of climax. Appalled, yet for some reason excited, Virginia wondered whether she should rush in and rescue whichever one of them needed it. But the suspicion that she was witnessing something that she shouldn’t held her back. As the noises within subsided to the occasional low murmur, she turned to creep back to her own room. And walked straight into a low chest on the landing.


“What was that?” she heard Dolores say.

“I think we’ve had an audience,” came Max’s reply.

“Oh dear.”

Virginia expected Dolores to sound angry, but to the girl’s surprise there was a distinct tone of amusement in her voice.

“Hello Virginia.” Max leant against the frame of the bedroom door, his arms crossed, a smile on his face. “Have you been spying on us?”

“I thought you were fighting or something.” Virginia was too busy trying to rub away the pain in her shin where she had cracked it against the chest to think of a better excuse. Max was immediately all concern.

“Have you hurt yourself? Here, let me see.”

The next moment she was sitting on the edge of their bed with Dolores dabbing at her shin with a damp cloth. She felt hugely embarrassed, particularly wearing her drab school pyjamas. She tried hard not to look at Dolores, who was clad only in one of her husband’s brightly coloured shirts, or Max, wearing only a pair of brief cotton shorts. Not that they seemed to care whether she looked at them or not, nor that she had been caught listening at their door.

“There,” smiled Dolores, “you’re not going to bleed to death. It doesn’t even need a plaster. You’ll just have a bit of a bruise tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” said Virginia, immediately standing with the intention of getting back to her own room as quickly as possible. But whether she stood up too quickly or was in a state of shock at the night’s turn of events, she suddenly felt faint.

“Whoops…” said Max, putting a strong arm around her to stop her falling. And that was the last word she heard.

The next thing she knew she was lying in the middle of their huge bed. Max and Dolores sat either side of her, looking concerned. Dolores stroked her forehead.

“Have you fainted before?”

“Once, years ago,” she admitted. “I thought I’d got pendik escort over it.”

“That will teach you to go creeping around the house,” grinned Max.

Virginia blushed with shame. “I’m so sorry about that.”

“What were you doing?” asked Dolores. “Did you want something?”

“I heard noises. I was being nosy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see anything, honestly.”

Dolores laughed. “I don’t think we’d have minded if you had. We are married, after all. We are allowed to make love.”

“Oh, so that’s what you were doing,” said the girl, having not the faintest idea what Dolores was talking about. “I thought it must be something like that.”

“Really?” grinned Max. “We had no idea you were such a woman of the world. Have you made love often?”

Virginia thought of the strangely exciting kisses she had once been given by an older girl at school. “Once or twice.”

“So you know what it feels like to give and receive the most intense pleasure? To have what the French call “le petit mort”?”

“Stop teasing the poor girl,” laughed Dolores.

Reassured by the older woman’s sympathy, Virginia decided to be brave. “To be honest, I haven’t. Made love, I mean. I’m not even sure what it is. Is it the same as when you make babies?”

“Sort of. Except that we have no intention of getting Dolores pregnant.”

“Oh, well, I know all about that,” declared the girl. “We learned all about that in biology.”

“That’s one thing we won’t have to teach you, then,” smiled Dolores. “We wouldn’t want you suddenly announcing you were expecting.”

But Virginia’s thoughts were elsewhere. Her insatiable curiosity was aroused. “But I didn’t know it involved so much noise. It sounded like Max was doing something horrible to you.”

“Oh no,” Dolores reassured her, “quite the opposite.”

Virginia wasn’t sure she believed the older woman. “You mean you like it? From what it said in the textbook it sounds awful.”

“I assure you it isn’t. In fact, I’d say it’s the best feeling in the world.” She looked lovingly across Virginia at Max.

“I’d like to take a look at this book,” he said. “It sounds as if it’s given you entirely the wrong impression.”

“Oh no, it’s a very good book. I’m sure I’ve got all the details absolutely right.”

The girl spoke so self-assuredly, Max decided to tease her a little more.

“So how exactly did it describe the process of making babies? Just generally. This isn’t an exam.”

Virginia was pleased to be asked. Biology was one of her best subjects. “Well, the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina and ejaculates. Then the sperm swims up until it meets an egg, then one of the sperm…”

“Okay, I get the picture,” laughed Max. “I believe you.”

“The trouble with that way of looking at it,” said Dolores, “is that it misses out the main thing.”

“What’s that?” Virginia was sure she’d remembered it correctly. There had been a question on it in an exam for which she’d got top marks.

“That it’s hugely pleasurable.”

“For both of us,” added Max. “Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.”

“And does everybody like it? Even when they don’t want to make a baby?” Virginia was amazed. To have a man put something inside you down there – it didn’t bear thinking about.

“Most people,” smiled Dolores. “When they’re in love,” she added, feeling the conversation should end on a moral note. “And now you’d better get back to bed. That’s enough sex talk for tonight.”

Back in her own bed, Virginia lay thinking. She tried to imagine Max and Dolores making love, what they might look like as he put his penis into her vagina. But it was no good. She had only a vague idea what a penis looked like, having never seen one in the flesh. Her only experience of them came from photographs of Michelangelo statues. She found it difficult to envisage one being put into a vagina, a part of the body of which she had a little more knowledge. She had washed her own often enough, inserted tampons in it, even glanced at it on occasion, and there was no doubt in her mind that it was far too small.

The puzzle intrigued her. She knew that Max and Dolores had told her the truth. What reason had they to lie? Somehow this basic human function gave them pleasure. Was it something that only happened when one reached a certain age? Was it yet another mystery of adulthood, like puberty, growing breasts, spotty skin? She had to know.

The next day she was rather quiet around the house. Max and Dolores decided to let her be, thinking that she was perhaps a little embarrassed at the events of the previous night. But over dinner and with a couple of glasses of wine inside her, her tongue loosened. Not only was she dying of curiosity, but now she was feeling rather brave.

“There’s something I wanted to ask you.”

“Ask away,” smiled Max, filling her glass for the third time. He had decided that what she needed was to loosen up a little.

Little did he know what he was about to unleash.

The girl looked at Dolores, who smiled encouragingly. “You anadolu yakası escort know last night, you said you wouldn’t have minded if I had seen you, you know, making love…”

“I remember. It’s true, we wouldn’t have minded.”

Virginia’s courage faltered. What she was about to ask seemed so rude, so cheeky. She took a gulp of wine. “Well, I want to,” she blurted out.

“Want to what?”

“I want to watch you. Make love.”

For a moment the two adults were struck dumb. Then Dolores started to laugh.

“I mean, I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it and I still don’t understand how it’s supposed to feel so great, and I thought maybe if I watch you I will. Understand, I mean.”

There, she’d said it.

“Oh, darling, that’s so sweet.” Dolores took the girl’s face in her hands and gave her a kiss on the mouth. “Of course you can watch us. Why on earth shouldn’t you?”

In the bedroom Dolores told Virginia to lie on the bed.

“You understand, we have to build up to it. We can’t just do it cold.”

“Well, I’m pretty horny,” said Max, pulling his shirt over his head.

“You’re always horny,” laughed Dolores, putting her arms around his waist.

“What does horny mean?” asked Virginia.

“It means wanting to make love, feeling an insatiable urge.”

“Will I ever feel it?”

“Oh yes,” Dolores assured her, “when you meet a man you fancy. Like I did when I met Max.”

“Ah, darling…” Max embraced and kissed her. Their hands wandered over each other’s backs and bottoms.

Virginia watched with interest. It reminded her of the older girl’s kisses at school, though this seemed much more – what was the word – passionate.

To Max and Dolores having an audience added a definite frisson. Not that it was the first time they had made love in front of other people. They were artists and they had been to plenty of wild parties in their time. On the other hand, they had never been watched with quite so much interest.

“Is kissing part of it?” came the girl’s voice. “Does that feel good too?”

“Definitely,” smiled Dolores. “Sometimes I think it’s almost the best part.”

Max lifted her T-shirt above her head and started to fondle and kiss her breasts.

“Mmm, lovely…” She raked her fingernails gently across his muscled chest. In only a short while she felt a growing hardness in his shorts. “Hello, what’s this?”

“What’s what?” came the girl’s voice.

“This,” said Dolores, turning Max towards her so that she could clearly see the outline of his hardening cock, “is what you call the penis.”

Virginia was transfixed. How had it become so large? And why was it making her feel funny?

“And this,” continued Dolores, easing Max’s shorts over his cock and down his legs, “is what it looks like in the flesh.”

“Oh!” It was quite as frightening as she’d imagined it to be, standing all stiff like that. Is that why it made her feel funny?

“And I imagine that you already know what this is,” smiled Max, slipping his wife’s jeans and knickers over her hips and down to her feet.

Virginia stared, blushing profusely but not caring. There was so much to take in. Dolores’s vagina, unlike her own, was almost completely hairless, except for a small thin vertical strip. Did it grow like that naturally? Surely not. She must trim it – but why? Was that all part of making love too? And she still didn’t understand how that huge penis could fit into such a small slot. It was hardly an opening at all.

“It’s too big, surely,” she blurted out.

Dolores gave Max’s cock an affectionate stroke. “Not at all. You’ll see.”

She took his hand and led him to the bed, making him lie down between her and Virginia. “Now you can get a closer view. You can touch it if you like. I’m sure Max won’t mind.”

“I’m not sure I dare,” murmured Virginia, conscious of a definite flutter of feeling somewhere in the region of her stomach.

No such inhibition occupied Dolores. She took hold of Max’s cock and lovingly started to stroke it.

“It looks so red. Does it hurt?”

“Far from it,” smiled Max. “Dolores knows exactly what to do to make my cock feel good.”

“Cock? Is that what you call it?”

“It’s a much better word than penis,” said Dolores. “Penis sounds so medical.”

“Mmm…” Max lay back and closed his eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to touch it?” asked Dolores again. “It feels lovely, believe me.”

Virginia reached out a tentative finger. It looked so red and swollen, she thought it might explode at any moment. To her surprise it felt quite soft despite looking so hard. She traced her finger from the tip to the base. It really was very long. Dolores took her hand in her own and wrapped it around the shaft.

“Move it up and down. Max loves that.”

Virginia did so, becoming quite engrossed.

“Mmm…” Max opened his eyes to watch the two women tending to him. Virginia seemed to be learning fast. He slipped a hand between ataşehir escort Dolores’s legs. She opened them obligingly. He parted her lips to find her already moist. Now it was her turn to moan contentedly. She bent forward and, to Virginia’s amazement, took the head of Max’s cock into her mouth.

“What are you doing?” blurted the girl.

Dolores didn’t answer. Well, she couldn’t, not with her mouth full. While Virginia continued to stroke it, she kissed and tongued and sucked it, until Max gently lifted her head away.

“You’d better stop now, darling. Or Virginia will miss what she wants to see.”

Smiling, Dolores lay back, her legs wide apart. Virginia could see how different her sex looked, her labia parted, moist and swollen.

“Why does your vagina look so different?”

“Because I’m turned on. And please call it my pussy.”

Max teased and stroked it until Dolores was moaning softly with delight. He moved down the bed and between her legs. Virginia was transfixed. Surely he wasn’t going to… Her heart began to beat wildly. As she watched, his lips closed on Dolores’s – what was the word? – pussy. Imagining the same thing happening to her, the fluttering feeling in her stomach became almost unbearable. She squeezed her legs tightly together as if that might stop it. It had no effect. If anything, it seemed to make the feeling worse.

“Oh, yes…” moaned Dolores, thrusting her hips up to Max’s probing tongue.

“Does that feel good,” asked Virginia, hardly able to believe what she was witnessing, “being kissed down there?”

“Oh, yes,” smiled Dolores, “more than you could possibly imagine.”

Virginia wanted to ask if Max enjoyed it as much, but didn’t dare. Besides, how could he answer? He certainly seemed to, judging by the enthusiasm he was showing. But why? To kiss someone down there seemed so… She couldn’t think of the right word. She was finding it difficult to think at all. There was that feeling in the pit of her stomach, the way she felt the need to squeeze her legs together. What was happening to her?

“No more, darling,” she heard Dolores say. “I want you to fuck me.”

Another new word. “What does that mean?”

“She wants me to put my cock into her pussy,” smiled Max.

Surely not. Even though she could see that Dolores’s pussy was now pink and wet, surely that big thing of Max’s couldn’t fit in it. The thought made her heart beat quite wildly.

Max grasped his wife’s hips. “Move to the edge of the bed, darling. Virginia will have a better view.”

Dolores did so, spreading her legs wide. Max stood between them, aiming his cock at her eager pussy. Virginia knelt beside them, watching in excited fascination.

Max stroked his wife’s pussy lips with the tip of his cock.

“Why are you doing that?” Virginia couldn’t help asking.

“To help lubricate it, so that it goes in more easily.”

“And to tease me,” said Dolores with a catch in her voice, “you bastard…”

Max gently probed at her opening. “See how her lips spread apart for it.”

Virginia leaned forward. “Oh, they’re stretching.”

“Put it in,” moaned Dolores, “please…”

Max smiled wickedly at Virginia. “Why don’t you put it in for me, so that you can feel for yourself how easily it slips in?”

Without waiting for an answer he took the girl’s hand and placed it around his thick cock. To Virginia it felt, if anything, even harder than before.

“What do you want me to do with it?” She wondered whether to grip it tightly or gently.

“Just gently guide it,” murmured Max. “You’ll see.”

She held it so that the swollen crown pressed between the lips of Dolores’s pussy. She felt Max push forward. To her amazement his cock slipped slowly into her opening with barely any resistance.

“Gosh, it goes in really easily.”

“Oh yes,” moaned Dolores. “Now fuck me.”

Max slid his cock slowly in and out, while Virginia held it loosely. As he pressed forward she felt her hand squeezed up against Dolores’s pussy.

“Do you want me to keep holding you?” she asked Max.

“Oh yes.”

The truth is, what with fucking his gorgeous wife and having a pretty girl holding his cock, he was getting close to coming.

“I think I’m going to come,” he told Dolores. “Do you mind if I come first?”

“Of course not, darling. But don’t come inside me. Come over me so that Virginia can see.”

For her part, Virginia wasn’t at all sure what they were talking about. “What do you mean, come? What’s going to happen?”

“He’s going to ejaculate,” smiled Dolores, “but that’s such a long word. It’s when the man has his climax. Just watch. Poor Max can hardly control himself.”

Max withdrew his glistening cock from his wife’s pussy. Virginia instinctively loosened her grip on it.

“No, don’t let go,” insisted Max. “Hold it more tightly. Move your hand backwards and forwards. Oh yes, just like that…”

Slick with Dolores’s juices, his cock slid easily back and forth in Virginia’s hand. She felt unaccountably excited by the feel of it. She could tell by his movements and expression that she was giving him pleasure, even though she wasn’t entirely sure how, and his pleasure made a thrill run through her. She pumped his cock enthusiastically, eager to see what result it would have.

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