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If you don”t like the idea of gay sex then don”t read this!

If the law states you shouldn”t be readying this in your home state/country then don”t break the law!

No repost”s without the permission of the author!

Don”t steal my work which is copyrighted.

Non-commercial and commercial reposting/publishing requests can be made by emailing me.

Based on a true story but this is a work of fiction. Names changed to protect the wicked.

This story I wrote many moons ago when I was barely legal but at least 18 years of age. 🙂


Encounters CLAY


I”m getting involved with all these new clubs at my new university, which was exciting. I am pretty introverted and was looking to make some new friends. I was conscious of the fact I was a shy 18yo gay boy from the country, living in the big smoke for the first time. My parents were worried but they had brought me up to be a independent young man. Now I was living away from home over 1200kms away and was a little home sick.

I read about the water polo club from a notice on the notice board at the gym, so embracing my inner Pisces I decided to venture down to the pool for the clubs play time. Apparently the club liked to test any newcomers in a relaxed social environment for their introduction to the sport. I jumped into the pool and became involved in the game but become mesmerized by one particular hottie on the opposing team. During the social I kept catching the hotties eye and I just knew in my heart and my groin that we were destined to get together.

It was after the water polo match that Clay made his way over to where I was treading water and we formally introduced ourselves to each other. We always seemed to get brought together by something! As we frolicked in the pool alone – as everyone had left – we seemed to be getting closer than usual.

Clay asked “Would you like to play?”

Instantly my 18 year old brain thought of hot sweaty sex.

“What!” I said.

“Well” he said, “What happens is I join my hands together and you place one foot in my hands and then I” II lift you out of the water and you can do a back flip!”

“Ok, but I don”t know how I will go! I”m pretty unco ..”

“You will be fine” he said.

Anyway he put his hands together and I stepped into them. Unfortunately his hands were slippery and I fell against his body, while he had his arms locked around my back. I looked into his baby blue eyes and I became giddy. Next thing I knew bursa escort our faces had met and our tongues had become interlocked with each other.

“I have been waiting to do that since you first started jumped in the pool this afternoon” he said.

“Me too!”

The next thing our mouths were engaged with one another kiss and this time I could feel his hand fondling my cock underwater through the fabric of my speedos. He lifted the elastic and dove his hand into my trunks and cupped my balls as we kissed. My 8″ cock jumped to attention and Clay began to give me a hand-job. We broke our kiss and I put my hand down his trunks and I was amazed at his 7″ hard cock that was ready and awaiting my hand. We jerked each other off until we both were close to cumming, but we both backed off.

Next thing I knew he was nuzzling on, and whispering in my ear. “Kane, I want to taste your cum in my mouth, and then I want to fuck you!”

“Ok!” I said “but not here it is too dangerous. How about we shower each other and then go back to your joint”.


We got out of the pool and grabbed our belongings and then wandered into the change rooms. We dropped our belongings, stepped out of our trunks and dashed for the shower recess. Thankfully no-one was about as we kissed, fondled and caressed each other under the stream of our hot steamy shower. As we cleaned each other, every inch of each other, it didn”t take much for us both to become aroused again. Clay fondled my hard cock as he suckled my ears, neck and chin, before slowly lowering himself kissing my nipples, and stomach before approaching my hard cock. He engulfed my whole cock in one mouthful, and proceeded to give me the greatest head-jobs I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. So much so that after 5 minutes I was spurting what seemed like litres of my liquid down the back of his throat.

After I came, he stood up and kissed me. As our tongues entwined with each other, I could taste the sweetness of cum in his mouth.

It was a my turn now so I was determined to give Clay head that he would ever forget. I kissed his chest and abdomen as I lowered myself to his raging cock. Then in one mouthful I engulfed his hard cock, until it was all the way down my throat. Slowly working it in my mouth! After giving it 30 minutes of constant tender loving care, I felt his balls twitch and I knew what was coming next. He came in my mouth with such great force that I couldn”t hold it all, some of his cum dribbling down my chin and onto my chest. bursa escort bayan

I stood up and he licked the spillage off my chin and chest. We gave each other a hug and kiss, and then we walked around to the change area and dressed.

Lucky, because just as we separated a group of basketball players walked in. Thankfully our hard cocks had softened!

Clay said as we were changing, “Mate, come over and we will go out?”

“Sure!” I said, “What dorm!”

“Alpha, D308”.

“Ok, I will pop over about 8.00pm and we will go out and pick up some babes”.

I gave him a wink and he knew what I meant. The basketball studs had no idea that the only babes we would be fucking would be each other.

At 7.00pm I dressed in some spectacular casual clothes in anticipation of our date. At 7.45 I left my room to go and meet my stud. I arrived at Alpha block and I found his room on the third level.

I knocked on his door, then he opened it and said “Hi Kane, come in mate!”

He was naked! He kissed me as he shut the door.

“Clay, we have to be careful, these walls are paper thin!” I whispered.

“Don”t worry! We wont be here very long. I just wanted to show you how much I had missed you.” Then he started to nibble on my ear again before moving down my neck and giving me a love bite.

“What is that for?” I asked. “I really like you a lot Kane”, he said as we both embraced again, I felt so comfortable in his arms.

He dressed and we left walking in each others personal space with huge smiles on our faces.

“You look good enough to eat?” I said.

“Later babe, later!”

We arrived at the train station grabbed a train the short journey to Circular Quay detrained and walked around the Quay, around past the Opera house, the Botanical Gardens to Lady Macquaries Chair. He suddenly nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket as he beckoned me towards a hidden spot close to the Fleet steps. It was dark out now but the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House is very beautiful with is cityscape of lights and neon glowing in the moonlight. It was absolutely gorgeous for a first date.

“I”ve always wanted to make love on the beach under the moonlight, so this is the next best thing” Clay said.

As we approached Clays hidden spot there was already a blanket set up with candles burning around it. I knew he had been down here earlier. I then noticed the condoms and the lube, and I knew I was going to be in for a good night. We stripped naked escort bursa and lay close to each other on the blanket, fondling, caressing each other.

“Please fuck me?” Clay asked.

As he turned over onto his stomach, he displayed his cute tight ass. I grabbed a condom and rolled it down my hardness, lubed up both up. Then I raised myself over his hot body, lowering myself onto him just to get close. I nibbled on his ear and sucked on his neck, leaving love bites as I entering him slowly teasing his hole a little. Then in one motion I filled him with my huge cock. He let out a whimper as I began to fuck him. After an hour of fucking and nuzzling on my young stud, I came and my cock subsided in his ass

After catching my breathe I rolled off, exhausted.

“That was great babe”, he said as he turned over and stroked my hair, and kissed.

“Now it is your turn!”

He raised himself off the sweaty blanket and positioned himself, kneeling between my legs. He rolled a condom over his hard cock and lubed us both up. Then he pushed my legs to my chest and placed his hard throbbing cock at my opening. He slowly licked his way up from my bellybutton until he reached and licked my nipples and then moved up my chest to my ears. He then placed his lips over mine and we kissed. As our tongues explored each others mouth”s he entered me in one motion. I groaned into his mouth!

Then he proceeded to fuck me. He fucked me harder and harder plowing into my tightness. After we stopped kissing, gazing into my eyes he continued to piston into me. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him into me as we continued the fucking.

Then he came and I could feel his cock expanding and contracting as he come into the condom deep inside me. The additional pressure on my prostate pushed me over the edge and I cum all over myself creating a huge sticky mess between us, before he collapsed on top of me.

We both kissed and cuddled in our sweaty hot mess.

“That felt great! Clay said.

We caressed each other as we regained our composure. We talked about life and what we both wanted from life. Then we dressed before going back to our separate dorms, kissing discretely before parting promising to meet each other the next day.

“Come and see me tomorrow?” I asked.

“Ok, I will stay the night!”

“Great”, I said,

“I cant wait for us to sleep in each others arms”.

“Me too! Dream of me stud.”

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Written by Kane Armanis Twitter:@kanearmanis | Mail: ail


Please follow me on twitter and be one of the first to know when a new story has been uploaded to Nifty. Copyright � 1995 – 2014 Kane Armanis

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