Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 10

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Stephen Spiros was a science/maths geek. He was a year younger than his sister Chantelle, who was one of the Cedar Hill High School cheerleaders. His older sister Amelia was two years older than Chantelle. Amelia worked at Macy’s.

Tonni Arthur was the youngest cheerleader, being a junior in school. She and William Mann had split up, and William was now dating Veronica Wilson, the head cheerleader. He had been trying to hook up with her ever since she did that striptease and masturbation on the cafeteria table.


Stephen had decided that it was time he lost his virginity. He didn’t have a girl friend nor was he even close to any of girls in his classes.

He and his older sister Amelia did not normally do anything together. He thought that his best chance was to convince his sister Chantelle to help him out. The problem was how to convince her to do that. Perhaps he needed some bargaining power.

On Saturday, when he heard Chantelle telling their mother that she was leaving to go to the doctor, he decided that this was his chance.

He snuck into her room and started searching through her computer for incriminating photos or videos.

He initiated a search for files of the type “*.jpg” in the “C” drive. Most of the files found by the search were in a folder called “Fantasy” and in particular its sub-folder “Jamie”.

He opened this folder with the “View” option of “Thumbnails”. He couldn’t believe his eyes; jackpot!

He’d heard that Chantelle had organised Jamie’s “Dancing Bear” birthday party for Veronica. So here was the proof that it actually happened. There was a series of photos showing the party.

The first photo showed Veronica blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. She was topless with only a red pair of panties on. Behind her Stephen could see the row of lockers, so he knew this was the party and it was held in the girls’ locker room just as the rumour had said.

Following were a series of photos which featured Jamie nude; having his cock sucked by Veronica, then Tonni. Two photos further on Stephen could see sperm oozing out of the red-head’s mouth as Jamie’s semi-firm cock dangled just in front of her face. The last three photos were of Jamie with the blond Marsha. The first was of her swallowing his cock; in the second photo he was between her legs, kissing her clit; the last photo was a side view of Jamie screwing Marsha.

Stephen found it hard to believe that Chantelle had not only allowed Jamie to do these things, but that she had organised it. After all her and Jamie had been going steady for many months now. He thought she must really trust Jamie.

Other than the party photos there were a few of Chantelle nude in her room or in their back yard.

The last few photos were of Chantelle wearing an old gold T-shirt and a tight pair of dark blue tailored shorts. Although Stephen didn’t know it, in the very last photo the T-shirt and shorts were actually those painted on a nude Chantelle by Tonni.

Stephen had heard that his sister and others went to class nude one Monday and Tuesday. That was before the new ‘School Dress Code’ was introduced.

He searched the internet to see if he could find photographic or video evidence of this.

Initially all he found was a video of each of the girl’s striptease. Veronica, Marsha and Aimee had, in that order, performed a striptease act on a table in the school cafeteria.

He watched the video of Veronica. Her striptease was noteworthy because of the way she masturbated toward the end. His sister was shown in the back-ground of some of this video, and yes she was completely nude except for a necklace that held her keys. This video was taken by Rudy Scolari, William’s closest friend. Stephen knew William because their two families often visited each other and sometimes went out together.

Rudy had also filmed Marsha and Aimee.

His video of Marsha stripping was cut short, because he had switched to filming Aimee. Later Stephen discovered a video, captured by another boy, which was complete in that it showed Samantha sucking Marsha’s pussy after Marsha had thrown her panty to John.

Finally there was the one Rudy made of Aimee. This was Steve’s favourite, because Aimee was known to be a science nerd. So he felt they were sort of kindred spirits. Aimee explained on her face-book page that she did it to show that not only the cheerleaders are sexy. The irony is that her action finally resulted in her being asked to become a cheerleader.

After many hour of searching he found short clips of the other girls who elected to go to class nude on those days. These clips were of them walking in the hallway, or sitting in class. Only one of these was of Chantelle.

He also discovered one of a girl jerking off a boy, presumably her boyfriend, in the middle of a lesson. They were in the back row. The classroom looked different to those at Cedar Hill high; for a start, the desks were of a different design. So Andy was sure it was a different high school.


Chantelle was listening kartal sarışın escort to music on her cassette player/recorder, when there was a knock at her bedroom door.


Steve opened the door and stuck his head in.

“Hi Steve. What’s up?” Chantelle asked as he entered her room and shut the door.

“I have decided it’s time I learnt about the birds and the bees.”

Chantelle hit the stop button on the cassette player. “Sorry, what did you say?” Chantelle pretended she didn’t hear him the first time because of the music.

“I said; I want to learn about the birds and the bees.”

“Didn’t they teach you about that in health in primary school?”

“I don’t mean the names of our sexual parts. I mean how to do IT!”

“Have you tried watching porn on the internet?”

“That only shows what to do. I think I need some practical experience.”

“And what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to let me practise pleasing a girl.”

“Why don’t you ask Amelia? She older and more experienced than me.”

“I’m not as close to Amelia, and besides I don’t have anything on her.”

“And what do you think you have on me?”

“Well there’s the fact that for two days you went to class nude. There’s even a video on the net of Veronica stripping in the cafeteria and you can be clearly seen nude in the back ground.”

“Oh… So what do you expect me to do?”

“I want you to strip and let me feel your tits and pussy. Actually I want you to show me where and how to touch a girl to get the best result.”

Chantelle had never thought of her younger brother sexually, even though he was nearly as old as her. “Why are you annoying me? What’s wrong with the girls your own age?”

“I don’t know any of them well enough.”

“You should just ask for a date.”

“You forget I’m the science nerd; no one wants to go out with me.”

“Yeah, but you should ask; you never know. There must be a couple of girls you fancy.”

“OK, OK… I know what to do; but I don’t know how or when to do it.”

“I thought you said you’ve watched some of those videos that are on the net?”

“Yeah, I have; but now I would like some practical experience. That’s why! And after all I have a very experienced sexy sister.”

“Oh I don’t know…”

“Come on Sis… Please.”

“You won’t tell Mom or Dad will you?”

“You want to risk it. You know they would hit the roof. Probably make you stop seeing your cheerleader friends and Jamie; maybe even make you transfer to a new school. There!”

“OK, bugger you… How about I teach you how to satisfy a girl and spread a rumour that you’re a real ladies man.”

“You mean you’ll let me do IT with you?”

“I’m not going to screw you, but we can try everything else.”

“Yeah, OK.” Steve sat on the bed beside her.

“Well let’s see; I guess we have to start with kissing. The first time you kiss a girl you should keep your lips together, but pout. Like this.” Chantelle leant over and went to kissed him on the lips.

“OUCH! What was that?” Chantelle screamed.

“A spark caused by static electricity. Hasn’t that happened to you before?”

“No, never.”

“That’s why kissing is sometimes call ‘sparking’. Here hold my hand… Right, now show me again.” Steve watched as Chantelle pouted her lips. He did likewise, and then Chantelle leant over and kissed him. No spark this time. “I guess that’s it. You’ve always touched your boyfriend before kissing, eh?”

“Yeah, probably. Now, if you get a second chance, you can try kissing with your lips parted.” Chantelle again demonstrated by kissing him, sucking his upper lip in the process. He thought, ‘Wow; Sis’s lips are so soft, so supple.’

“If she hasn’t slapped your face by then, you can use your tongue the next time. Tickle her lips with your tongue and if you’re lucky she will return the favour.” Again he kissed her as instructed.

“Hey, that’s fun.” The sensation went right from Steve’s lips to his groin. His cock was no longer limp, but grew, and began to press against his pants.

“There is one more thing you may try, when you want to get a reaction. Open your mouth as if to receive her tongue.” She kissed him, pushing her tongue up behind his top teeth and tickled the roof of his mouth.

He pulled back. “OH SHIT! That really tickles.”

“You don’t say. Jamie did it to me once and I sort of liked it.”

“Did he only do it the once?”

“Yeah… What do you think is next?” Chantelle asked as she unbuttoned her top.

Stephen saw that she wasn’t wearing any bra. “Playing with your boobs?”

“Yeah.” Chantelle was now completely topless.

“Gee Sis, this is the first time I seen a girls boobs up close. WOW!”

“Thanks. But remember you must be gentle, whether you are feeling them with your hands, or sucking the nipples with your mouth. OK? You want to try?”

Steve thought, ‘God, real live tits, right in front of me.’ They were round, firm kartal anal escort and stood straight out, no droop at all. The skin was smooth, fair and flawless. Her nipples barely protruded and her areolas were pale brown. He knew that compared with many other girls, his sister’s breasts were small; they were a petite B cup.

He put his hand under her breast and lifted slightly. It was so much bigger than he had expected, completely filling his hand. Steve’s cock firmed a little more.

“Before you can tweak my nipples I think you will have to kiss them to make them protrude.”

“Oh OK.”

“Now run your tongue all around my nipple… Now do the same to the other one… Oooo… Put your mouth over the nipple and suck on it … gently … mmmm.”

Steve kissed her left nipple and then the right. He felt her nipples lengthen and firm up as he kissed them.

“OK. Now try rubbing them between your fingers. Take your thumb and fingers and roll them like this.” Chantelle demonstrated on her left breast.

Steve squeezed Chantelle’s right nipple between his thumb, index and middle fingers. “Not so hard! … That’s better. The best time to reach for her breasts is when you have already tongue kissed her for a while… Oh yeah that’s it… you can also pull on the nipple a little bit.”

“Ooooo… That’s enough… Ooooh… The next and most important thing is stimulating the pussy.” Chantelle didn’t want to become too aroused, so she didn’t allow him to play with her breasts as long as a girl would normally like or allow. She actually couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed his touch; gee, after all he’s her brother; it didn’t seem right.

Chantelle wanted to get the whole lesson thing over and done with as quickly as possible. So she lifted her skirt to reveal her hairless pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panty. She regularly shaved all her pubic hair; so he could see her smooth outer lips, the long slit between them, and just a hint of dark red labia peeking out.

Steve gasped at the sight. “Shit Sis, you look like a little kid down there!”

“Oh shut up.”

“And you’re not wearing any panty!” Steve’s cock strained against his pants.

“So what! Quite a few girls go without. And I shave so it’s nicer for both parties when it’s being kissed;” Chantelle ran her hand down over her pussy and back up; “as you will soon find out.”

“If you place your hand between a girl’s legs, and she immediately puts her knees together; then that means NO, and so you must remove your hand. If, however, she spreads her legs, even a little, or has them already spread and leaves them so; then she is willing to be stimulated down there.” Chantelle took Steve’s hand and put it on her pubic mound.

“Wow, you feel really soft and smooth.”

“Of cause… Now just lightly feel from the mound down to my snatch, and back up again.” He couldn’t believe he actually had his hand between a girl’s legs, even if was only his Sis.

He ran his hand down to her pussy and back up. “Shit Sis, this is making me REALLY horny.”

“That’s OK. But remember, it’s important not to rush a girl. Give her time to become aroused before you slip a finger into the slit…”

“So are you ready?” He was impatient.

“I’m ready, now spread the outer lips.” Steve was so overcome with excitement he couldn’t keep his hands steady. With a great deal of concentration he used both index fingers to separate her outer lips.

“Do you see the ridge at the top end of the slit? That’s the clitoral hood.” Chantelle instructed.


“Well the clitoris is just under the bottom end of that. If you pull the hood up a bit, you will see a little round thing; that’s the clitoris, clit for short. Now the clit of some girls is so sensitive that they can’t bear to have it touched. In that case you stimulate it by pushing the outer lips around. OK, now you try lightly massaging mine.”

“Oh yes, that’s perfect. Keep it up.” Chantelle pleaded.

A few minutes later, Chantelle murmured, “Hmmm… It’s time to kiss my clit. But start by licking the crease between my thigh and pussy… Ooooo, it tickles… He-he… Now move across to my clit, lick it with your tongue… Ooooh yes; that’s it.” She sighed as Steve sucked it. “Try taking my inner lips into your mouth and sucking them… Yes; yes; ooooh yes…” At this point she had intended to tell him about the G-spot and then end the lesson.

RING… RING… Chantelle was just able to reach her phone without disturbing Steve who continued to work on her pussy.

“Ooh hi Jamie.” Chantelle held the phone in her right hand. Her left hand held Steve’s head against her pussy.

“Great news love. Today I picked up enough electro-chromatic fabric to make your prom gown.”

“Yeah, mmmm, I had already heard that you were getting it.”

“You knew already?”

“Oooh… Yeah. Amelia’s friend at work is dating an older guy who is one of the researchers in the group you’ve been talking with.”

“Oh bugger; I was hoping kartal sınırsız escort to surprise you.”

“Oooh… Sorry… It’s great that you actually have it. Oooh yeah.” She was struggling to maintain her composure on the phone. Steve’s tongue was really hitting the right spot.

“Our only problem now is to find a good dress-maker and the right pattern.”

“I already have a sketched of a design. Ooooh, I’ll ask my Mom about a dressmaker.”

“I think Tonni said her sister is a dressmaker. I’ll ask Tonni if her sister can make the pattern from your sketch.”

“Oooh… OK… That sounds good.”

“What you been doing?”

“Oooh; just listening to the radio.”

“That’s funny I can’t hear it.”

“Oooh; I turned it off before I answered the phone.”

“Well that’s all for now. Bye love.”

“Ooooh Yeah. See you soon. Love you.” Chantelle hurriedly put the phone aside.

“Oooooh God Steve. I’ve never done… Ooooooh… I’ve never before had oral while on the phone. Ooooooh geez Steve.”

Chantelle thought, ‘I’ll have to try that with Jamie. While he’s going down on me, or even better, while he’s screwing me I’ll phone a friend.’

RING… RING… Chantelle picked up her phone again. “Ooooh hello.”

“Hi Chantelle, its Veronica. I just tried to ring but your phone was busy.”

“Ooooh Yeah, I was just talking with Jamie. Mmmmm, he just told me he has the smart material for ooooo for my prom gown.”

“Wow! That’s great. Are you OK, you seem; I don’t know… are you playing with your vibrator?”

“Nah, oooooh… I’ll tell you later… Oooooh.”

“Anyway Marsha and me are on our way shopping; would you like to come?”

Steve stuck his tongue into her cunt.

“Oh God yes!” She meant that for Steve more than as an answer to Veronica’s question.

“OK, we’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

“Oooooh OK… Oooooh bye.” She put her phone down. “Geez Steve!”

“You know there’s juice running out of your cunt… Mmmm… it really ain’t so bad.” Steve licked his lips, and then returned his tongue to her labia.

“Ooooh God Steve… The last thing is to, oooooh, to stimulated the G-spot, mmmm, either separately or, hmmm, or while you’re still sucking the pussy, oooooh.”

Steve briefly stopped licking to ask; “And where’s the G-spot then?”

“Well it’s inside the vagina. Ooooh, you will need to insert a finger or two. Ooooo, the best way to gain entry is to press down, mmmm, down on my perineum, mmmm, and then slide your finger in, mmmm.”

Again he briefly paused to ask; “What the hell is the perennial?” Steve had never heard of it.

“It’s perineum. It’s the area just below the opening of the cunt; right?”

“Oh yeah, and where did you learn that term, smarty-pants?” This time Steve moved so he could suck her clit.

“Ooooh Dr Finlay described it when he fu… Ooooh, when he was examining me, mmmm.” She explained.

“Now, dam it! Insert a finger into my cunt, ooooh, two knuckles deep, and tickle the roof of, mmmm, of the vagina with your finger tip… Ooooh… Now remember, if you don’t want to hurt a girl, mmmm, you have to cut your finger nails very short, ooooo.”

A moment later; “Yeah, you’ve found it… Ooooh good… Don’t stop Steve. Ooooh… I want to enjoy it for a bit; Ooooh… Oooooh… OOOOOOH HELL… OOOOOOOH!!”

Her whole body froze briefly before her cunt grabbed Steve’s finger in a series of spasms. She threw her head back, and then suddenly went limp.

“What happened, Sis? Are you alright? I felt your cunt grab my finger. “

“Oh yeah, I’m alright. I’m more than alright… I just had an orgasm… WOW! I didn’t think I would cum while showing you… WHEW!”

“So what’s next?”

“Just this; if you are willing ‘to go down on’ girls like you just did for me, you will be able to steal the girl-friend from any guy who won’t do it.”

“So the expression ‘to go down on’ a girl means to suck her clit and inner lips?”

“Yeah, and don’t you forget it.”

Chantelle had decided before she started teaching Steve that she wouldn’t fuck him. So, even though she was still feeling a little horny, having had the one orgasm was sufficient to allow her to stick to her resolution, “Sorry Steve, but that ends the lesson.”

“But you’ve made me SO HORNY; please Sis. My cock is so hard it hurts.” He begged.

She could see he really was very aroused by the huge bulge his rock-hard cock made in his jeans. She thought for a bit, and then offered, “I’ll tell you what; how about I let you watch me using my vibrator, while you jack off?”

“OK.” He eagerly removed his pants and underpants and climbed onto the bed; while Chantelle fetched her vibrator from the middle draw of her dresser.

They lay on their sides facing in opposite directions, his head just below her pussy, and her head near his rigid cock. She could see the details of his cock; the fine blue veins that spread from its base like tree roots; the grooves and ridges along the shaft, and the smooth head with its hole at the tip. There was a glisten of pre-cum that had oozed from the hole and slid down across the glans.

A low hum sounded as Chantelle turned on the vibrator. She spread her outer lips with her left hand, and placed the vibrator on her clit.

Steve wrapped his fingers around his cock and rubbed up and down.

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