Caught Nude, Always Embarrassed

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Linda never liked going to the doctor, much less Dr Vye Brator, with his overly cheerful attitude.

“It won’t take a moment now, Miss Linda!”

Mrs, she wanted to say, for she was married and had been for several years already. Why did he insist on talking to her like she was a child? Maybe it was because she was only five feet tall, though her hair was dark and rich, all with good health and all the treatments that she indulged in to make sure that it was as glorious as it could possibly be. Maybe that made her look younger? She didn’t mind that thought, not as much as him thinking she was a child.

“Yes, I know,” she grunted, short and snappy, her hot temper always there, a hair’s breadth under the surface, bubbling away. “Doctor, I just have a cold, I just want to make sure it’s nothing worse.”

He’d dealt with his fair share of short and snippy women in his lifetime, a confident smile on his lips, peering at her over the tops of his glasses.

“Yes, yes, dear, I know, I know, we all want to do everything we can to keep our health in tip-top shape! But I’m going to have to ask you to strip down now, so I can do a full exam, chop-chop now, dear.”

She protested, eyes wide, though two nurses came in as if to assist him, their hair pulled back into neat buns, their smiles a little too fixes as if they were holding their giggles back.

“Er, doctor, no, that really cannot be needed for just a cold…”

“No, no, dear!” He clapped his hands, standing and “whooshing” his hands at her as if to hurry her along. “You must! I know we don’t always like to get our buns out but I assure you I’ve seen my fair share! Come on now, out of them, quickly, quickly.”

The nurses helped her, though it didn’t feel as much like helping as them hastily stripping her, sliding her jacket back off her shoulders, her hair falling past her shoulders, just about, neatly styled.

“Hey — come on!”

She protested, but she didn’t seem to be a match for the two blonde nurses as her shirt was pulled up and over her head, the woman trying to catch up with them to at least take some autonomy over the rest of her body. She muttered under her breath, shrugging them off while the doctor made some joke about her being shy (she wasn’t!), sliding down the skirt that, perhaps, had not been the wisest choice that day.

“Ah, there she is! But those melons look like they’re about to spill out of your cups, Linda, dear!”

The doctor should not have said such things as Linda stripped the rest of herself down as the nurses giggled, leaving her standing there, bare, before them all, bar her breasts. That had been the last thing to remove, for it felt the part of her that was the most embarrassing, the closest to eye level. As she unclasped the bra at the back, her tits pinged out rudely, the bra having been at least two sizes too small for her already, as the doctor had said. He didn’t have to be so rude about her and her body, though Linda privately thought that it must have just been his age, the time that Dr Vye Brator had grown up in. Old men were always like that, creepy, cheeky, kind of pervy.

“Right…” The doctor turned away, making a note, though the nurses did not once take their eyes off Linda as she shifted uncomfortably before them. “Now that the kitties are out, let us see what we have here…”

The nurses giggled, but did not even make a show of covering their lips with their hands, not even as one “accidentally” opened the door, allowing the waiting room to look in on her. Although Linda squeaked indignantly and demanded that the door be closed immediately, they ignore her as if she was a petulant child, all but cooing at her through their obvious amusement.

“Close that door at once!” Linda hissed through her teeth, not wanting to shriek, only as that would draw more attention to herself. “Everyone can see me — I’ve not got anything on, you know!”

Yet one man turned his head, his attention caught by the squirming woman, who was desperately trying to cover her breasts and her pussy with her hands at once. Of course, that was a failed endeavour, considering that her hands were too petite to cover anything much at all, much less her large boobs. The doctor stood before her, scolding her like a child to stay still and that she would get “a lolly to suck on” if she behaved, though that came with many double meanings that even a bystander could understand.

Ajay grinned, the rotund man sitting back in his chair, his shirt tucked into his jeans, enjoying the show. The doctor pressed a flat tongue depressor into Linda’s mouth as the nurse moved to abidinpaşa escort close the door, though he still caught Linda saying “ahhh” almost instinctively, the doctor peering inside.

His cock swelled in his jeans, though the door closed before he got the chance to see more, though he stroked his moustache lightly as he mused over the show of her, barking out a short, amused laugh the moment Linda could not hear him anymore. Of course, that was not something that Ajay would have worried about all that much, she was just a passing woman to him, but the sight of her butt naked had made an otherwise boring trip to the doctor’s surgery to pick up a prescription much more entertaining. He should thank her for that.

He hoped he would meet her again.


However, Ajay was luckier than he could have expected, for the woman that he had had the good fortune to ogle in the doctor’s surgery when he’d just been popping in was walking down the street near his home! The day was bright and sunny and there was just the right amount of a breeze to float her dress up around her legs, though it was quite demure otherwise, white and blue, showing off her ample bosom swelling through the front of it. As “that kind of man” and proud of it, Ajay wasn’t at all concerned that that was the very first thing that his eyes went to.

Linda didn’t see the car coming, her shades on, scowling a little, annoyed at some perceived slight back at the coffee shop. There was always something to aggravate her, something that she thought was against her, the kind of person that thought the world was against them, that she was owed everything. She was fortunate in her life with her husband Sam, but she couldn’t help the way she was either, how the crackling force of her temper always flared under the surface.

“Honestly, always like that, never good enough, never on time…”

If she’d paid more attention, however, she would have seen the care picking up speed, faster and faster, zooming by her as she shrieked and the passage of it shifted the air, whipping her dress up.


Linda shrieked, dropping her shoulder bag, grabbing at her dress, but she was too late to contain her modesty, her pink panties on show, barely managing to cover enough of her round backside to be decent. But she hadn’t thought that anyone else was going to end up getting an eyeful of her after the debacle with the doctor the day before and had just worn what was comfortable for her, trying to haul her dress back down as it remained floated up as if caught by a higher power that she could not understand.

In the car, Ajay laughed at Linda struggling with the dress, whistling at the pink panties, though she was not to know the show she was giving him, hardly aware of anything outside her little circle, though her shriek had truly been a work of art. To be crude and lewd was just something that he took, practically, for granted watching her fight to get her dress back down and decent, though he did have the good fortune to spot one more thing.

For he caught sight of her walking into her apartment building, a wicked little gleam in his eye.

“It’s time to have some fun…”


It was a blessing that her apartment was not that far from his home, for he could keep an eye on the woman that had caught his attention, mildly monitor her comings and goings. She was a clumsy sort and he had no real ill-intent towards her, though she seemed to go through multiple situations, almost daily, where her body was exposed in some way. Despite the frequency of her dress or her skirt flipping up, she never wore any trousers at all, though he could have imagined how delightful it would have been too to see those split over the arse, revealing whatever she was wearing underneath too.

She tripped a lot, waving her arms, though she rarely went “splat”, catching herself just in time. To be fair, that only left the woman open to evermore embarrassing situations, stumbling and fumbling, dropping shopping bags, squealing as she strove to lessen her humiliation. Frankly, Ajay was surprised that it even was possible for someone to trip and catch herself on things as much as she did and not be bruised all over, though he never caught a mark on her skin. He would rather have been the one leaving marks on her skin, pinching and squeezing until a rush of heat flowed to her flesh, her breath caught, tits rolling in her undersized little bra.

He monitored her, finding out where her favourite coffee shop was and hanging out outside until she came by for her regularly scheduled sugary concoction of a frappe of some kind, no coffee at all in that one: typical. Ajay smirked in a far too familiar way, as if he knew her, Linda pursing her lips at him and stepping around the strange man as he stood there, blocking the doorway.

“You’re in my way.”

She was far from polite and that only pushed Ajay further. Why should he hold back when she was such a snarky, uppity bitch anyway? It was the aktepe escort flimsy reason that he needed, if only barely, to justify his intentions.

“Sorry, baby,” he said, as smooth as silk and as sickly as tar. “I just couldn’t help but notice the melons you’re smuggling there… Perhaps I should take you down to the station, turn you in.”

She turned, though it took a few dumb blinks for comprehension to dawn in her eyes. She gasped, yanking her hand back where it had been slightly extended from her body, the drink spilling, splashing across her chest. The shriek Linda gave turned even more heads, though Ajay only laughed, following her closely as she attempted to storm off, stomping like a child throwing a tantrum.

“No! Get the hell away from me, creep! Who the heck do you think you are, hanging around here leering at good women like me?”

“Aw, baby, don’t be like that…”

Ajay grinned widely in a flash of white teeth, following her down the street.

“I just wanted to see if I could talk you out of that super nice dress you have on there… Get a flash of the buns, you know?”

“Ergh! Creep!”

She tossed her empty cup at him, the frozen beverage soaking into her blouse and making it see-through across the chest, though she only managed to give him an eyeful of her tits all over again, the very melons that Ajay was ogling. Of course, that wasn’t enough to stop him, Ajay simply stepping out of the way of the projectile.

“Oh, honey, sweetie, baby-pie,” he laughed, shaking his head at her. “I just wanted to let you know that you might have sat in the sugar earlier, baby, baking those hot cross buns, hm? ‘Cause, you got a mighty sweet ass there and I’m a guy with a real sweet tooth!”

She all but fled from him, though her temper rose her kryptonite, seething and boiling in the pit of her stomach.

“You give good men a bad name!” She shrieked, tripping over in her heels as she tried to stifle a curse, humiliation curling through her chest, a sickening twist. “What do you think you’re doing? There are people around! They can see how you’re acting, you sleazeball of a boy, everyone can see exactly what you’re doing. Do you think that you’re going to get in my panties with comments like that? You should respect women more!”

“Ah, I know, I know, hey now, come on.” Ajay held his hands up as if in a gesture of peace, a coffee in one hand, though it was a hot one rather than a cold one. “I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m just struck by your beauty, I meant no offence. Here, I… Well, I’d been watching you before, I know you like sugary drinks, sweetie. Here, have this. It’s for you.”

Although it wasn’t much of an apology (in fact, there was not even a “sorry” in there at all), Linda paused, breathless and flushed in the face after her tirade. Without saying a word, she stretched out her arm suspiciously, taking the coffee. Ajay grinned, shoving his hands into his pockets, obviously close to his crotch, fingers pointing in towards what she could only see as the bulge of his shaft in his trousers. Her face twisted in revulsion.

“Ugh! You’re all the same!”

Wheeling, she stomped away down a quieter street, which was to her undoing as Ajay followed her closely.

“Oh, baby! You forgot the mirror in your pants! Yes, it’s there — I can see myself in them!”

She screamed and she closed her fingers around the coffee cup, squeezing so hard that the lid popped off. Yet she did not even notice the hot splash of brown liquid down her hand as she flung it at him, rage seething through her, as if a beast had been unleashed. However, in typical form for Linda, her throw was so bad that she didn’t even hit him, the coffee cup spinning and tipping its much hotter contents all over her. She screamed and flailed, running around and flapping her hands at her breasts, the coffee thankfully cooled enough that she wasn’t burned, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t still hurt.

“Argh! What did you make me do? It’s all your fault, you, you… You scumbag!”

Ajay only laughed at the show and would have clapped his hands if he was not enjoying it so much, heart pounding, his grin practically stretching from ear to ear. Yet his hands had better use as he cornered her next to a bench, taking advantage as Linda pulled out the front of her dress, trying to see if there was any harm done.

“You’ll have hell for this,” she howled, hopping from foot to foot as she tottered in her heels. “You… You’ll go to prison! I’ll get the police involved, I will! You see if I don’t!”

And yet, even through all that, he was still too quick for her, hands working, yanking her strapless dress down over her tits. The stupid bra wouldn’t come down at the same time, for it was too tight around her huge breasts, though a nice amount of flesh still spilt over the top so he didn’t mind the view at all, even then. Yet what he did manage to do as she spun and tripped over her own heels was yank her panties down around the light, summery akyurt escort dress, her bare legs all exposed as Linda tottered, confusion embroiled with panic.

“What are you — hey!”

Her shriek was cut off as he spanked her arse with a short laugh, his palm connecting with her fat backside with a sharp, resounding smack. Once, twice, three times — before she stumbled away with a gasp, chest shuddering with lost breath and a scream dying on her lips, staggering from him.


But she couldn’t get out anything more than a howl of embarrassment, tripping, going down on one knee, getting herself into a corner as he made off. It was a saving grace, in part, that her dress had been torn in the undressing, leaving him with a memento of her humiliation and her with most of a dress to pull back down, even though her skin would sear with embarrassment the whole walk home.

Of course, she’d broken a heel too. Covering up her nudity with a furious growl, anger burning inside her, blistering to the surface, Linda swore she’d turn him in if she ever caught him again. But, of course, she didn’t know who on earth Ajay was, giving her nothing to turn in to the police.

He, however, knew plenty about her.


“They’re being so noisy again! Agh!”

Linda tried to bridle her temper when she was around her husband, Sam, though it helped some, that time, that he was fast asleep in bed while she was the only one at ten in the evening disturbed by the incredibly loud house party next door to their block of apartments.

“Who the frick plays music this loud this late at night?” She muttered, glowering to herself, though the picture frames practically bounced on their apartment walls, jostled by the mere vibrations of the bass. “It’s so obnoxious! It’s like they don’t even know they have neighbours!”

In a moment, she had the phone in her hand, scowling, but, of course, no matter how she pleaded and wailed, the police didn’t want to know. They said something about coming out and she stormed around the place, trying to tidy up, trying to distract herself, but the music set her nerves on edge, as if her teeth were being shaken out of her skull. Yet nobody else seemed to be looking out their windows like she was, disturbed by what was going on, the police arriving at the neighbouring property, the “big house” that Linda and her husband, despite his salary, had not been able to afford for their first place together, a point of bitterness to her.

Yet the police didn’t do anything about it, of course, treating it with the same kind of attitude that they always did whenever she called up — but how was Linda supposed to help it that she was the only one who cared about what was going on in the neighbourhood? Growling through her teeth, she clenched her jaw, hands balled up into fists. If anything, the music got louder.

“I’ve had it!”

She couldn’t help it, a whirlwind of energy as she blew into the bedroom, shaking her husband awake by the shoulder, though he was less bleary-eyed and sleepy than she might have expected.

“Sam! Sam, get up! They’re having, like, a rave next door!”

Sam mumbled something, but was slower behind her, though he seemed to perk up to attention, brushing down his neatly trimmed, office presentable, blonde hair and slipping into his clothes as she threw on her caught, dressed somewhat presentably enough for the outside world. Her dress was one that was comfortable enough for the house, if not heavy enough for the crisp outside air, the nights still cool despite summer being well on its way.

Her husband followed behind, muttering something about it being late — but that was the whole point of it! Storming down the road, the path only a short way from the apartment block, she pounded on the door with a closed fist, lips pressed together into a tight, shaking line.

“Open up! Your music is too loud! Can you hear me in there? You — need — to — turn — it — down!”

She punctuated the space between each word with a pound of her fist upon the door, though the couple that came to the door were all smiles and pleasantries. Opening the door when Linda was about to knock again, Greg and Michelle, the owners of the house, left her teetering off-balance, her short heels not enough to offer stability, even then.


She flailed, regaining her balance as Greg and Michelle, the sort of pleasant couple that seemed to “know everyone”, even if Linda didn’t think much of them. Greg was still in loose-fitting clothing, despite the “rager” he was throwing, Michelle short and diminutive, though Linda was privately just pleased that the woman was shorter than her. in a way, she felt that it gave her some kind of power over the other, despite everything.

“This is truly absurd!” She started on, drawing herself up to her full height of five feet, though it was not all that impressive. “You’re going on with all this music at an ungodly hour of the night, woke my poor husband up out of bed, keeping children from their sleep, it’s as if you don’t know what you’re doing, but you’d have to be deaf not to know –“

“Hey, Sam,” Greg said, rubbing his knuckles over an itch through his beard, a smile on his lips. “Do you want to come in? We’re just having a bit of a get together here, got some friends over.”

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