Boogie Nights

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I was fresh out of high school, an all boys school in Manila, which didn’t teach me much about the opposite sex. The only interaction I had with girls were in the form of my teachers, hot or not, they were enough for my imagination to run wild and of course the occasional interactions with other exclusive girls schools. Needless to say I was a virgin in more ways than one.

I was a geeky kid of average size, I had glasses, not very athletic and I was very shy especially when my attention was directed to women. I used to stutter a lot which made it harder for me to talk to women.

The university that I attended was not the normal universities in Manila where-in it was not all serious learning; it was more known for being a party university. Ninety percent of the student population where stoners or would come to class hung-over from partying from the night before.

As with most pseudo losers in high school I had to reinvent myself. No more of the geeky kid and more of the man who would be able to converse and more importantly be able to get a girlfriend and what not. It was not easy! I was sure that I was not the only freshman trying to get in the pants of our fellow fresh women, so to speak.

Months passed and I was still a virgin, never kissed a woman before and to think I was already in college. What a pity. And then I thought to myself; why not just get it over with and go for the deed with hired help. Virginity after all was not that important to me.

I was out with friends one Thursday afternoon, classes ended earlier than usual and we all decided to go and hang-out in a nearby mall in Malate. Malate is part of Manila which is known for the red light district. This was perfect I thought to myself. Although I did not know much about this place I just decided to go with my plan without hesitation.

After a few drinks with my friends, (back then we didn’t have a legal drinking age in Manila, if you can pay for the drinks then you may consume as much as you want) I decided to bid my goodbyes and head off to the great unknown, alone. From our usual hang-out, I had to walk a kilometer or two to get to a spot in Malate wherein there was a park with a large fountain in the middle. I heard stories that if I wanted to hire a prostitute then this is the place that it would be easiest to get one.

I stayed by the fountain for about half an hour and I could not distinguish a normal park visitor from a girl for hire. I was so new at this and was starting to get butterflies in my stomach. I decided to leave the fountain and head off and try my luck along the side streets. It was getting late and the darkness started to blanket the streets this did not scare me though.

As I walking a man on a pedicab, (sort of like a bicycle with a covered sidecar) called out to me. He was dressed in a torn shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He wore a pair of sunglasses at night which was the norm, more like a Filipino thing. He called out to me, “Hey kid, want a ride?” I was losing hope of finding a prostitute in that area and the idea of going home was beginning to sound good for me. So I decided to say yes to his offer and have a ride in his pedicab to the nearest train station.

As I was riding his pedicab, he asked me about what I was doing there alone since I didn’t look like a local in the area. So I proceeded to tell him my plan of losing my virginity. He laughed and said that he was actually a pimp and was only doing the pedicab gig on slow days. He informed me that the prostitutes who come to the fountain area are actually veterans and don’t have to go through pimps. They were also in the business for a very long time and thus they don’t have good hygiene, most probably a loose pussy and saggy tits and also kartal kendi evi olan escort would cater more for the foreigner market and the mature market. He also warned me that most of the time they would do everything to try to swindle, rob their clients, who were mostly foreigners.

My pedicab driver and now pimp stopped pedaling in front of a squatter compound. Houses upon houses stacked up together made out of thin wood and iron sheets. He told me to wait for him and I did. The people who were outside the compound looked at me with a stare that seemed like I was not the first one to be in that area with the same situation; It was like this sort of situation was a normal day-in day-out thing for them. After a few minutes he came out with a girl in hand.

She looked young, early twenties, shoulder length hair, brunette (like most Filipinas), she was shorter than me by about five inches and she had ample breasts and nice butt. She had a small tummy, not flat nor big either. She wore a tight shirt and jeans, she was wearing flip-flops. When she saw that I was young she immediately gave me a warm smile. She sat down beside me inside the pedicab.

We did not talk to each other on the way to our next stop which was the motel only a few hundred meters from her pick-up point. During the ride to the motel, my pimp was talking to me regarding the prices. He said that an “All-the-way” would cost 2000 pesos and a tip of 500 pesos for all his troubles. I had to pay the tip upfront and the rest would be paid to the girl when we were inside the motel room. I agreed and forked out the money.

As I entered the motel, I had my arm around my girl’s waist. I paid the front desk staff my room charge and we then proceeded to the room. Up to this point we did not talk to each other yet. I was thinking to myself that, “It was finally going to happen!”

Once inside the room, I mustered all my courage and started to talk to this woman. I asked, “So, what’s your name?” She said her name was “Boogie”. I thought that it was a fake name but I did not care much at that point. I said that my name was Miguel. She began to remove her clothes, not in a sexy way, just removing them until she was in her bra and panties. Her underwear did not match; she had white panties on and a pink bra which was not sexy like the ones I saw in porn. To my surprise, she started to take my clothes off starting with my shirt, pants and underwear and shoes, socks. I was naked in front of this woman. I was so happy! Not to mention that my erection was at its hardest ever!

She said to me, “You don’t look like a local.” I told her that I was of mixed race, my mother being half Chinese and half Filipino and my father was part Spanish and part Pakistani. I totally looked different. She also said, “So, that’s why your cock is way bigger than anyone I’ve been with.” And then she opened up to me that this was only her second time to have sex with a stranger and that she really needed the money also that she was twenty two years of age. All this time she was holding my cock in her hand. I kidded with her about having just a bra not much breasts inside them, we both laughed and she informed me that she had C cups. She then removed her bra and panties and decided to join me in the nude.

Her breasts looked great, no sag, with perky nipples which were pinkish in color and her areolas were small of the same shade. She had a trim bush that looked inviting. Aside from her bush and the hair on her head she was completely bare and smooth; her skin was of a light brown skin tone. She took my hands and made me cup her breasts. She was facing away from me and my cock was between her ass cheeks. We walked towards escort kartal bayanlar the shower in this position. In the shower she proceeded to wash my body with the hot water and the soap provided, paying special attention to my cock. She said to me, “Your cock is large for a young boy! I may have trouble with it so it needs to be extra clean.” Music to my ears, since I always fancied having a larger cock like those I watched in porn. My cock was a mere 6 inches and only about 4 inches in girth with a slight curve to the left.

She turned away from me and started to clean herself with the soap. I took the soap from her hand and lathered it up. I then proceeded to rub my soapy hands on her breasts and started pinching her nipples which by now were erect. I rolled them between my fingers and started to lick her ears, making sure that she would be able to hear my heavy breathing. It sort of came naturally. I never thought it would be like that for my first time. She kneeled down facing my cock and washed away the soap with the water coming from the shower. Once she was sure that all the soap was gone. She kissed the tip of my cock and also licked the length of it a few times up and down.

After the shower she started to take control of the whole situation which was fine by me since I didn’t know jack shit about this. She made me lie down on the bed after we dried each other with the towels.

She climbed on the bed and made me spread my legs wide. She started giving me a blowjob which was really good. She would lick my balls all the way up to my tip and would suck on the head a few times before repeating the action. Her hands were resting on my hips the whole time. At one instance though she started to suck on my ball sack and was jacking me off. She then proceeded to change position. From being between my legs she then moved to my side so that I would be able to play with her pussy while she was busy sucking my cock. It wasn’t sloppy like that of porn but based on her moans and twitches she looked and sounded like she was enjoying my cock and my fingers which were giving much attention to her.

She was already wet and at this time I was inserting a finger inside her pussy. I tried pushing another finger inside but I felt her pussy tightening around my finger and she shuddered violently. She didn’t scream or moaned loudly, she sort of kept quiet during her orgasm. At that time I still didn’t know that women could have an orgasm by so little penetration.

After coming like she did, she stopped and looked at me. “Would it be okay if we put a condom on because I already taste your precum”? I said that I was planning to have sex with her without a condom if it was okay with her. She agreed but she said that she wanted an extra 500 pesos for it. I agreed with her terms; I was too excited to even haggle with this woman.

She then got on top of me cowgirl position. My cock was all wet from her saliva and her pussy was also wet from her juices which were dripping from her pussy which by the way had brownish outer lips and reddish inner lips. She took my cock in hand and proceeded to guide its way inside her delicious pussy.

As my cock head entered her she let out a long moan of approval. It felt warm and wet. She paused half way to get accustomed to my size and after a few seconds she sat down on my cock completely accompanied by an even longer moan. In my mind I was congratulating myself! I was no longer a virgin! And I loved the feeling. She took my hands and placed it on her breasts. I started to massage her as she rode on top of me. Her eyes closed and her mouth open, she was beautiful.

After a few minutes of this she stopped and without taking kartal olgun escort my cock out, she turned herself backward. I now had a view of her ass as she was riding my cock up and down. I massaged her ass with my hands and gave her light taps on each cheek. “Spank me harder!” She shouted at me. I did as I was told, the sound of my spank echoed in the room. She seemed to really enjoy herself! After a few minutes of this she suddenly stopped and started shaking on top of me. She came again.

She lifted away from my cock and lay down beside me. She said that she was very sorry and that her pussy was starting to get sore. She asked if it was okay if she just finished me of by giving me a hand job. Maybe I was still naïve at that point so I said yes to her request. She was half on top of me, my left leg between her legs and her left hand was jacking me off. I told her to alternate sucking my nipples and licking my ears, she did without any hesitation. After about half an hour of this I felt like I was going to explode.

I told her this and she stopped what she was doing and told me that she would get me a towel. I did not let her do that and instead got my cock in my hand started to jack myself of aimed at her face. She did not want to be splattered on her face and just decided to take my cum in her mouth which was a first for both of us. It felt really good being able to unload inside her mouth! As soon as I finished depositing my seed inside her mouth she spat it out. She said that I erupted so much that she had to swallow a little bit.

We lay down on the bed for a few minutes to get some rest as she said that she couldn’t stand up just yet due to cramping of her legs. I tried to kiss her on the lips but she stopped me and told me that kissing was not allowed and that she reserves that kind of action for someone else. I understood that it was something that was special and was not easily bought. So we stayed beside each other while she kept on caressing my cock. My cock was rock hard a few moments later. She asked me if I was up for round two and I said yes.

It was my turn to be on top now. I asked her to lie flat on her back and spread her legs. She did and then I knelt in between her legs and started to push my cock inside her pussy. It was a bit harder to enter her now since there was not enough lubrication. After a few thrusts though I was finally able to enter her tight pussy fully once again. I kept on pumping my cock in and out of her until I got tired.

She then asked me, “Could you please fuck me doggy style?” She said that that was her favorite position. I said okay so I stood on the floor at the foot of the bed and she went on all fours, presenting me with her beautiful ass and pussy. With her arched back it was easier for me to enter her pussy which by this time was starting to get more lubricated. She was meeting each of my thrusts by pushing back at my cock. It was a joy to see this woman enjoying the pounding that I was giving her and after a few more minutes of this assault to her pussy she came again. I then paused for a moment and bent down to reach for her flip-flops and used that to spank her ass while I continued fucking her pussy. She really enjoyed it! I only stopped spanking her when I was nearing the point of release.

I pulled out and told her to take my cock in her mouth once again. Once she did, the warmth of her mouth on my cock was enough to make me explode inside her. At this time though she swallowed my seed without hesitation and she opened her mouth to show me that it was all gone. What a way to cap this night of many firsts.

After washing up a bit, I helped her put her clothes back on and copped a feel for good measure here and there. I paid her the money I owed her and slapped her ass a few more times. She said thank you and gave me her mobile number so that in case I get horny again, I could call her directly. We exited the motel together and said our goodbyes.

On my cab ride going back home I was satisfied. I was smiling from ear to ear, happy and contented. I’m not a virgin anymore… I’m now addicted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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