Base Desires

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Having spent the better part of two days with an erection, anticipating and dreaming of this rendezvous, I was surprised that my cock now hung limp. I was nervous over the encounter, and surprised over how I could no longer bring myself to fantasize about something that was so close at hand. All I could think about throughout the morning was the process I needed to work through: get the money in an envelope, clear the calendar for several hours around lunch, phone the woman using the disposable phone purchased earlier in the week, find out where I needed to drive. Simple things that today felt weightier.

Despite my anxiety, I executed all tasks and now sat in the parking lot of some decrepit strip mall. From here I was to phone the woman for the exact address. My heart pounded in my chest while the phone rang. When she finally answered, after at least five rings, I found my mouth dry and had a difficult time speaking. Thankfully, her voice was sweet and engaging. I had seen her pictures before, but never heard her voice. The sound of her voice and the clear instructions settled my frayed nerves. I was feeling good about my choice.

Having driven the short distance from the strip mall to the provided address, I parked my car along the curb and drew a sharp breath. I had arrived. After ensuring I had everything I needed, I exited the car and tried to walk casually to the door of the residential home. Surely, other men had made this walk; any busybodies around who saw me knew exactly why I was in their neighborhood. A brief tinge of shame rippled through my stomach. I did not see any people, but felt like eyes were boring on me from every window.

Thankfully, before I could reach the door it opened. Eager to get away from prying eyes, I practically dove into the home, unsure of the proper protocol. The woman, who had been standing behind the door, slowly closed the door and smiled. She could tell I was nervous and it must have amused her in some way.

While she closed the door, I took a moment to drink in the look of the woman. Ordinarily, in public, I would be careful not to ogle a woman so obviously, but not now. That’s why I was there, to give myself over to the thrall of what many would refer to as base desires. The woman was beautiful in so many of the ways I found alluring.

She wore a too tight shirt that barely covered her ample breasts. The shirt was old and threadbare, erect nipples were visible through the fabric, straining to poke through. A short, schoolgirl type skirt sat low on her curvaceous hips. Following the waistline around her flat abdomen, my eyes were drawn to where the beginnings of the lines that would become her inner thigh were visible above the waistline. I so much wanted to follow the lines to where they met at what I imagined was an exquisite pussy, but for that I would have to wait.

The skirt barely covered a round, ample bottom that gave way to long and shapely legs. So many times when I fantasized about this day, I thought of those legs wrapped around me. Letting my eyes move back up the woman’s body, I stopped when I made eye contact. She had closed the door and still wore a hint of a smile. Her lips were done up in the brightest red lipstick I could imagine, and her eye make-up was applied heavily. I started to say something, but before I could she crossed the small room and wrapped her arms around me, drawing me in to an embrace. “I’m glad you’re here,” she whispered softly in my ear. “Did you have much trouble finding the place?”

“No, it was easy,” I replied. “Traffic is light.” My hands were moving up and down here back. She was warm and her skin soft. Before I could say more she kissed me on the lips, a long lingering kiss that eased any remaining nervousness.

“Should I show you my place?” she said, before kissing me again.

“Please, lead the way,” I replied, now with my hands grasping her firm bottom.

“Follow me then,” she said before breaking the embrace and motioning for me to follow her to the stairs. I placed my envelope with the money on a nearby table and followed. Up the steps we went. With each step the skirt swished, giving me brief glimpse of her perfect bottom. I strained to see more, but with each step the skirt teasingly swished again.

She led me to a simple room with both a bed and a couch. A bathroom adjoined the room. “How shall we begin?” she said after she crossed to the couch and turned to face me.

“I’m definitely feeling overdressed,” I replied. “Help me get out of all this.”

“Certainly, have a seat,” she gestured to the couch. I did as she instructed and she knelt on the ground to untie my shows. “Are you looking at me?” she said in a demure tone.

“Yes, as much as I can,” I replied.

“What do you like?”

“A great deal. At the moment I’m taking in your breasts. They’re amazing. That half shirt can barely contain them.”

“Thank you,” she replied as she stood up. Having removed my shoes, she walked them over to the wall where she slowly bent over to place them. The bend completely almanbahis exposed her perfect bottom and the small panties she wore. “Now stand up.”

I stood, and she knelt down to work my belt buckle. “I see something is working right,” she said, referring to the wet spot of visible pre-cum on my underwear. After pushing my pants and underwear down, she folded the clothing and placed them on top of my shoes, bending again in a way that made my cock further stiffen.

With only my shirt to go, she stood close to me so that her thigh pressed against my exposed cock. Her skin felt cool compared to the heat radiating from my engorged cock. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt, she let her thigh rub against my cock. Thankfully, there were not many buttons on my shirt or I might have lost my load to her thigh. This woman had me charged.

Having removed and folded my shirt, she embraced me and gave me another lingering kiss before pushing me down on the couch. Once I was seated, she wriggled the small panties down her legs. “You really want my pussy don’t you?” she smiled.


“Good,” she said while she slid her right knee between my legs and pressed it against my cock. Drawing her body close to mine, she took the panties in her hand and pressed them firmly against my nose. I inhaled deeply and let out a whimper of ecstasy. The musty aroma of the woman’s pussy filled my nostrils. “I’ve been wearing those for the past day or so. I worked out in them this morning. Do they smell good?” I nodded. “Still think you want to fuck me?” I nodded again. “Here, I’m going to put these over your head and around your neck. They’re there for your pleasure.”

“Thank you,” I replied, drawing in another deep breath.

“How about a taste?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

I started to move my head toward her pussy, but she pushed me back. “Easy, if you’re good, I’ll let you down there. For now, just a taste.” She put her hands under her skirt and began massaging her pussy, just inches from my face, her leg still firmly against my leaky cock. After a short while, she pulled her moist fingers out and placed them in my mouth. The sweet taste was such a tease, what with the now wet pussy so tantalizingly close. She could sense my frustration, and once her fingers were clean she forcefully pulled my head to her pussy so that that my nose and lips were buried in the mound.

I breathed in the scent and started to lick wildly until she again pushed my head back. “Enough for now,” she said. Standing up, she pulled off the barely there shirt and the short skirt. She motioned for me to stay seated, then moved off to the bathroom. I was momentarily confused, but she returned shortly with a bottle of baby oil. Standing before me, her feet wide apart, she drizzled baby oil on her chest and began rubbing it on her breasts.

“I really like the oil,” I said. “It makes you glisten.”

“Do you want to rub it on me?”

“Yes.” She straddled me and handed over the bottle of oil. I drizzled an ample amount and eagerly massaged it over her breasts and abdomen. I paid particular attention to the nipples, rubbing my thumbs across them in a way that she enjoyed.

“Do you want to apply oil to anything else?”

“How about your bottom?”

“Great idea. Here, let me make it easier for you.” The woman maneuvered to her hands and knees and took a position where she was perpendicular to me on the couch, with one leg behind my back and the other under my legs. Her exquisite bottom was in the air, level with my face and eager hands. I went to work immediately, squirting a generous portion of oil on her bottom and rubbing the gorgeous curves. While I worked her bottom, the woman massaged her breasts with one of her free hands. “Are you feeling good and sexy yet,” she asked.

“I feel incredible.”

“Good, let’s take that cock out for a ride. Stand up.” We both stood, I couldn’t take my eyes off her glistening tits and ass. Pressing her oily body against mine, she greedily kissed my lips and neck, running her hands over my body, giving my cock and balls playful tugs. After a short while, she worked her way down my body until she was on her knees, my cock in her face.

Slowly, she worked my cock with her hands. I looked down longingly, hoping to have those bright red lips wrapped around my shaft. As if reading my mind, she flashed a sly smile before greedily engulfing my cock with her mouth. I moaned low as ripples of pleasure went down my spine. Looking down, I observed as my cock slid between her lips. She paused to catch her breath, letting saliva from her mouth drool over my cock. Before placing it back in her mouth, she ran her tongue up and down my cock, smearing saliva and lipstick over her face. She was so beautiful.

When she resumed stroke, I knew I was not going to make it much longer. “You’re going to make me cum,” I gasped.

“That’s the idea, she said, again running her tongue on my cock, before rubbing the dripping wet shaft on the left and right side of her face. The visual alone was practically bringing almanbahis giriş on an orgasm.

“OK, I’m going to tell you when I’m about to cum. You decide how you’re going to take it. Either you swallow the load, give yourself a facial, or put it between your oily tits and let me cum there.” She said nothing, only wrapped her lips around my throbbing shaft and went to work harder than before. I could feel the rippling sensation of an orgasm coming on. “I’m going to cum!”

Releasing my cock from her lips, she grasped it with her hand and pumped vigorously. Within a moment, my orgasm came and cum exploded from my cock, landing in three voluminous streams across her forehead, nose, and cheeks. Weak and panting, I dropped to my knees and gazed at the exquisite form in front of me. The smeared makeup, the glistening cum and oils, she was sublime.

“Did I make a good choice?” she asked after a while.

“Yes, oh yes.”

“Can you do something for me now?”

“Name it.”

“I want you to clean all of this cum off me…with your mouth. Suck it into your mouth, but don’t swallow it. Just hold it there and I’ll tell you what to do next.” Without hesitation, I bolted upright and moved close to her cum spattered face. I had never put my own cum in my mouth before, or anyone’s for that matter, but I felt such a strong desire to please this woman. In the moment, her request seemed perfectly natural.

Slowly, I placed my lips on the cum and began sucking it into my mouth. I was worried that I would not like the taste but was surprised to find that it did not really have a taste at all. It was difficult to get all of the cum in my mouth without swallowing, but I managed after a short while. Pulling away from the woman, I nodded to let her know I was finished.

“Thank you,” she said. “Do you know what snowballing is?” I shook my head no, unable to speak. Kiss me, and when you do, transfer the cum to my mouth. Then I’ll do the same to you, back-and-forth. With each swap, the liquid becomes more voluminous because our saliva will add to it, hence, snowballing.” She did not need to explain it to me a second time, my right arm forcefully pulled her waist toward me while my left hand pulled her hair to maneuver her head into position. Our lips met, her mouth opened, and I pushed the cum from my mouth to hers. She pulled her head back and opened her mouth, teasingly rolling her tongue in my cum.

After a few moments, she aggressively kissed me, but was careful to return all of the cum to my mouth. We continued on like this for a couple more iterations, the snowball becoming increasingly voluminous. On what would have been the third transfer, the woman stopped trying to transfer the snowball. She kissed me deeply and the cum ran down our chins. What I did get in my mouth, I swallowed. We stopped kissing and broke our embrace. Cum had run down her chin and dribbled on her breasts. I was in awe over this magnificent form.

“You like cum play, I had a feeling,” she said.

“I guess so, I’ve never done anything like that before,” I replied. “That was incredibly hot. I can’t even describe how beautiful you look right now.”

“Thank you. I’m going to towel this cum off me and then I’m going to lie down on the bed. Why don’t you clean yourself up too, grab a drink if you want, then come give me a massage?”

“OK,” I replied. She stood and stretched before turning and walking toward the bathroom.

“I’ll be out of this bathroom in a moment. If you’re thirsty, there is a refrigerator down stairs with some cold drinks in it. There is also an open bottle of wine, can you pour me a glass?”

“Certainly,” I answered before standing up and walking toward the steps that led to the downstairs. I found the kitchen with the refrigerator easily. Before fixing drinks, I found some paper towels and wiped the cum from chin and chest. I was glad there was not a mirror nearby. Opening the fridge, I grabbed a beer and the opened bottle of wine. I did not see any wine glasses in the open, but found something suitable in the second cabinet I searched. With the drinks in hand, I returned to the upstairs bedroom.

The woman was sitting on the bed, her back resting against the headboard, her long legs spread in front of her. “Your wine,” I said, extending the glass.

“Thank you,” she answered, accepting the offered glass. “Do you know how to give a massage?”

“I do.”

“Great, I could use a good one. I’ll flip over. There’s a jar of coconut oil on the nightstand. I know it’s solid, but if you scoop some out the heat from your hands will melt it.” I waited for her to get on her stomach before I straddled her bottom. It felt good to let my cock and balls rest in the ample curves of her bottom, sticky from the baby oil applied earlier. Leaning forward, I let my chest touch her back and pushed her hair to the side so I could put my nose and mouth against her neck. The smell of her skin, mixed with the smell from the panties around my neck, was intoxicating.

I ran my nose along her neck, shoulders, canlı bahis siteleri and arms; breathing deep the smell of a goddess I wanted to remember forever. After a while, I remembered that I was supposed to be providing a massage. I pulled myself upright and reached for the jar of coconut oil. As the woman mentioned, the oil was a solid, but melted quickly in my hands.

For several minutes, I massaged her shoulders arms and back. We made some small talk. I was uncomfortable talking about my vanilla life, but had no problem opening up about some of my other off the grid sexual liaisons. There were not any people in my life I could share that side of me with, and it felt oddly liberating to bare that side to someone who was practically a perfect stranger.

Finishing up her back, I was delighted to find that my erection had returned. I moved from my position straddling her bottom so I could massage that area. Scooping additional coconut oil, I turned to find that the woman was no longer lying flat, but had posted her behind up a bit. This small movement had the glorious effect of tightening the muscles in her bottom and exposing her pussy. Seized by lust, I moved behind the woman and eagerly groped and rubbed the curves and crevices of her presented bottom. Oil ran down the crevice of her behind and dripped from her pussy to the bed. The visual of the glistening curves and the dripping pussy was a sensory overload.

“You seem like you don’t know what to do next,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“The massage was great, but now I want you to slip a finger between my lips and give my clit some attention.” Gasping at the explicit instruction, I did as instructed, slowly pushing a finger into the pink folds of her inviting pussy. Her lubrication built quickly as I gently massaged the area around her clit and began to insert my fingers in her vagina. “You want to go down on me, don’t you?”

“From the moment I walked in the door,” I exclaimed.

“I want to cum,” she said while pulling herself up and turning over. “Can you make me cum with your mouth?”


“I hope you’re not going to be shy about it. I don’t like men who dabble.” She propped herself up on the pillows and spread her legs wide. Saying nothing, I got down on my stomach and put her legs over my shoulders. She drew my head in with her legs and I buried my mouth and nose in her mound. I sat there for a moment, enjoying my enviable position. After enjoying the taste and smell, I pulled my head back and began to kiss and lick her inner thigh and the outer areas of her pussy. I wanted nothing more than to dive in, but this was a moment I wanted to savor. There was no need to rush.

Looking up at the woman, I saw her scoop some coconut oil from the jar. Flashing a devilish smile, she melted the generous amount of oil in her hands and let it run over her breasts. Once the oil was melted, she began a slow, provocative massage of her breasts and nipples. I could no longer hold myself back, I pushed my nose and mouth into her pussy and began to slowly move my tongue from the bottom to the top. When I felt her skin becoming warmer and perspiration form, I inserted a finger to stimulate her g-spot.

Her perspiration and breathing building, I knew her orgasm was not far off. I kept up my steady, light pressured tongue motion and thoroughly enjoyed watching this magnificent woman become aroused. The moaning and the writhing, the increased pressure of her legs around my head, all told me the degree to which she enjoyed the moment. That’s why I was shocked when she pushed my head back with her hand and released her legs. “You want me to stop?” I said.

“No, but I need to change position. “I’m very much enjoying this, but…this will sound funny…I like having my ass in the air when I cum. It’s just a weird thing…”

“OK, show me.” The woman directed me to sit where she previously sat, with my legs out on the bed. Once I was in position, she straddled my body with her back to me and got down on all fours. Her bottom was level with my head.

“Do you understand what to do?”

“Yes, I think so,” I replied.

“I’m going to back up so that my pussy is in your face. I love the slow tongue action you were providing, but I cum hardest when my clit gets sucked. Can you do that?”


“Good. This position has the added benefit for you that I can play with your cock.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” No sooner had I finished those words than the woman backed her pussy into my face and I started to suck her clit. At first she sloppily licked and kissed my cock, but as her arousal increased, she could only put her lips on it and breathe heavily. I loved this new position. Her panting and drooling over my cock as I brought her to climax was a new level of eroticism for me.

After several minutes of clit sucking, the woman’s body tensed and I could feel her orgasm coming. I maintained my gentle pressure on her clit, and in a short while her body shook with deep orgasm. Spent, the woman lowered her body on to mine. I could still feel her heavy breathing against my cock, and now I could feel the pounding of her heart. Her dripping wet pussy sat resting on my chest, inches from face. Neither of us spoke for several minutes.

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