Barriers Ch. 05

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Authors Notes: HOLY EXPOSITION BATMAN. This one’s gonna be told from Jon’s point of view and it’s a long one so buckle in and be ready to remember everything, there’s a quiz at the end.


“We need to talk before I leave.”

“Like hell we do, enjoy dealing with his Mood Swings.”

“I’m done trying to fight, he’s too sensitive for it.”

“What, are we his parents now?”

“No, he’s literally never had parents that’s why he’s so fucked up.”

“Not my problem. I’m at the gym with Mark. Pce.”

Jenna fucking Peterson. This girl has been nothing but a pain in my ass. I knew even if I came back and Jason was mine that Jenna would do everything in her power to make him second guess it. I wanted to see this through I needed to confront her and get all this bullshit out of the way.

Originally it had been a dare pretty much. We had gotten detention from coach for horsing around during his history class and Kenny Wilker caught me staring at Jason.

“Whatcha looking at buddy?” Kenny shoved me to snap me out of my trance. Jesse was about 150 off solid muscle with a height around 6 and a half feet. He always had his brown hair short so he could have his snapback flipped. His acne problem kept the ladies at bay but he didn’t seem concerned. He constantly assured me he didn’t want to be in a relationship or hooking up with anyone, said it would throw off his practice. He was too busy ribbing me about my sex life anyways.

Kenny was the first guy to ever know I was into dudes; it was towards the end of freshman year when I started hooking up with someone from the volleyball team and I figured he needed to hear it from me. When I tell you that Kenny was my brother, I mean it. He had my back on and off the court. Thanks to his insane defensive game I was able to find places to be aggressive. He always says my insane play got us to finals last season but I couldn’t have done it without him. We were brothers.

“Nothing.” I put my head down and stared straight ahead to avoid the ribbing I was about to get.

“Jason Andrews huh? You want the bad boy? The rebel? I didn’t even think he was your type Johnny Boy.” Ken nudged one of our buddies and they all started laughing

“Ken shut up I was just lookin in that direction.” I looked back at Jason. I liked them thin because of my height and Jason could stand to eat more. It really was more of a lazy stare than anything serious, but he was pretty cute.

“Yeah you’re right man, Jason would say no anyways.”

“How do you know?” My pride. That’s always seemed to be what got me in trouble. I knew Ken was baiting me here and we both knew it.

“You? Jason? He would never let a Jock like you anywhere near him let alone go on a date with him.” Ken kicked back knowing exactly what was coming next. “You’re right man you wouldn’t stand a chance anyways.”

“Like hell I don’t. Watch a master.” Fucking Ken wasn’t going to tell me who’s out of my league.

I had seen Jason a lot honestly, we were in the same classes because I was so obsessed with Basketball and he just didn’t give a fuck. He was always disrupting the class or making some girl who looked at him funny cry for some reason. I found his disruptions funny. His straight black hair looked so soft as it hung in front of his pale face. His signature black hoodie enveloped his thin body. He was engrossed in some history assignment. Knowing his studying habits, he was probably only doing the assignment to scrape by. It was easy to get and hold his attention, I had to prove stupid Wilker right and Once I had my date, I hopped out of my seat walked back victorious.

“You’re so easy to bait dude.” Ken was smiling wide. Yeah, he got me, but I couldn’t have cared less because I knew I still had it. “I knew you were looking over at emo boy over there. He was definitely checking out your ass as you grabbed his notebook.”

“So what if I was? He’s actually pretty cute.”

“Where you taking him Johnny boy? Gonna take him to Burger King and bang him like you did with Tina Chen last week?” This elicited some chortling from the peanut gallery. My reputation as a man whore wasn’t exactly a secret and with twice the number of possible partners, I always had options.

“Nah man, Jason wouldn’t go for that shit.” I looked back over. He was scratching his head in frustration over some paragraph he canlı bahis didn’t understand. “He definitely not the type to just put out immediately. I have to play this one slow, it’s been quite some time since I had a challenge.”

“Well wowee boys, Johnny actually likes the guy. I give him a week tops.” They started taking bets, someone was saying the date wouldn’t even happen.

The few months of the semester we had before he left for the summer were great. When I wasn’t busy with basketball or the restaurant I would hang out with Jason. I really got to know Jason, how he dreamed about being a cafe owner, how he can talk about how music makes him feel for hours without getting bored. He showed me the depth of his music tastes, introducing me to a bunch of House and Trance artists that fill my playlists now. He turned into a really vibrant guy when you had him talking about something he loved.

I was able to talk to him about the worst day of my life. The day I lost my dad to a decade long fight to cancer. My mom, bless her soul quickly took over the family business but it meant that I was going to have to inherit it far sooner than I thought I would. It’s pretty hard to not be bitter about the situation but my mom and uncle really made sure I didn’t have to be around too much right now. They told me that following in my dad’s footsteps and going to OSU would be exactly what he wanted.

It stung a lot when he left. There was no goodbye, no hug, no text, he just left the same day school let out. I mean I knew that we weren’t anything special, but I didn’t think I meant so little to him that he would up and vanish and not tell me. It felt like such a waste of time, so I hit up the boys and told them to find a spot to get hammered and drown my misery.

I don’t even remember who’s house we ended up at, who bought the liquor, and how I got so trashed so quickly. All I remember is making out with Veronica Lopez in the master bedroom, Veronica was a notoriously great kisser, and you can bet those oral talents translated into one hell of a blowup. I felt like I was back, good ol Johnny Han back to his old ways, but as soon as I climaxed this massive wave of regret washed over me. I looked down at Veronica with her eyes closed completely exposed and vulnerable and felt disgusted with myself.

I threw on everything I could and rushed down the stairs and out to the backyard. Why did I do this? What would Jason think? What if he didn’t want to talk to me every again. This will get back to Jenna. It all felt awful and I regretted every second of it.

“Bro how was Veronica?” Ken was standing in the doorway behind me with his eyebrow raised feeling quite smug. “I told you she would be all over you as soon as you made yourself available.”

“Not now asshole.” I scrambled through my phone with the hopes that Jason had an international plan. “I shouldn’t be doing this right now FUCK!” Immediately to voicemail.

“Bro you good?” He wandered over to the bench near me. “Who you trying to call? Jason? It’s probably another 5 hours before he even lands.”

“I’ve made a mistake man…Jenna’s gonna find out and he’s gonna be mad and…”

“Jason won’t care.” Ken hit his vape as he pat me on the back

“How do you know?”

“Dude, you aren’t an item and he doesn’t even want to be your boyfriend. I’m surprised you stuck around this long.” He stared off into the forest behind whatever house we were occupying. “You’re doing that thing that girls do to you. The whole assuming the relationship thing.”

Ken was too smart for his own good. It sucked hearing exactly what I needed to hear. Despite my best efforts Jason and I weren’t anything past friends. I looked back down at my phone, with nothing better to do except sulk about my poor decisions.

“Sucks being on the other end huh?” Ken chuckled “My boy Johnny Han has fallen for a dude.”

“Shut the fuck up Ken I don’t need the peanut gallery right now.” I sat on the bench and brought my arms behind my back. “I don’t even know what I’m thinking.”

“Well here’s how I see it, either you wait for Jason to come home from fancy land or you have one hell of a summer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must see a man about a beer. See you inside champ.” With that Ken left me along with my thoughts.

I think what excited me so much was the chase. Jason just wasn’t intimidated by bahis siteleri me in the slightest and he always had me on his toes. Most importantly he didn’t concede any part of him to please me, way too many people just give up who they are in high school to fit in. His smile whenever he managed to annoy me was what got me up in the morning. I never thought I’d feel like this about someone, let alone a guy like Jason. That was when I made the decision to swear off hookups.

Houston was definitely working out at the school gym. We had just gotten a brand-new setup and athletes got first dibs. That meant Jenna was there as it was pretty much my only shot of having enough time to hash things out. Sure enough though the window I was able to see Mark Houston doing Flys with Jenna right by his side.

I wasted absolutely no time getting their attention through the window. Jenna looked like she was going to rip my head off and Mark was already talking her down before she even came outside.

“Babe. Babe I seriously think…”

“YOU STALKING PIECE OF FUCKING GARBAGE” Jenna must have been high off Pre-workout because she was never this vibrant “WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”


“So what you come here for my blessing? I gave that to you already when I wished you luck with his fucking mood swings.”

“No Jenna I’m fucking here to settle all this bullshit between us. I just want to know why you hate me so much and how we can move on.”

“Not happening, don’t need to explain myself to a sleaze ball who fucks girls the second the person they’re interested in isn’t in the picture.”

“How many times must I tell you that was a MISTAKE? I am sorry.” She just couldn’t let something that happened 3 months ago die.

“Like I give a fuck. Who knows when you’ll give into temptation again? This is a waste of my fucking time; Marky let’s get back to work….” She tried to walk back into the gym, but Mark just stood there nervously as if he needed to spit something out.

“Uhh……Jenna……” He scratched his right arm and he tried to find the words “I think Johnny’s really good for Justin….”

“You WHAT? Mark what the actual fuck are you…”

“Hear me out please.” It seemed like Mark had finally found where he had placed his balls, ” Jon Han has literally always smashed and dashed in my history of knowing anything about the guy. If it took more than a day to get with someone, he wasn’t interested. This time it’s different, Jon has been around longer than I’ve been with you and hasn’t expected anything in return.” His eyes wandered knowing he was going to be chewed out for this as soon as I left. “Maybe…I don’t know….and this is all up to you of course…let Jason try this and be there if he screws up?” He shrugged and flinched expecting Jenna to maul him to death.

I stood there dumbfounded. The one person in the world that Jason hated was advocating for me at this very moment and it might have worked.

“You WHAT?” Jenna just kept screaming. I was afraid the front desk attendants were going to come out soon to see what was going on “You’re TAKING HIS SIDE? After all the stupid fucking shit I did to help you, you have the nerve to say that he’s not a piece of shit?”

“I just want whats best for everyone involved.”

“And you actually think this SLEAZEBAG is good for my best friend?”

“Yes I do.”

“I’m fucking done. I’m done with YOU and YOU and I’m especially done with this shitty conversation where everyone claims I’m this fucking awful person only hurting my friend when all I want is to protect him” Jenna sounded like she was ready to cry out of pure frustration. This was standard honestly; she was known for her well timed crocodile tears.

“Babe you can break up with me if you want but I’m done being a coward.” Mark became more dejected as he continued to talk, he was clearly ashamed of his past actions and hated even talking about them. “I originally wanted to just get on your good side but like…”

“Like what Mark? Like it’s MY fault he’s so messed up? OH NO WAIT THATS YOU AND YOUR STUPID FRIENDS.” You could really tell how unhinged she had become about this entire ordeal, just lashing out at anything she could reach. “You know what. Fine. Go on your stupid fucking trip, fuck bahis şirketleri the shit out of him for all I care. When you hurt him like you inevitably will I’ll come back and clean up the stupid pieces!” She slammed the door open and marched in.

“Sorry about that.” Mark shook his head. “I’ve kinda been following her lead in trying to figure out how to make it up to Jake but she’s definitely being irrational here.”

“Look man I don’t care. I don’t know if I even trust you after what we did when we were younger.”

“I get it, I really do.” Mark turned around, super out of character for a guy who has it all. Houston was a guy you could tell was just destined for greatness. Insane grades, insane looks, captain of the soccer team, he literally had it all and wasn’t usually this shy or dejected. You could tell this was really bothering him. “There isn’t much I can do or say that will make this situation any better so just enjoy your weekend alright?”

“Thanks man, I’m not gonna hurt him I swear.”

“If you could…” I knew what he was gonna ask, there’s no way I was in any position to help Mark despite how much he had just helped me.

“Mark…what you did was really fucked up.”

“Yeah you’re right. What was I even thinking? Sorry. I’m gonna go calm down Jenna before she makes some employee cry. Have a good time.” He never once looked back. Damn was seeing Mark Houston sad something else.

I looked at my phone, it had already been a little over an hour and that meant that Suzy was definitely done with Jason. She was probably giving him the third degree about anything she could get him to squirm about. I guess it was time to go check on them.

As I got in the car, I activated Siri.

“Call Dingus” It was a total of 10 rings before my call was answered.

“How’d you fuck it up already Johnny?” Kenny sounded like he was stuffing his face. “Do you need me to come hug you and make you feel better?”

“You’re hilarious. I was calling to tell you how it went with Jenna.”

“You’re alive? I thought she would have torn your balls off if you got anywhere near her.”

“Yeah, she might have but Houston vouched for me for some reason and instead she flipped out on him. I’m still hella confused.”

“Mark Houston, the guy who-“

“Yes Ken let’s not talk about it again it happened over 7 years ago at this point.”

“I’m just saying you do what he did to Jason and you’d think he would even acknowledge Jason’s existence.”

“We’ve talked about this a million times can we get back on topic?”

“Alright Johnny don’t get all pissy now.” He took a large chug of what I imagine was water before continuing. “Is Suzy done with him yet?”

“I’m gonna find out now. She’s probably getting gossip out of him to tell my stupid sister.”

“Karen Han hoo boy.” Ken loved to talk about how much he wanted to get with my sister even though she was 3 years older and already graduating college via an accelerated program.

“Can you fucking not? I swear you Jesse you have the attention span of a cockroach.”

“Ok lemme make this easy. Do you have the reservation?”


“Did you book that steakhouse like I told you to?”


“Did you get the tickets for the show?”


“Well then bucko, just turn on the ol razzle dazzle and Jason should be yours by the end of the weekend.”

“I’ve never been so nervous in my life dude.” I was pulling up into the parking spot by the mall so I had to get a bit more encouragement out of my best friend before I went radio silent for the weekend.

“Johnny Han. You’ve dunked in the face of 6′ 2″ dudes. We made it to Finals last year off your legendary performance and you’re going to tell me a stupid weekend trip makes you nervous?”

“Well I mean….”

“If anything my dude, you’re the catch here. You got this. It’ll be a cakewalk. Now listen, I gotta go, there’s a lady calling my name and her name is NBA 2k13.”

“You fucking nerd. I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

“Or sooner, I’ll be your emotional support if you really need it. All weekend just for you.” He made sure that sounded as sappy as humanly possible.

“You’re such a piece of shit. Love you bud.”

“Love ya too.”

I ended the call and looked up at the ceiling of my car. I was really doing this. I was in love with this guy and was doing a whole show and dance to woo him. It was time to save him from my cousin and get on the way. It’s a four-hour drive to Atlantic City and we had a reservation at 9 so we had to get moving.

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