Bangkok Airport

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Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. If you get caught by your local law enforcement agencies while doing it, well, you are one unlucky fellow.

I was going to Malaysia and had a long stopover at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport so instead of waiting at the airport I went to the city for a while. After I was back at the airport I was waiting for my turn at the immigration counter when I looked at this light blue polo shirt clad guy in the parallel line. The reason I noticed him was his height. He literally stood out in the crowd with his 6.3 physique, in the land of petite Thais. He was looking at the other side so I couldn’t see his face, but when he started looking straight, I got a good look at the left cheek and nose, not bad… not bad at all.

I tried to keep him in my sight but by the time I got done with immigration and customs, he was nowhere to be seen. I wandered around for an hour or so and suddenly he was there. He was walking in opposite direction and I kept at staring at him while walking, next thing … he was staring back. He was cute…. He appeared to be in his early thirties, short hair, stubble, kind of guy you would think to have a pretty wife with two little kids. Judging from his looks, he could have been from anywhere. He had white complexion but did not seem Caucasian. About me, I am not ugly either. I am in my mid twenties, 6.0, stubble, and canlı bahis take care of my body. Due to my skin tone and features, I have been told I look Arab, but I am from Pakistan. So in short, cute guys usually stare back … which happened here, he was staring back. In fact the stare from both the sides was so blatant that when we crossed each other, we both stooped and turned back to look at each other. I was so surprised that I turned again and started walking until I realized that I am a stupid-gutless-chicken. I cursed myself but after a few minutes I turned and tried to find him again. He was nowhere in sight and my flight was expected to start boarding in half an hour.

I was walking around in an attempt to find him when I saw him going towards the toilets. I followed him. He was at a urinal in a corner. There were two other guys in the toilet at that time. There were three urinals and the one next to him was unoccupied. One guy was at the third urinal and other was at the washbasin. I went and pretended to pee in the urinal next to him. He still hadn’t seen me. He finished up and went to wash his hands but he left his trolley bag next to urinal. After washing his hands, he came back to get his bag and I believe that’s the time he noticed me because he took more time to examine his bag and played with it instead of just taking it and leave. I was looking all this from the corner bahis siteleri of my eye. I turned and washed my hands and looked at him in the mirror. He smiled at me and started moving towards the stall in the farthest corner. It was the stall for handicapped which usually has more space. I kept looking at him. He went inside the last stall and while closing the door he kept looking at me and smiling. He didn’t shut the door completely. By that time the only other guy in the toilet was leaving. The moment he left I moved towards the cubicle he went in and opened the door. He with a wider grin this time closed the door behind me and adjusted his bag in such a position to cover the gap between the door and the floor. I put my backpack next to his bag to cover the remaining space and then grabbed him.

It was time for some good make out session, which quickly turned into a little rough, good rough. We kissed while exploring each others’ bodies. He had a decent enough ass, the jeans weren’t tight but while I was rubbing his cheeks through his jeans, I could feel him getting hard. By that time there was no exchange of words. We would stop kissing for a second then would start kissing again. Then I opened his belt without breaking the kissing session, he got the idea and start undoing my belt. We kissed more while rubbing each others’ dicks, which were soon out of their respective bahis şirketleri undies. Then he sat on the toilet seat and licked the forehead of my seat. It was pure pleasure. He teased me a little more with such licks and then with a quick motion, he took it all in. Man, he was good… I really had to try hard not to moan … I had to remind myself that we are in a public facility. The idea of having sex with a perfect stranger in public toilet was enough to make me hard, but the quality of blowjob I was getting from a hot guy, it was unbelievable. After a while I started fucking his face. He was definitely enjoying it. It went on for a while until I realized my flight would be leaving in 15 minutes. My strokes got quicker and he realized that I am close to climax. When I was about to cum, I tried to take my dick out of his mouth but he grabbed me from my buttocks and started sucking me. I came in his mouth and although I had had sex couple of hours ago, I believe I must have come a lot. He swallowed it all and then he licked it clean. I was exhausted. I pulled up my pants, kissed his forehead and said

“My flight leaves in 10 minutes, but thank you” – The only words exchanged between me and him.

He smiled and pulled up his pants. I picked up my backpack and literally ran to my departure gate.

Dude, if you are reading this, thanks again … hope to bump into you some other time at some other place.

On my way back home, I again had a transit of couple of hours at Bangkok airport, and it was a little eventful too… but that story some other time.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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